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Emotional rescue
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The often confused Olivia, who is so unlucky in love, makes fans want to scream. How many times have we seen her go headlong into some crazy plot to gain power, only to lose everything? Her plan to switch Billy's drink last week was so like her.

For those of you making travel plans for the holidays, you might want to avoid Springfield, IL - at least the daytime version of the city. I doubt that there will be any fun and frivolity this holiday season - angst is in the air everywhere. I've got to admit that, while these stories have drug on way too long, the performances have been top notch.

First off is the often confused Olivia - so unlucky in love. While I adore Crystal Chappell, Olivia makes me want to scream. How many times have we seen her go headlong into some crazy plot to gain power - only to lose everything she ever wanted. Her plan to switch Billy's drink was so like her. And while I welcome the chance to see more of Jordan Clarke (Billy) and know that Daniel Cosgrove (Bill) was leaving the show, this character needs to look before she leaps. In many ways, she reminds me of Reva, who is all over the map with her actions and emotions. The major difference - Reva seems to have a heart. I think whatever demons that Olivia acquired as a child have given her the most self-destructive personality Springfield has seen in ages. She and Dinah ought to do a girl's night out and compare notes.

That being said, I did love to see all of the Lewis clan there to send Bill off on his big adventure (and say goodbye, off-screen, to the well-liked Cosgrove). So many times we see a character then, poof, they disappear (like Ross will do, I guess). At least here we got to see all of the angst that Bill's family was going through.

But where will this leave Olivia? When she invited Josh into her Towers suite, I wanted to scream at the television (something I really try not to do). Surely Josh has a good enough memory to recall his disastrous marriage to Olivia. If not, I'm sure GL fans can clue him in. And this spoiler about Cassie - didn't GL try to go there before as well?

Being a fan of the villain, I loved Alan and Edmund scheming together in jail. I really miss all of those devious little plots to get what they want (maybe I should just put Olivia in this category, even though she doesn't always fit the villain mold). Seeing that Alan and Eddie will be cooking up another scheme this week makes me a happy girl!! Too bad GL has let David Andrew MacDonald go - they just keep writing characters into impossible corners.

And Edmund's meltdown this week was crazy! The dialogue was a little too "Silence of the Lambs" for me, but it did have me laughing (probably not their intent). Still, I couldn't wait to see the payoff when Hope's true parentage was revealed to Michelle. Too bad GL couldn't see their way to keep this couple (and the baby) in Springfield.

Ava's appearance in Sandy's life wasn't really a shock, either. GL's behind-the-scenes accident with the Cedar's set (and the subsequent press concerning the incident) certainly helped solidify my theory that Ava and Sandy were connected long ago. But how long can Sandy keep the truth from Tammy?

All of this angst has me wishing for one happy couple. A little romance in Springfield to offset all of the drama we've seen. The writers have promised us more happiness, but I'll have to see it to believe it.

Still, with all of the great performances, even though my patience is wearing thin on these stories, my hats off to the talented cast. And good luck to Daniel Cosgrove with his new series. As soon as I get a firm airdate, I will definitely share the information with the fans. Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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