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Viki finally met the infamous Tess this past week. Viki knew how to deal with Tess, since she has so much experience with alters herself.

Viki finally knows about Jessica's DID. Until Friday, I felt like Antonio, Nash, Jessica, and Viki were all trying to set a record for the number of ways they could talk about Jessica's DID without actually calling it that. I thought Viki had figured out the truth a couple of times, but it turned out to be wishful thinking. However, now Viki knows the truth, and she got to meet the infamous Tess. Viki knew how to deal with Tess, since she has so much experience with alters herself. These were incredible scenes, and I knew they would be. The best part, in my opinion, was when Viki told Tess that she loved her. Tess was not expecting that and didn't know how to respond. Unlike people who are unfamiliar with DID, Viki understands that Tess is there to protect Jessica, and Viki is grateful for that. Viki wasn't afraid of Tess; she just wanted to understand why Tess existed. She tried to get Tess to reveal why she was protecting Jessica, but Tess told Viki that she should already know. Viki's reaction was powerful, and it is one that I've been waiting to see for months. She thought Jessica had a good childhood and that she had been spared the pain Viki had endured. However, now she knows this is not the case. She is going to have to do some digging into the past to find out what happened to her daughter, and we all know it won't be quick or easy. Nothing in this storyline has been done quickly. However, it should be better to watch than all of the events leading up to Viki's realization about Jessica. Viki has always been the missing link in this story, and now that she is a part of it, the story should become more interesting. Friday's scenes were a good start, and I am sure there are more to come. Clint's return will also make this storyline stronger. It's been a long time since we've seen Jessica, Clint, and Viki act as a family unit. Also, with Cristian's return, Natalie will need her parents' support, so the time is right for Clint to return. This show has been lacking the connection of the core characters for a long time, and it has been especially noticeable with Jessica dealing with her DID. This story might go on for several months, but at least Viki and Clint will be at the center of it, instead of random people (or annoying people like Antonio). Including the right characters in a storyline makes it a lot better to watch, and hopefully that point will be proven in the weeks to come.

On the subject of including the right characters in a storyline, I previously stated I was happy that Rachel came back to Llanview after Nora collapsed. It was even better to see R.J. and Rachel both by Nora's bedside as her family. I wish Hank could have returned for an episode or two, but that will not become a reality. I am sad to say that Rachel's return has been disappointing so far. She still feels the need to blast Bo for his involvement in Daniel's arrest and blames him for Nora's current condition. I realize she is upset about her mother; any daughter would be. However, taking it out on Bo is unwarranted. I still don't think that Bo did anything wrong by arresting Daniel. He tried to warn Nora several times, but she wouldn't listen. I also don't think Bo is responsible for Nora's aneurysm. It could have popped at any time, and it was actually fortunate that it happened at the hospital. Besides, Bo isn't responsible for everything that has happened to Nora. They aren't married anymore and haven't been for 6 years,and it's possible that Rachel has forgotten that Bo and Nora are no longer together. She could also be in denial (as so many of Bo and Nora's fans are). The fact is, Bo and Nora haven't been required to deal with each other for years, and the fact they maintained a friendship after a nasty divorce is a miracle. Expecting Bo to know what Nora is doing or how she is feeling at all times is unreasonable, and Rachel needs to realize that. To make matters worse, Matthew overheard Rachel's accusations and ran away to the Buchanan lodge. Instead of helping Matthew cope with his mother's illness and the realization that Nora opening her eyes meant nothing, Bo had to explain his own actions. I loved the scenes where Bo told Matthew that he was responsible for Nora's illness and there is nothing he could do to make the situation better. Instead of explaining his side of the story, he just accepted full responsibility for Matthew's sake. Bo and Matthew always have wonderful scenes together, and this was no exception. However, I would have liked to have seen Bo, Matthew, and Rachel be a family for Nora. It might still happen; at least I hope it does!

One confrontation that I absolutely loved was between Blair and Ginger. We found out that Ginger was related to Margaret a long time ago, but the Mannings remained clueless. When Blair found the picture of Ginger and Margaret, I could see all of the emotions that Blair was experiencing all at the same time. She was angry hurt, sad, and she felt betrayed. When Ginger got home, she wasn't prepared for what Blair's accusations, and Blair wouldn't let Ginger defend herself. I believe that Ginger really does care about the Mannings, and she got caught in a bad situation. In fact, I really enjoy the bond she's formed with Starr. However, it is understandable that Blair doesn't trust her anymore and probably never will. Ginger has known about Margaret's reign of terror over the Mannings, and she saw Margaret without saying a word to Todd or Blair. She hasn't been completely honest, and Blair has no reason to believe that Ginger isn't part of Margaret's plans. Kassie DePaiva did an outstanding job showing Blair's reaction and her subsequent attack on Ginger. Her scenes were powerful, and it was great to see the "old" Blair return. She didn't just accept Ginger's story as she does with Todd every single day. She did what was necessary to protect her children, and she didn't want to hear any lame excuses. I wish this Blair would return on a full time basis. If she had this attitude when dealing with Todd, she would probably know at least some of the truth by now. On Friday, she found out that Margaret was pregnant when Ginger blurted it out. Will she confront Todd in the same way as she confronted Ginger? My guess is she will, but she will believe whatever lie he tells her this time. Blair needs to grow a backbone before Todd lies to her even more than he already has.

I have to say, I enjoyed watching the Cramer women and the Buchanan men interact on Friday. Kelly, Blair, Adriana, and Starr were with Dorian for her bachelorette party, and Kevin, Duke, and Bo had to deal with Asa at what will surely be the strangest bachelor party ever. The veteran characters were at the center of attention, and that is how it should be. Dorian was truly being herself as she insulted the Buchanan men. She didn't get away with it for long, though as she was outnumbered by Adriana and Kelly. They told her to stop in unison, which made for a great moment. Few people have the ability to make Dorian shut up, but Adriana and Kelly accomplished that for a brief moment. The ordeal with Ginger came up in conversation, and Dorian and her family were ready to fight for Blair. If looks could kill, Ginger wouldn't have survived all of the nasty looks she got when she interrupted Dorian's party. The Cramers disagree on a regular basis, but when they band together, they are truly a force that can't be conquered. Meanwhile, Asa was ready to compete with David and Spencer over a not-so-friendly game of poker. When Matthew unexpectedly showed up, Asa was happy that the "Buchanan team" had grown by one person instead of being concerned with why and how Matthew was there. These were great moments for the main families on the show, and it is moments like this that make me remember why I watch in the first place. I know the bachelor party will be very entertaining next week, and more excitement will ensue at Dorian's gathering. Life isn't boring when the Cramer and Buchanan families are involved!

Finally, on a personal note, I wanted to let you know that I will not be writing columns for Soap Central after this week. It was a hard decision to make, but I have a lot going on right now, and I am finding it increasingly difficult to give adequate attention to the show or to this column. I started writing it in July of 2001, and it has been a wonderful experience. I can honestly say that time flies when you are having fun, and I can't believe I have been doing this for over 4 years. Sharing my thoughts and discussing the show with readers has been enjoyable, and I know I will miss it. However, all good things must come to an end, and this is the right time for me. Thank you for reading my columns and for sharing your thoughts (including disagreements) over the years. This is a terrific website, and it has been an honor to be a part of it. I leave the column in Ryan's capable hands, and I know my replacement will also do a great job.

Have a pleasant week, and thanks for everything.!


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