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As the baby saga continued last week, Carly lost custody to Gwen and her hoot of a mother, Iris. Carly should have been smarter in her attempts to keep the baby; she may have cost her husband his job.

This baby switch story has gone on for far too long and I think it's time to rap this up; there are too many people involved in keeping this secret and it's getting a bit old. In addition, everyone else is at Byron's Halloween Party which is creepy, creepy creepy.

Baby Switch
I am starting to get real tired of the twists and turns of this story because they (the writers) are treating the viewers like we are idiots. For a time, it was okay to suspend reality because it is a soap opera and it was somewhat interesting to watch how this was developing. I had a problem with Paul and the lie then Emily signed on and now has become such an irritant, I am finding her difficult to watch at times. Now Meg has joined in on this deception and this is becoming almost too painful to watch. Why would all of these people want to see anyone suffer the way that Jennifer is? Paul's reason was weak because of Craig who is in jail so he really was not a threat. They have seen Jennifer become drug addicted and hospitalized because of this and just be sad - end this pain for her already. I thought Meg was going to be the savior here then she became stupid as well so she can get her paws on Dusty. Can she see that this man does not want to be with her again? She is just being desperately moronic.
Now Carly has lost custody to Gwen and her hoot of a mother, Iris. Carly should have been smarter in her attempts to keep the baby. She may have cost her husband his job because he was dumb enough to cover up her crimes. I see how the writers are making these characters less and less like themselves. Jack does not break the law for anyone. I do hope that these bad choices that are being made start to change soon for the sake of the show. I am sure that Gwen and Carly will bond once this baby drama is resolved.

Byron Glass and his Obsession
What a lunatic! In the beginning I sort of felt sorry for him but as we see more of him, he is becoming quite unstable. This guy wants to be with Katie so bad that he is trying to reenact their entire high school life. Katie seems suspicious but I can see how it would just be too odd for things to be this coincidental. Katie likes to gives people the benefit of the doubt. I just fear that Mike and Maddie might end up as casualties of this guy's obsession.
On the subject of Maddie, I like her fantasies because they are so out there and fun. I do hope she find something else to do soon. I hope that she and Gwen become friends after seeing that they had something in common at the party. They could both use a girlfriend.

Lucinda and Kim
These are the scenes that make this show worth watching for me. I could see other people in Oakdale visiting Lucinda like Lisa. I could see that scene with Lisa or Susan instead of Kim. Kim is fantastic whenever she has something to say like when she told Lucinda that she would be at her funeral with a sign that says 'I told you so'.
Finally, this week starts November Sweeps so I guess we will be seeing more of the baby drama and the Byron Glass saga playing out. I just hope that they move both of these stories along quickly.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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