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Dixie is history and we will no longer have the wonderfully talented Cady McClain to grace us during our viewing. Considering TPTB [The Powers That Be, a term for the show executives] wooed Cady into returning to AMC with the promise of a grand story - a great reintroduction of Dixie back into PV - to only fire her after a little more than a year, is just beyond cruel.

Dixie is history and we will no longer have the wonderfully talented Cady McClain to grace us during our viewing. Considering TPTB [The Powers That Be, a term for the show executives] wooed Cady into returning to AMC with the promise of a grand story - a great reintroduction of Dixie back into PV - to only fire her after a little more than a year, is just beyond cruel. I find AMC's higher ups to be somewhat vindictive as they chose to not even address Julia Barr's exit and back when Cady left and went to ATWT, they chose to "kill Dixie off" off screen and now after romancing her back into the PV family are killing her off for good. This is too much. I imagine once Cady saw the initial return scripts and the story unfolded, she was less than pleased. You need to remember Cady grew up with Dixie and made Dixie her own no matter if there was another actress that portrayed Dixie at one time. There is NO way Dixie would have ever let her family believe she was dead when she was alive. Yes, right after the auto accident, while Dixie was still on drugs being manipulated by Dr. Madden, she could have been led to give up her child, but once recovered, look out. Dixie would have done anything within her means to get Kate back and she would have been only too happy to go to Uncle Palmer & Tad for help. Instead we had Dixie lurking in PV, accepting and asking for Zach's help throughout the whole debacle ignoring her family. Now we have Kate back in PV, due to the fact her adoptive parents have been killed off - a tragedy in itself, but there will be no happy reunion. Not only are the Tad & Dixie fans being completely snubbed but these same fans didn't even find out Cady had been fired in time to start a petition, etc. I believe that was part of the reason for the "sworn to secrecy" Cady had to abide by. From the beginning Cady defended TPTB for the storyline, the horrible camera shooting and everything else fans complained about. The one thing Cady didn't defend was the release of Julia Barr as Cady stated - PV would be a very sad place without Julia Barr in it. I concur and also add Cady to the list not to mention Vincent Irizarry (ex-David). Who will be next on that list? I predict Palmer will be another vet gone. I could see Palmer having a heart attack brought on my Dixie's murder and we know Opal is due back because of a family emergency, granted that could be Dixie's death. I hope I'm wrong as Palmer has always been one of my favorite PV characters. I enjoyed Palmer with Opal, but to me Daisy was Palmer's soul mate as she playfully called him "PC" long before the term inferred "politically correct". Something neither Daisy nor Palmer ever were. What other vets will leave PV? There is no joy in PV anymore as one by one fan favorites are written off as new and unimproved less talented characters move in.

Seems AMC just doesn't care about fans at all. I've found it hard to like or accept Josh. Regardless of whether or not he's a walking fetus he attempted to poison both Amanda and Erica just to further his career. This is a career that Erica gave him a shot at, when that didn't work out he chose to go back to medicine, but then once he was informed medicine was in his blood from the Martins he dropped that too except when he just happens to be around during a medical emergency. Now, I'm not sure what Josh really does other than stalk Babe. This whole "Babe worship" is difficult to accept. Another character I don't care for is Zarf, a famous rock star, wants to live in PV, all because Babe lives there. Can you imagine Mick Jagger or Elton John wanting to move to PV with or without Babe living there? Since Zarf is a renowned rock star, where is his entourage? What about all the groupies and paparazzi? Zarf wants to be a female lesbian, but as soon as the going gets tough, he caves in and starts whining. I don't like whiners. Considering Zarf is undergoing drug treatment to become a female, where are the numerous counseling sessions he should have attended? Zarf should understand not everyone will embrace his decision. Considering he's a grown up how can he be "in love" with Bianca when he hardly knows her, much less fantasize about their "life together". Bianca would be wise to steer clear of this guy. Although I think Thorsten Kaye is a fine actor I find Zach difficult. I guess it all started when Zach initially kept Erica hidden from her family and tried to make her a Vegas showgirl. Also denying the fact Ethan was his son and then going out of his way to cause Ethan pain by marrying Kendall, Ethan's former fiancée, without giving Ethan and Kendall much of a chance to reconcile. Zach continues to be the silent type when Kendall needs to hear details. Granted they have opened Zach up some but he has a long way to go. The assassination of Ryan continues as he now condones giving Zach truth serum to find out what else Zach won't tell him about the satin slayer. Oh my, why didn't Tad use truth serum on Dr. Madden? Instead we have Josh and Ryan finding out Tad is a murderer and Ryan is a dad to Emma. Guess Ryan should have believed Zach when he said he told Ryan everything. This is the same Ryan that came to town as a con-man, but once he hooked up with Gillian I grew to like Ryan. However, after Gillian's death Ryan decided to have sex with anyone and everyone which took down my opinion of him. Once he hooked up with Kendall I again saw something very likable in Ryan. After Ryan returned to PV and helped Kendall and Bianca to hide the truth about Miranda, I indeed enjoyed Ryan, but alas TPTB had to go down the path of ruining that relationship, pairing him with Greenlee and portraying Ryan as a monster with way too much rage. A monster similar to his brother, Jonathan, who is now a non-violent wonder due to a missing brain tumor. Now lots of folks are betting on Jonathan being the satin slayer, but I tend to look over the obvious and have thoughts of the slayer being ---- COLBY. Oh my, it couldn't be only because I definitely want Colby gone from sight for a long time, could it? I noticed that Colby was quick to leave the room when JR told her to go away right before the satin ribbon was tied to the gate. I don't know why Colby would have a reason to hate Simone, Erin & Danielle enough to kill them, unless it is all about killing Babe. Remember Simone recognized the killer and said "Oh, it's you" before her murder. How would Colby know about Zach's past? I don't know but I could come up with some ideas especially since Colby would be sent away to prison. Maybe Sean could have helped her and he can be sent away as well. The unpleasant old adage --- two birds with one stone or slayer as the case may be. I found it totally unbelievable that Livia was the only one that could "play" Danielle in all of PV. Wouldn't you think the PV Police would have a black female somewhere on staff?


It appears daytime as we currently know it is GONE. NBC has canceled Passions to add another hour of The Today Show into the mix. NBC has also stated that Days of Our Lives will not be continued past the current contract of 2009 which lends one to wonder if Days will last that long. Will ABC follow suit and add another hour to GMA while sacrificing one of their soaps? Lots of speculation on this one. [Editor's Note: An ABC spokesperson has denied that Good Morning America is adding another hour.] I don't see AMC being canceled because of industry favorite Susan Lucci, however, when was the last time Erica had a REAL front burner story? It's been a while. Speculation has AMC & OLTL combining into one soap but that would be tough for both sets of fans. I guess the real problem here is no one cares about what the fans want to see. AMC has been very dark for a while now. That's not what so many of us tune in for. We have all the CSI's and night time crime dramas for that. I remember when romance was prominent at AMC whether it was Nina/Cliff, Jenny/Greg, Jessie/Angie, Ryan/Gillian, Leo/Greenlee, Tad/Dixie, Noah/Julia, Brooke/Edmund, Brooke/Adam, Brooke/Tom, Erica/Jeremy, Erica/Dimitri, Erica/Jackson or so many others along the way. Almost everyone enjoys a good love story, but unfortunately we are left wanting more and getting less. Tad & Dixie fans are not getting the happy reunion they were promised where Kate would be reunited with Tad & Dixie and they could be a real family. The final straw for many will be that Dixie is killed off and Tad will never be with his beloved Dixie again --- Tad & Dixie true soul mates. I for one will miss their extraordinary chemistry on screen.

Recently I've tuned in to Y&R mainly because Vincent Irizarry (ex-David) joined the cast. I've been pleasantly surprised as the pace of the show is much improved over AMC and the characters aren't all 20 somethings. I've enjoyed seeing Peter Bergman (ex-Cliff) & Amelia Heinle (ex-Mia) as well as lots of new soap folks. Vincent is of course doing a great job in my opinion and is playing another character named David - this time David Chow. Thanks for the emails as always I enjoy them all & I'll see you back here in two weeks!!


Mary Page
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