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No, that is not Z's like in snoozing, being bored with what you are doing or watching. Although, we might have had a few moments like that in 2006 with our beloved AMC. Actually it is Zach/Zarf/Zoe, how are these TWO connected?

No, that is not Z's like in snoozing, being bored with what you are doing or watching. Although, we might have had a few moments like that in 2006 with our beloved AMC. Actually it is Zach/Zarf/Zoe, how are these TWO connected? Why is someone killing innocent women to get at Zach and we all know it really isn't Zarf as the murderer? Too obvious, too bizarre. It has now escalated out of control as the third victim from the Fusion staff was poisoned and left to die. Once again, Josh Madden is in the right place at the right time, and saves Danielle with his doctor skills and treatment. She is rushed to the hospital and has emergency surgery. At week's end Dr Joe Martin advised the large gathering of family and friends that the next 24 hours would be crucial in determining this victim's prognosis.

Each time they have an emergency at Pine Valley Hospital, it never ceases to amaze me how many people are gathered in a small area openly discussing everyone's business and always ending in an altercation between various members. This time everyone was down on Zarf/Zoe and he created a diversion from the "lynch mob" to run off. Later he ends up at Babe's, the only one who has accepted him/her for who he really is. He has been a tortured soul putting on an act, opening up to Bianca, the woman he loves. Bianca could not accept him and his transgender story. Babe does. Jeffrey Carlson (Zarf) has really blown us away with his performances of late. He is so convincing and soulful in every scene, his facial expressions, eyes, body language, and gestures are amazing. I was a little leery at first but now find him mesmerizing. Even when I am not crazy about storylines overall, if the acting is good, then I don't mind watching.

JR is intent on getting out of bed, has moved to a wheelchair, and is hoping to be on his feet and back in action very soon. Lots of drama surrounds him as Colby keeps him wondering about the faithfulness of his wife and what secret Krystal is keeping from their father. He confesses to Adam Sr that he will be divorcing his wife and seeking sole custody of Little A. Adam Chandler seems to have lost his feistiness and doesn't react or comment that much on the possibility. Of course, he will always support JR in any decision he makes. Colby was also busy getting into mischief with her sidekick, Sean. Thanks to Jackson Montgomery wanting to teach tough love and let his nephew stay in jail for the night, Adam followed suit with Colby and let them face the sentencing without being bailed out by their rich relatives. It was pretty humbling for both of them and the Chuckle Of The Week was when JR heard his sister had to scrape gum off the bottom of tables in the school cafeteria. He got so tickled by it all, it was good to see him laugh and interact the way he did. They have toned down Sean and Colby a lot and they aren't quite as annoying, but I will never be happy about enduring these teens over good characters that were sacrificed and lost recently.

Mary wrote to me a few weeks ago about coming aboard this week and sharing what I thought of the happenings in 2006 on OUR FAVORITE SHOW. I do feel that Kristine and then Mary both covered the best and worst of the year quite well and I agreed with so much of it. But I am happy to be back at Two Scoops whenever I can and/or they need me to fill in. I hope you all had wonderful holidays and that 2007 will be a happy and prosperous one for you.

I would have to say that the WORST storyline of last year was of course, the gruesome torture and killing of Dr. Greg Madden. I will never understand why it was conceived. Not only for the way it obliterated the groundbreaking history with Erica's abortion in 1973, but then making Tad Martin the murderer. You will never convince me that he could do that to any human being, period. He would be in the psych ward and eaten alive with guilt and remorse, despite how he felt about the man and his misdeeds. It was not true to his character and left a bad taste in my mouth. Of course Michael E. Knight is an amazing actor and has continued to blow us away with scenes like his testimony in court, his farewell to Simone (I got such a kick out of their short but amusing love affair), etc. The most disturbing twist was how Trevor Dillon was killed off. He was one of my favorite characters and as much as I enjoyed Janet From Another Planet at her worst, that was hard to swallow for us long-time fans!!!!

I am also still very upset about losing so many core characters and amazing actors on the show. This week I realized someone I really, really miss on board, and that was REGGIE. He would have been there for Danielle, he would be out there with the other guys looking for the killer, he would have been doing some divine intervention with Erica when she chose to stay away from his dad, the list is endless. He was always the best brother to his adopted sisters. He was a thorn in Derek's side, but they grew to like and respect each other. He still had a lot of history that could have been interesting and explored. Unbelievable that he is gone with no explanation.

I can't say that I had a favorite storyline in 2006. The show has changed so much in the 37 years I have watched it. I have lost a lot of my passion, but my loyalty is still there. I can't give up on it, but I wish it still had that special something that made you hurry home to watch the tape, talk about it endlessly with family and friends, and made you smile/weep to yourself and feel like they were your family at times. Now if there is discussion with other viewers, it isn't always positive. I agree with the other two columnists on Zach and Kendall, they are the couple to watch. They have come a long way and are entertaining. Unfortunately, Kendall's shallow/immature/selfish side is starting to emerge again. She is aware Ryan is actually Emma's father due to a sperm donation. She prefers not to tell him, despite what her husband or brother thinks. This will inevitably come back to haunt her, but in return for Josh keeping quiet........she has to help him get a married woman (Babe). No other woman will do, he is obsessed with Babe Chandler. She is so fickle and doesn't always treat him the best, but again, he is obsessed with Babe Chandler. I must admit for new characters introduced last year, he has been good overall. Mostly to have a brother for Kendall and Bianca. Plus it has brought out the fierceness in Erica when she defends him to others. Then of course there is Jeff Martin, another new addition and a weird twist of AMC history. I have already had a rant about that in the past but kudos to John James, who I adore.

It is quite obvious that Kathy, the young girl Julia is taking care of, will be Kate. I guess it is a better story for the said child to become an orphan, inherit an aunt, and later find out she has two biological parents who have been looking for her then to take her from adopted parents where the father is a sicko and the mother has been taking care of her since birth. Meaning the switch in direction from Emma being Kate versus Kathy coming along. Both young girls are so cute and great little actresses.

Lots of discussions and subplots this past week. Jonathan is starting to experience waves of anger and finds a confidante in Annie. Ryan wisely avoids telling him about Danielle and the possibility Zarf is the culprit. The remaining Fusion girls are being guarded as closely as possible, Zach goes off on one when Kendall's coffee wasn't checked first. He is adamant about keeping her safe and out of harm's way. A photo is delivered that has 3 of the 5 women of Fusion crossed out. Julia deals with the possible death of her dear friend, Linda. She discusses it all with Jamie to be reassured he can handle the new living arrangement. Tad and Dixie had a blast from the past when they shared chicken fingers and bonded in the park. I am sure all the loyal Tad/Dixie fans are happy campers as they see this old love story starting to unfold. It becomes exhausting watching the triangle of JR/Babe/Josh as she runs back and forth. Jack and Erica seem to be on a path to nowhere and Jeff has blinders on. Very tender moments with Derek hovering over his daughter. I was glad to witness the bond between he and Tad, and he and his sister, Livia. It's hard to predict how this will all play out. I have no clue who this crazy serial killer is, but would love to hear who and what you think about this continuing mystery.

See you next time with best regards always,

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