Lucinda's surgery

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Lucinda's surgery
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Last week, Gwen and Will finally admitted that they really like each other. The look on Will's face when Gwen changed Rory's name to William (Billy) was a nice moment.

With so many people out of town, this does seem to be how most the couples let their guards down and move the stories along. This has been a week full of action, lots of suspense and love connections.

Lucinda's Surgery
I really wish that they would give this story more airtime because watching Lucinda go through this process seems so real. I am also happy that TPTB had not forgotten her and her tremendous acting ability by giving her a story of her own. Granted, there is a lot happening around her she still has agenda by constantly stating how much she wants Holden and Lily to be together.
I like that Sierra has stuck around Oakdale even though Mary Beth Evans has nothing more to do than be window dressing but Sierra in Oakdale for Lucinda gives this tale a believable feel. I still more could have been done here by begging Larry Bryggman as John Dixon to appear and be her rock. Dr. Bob is an okay replacement for John.

We all saw this coming and to see them finally admit that they really like each other has been a moment worth waiting for. The look on Will's face when Gwen changes Rory's name to William (Billy) was a nice moment. These two kids are a terrific pair. I have to give Will credit for such a messed up kid, he has been in love three times already this year - Allison, Celia and now Gwen - I don't know if this is good or bad.
Gwen's mother, Iris is hot on her trail. Iris is quite the character as some readers think: Charlotte says, "I do have one thing to say about Iris, yes she is a hoot! But they might give her more wardrobe, all the woman has is a blue and white shirt and I think white skirt and of course red lipstick. I hope she stays around for a while."
Their trip to New York has been quite a ride with Jack and Carly close behind. Carly just needs to leave Gwen alone but as I have said before Carly sees something in Gwen that reminds her of herself. Carly loses control and the baby could have been hurt and Gwen was hurt in the fall.
Another reader, Phil says, "I find the Carly/Rory/Iris/Gwen story so totally implausible. If I'm following this correctly isn't this whole "murder" of her brother supposed to be when she was a child under the age of 10? Why would anyone believe that this would have ANY bearing whatsoever on Carly today? An act as a child simply wouldn't! But all the characters are treating this as if it would be earth shattering and it just wouldn't be so. I want this storyline to be over yesterday and move on to something somewhat believable!"

It was obvious awhile ago that Dusty had feelings for Jennifer and vice versa. Dusty get very dedicated to the women he falls for. Jennifer deserves a man like Dusty because she and Mike were too quick of a fix after Jordan. However they have so much working against them with Paul and Emily working again them. Poor Emily is going to regret her involvement in Paul's deception.
A reader, Sandra says it very well, "There is a place in hell waiting for Paul and Emily for what they are doing to Jen. I don't understand how Emily who is the sane person in the relationship would keep listening to Paul. Everyone who's watched this show knows that Paul is not dealing from a full deck. Hell the man use to talk to his father who was not there for a long time and probably still does."
Finally, I believe ATWT is the show to watch right now. It's too soon to tell but B.J. Green (Byron) has a few screws loose and this is not going to be good for Mike or Katie. I like Maddie and her daydreams and she brings out a side of Casey that we haven't seen before as she doesn't treat him like he is the best thing since sliced bread.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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