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There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Harmony during the week of October 10, 2005.

So now Theresa is Mrs. Alistair Crane. I loved how they used the flashbacks of Tabitha telling Theresa one day she'd be Mrs. Crane. Of course that could've been applied once Theresa "married" Julian. And Theresa paints her own sordid portrait as a gold digger because she pursued Ethan relentlessly, slept with both Julian and Fox, and is now married to Alistair. And now Alistair has chosen little Ethan as his heir. I'll get into the logistics of this in a moment, but all I can say is yet again Theresa has put her own needs ahead of her children.

A lot of people are wondering why Luis is so bad for Sheridan, Eve is so wrong for Julian, and Chad is the (pardon the pun) black sheep, when Alistair not only married Theresa (Luis' sister) but made her child his heir. Well supposedly little Ethan is Julian's child so he is technically half Crane. Alistair is thinking that little Ethan is young enough to mold into the villain he is. I am thinking since he is half Theresa's too, Alistair's job may not be that hard.

Ethan has stated once again that nothing could ever make him leave Gwen. Just seems to be a precursor that there is something that could make Ethan leave Gwen. And Gwen is so worried that Jane will be taken from her, yet when does she ever really spend time with the child?

Now that Alistair has cut off all his heirs, I'm wondering if their trust funds are really that big to support them. Julian can sponge off Dr. Eve, Fox can do what he has been doing since he lost his trust fund to bail Theresa out of jail, and Fancy can get a job. For once, I'd like to actually see someone working on this show rather than sit around and complain about all that is wrong with their life. I'd like to see Fancy struggle to make something of herself and portray realistically how hard it is to actually make it in this world. Of course I know realistic doesn't pertain to this show.

So Jessica has killed yet another john and doesn't remember anything. I loved that Simone has threatened to slap her if she does more drugs. Jessica deserves to rot in jail just because she is a drug addicted idiot that brought her innocent friends into her problems and she doesn't even care.

Sheridan has gotten on my last nerve. She didn't want Luis home, but now that he is dead, she is all upset. Make up your mind already as to who you want. And if Chris turns out to be Antonio in disguise, I'll throw up.

High Point of the Week:: Alistair. They don't get more evil than him.

Low Point of the Week:: Sheridan's sagas.

Some Random Thoughts:

"While I think Alistair stinks as a character, I am glad he reminded Gwen that she and Ethan only had temporary custody of Jane and that the clock was ticking, or something like that." Thanks Jamison!

"I can't believe Terror actually did it and married the man who killed her brother, tortures her family as well as countless other crimes. What is mentally wrong with this girl? How can she still think that she and Ethan are fated to be together when he refused to stop her wedding and allowed her to become Mrs. Sex Toy for Alistair! A love like that is something the rest of us can live without!! What also sickened me was Terror was willing to throw her son to the big bad wolf if Ethan wasn't willing to take her back. Oh well what the heck. The kid will be royalty...maniacal but rich beyond words. Terror proved that she isn't a good mother to either of her children because once again she was willing to use one to save the other. I hope she loses both of her children. What a monster." Thanks Katie!!!

"You seem very vitriolic towards Theresa, which doesn't surprise me. People either love her or hate her. Being something of a dreamer myself I can understand what she is all about. And I'm still rooting for her to wind up with Ethan eventually. Or if that's not possible, maybe she can be the key to softening Alistair and making him less one-dimensional." Thanks Pamela!!!!!!!

"Al has been downing the L-F clan for how long now? Yet he wants to do the thing that he forbids everyone else [to do] by marrying Theresa. And little Ethan is half L-F, which means his company will be run by 'one of them'. Do the writers even know what is going on?" Great point Mary Jane!!!!

Quote of the week: "I'm hoping that the show either kills off Jessica or brings her home because she is getting dumber by the episode with her constant whining and believing that Spike loves her." Thanks Rob!!!

I've gotten several emails asking me how things are down here. We are returning to normal, although there are many residents of Orleans, Jefferson, and Plaquemines parish that swear they aren't going back, and I can't say that I blame them. Traffic is a nightmare and it has been hard on all of us, but we will get through it. Thanks to all of you who have written in and prayed for us.

Until next week friends,

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