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I'm talking about Revenge. Seems Kendall and Zach are all over the revenge plot against Greenlee. Anyone that has read my columns knows I'm no Greenlee fan but this is ridiculous.

I'm talking about Revenge. Seems Kendall and Zach are all over the revenge plot against Greenlee. Anyone that has read my columns knows I'm no Greenlee fan but this is ridiculous. Yes, Greenlee attempted to kidnap Spike which is and was wrong, but the accident was an accident as she was bringing Spike back after having a dose of reality - probably because she didn't want to raise a child with the name of Spike. LOL!! Okay, Greenlee was bad, everyone knows this but there is never any justice dished out in PV unless a character is leaving AMC, so just have Kendall & Greenlee go on without any friendship interaction. They can be sworn enemies forever and continually bicker. This whole "Greenlee has to leave PV" deal is too far out there. This is still America and Greenlee is allowed to live wherever she wants. So get a restraining order if Kendall and Zach never want her around them again.

What are the odds Zach would enlist JR's help even though JR wanted money from Zach? We all know Zach and JR are not friendly and this whole Zach didn't destroy all of Greenlee's eggs garbage is ludicrous. Greenlee would not fall for such nonsense as she's not a moron. At this point why doesn't Kendall get out of Fusion all together? Kendall doesn't care much for anyone working there, so sell her shares and do something new.

One wonders why Kendall is so obsessed with running after Greenlee as opposed to spending time with her child that is in ICU. The small time Kendall spent with Ian was great, but it was way too short and as soon as she finished with the feeding she was off. Ian is still fighting for his little life but his parents are too busy with their own lives to spend time at the hospital. I've received quite a bit of mail on this as this week's AMC Fan Spotlight of the week comes from Janette who writes: "Is Ian going to make it? If I had a baby in ICU, I would be there every minute. It seems like Ian is an afterthought." I agree, I mean it's not as if Kendall and Zach need to go to work since they are the wealthiest folks in PV. Remember it was Zach Adam went to when he needed money for JR's "kidnappers".

Greenlee hasn't been stalking Spike, Kendall or Ian. Yes, she showed up at the hospital and looked at Ian but she was there because of Aidan. Yes, she showed up at Kendall's but it was because of Annie's asthma attack. These were isolated instances that were not premeditated or planned in any way. Greenlee is not a threat to society.

Not only are Kendall and Zach determined to rid themselves of Greenlee but Ryan has been trying to accomplish the same task without results. Ryan hired Aidan to "shadow" Greenlee while reporting back any "shady" activity Greenlee may engage in. The only real activity Aidan seems concerned with is getting Greenlee between the sheets. I am liking this pairing. Aidan has been on the back burner for way too long.

Isn't it predictable how there's always a crisis whenever there is a storm and the phone connections just don't quite work. Although the phone sure worked for Babe and Julia to ensure that Wes/Ritchie was able to "help" baby sit Emma. I hope this plot picks up. It's been dragging and that's a shame because I really like Annie and think she's a nice addition to PV. However, the way they have her acting currently is lame and makes for uneasy viewing.

Wes is more than uneasy viewing as he seems more than a little off balanced. Why is it Emma's body guard would just leave? He's not hired by Babe or Wes so they couldn't just dismiss him. I would hope he wouldn't just accept Babe and/or Wes' direction. He's giving bodyguards a bad name! I sure am going to miss Alexa Havins as her last air date is this coming week!

Jonathan and Ava --- a married couple? Oh, I feel ill. Please send Ava away as she comes across as a complete slut and Jonathan as a desperate, needy individual. Lily is thrown for a loop over their potential marriage and this is another character that used to be of value but hasn't been for a while. I know I've read that Leven is considering leaving AMC when her contract is up and I think she should. Let's only hope they don't recast this "pair".

We found out for sure this week Zach was faithful to Kendall by rejecting Hannah's request to sleep with her. I didn't buy the whole Hannah's obsession with Zach. It made her appear to be a psycho and we've had enough of those in PV to last a lifetime. I've enjoyed Hannah's return and hope she isn't crazy.

I've heard from so many long time fans that are tuning out. As sad as they are to say "good bye" to AMC it is just too difficult to watch the current direction of the show. I see their point and have also considered giving it up. I don't care about seeing continual baby issues shoved at me. The "Spike is deaf" story is boring partly because we all know Spike will hear again and another reason is I don't care about the cochlear implant technology. This is old news sans Rush Limbaugh. Ian was born way premature and that storyline has never even taken off. Ian is almost an afterthought.

There are no current power couples that can sustain the show and this includes Kendall and Zach even though they have lots of online support. The online support reminds me of the recent movie "Snakes on a Plane". There was immense internet buzz around that movie and the predictions it was going to be the best horror/cult showing ever for an opening. Well it didn't pan out and the movie was a bust - why - mainly because it had a horrible plot after about the first 20 minutes or so. The internet allows people to "push" things that may or may not be popular and appear to have more support. Multiple screen names, emails, etc. even though it's really only 1 person. Hence the continual Zach and Kendall as best in SOD while the rating continue to plummet even though Kendall and Zach are and have been front burner for a long time. Well, I'm not much of a Zach fan and I hear from many who aren't and I'm tired of Kendall's continual whining and selfishness. TPTB better wake up. While they get rid of talent such as Vincent I (you know how much I love David), Cady M and Julia Barr the ratings move downward instead of up. The answer is to get back to the veterans. Have Adam be a power player again. Forget this trivial Adam and Krystal back and forth. Adam wouldn't have given Krystal the time of day in years past. Bring Julia Barr back with a front burner storyline and reunite Brooke and Adam. Get past the Erica and Jackson bickering and give them some meaty storyline. The icing on the cake would be to bring Dixie back (that would be Cady) and don't even think it couldn't be done. After all Mike Roy was suddenly not dead even though we saw him die and Josh is a walking fetus so Dixie could and should be returned to reunite with Tad. The whole Tad and Julia pairing that could lie ahead does not interest me in the least. Others appear to feel the same way as I heard from Gloria who weighed in on this by writing "A romance between Julia and Tad!!!!! Oh Lord, say it ain't so! His son's bed partner? How sick would that be?" I have commented many times that I don't care for the bed swapping of relatives on AMC. Kendall has almost slept with every Cambias and Lavery around. ICK!!

Take care, thanks for your comments, rants, raves and gripes!! Remember to support our troops and keep them in your prayers! See you next time!


Mary Page
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