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Why have the women on this show been reduced to being whining, whimpering, I-can't-live-without-him morons? They used to be such strong, independent characters.

I do not for one moment understand why the women on this show are reduced to whining, whimpering, I-can't-live-without-him, morons. Especially when the women on this show used to be written as strong, independent characters. Take for instance Gwen, who a week ago was fed up with her husband constantly worrying about Theresa. She even threw her ring at him as she boldly walked out on him. Now, instead of being the strong willed woman she is, Gwen reduces herself to a whimp and begs Ethan for their marriage (and her ring) back. She even tries to seduce him after he so openly made a scene about Theresa and Jared's upcoming marriage.

Not only is Gwen a whimp, but Theresa has to wait to see what Ethan does about his marriage before she can answer Jared's proposal. Instead of confidently telling Ethan where to go (which both women should've done three years ago), she has to wait on a chance that he will grow a pair and follow his heart. And now Theresa has committed herself to Jared, and Gwen is banking on Theresa being true to her vows and leaving Ethan alone. Why? Its not as if she took her vows to Julian or Alistair seriously; why is Jared any different?

Instead of trying to make up to his wife the fact that he called out another woman's name in his sleep, Ethan goes on and on about stopping Theresa from marrying Jared. And Gwen just takes it. She's like my best friend that I want to slap because she can't see what a dead end situation she's in. And in keeping with the "It's all about me" theme this show has turned into, what was up with Fox and Kay's best friends, and family, being upstairs taking lie detector tests during their wedding? That was just a tad bit insensitive of them; however Theresa gets praise for trying to keep her engagement quiet to keep from stealing Kay's spotlight. Theresa also gets praise for telling Ethan off. After Ethan told her that she'd be married to a liar and schemer after she married Jared, Theresa looked Ethan square in the eye and said, "so will you."

What has happened to Kay? She runs around confused, not knowing whether to believe Miguel or Fox, then in walks Dr. Fabulous and Kay is still confused. There is no way anyone would've put the pressure on me that Miguel and Fox put on her. I'd have walked away from both of them. Instead of taking a time out, Simone reminds Kay of Miguel's "tryst" with Charity, and Kay struts down the aisle with the "dying" Fox. She never asked not one question about why Fox is ill, what his medicines are, if Eve could take over his care; nothing. She just assumed that Fox is the good guy because she needs to believe Miguel is the bad guy. And why hasn't someone pointed out that a sick and dying man shouldn't be drinking so much alcohol. Every time he was on screen, Fox had a drink in his hand. I'm surprised he wasn't as drunk as Miguel.

And did you see Miguel trying to dance with Kay while he was drunk? What was that all about? I guaranteed you, that if someone had ruined my wedding, especially after I saw them making love to their old girlfriend, I would not be dancing with them at my wedding. And by the way, why Kay can't seem to talk to Miguel about him and Charity making push-push? Has Endora put a spell on her as well? And why exactly couldn't Fox let security haul him away?

No matter how aggravated I got with Kay, I had to feel sorry for her that her mom died on her wedding day. Never mind that this is the same wedding day that took 2 ½ months to get to, still no bride deserves that on her wedding day. I'm so aggravated Grace is gone. What was her secret? It had to be juicy for the priest to blow up a whole bus full of innocent people. My guess is it has something to do with Alistair.

Why is Jessica acting like her life depended on Grace coming home? All she has to do is ditch Spike and get straight. It's not as if there aren't other people around who don't want to help her. And why didn't she speak up about faux Miguel and faux Charity when Miguel made his big scene at the wedding? At least someone could've backed up Miguel's story. And now she suspects Spike is the one that attacked Fancy and she is saying nothing. It almost seems too easy that Spike is the rapist. I mean who else could it be?

Sheridan has officially gone over to the dark side. She was still redeemable even after she picked up that button to make Fancy look crazy, but when she used her dead son to get to Luis, she crossed a line and she is now unforgivable. Still it was funny that even in the supposed heartfelt moment, Luis' attention turned to Fancy instead of hers. I would say Contessa Crane has officially lost.

And I love Paloma for shooting Sheridan down every time she tried to say something. It was so obvious Sheridan was trying to push Fancy back upstairs, and on top of that, even insulting her wardrobe. But Paloma stayed a true friend, and practically dragged Sheridan away from Luis and Fancy. I love Paloma's spunk and sassiness, and I hope that the writers always keep her this way.

Some Random Thoughts:

GEAUX SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where was Maria during the wedding? Where were Tabby and Endora? It's been a while since Julian threatened Tabby for custody; the wedding would've been the perfect occasion for that.

Why does Whitney think it is Valerie that Chad is having an affair with? And how low is he to drug his wife so he can be with his lover.

Weren't Ivy and Julian a hoot at the wedding?

Quote of the week: "Pity though, the day you married Gwen, you picked up a piece of baggage that you just can't seem to put down." - Theresa to Ethan

Viewer's Voice:

" I crazy...or didn't Jessica see the fake Miguel and the fake Charity taking the masks off their faces? HELLO! Why hasn't she said anything? Why would she stand there and help her sister marry Fox when she clearly saw the actors taking off their disguises? Was she drunk and can't remember? Is she intentionally withholding this info to get Kay back for what Kay did to their family? But of course this is the writer's way of keeping this whole issue a secret. Even though Jessica is the key to this secret being revealed, they will clearly hold onto this for a long time to come, just like they do everything else. Moving on...Gwen is dumb. I'm loving Sheridan now. I can't wait to see her reach her full potential as a Crane and really stir things up in order to get Luis back. I loved it when she said, "If something happens to Chris...I want Luis to still be single". If something happens to Chris? What has Sher Sher got up her sleeve? The writer's could really capitalize on the Fancy/Luis/Sheridan story, especially with Fancy and Sheridan both being Cranes. They could both become mini Alistair's in order to get Luis back. By the way, congratulations on your marriage Brandi!" Thanks Belinda!!!

"I have an addendum to my previous post. If someone told me they have a terminal illness, my logical question to them would be...what is it? Do you have a brain tumor? Cancer? What is it? Why hasn't Kay asked this question? She hasn't seen Fox pop not one pill. Has she seen him take a trip to the doctor? No. Does she know what his symptoms are? How did he get sick in the first place? To me...these are obvious and logical questions. So I must put Kay in the "dumb" category right along with the dumbest woman on the show...Mrs. Gwen Winthrop." Thanks again Belinda!!!

"I'm so sick of the whole Gwen/Ethan/Theresa thing. Seriously, it's been since the second year this show was on the air that this storyline has been running? I mean, come on. I can't wait for Gwen to be outted. I'm so sick of her pretending to be perfect when she gypped her whole marriage into happening! And what is the deal with Beth? Is she really dead? I have to admit that I sort of like the new "devious" Sheridan. I was pretty sick of her whole "I'm married, I love my husband" thing. Blah. The show has been going downhill for years and I tend to change the channel when it's on now." Thanks Sarah!!!

"I am so very sick and tired of Gwen not being able to see that Ethan does not now or ever has he ever really loved Gwen since Ms. Theresa came into the picture. The thing that I do not get is that why does Ethan keep holding on to Gwen? As well as holding on to Theresa. It is like he wants both of them. I bet that if Ethan was with Theresa and he saw Gwen with another man he would probably do the same thing to Gwen that he is doing to Theresa." Thanks Myra!!!

"I think that Chad is cheating with the woman that works for Theresa, or it's Chad's ex wife. I don't think it is another man, I believe that Chad is having safe sex as the reason (i.e. the condoms)." Latoya coming back would be awesome!! Thanks Lea!!!

"I just wanted to say that a lot of people have been questioning how Chad passed the lie detector test, and how it was probably fixed. I don't think it was fixed, and of course he passed it. They asked him if he was in love with another "woman" or if he was sleeping with another "woman". If it's a man he's with then he definitely passed with flying colors. They should have asked if he was sleeping with someone else, rather than with a "woman". Then he might not have passed. Also, I really do think Spike is Fancy's peeping tom." Thanks Joanne!!!

"I'm curious about how 'Father Doom' got that bomb through security. The fact that he's a priest wouldn't keep him little black bag from going through the x-ray machine. It did look like they were in the departure lounge. Strange. Oh and Congratulations on getting married!" Good point. Thanks Angela!!!

"I miss Timmy and I always will. I do not think that Endora will ever replace Timmy. Timmy had something special about him and he and Tabitha played great together. But I think Endora does bring her own special something to the show too. I like when they show things from the past shows with Timmy. Josh Ryan Evans may be gone but as Timmy he will never be forgotten by many Passions Fans." I agree. Thanks Marian!!!

"Congratulations on your wedding!!! Wishing you many, many happy years together." Thanks Monique!!!

Until next week friends,

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