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Who was shocked when Luis fell out of the pantry dressed as the Peeper last week? It would be interesting if he was the Peeper, but it makes no sense.

Was anyone else dumbfounded that the best excuse Theresa and Ethan could come up with was, "I don't know how she/he got here." I mean they've come up with catchier stuff; "it was an accident"; "I thought she was you." Heck Ethan even blamed Theresa entirely for Jane's conception (while later admitting to Theresa that he knew it was her). And the amazing thing is Gwen has believe the lies and forgiven the loser time and again.

But not this time. She took a hammer to her ring and left Jane behind to prove how fed up she is with Ethan. As I watched Monday's episode, Gwen could do nothing but let it all sink in. But by Wednesday, it had sunk in good. She let Ethan have it with both barrels and didn't hold anything back. As Gwen screamed at Ethan that she deserved a man that loved her more than anything, I couldn't help but cheer her on. I've been thinking that for the past six years.

And what was up with Jared insisting that Theresa lock Ethan up. Even if it was rape, she really had no leg to stand on as she did the same thing to Ethan to conceive Jane. But Jared was downright insistent and when Theresa didn't bow down, he walked. Now that Gwen is gone, and Ethan is admitting he loves Theresa and wants to be with her, what will she do?

Whitney is not a very good friend. There is no way my best friend would tell me to let my enemy take my child away so I can be with a man. Like Ethan and Gwen disappearing with Jane is going to make all of Jared and Theresa's problems go away. Why Theresa hasn't filed to get custody back yet is beyond me, but now she's got everything she's ever wanted. Question is will she take it? And the next question is, now that Gwen and Ethan are over, will the truth come out about the tabloid?

It's looking an awful lot like Miguel tried to run Fox over, but we all know that's not the case. Fox paid someone to do this so Kay would think Miguel is this horrible person and he'll possibly go to jail for a crime he didn't commit. Meanwhile, Fox may be dying and Kay thinks it might be best seeing as how he only has a few months left anyway. Ivy almost ruined everything by spoiling the surprise, but Julian reined her in.

Its kind of poetic justice in a way isn't it? Ivy brought Miguel to town to split up Fox and Kay and now Miguel may be the reason Fox dies. I'm banking on a full recovery for Fox and when he awakens he will be "cured" from his mystery ailment too. And I can almost see him point the finger at Miguel now.

Charity is at the hospital and I'm not sure if she's supposed to be a comforting presence or what. She's walking around, and offering humdrum advice and a shoulder to cry on, and then WHAM!!! She admits to Miguel that she wants him back. I can see those two on the run now as Miguel is going to be forced to take the blame for Fox's accident.

Sheridan has gotten downright cruel. She is outright insisting Fancy is making up being attacked by the Peeper to get Luis' attention. How Luis does not hear them going at it, or the snarl in Sheridan's voice is beyond me. And if Fancy keeps claiming she's being attacked, WHY DOESN'T SOMEONE STAY WITH HER? Where is Crane security? Sure they are mentioned as having "watched the grounds", but they missed Ethan, the Peeper, and Gwen walking in the mansion. And I'm sorry, but if I were Fancy, I wouldn't care about proving Sheridan right while I kept being attacked. I'd leave town.

Who all was shocked Luis fell out of the pantry dressed as the peeper? It would be interesting if he was the Peeper, but it makes no sense. I believe it started off with Spike, and then Sheridan is the one who beat Fancy and raped Luis. Now I'm not sure who else the Peeper is, but seeing as how Fancy was raped, I'm pretty sure it isn't Alistair. Maybe Sheridan and Spike take turns.

Some Random Thoughts:

Did it peeve anyone else, even just a little, that Gwen taking Jane was not Theresa's main concern?

What is wrong with Rebecca? If it were my daughter, I'd have helped her kick Ethan's butt long ago. Instead she's telling her to fight for her marriage.

Where did Ethan get clothes? He supposedly went to the mansion naked, yet he left with clothes. Were they Jared's'? If so, GROSS!!!!

How bout that smoking hot kiss between Noah and Paloma!!!!!

Win or lose, we are proud of the New Orleans Saints this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viewer's Voice:

"I think how Gwen feels is overlooked way too much. She could have been given a better storyline as she is a fine actress. I am sick to death of Theresa appearing long suffering for the man she loves, Ethan. This soap is ending because there is no balance. It seems the old adage, all is fair in love and war, reigns on Passions. All of these years, Gwen has just been a passive whipping post for willful Theresa and her spineless husband, Ethan. Good riddance to this nonsense. By the by, you have done a wonderful job with two scoops. When I grow weary of it all, I read your scoops to stay connected. Best of luck!!" Thanks Charlene!!!

"Best wishes to you, I always enjoy reading your thoughts. I do have one thought on Sheridan. I think Spike is the main peeping tom, however I think it was Sheridan that injected Luis with drugs and took out the condom and she is also the one who attacked fancy and inserted Luis's semen. You watch next week if it isn't Luis that the semen match belongs to and Sheridan will look fakely shocked! It truly is no wonder that the soap is being cancelled, the soap is 8 years old and we still are harboring the same storylines as before. Common writers now we are on limited time, let's let the secrets out soon so that we may enjoy the characters once again!" I totally agree with you. Thanks Jenn!!!

"I must say I am tired of Whitney. Leave poor Theresa alone. Like Whitney has any room for the moral right and wrong talk? As for Chad's lover, I wonder if it is a man. He keeps saying lover. Maybe it is Jessica? Who knows. As for Jared, I was beginning to like his character until the whole ultimatum thing. Hello when you have secrets you are in no place to tell others what to do. Me personally, I would love to see Theresa and Ethan together as a family. It would be nice to see some positive aspects. I love Noah with Paloma; not a fan of Fancy. And what kind of name is Pretty? They could have done better. Ethan, Nicholas (Fox), Fancy (hope it is short for Francine or something). As for the attacker I thought it was Spike, and then thought about Alistair, who knows! I do not mind the nasty Sheridan even though they should tone it down a bit. As for Fancy, can't the girl ever open the door? Where is security detail? Simone needs to back off, she is way too angry all the time. I guess it runs in the family. Well leave it to the Russell's to be judgmental and overbearing!" Thanks Tracey!!!

"Chad is having an affair with a man. He always says Whitney is the only WOMAN in his life. That is how he passed the lie detector test they asked about WOMEN; if Whitney was the only WOMAN (not person) in his life. Chad never uses any gender specific language (he has never said "she" when referring to his lover). His lover is a man - that's why he always says it is just sex- not love" Thanks Melissa!!!

"Here is how they should fix Passions. Make it one-half hour show. More the pace, not drag on. Revamp the following as couples: Eve & Chris; Pilar & Sam; Rebecca & Spike; Tabby & Julian (but pals with Edna); Gwen & Fox; Chad & Valerie; Whitney & Noah & Paloma; Miguel & Fancy; Simone & Rae; Jessica & Reese; Sheridan & Ethan; Beth & Hank (Beth in disguise and Hank has no idea who she is); Big Al & Edna & Ivy. Let's hear how Father Lonigan got blind; there is a story there. Spike can be Eve & Julian son. Bring back Grace, Reese, Hank & Beth & Alistair (but not as a person; as he was in the start, just a voice) and Edna. More of Endora!! That is my thoughts on this issue." Thanks Sheila!!!

"Well, I must say that even though I knew it would happen, I was saddened. I only watch once in a while, usually the last few minutes, unless Endora is on, but still, Passions was part of my life for a long time. Luckily, I have all the episodes that were on Sci Fi on disc. (Love that DVR,) so I can always have memories. I just wish I had real Fox on disc. I will miss it. I have pages of Fan Fiction that I write about it, with the stories going MY way, so that will work, too. I won't miss Luis or Sheridan or Theresa, but Tabitha and Endora, oh yes." Thanks MJ!!!

"I think you are wrong about Fancy not being able to use her police training against her attacker. She was raped. That's enough for her to be left in a bad condition where her police training would go out the window. Way I see it, if I were Fancy, I'd be too broken and scared. Being raped is not an everyday thing you get over sometimes. Fancy needs some help to deal with it. I'm actually surprised she hasn't gotten help yet. Eve better not fill that role either! I totally agree with your comments about Ivy not taking a role in Fancy's life right now. Ivy should be there for her to help her through this time. She'd definitely help her regain strength to find the courage to fight back. Here's to hoping either they end Passions well or someone picks it up!" Thanks Michelle!!!

"It's great that you are a Saints fan. How much did the game suck today?!?! I really enjoy your commentary. I'm really going to miss it when the show is over." The officiating was poor, but the Bayou Boys done us proud. Thanks Kat!!!

"This is my first time doing this, but I have been waiting to get a lot off of my chest. First I am truly sad that Passions may be ending. I have high hopes that the show will air on a different network. This show has been getting better, but there are a couple of people that the show needs to get rid of. The actress that plays Fancy can not act. She is terrible in her scenes and it kills me to have to watch her. I always wonder whether or not the old Fox would be the @%%hole he is in the new episodes. Gwen is stupid. If my man was screaming out another woman's name while he was sleep, he wouldn't have a chance. Yeah she caught him in the bed with Tess but I bet she takes him back. The writers have been listing since we have a new man in Tess life. I am happy for her. That's all for now." Thanks Mercedes!!!

"Crane Security - I know Teresa wanted a change from the evil Alistair but at least he kept people safe from everyone but him. How can this creep still be terrorizing Fancy? Why isn't there a female guard actually in the room with her - one that stays awake? Was Ethan allowed to just walk into the mansion because he's Ethan? Why didn't they get rid of Miguel? How could Fox be beaten to a pulp? Teresa set the cameras up again - your house is being destroyed!! Why didn't anyone bother to actually attend the wedding? How can anyone (Chad/Kay) have sex with two different people in the same night or even want to? GROSS! At least Teresa thought it was a repeat with Jared or that's her story." Thanks Judi!!!

Until next week friends,

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