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The great escape
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Lily's weight battle is hitting home with so many viewers, as obesity, and childhood obesity especially, is an issue facing many families today.

Did ATWT hire new writers when I wasn't looking? Just four weeks ago I wrote the end-of-the-year wrap-up about how the show had turned into an exercise in fast-forwarding the past few months. I'm not sure what's going on, but this past week I didn't want to miss a moment. Can I get an Amen? The show finally got back to its family roots this week, and it was divine.

At the center of the drama was the beloved Tom Hughes, whose acting during his heart-attack scene was so brilliant I instinctually clutched my chest, as he crumpled over in pain. With Tom facing death, Margo, Bob, Lisa, Casey, Adam, Katie and the gang played some great moments, waiting for news of Tom's fate. If those family moments didn't put a lump in your throat, then there were plenty of others to stir your soul: Parker and Jack's emotional fight about Carly; Lily, Lucinda and Faith trying to maneuver mother-daughter relationships, Meg and Holden's heart-to-heart about her love life, Barbara and Paul's argument about his new ability. Family scenes were front and center in Oakdale, and for the first time in months, it felt like the show I used to love.

Tom's heart attack reminded viewers, and hopefully the show honchos, that family is the heart of this show. It doesn't work when characters act out of character to fit a silly plot line. (Yes, Carly Snyder and Emily Stewart, I'm talking to you.) Thank you to whomever crafted this week's shows. There were a few things I could nitpick, because, well, that's what I do, but overall, this is the ATWT I know and love. Keep it coming.

Meanwhile: --Speaking of nitpicking, my only beef with Tom's hospital scenes was that Nancy and Kim weren't there. Perhaps the actresses were on vacation or couldn't work those days? Also, why didn't Margo call Casey and Adam immediately, instead of waiting for someone else to tell them the news? Poor Casey wasn't even told that his brother had been kidnapped, until half the town was hanging up flyers about the missing boy.

--There were plenty of Dallas sightings this week, Scoopers. Woo Hoo! Now, can he please get out of the police station occasionally? The man needs to eat or have a beer sometime or perhaps meet a hot brunette. I'll volunteer. That's all I'm saying.

-- Paul, the new town psychic, should have used his new gift to help Emily find Daniel. Susan should have been all over that angle, considering she knows of his unique ability.

--I cannot rave enough about how fantastic this weight story with Lily and Faith is going. Kudos to the writers. Lily's weight battle is hitting home with so many viewers, as obesity, and childhood obesity especially, is an issue facing many families today. When Lily uttered her off-the-cuff remark to Faith that Lily's plan to lose weight was to "stop eating," it showed viewers that parents need to be more responsible around children when dealing with eating habits. Faith picked up on her mother's comment and has been putting that philosophy into action herself. This story has so many layers, including Lily's relationship with her own mother, and ATWT seems to be hitting every beat. Well done!

--Speaking of Faith, the poor kid got a harsh lesson in genetics this week, as her skinny, little friend informed her that she and her mother could eat whatever they wanted and never gain a pound. I feel for you Faith. Watching your metabolically blessed friends chow down on candy and cookies, while you choke down a carrot stick is no fun. Welcome to my world.

--For the past year this column has been full of rants about the shabby treatment of the Henry/Katie friendship. This week, Katie finally voiced what I've been screaming for months: She's been a lousy friend to Henry. Finally, Katie came through for the martini man. She bailed him out of jail. Well done, Bubbles. Then, Henry sat with her at the hospital and paid her a visit to inform her about Simon's escape. This is the friendship I remember and love. Even Henry seemed tuned into Katie's new attitude, and hopefully the writers' new attitude, when he uttered, "I got my friend back today." Let's hope it sticks.

--Jack Snyder broke my heart his week, watching the woman he loves ride off into the sunset with her criminal boyfriend, while abandoning her children and evading the police. Jack must be a saint. Even I wanted to smack Simon and Carly for getting into this stolen jewel caper and ruining the Snyders happy little home. Jack's scenes with the kids were especially heart wrenching. Watching him trying to explain the unexplainable to Parker, Sage and J.J. was riveting.

--Adam Munson is a skeev. There, I said it. Lusting after your brother's wife isn't exactly the way to show him the love. I'm starting to think even Jade can do better than Adam.

--Was it just me, or did seeing Henry and Dallas together at the police station spark an idea that these two could be Oakdale's Crockett and Tubbs? Henry needs a steady job, and he's proven on more than one occasion that he's a good detective. Those two as friends/partners would be must-see TV and finally give us leading-man Henry that we've all been waiting for. With Mike and Simon both leaving town, Henry and Dallas could fill up the hottie vacancies. I'm not sure if it was Henry's cool orange shirt or his well-groomed hair, but the man was the hottest thing in Oakdale this week, even standing next to six-pack Mike and hunky Dallas. More please!

--Now that this jewel theft storyline is history, (yay!), I hope Vienna stays in town. Hint. Hint. There aren't enough gals in Oakdale lately, and she's such a breath of fresh air. She and Henry would make the most beautiful couple to ever hit town. And she could help "that cute detective Jack" get over his ex.

--Was anyone not cheering when Jack gave Carly a reality check about what she was doing to the kids? Go Jack! He was right on. But does anyone really believe Carly wouldn't flip on Simon in an Oakdale minute when she realized she'd be arrested and have to leave her kids? Not me.

--Was anyone not cheering when Jack gave Carly a reality check about what she was doing to the kids? Go Jack! He was right on. But does anyone really believe Carly wouldn't flip on Simon in an Oakdale minute when she realized she'd be arrested and have to leave her kids? Not me.

--Note to Paul. It's not a good idea to tell a kid that "something bad is about to happen" to his mother. Geesh. Scary much? It's no wonder Meg is calling you a "crazy recluse."

--Hello Brad Snyder! I can't wait to see what this Snyder brother has in store for Oakdale. I've never been a fan of Austin Peck in his role at "Days of our Lives," but I'm actually intrigued to see how he handles this part. So far, so good. That is, if Brad survives Emma, after leaving her kitchen a complete mess.

--Place your bets on who really kidnapped Daniel. Is Craig ultimately behind the caper? Is it James? I truly hope it isn't Craig. Haven't they already ruined this character enough with his evil deeds?

--I love the new Sage. She's a cutie and such a scene stealer. I'm just waiting for her to punch her older brother for his mean attitude lately.

--Simon and Carly's great escape wasn't exactly genius. Sure, it started out that way, but Carly's emotions got into the mix and the detour back to her house caused them trouble. In the past, we've watched Simon leave the woman he loved behind "for her own good." Not this time. He actually gave her a choice to come with him, and she took it. I guess he's grown a little, but still not the way he should have. The fact that he resorted to jewel theft still needles me. I wish his character would have matured more during his latest round in Oakdale. Oh well. Maybe next time.

Best Lines of the Week:

(Holden finds Lily's diet pills and blames them for her irritability toward Lucinda.)
Lily: "I don't need a pill to be irritated at my mother."

(Iris finds out that Will has spent all of his money on Gwen's demo and summarizes her son-in-law's new status.)
Iris: "Will Munson without money... useless."

Reader Spotlight:

(From Two Scoops reader Nero.)
"I came back to Oakdale recently because a friend reported actual Henry Coleman sightings. I'm not staying, though. This used to be a pretty good soap. The best that I can wish ATWT for the new year is that James Stenbeck returns, kills off everyone except Henry and Lucinda, and the three of them head off to a land where the actors are gifted, the writing is good, and the martinis are always dry. *g*"

Dear Nero--- Your friend is correct. Henry Coleman was spotted several days this week and looking better than ever, as did the show this week. Don't give up yet. As for your island idea, can I come, too? Henry's going to need some companionship, and I make a mean martini.----Jennifer

(From Two Scoops reader Lewis.)
"Couldn't agree more about Craig NOT being responsible for Bryant's death. Why do the writers continue to make that incorrect point? Also, I actually like Craig and his evil ways. I think Meg can bring out some good in him, if that's the way the story goes. Can you see next Thanksgiving at the farm with Craig and Meg and Emma? Nice! As for Katie, I wish they would just write her out for about a year. I used to love this character, but she has become the most annoying character on daytime. If I hear her whine/complain about how Simon ruined her marriage (takes two to tango - or whatever, dear) I am going to scream! Let's stick her on the back burner for a while and give Henry his own story!"

Dear Lewis---I like it. I'm all for back burnering Bubbles and letting martini man have some time. See above column for my fun idea for Henry as a leading man. ---Jennifer

(From Two Scoops reader Myra.)
"I agree with your [column on the Best and Worst] of 2006. I hate Jade and have from day one. I hate Craig even more. I never liked him, but the new Craig just gives me the creeps. My question is - do you think the writers, producers, directors, etc. ever read your column? They sure could learn a lot from you!!"

Dear Myra---Thank you! Honestly, I have no idea if the show honchos read my column. I'd like to say they read my 2006 recap, and that it was responsible for the writers fixing the Henry/Katie friendship this week and for the Dallas sightings. But that would be presumptuous. On second thought, yeah. It was all me. : ---Jennifer

That's all for now. See ya next time Scoopers.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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