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Fallout and pain
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So much pain from the fallout of all the exposed lies this week! My heart was aching. What exactly did Di expect?

So much pain from the fallout of all the exposed lies this week! My heart was aching. What exactly did Di expect? Here she pretends to be a dead woman that was loved by so many and she thinks everyone will just forgive and forget. If the situation were reversed would Di be so forgiving? I personally think Di's lie is unforgivable. It's clear JR will revert back to being mean and vindictive. He'll also have to grieve for his mother again. I feel his pain.

Greenlee decides she wants some romance before she hears about Ryan's escapades. I don't find this true to nature, as I'd want to know where my husband had been and what happened after the accident. But Greenlee reaped a little happiness before her world was shattered. Now she knows the man she loves deliberately tricked her into believing he was dead. More pain.

Zach doesn't see helping with faking Ryan's death as being wrong nor can he understand why Kendall can't accept this since he assures her he'll protect her --- no matter what. Knowing what she knows now, Kendall wouldn't have agreed to be a surrogate, but I don't believe she'll go with the abortion route. There would be no purpose for this whole storyline if that's the way it plays out. In fact, anything short of a healthy baby would negate any point to Dr. Madden and all of the innuendo of his "dark" past and practices.

It was good to see Opal, Dr. Joe, Palmer, etc. --- in other words the veterans. I do wish we'd see Ruth more often as she was so unmista.k.ably absent. Lee Meriwether is great in that role.

Erica is keeping secrets from Jackson and I wonder how that will play out. We all know Jackson's feelings about Ryan and those will only get worse once he finds out all the additional pain Ryan caused Greenlee by the fake death. So this should create a wedge between Erica and Jackson. However, will the writers even explore this avenue since these are older veterans?

Speaking of veterans I wonder how Janet's return will be written. I say this because the homecoming of Maria was a bust. Julia's return has been poorly received probably because she certainly isn't the person that left PV those many years ago.

This week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week is from Colleen who writes: "Krystal is only entitled to half of whatever Adam has accumulated AFTER the marriage, nothing of what he had prior to the marriage. And that's PA law." It seems the writers missed that one.

It's official - Rebecca Budig (Greenlee) is leaving. No one could possibly blame her since her character has been ruined beyond repair plus her storylines have been lacking. I will miss the old Greenlee and I wish Rebecca much success with her career. She certainly has looks that can kill as Rebecca is just gorgeous.

Who will be the next to leave? Unfortunately I think it will be Julia Barr. The ratings have inched up just a little and AMC probably attributes that to their Adam/Krystal storyline. They probably believe they don't need Julia anymore ---- after all she is over 40. Yes, I believe David Canary is responsible for the upward movement as he is one fine actor. If David and Julia were paired together the ratings would be through the roof. Two fine actors are better than one.

Now it appears, AMC is looking for another female newbie. Why is this? Don't we have enough new characters to wade through? There are so many great characters that aren't being utilized now. It seems as if AMC just won't learn.

Next weekend is Halloween - have lots of fun but please make sure your pets are kept calm and safe. Remember there is the potential for so much evil out there, so keep your pets inside and away from harm. See you in 2 weeks.


Mary Page
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