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What happens when the person you think you know tries to change? Dinah and Jonathan both seem to be showing some better sides of their personalities, but will fans buy it?

It's funny how much you depend on the little things in life, like electricity. Trying to "take the light with me" is a challenge without a little power source. Which reminded me about the shows pace of late.

While I really like that we have seen more cast members lately (especially this week), the story is just dragging on. How much drama can we build up to already? Hope belongs to Michelle (and maybe Danny) so get on with it already. The show has devoted well over half of it's airtime on this one story of late, and it doesn't seem to be ending soon - or moving into another story for fall.

And while Sandy lays in a hospital bed, we still haven't learned a thing about him. I know many of you are getting impatient that this character has been around so long, yet we know so little about him. Jonathan did bring up a very important point - everyone seems to have forgotten Sandy lied about his identity when he first came to town. I don't think I would be so supportive of my daughter (if I had one) getting ready to marry someone you know nothing about. Maybe I watch too many cops and robbers shows, but I'm always suspicious of people who you don't know anything about.

But what happens when the person you think you know tries to change? Dinah and Jonathan both seem to be showing some better sides of their personalities, but will fans buy it? I freely admit Dinah is one of my favorite characters of all time, in part because of her checked past. She has done some pretty odd (and illegal) things "in the name of love" which is why she was a prefect match for Edmund (or Jonathan, for that matter). With the addition (finally) of Maeve Kincaid (Vanessa) this fall, I hope to explore more of this characters layers.

Jonathan seems determined to be with Tammy, which I know many of you have issues with. No matter how you feel, I have to say that I enjoy the chemistry between Jonathan and Tammy rather than the very vanilla Sandy and Tammy. Maybe the information about Sandy's past will make me change my mind, but I don't know just yet.

While I would love to bonk Olivia for what she did, I loved the scenes with Jordan Clarke (Billy) this week. I know he lives in Florida, but I would love to see GL take a more active interest in this veteran player. With the loss of Jerry verDorn, we really need to use the veterans we still have more.

But this weekend is also the Guiding Light Fan Club Gathering in New York. I decided early in the year not to attend, but can't wait to hear from those who attended about the festivities. I went for about 8 years in a row (just not in 2004-05) and I know that the fans are probably having a great time, with plenty of activities to keep them busy all weekend long. Maybe I'll see you in 2006.

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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