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Craig saves the day
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The last time that we saw Brad Snyder, he was Jack's older brother, and he left with Carly's money; he returns as Jack's younger brother, and he's broke.

As I began watching the show this week I noticed that things are changing, Carly and Simon are gone, a younger Brad Snyder has returned and this week in particular there were veterans on almost everyday with scenes about family which is what Oakdale is all about - I see a change however there does need to be more.

Craig is a Hero
I never thought that I'd ever be writing that considering the way that Craig Montgomery has been portrayed lately. I believe the writers are trying to give him a little humanity after he lost almost everything close to him. There seems to be a genuine kindness that he shows when he is around Meg as if he really wants to be with her. He also showed some real concern for Tom as he visited the Hughes house this week. He took offense at the fact that Emily was accusing him of having some part in Daniel's kidnapping. He took the time to bond with old friend, Lily.

I like the way that things seem to be a changing with Craig and it's about time - he has been such an angry one note song. I wonder what will they do next to take him to another level, a more likable level and give the new actor, Jeffrey Meek a chance to show that Craig is human.

Casey and His Gambling Problem
It's getting bad that Casey has to steal again and this time he could go to jail. Casey has a serious problem as this has become a true addiction. I like the way that this is being written and you can see how he is being tortured and shown guilt in knowing that he has do these things in order to keep his secret and probably continue his addiction.

All of this is part of Gwen's music story so this includes so many others. How will Casey explain this to his parents or his grandmother or his best friends? Then we have his brother, Adam who knows the truth and will probably use this against Will in order to get closer to Gwen. I have to say this again, what is Adam's problem with Will? Has anyone noticed that Gwen is being drawn to Adam more than she is willing to admit?

A good thing is that we get to see Tom and Margo more. This should be a sign that this is what we want as viewers to see the characters we have grown to love over the years. There were so many characters stopping by the Hughes household this week just to check on Tom and Danny.

Brad Snyder Returns
The last time we saw Brad Snyder he was Jack's older brother and he left with Carly's money; he returns as Jack's younger brother and broke. Why the change to the history of the show? I guess they wanted Austin Peck for the role so they had to make him younger. I guess we will have to wait to see how this plays out. With Carly out of the picture for a while, Jack needs something to keep himself busy.

It looks like Vienna is going to be around also and she is a welcome addition - she is so much fun. She has really grown on me and I like that she likes to be at the Snyder farm. She has spent time at the farm but I have never seen her with Holden or Meg.

Mike Leaves Katie
After all they have been through; they mutually decided to end their relationship in one episode. I am somewhat sorry to see Mike leave though his character has become very one-dimensional.

We do know that Katie has never gotten over Simon and she is always on guard trying to convince Mike and herself that this relationship is what she wants. It's time to move on to other things. She does have Henry, her family and maybe a new man like Brad or Jack for support now.

Paul's Visions
I certainly hope that this story ends soon as it is such a waste of time. I wonder if this is setup to get Paul back with Meg - I think it's time to move on. I do like that Paul is bonding with Parker as Parker could use a friend right now outside of his family.

Finally, before reader comments, I want to let you know that you can get a printable version of a Two Scoops column and also, there is a link to a Two Scoops column from one year ago and now, two years ago - please try these features on the Two Scoops page.

Here are some comments from some readers:

Marie said, "Regarding your question on how we feel about Adam since he's been back: (1) The first Adam (since he's been back) was an incredible actor but his "new and improved" Adam was not believable. Where was this guy coming from? There was absolutely no reason for him to latch onto Jade that quickly and to take her side over that of his family. (2) The "new" Adam (the current one) is a very good looking guy but is NOT the actor the first one was. Not even close. His main "duty" seems to be to take off his clothes and roll around on the floor with Jade. Maybe the first actor didn't want to do these kinds of scenes? Whatever, the Adam character is not in keeping with his history and the replacement was a bad choice."

Roberta said, "I wasn't a fan of the previous actor who played nu-Adam and the nu-nu Adam is not much better. He has NO chemistry with Jade. I see a little with Gwen. I don't remember what the character of Adam was like before but this incarnation is arrogant and self-righteous. His attitude sucks. It's Will's money and he acts like he shouldn't be concerned about how his money is being spent. Will and Gwen should kick his butt to the curb and get another producer. First time you say anything he doesn't like he threatens to quit. I wish he would. ."

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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