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Reva and Alan's victim is Zeke Cross; his daughter Aubrey is Jonathan's new girlfriend. Zeke was the sheriff of Tourmaline, and an abusive father/husband. Now Aubrey, Jonathan, and baby Sarah are on the run. Will this whole story wrap up eventually?

As the weather thinks about getting colder (but thankfully doesn't here in MD) I've begun to look through my fall clothes to see what I need to keep or throw out. It's always interesting to see what things I've totally forgotten about, and finding old favorites again.

GL was very much like my closet search this week. I was shocked beyond belief to see someone who certainly looked like Liz Keifer (Blake) this week - was I seeing things? Could GL have remembered this character was still out there? And Mel - who must have been hiding out with Blake was spotted, too. What a nice surprise - let's not make it so long next time.

But there were other things that reminded me of clothes I've kept too long that were getting thin in spots (unlike me ; ) Things that part of you wants to keep - for sentimental reasons (I must have 5-10 of my Dad's coats over 4 ½ years after his death that I swear still have his after shave on them). Stories that have dragged on too long, or are on so sporadically I have lost interest. Such as:

The Reverend Josh Story (also known as the SnoozeFest) has to be THE most boring story in daytime. As much as I adore Robert Newman (Josh) and love seeing him, between the Josh/Cassie story and Josh being the new minister I fall asleep on the couch watching! Come on, GL - no one is buying that you can be a minister this quickly and no one is loving this couple. If GL gets one quarter of the mail I get about this vanilla ice cream (i.e. boring) pair, and they read it, they HAVE to know to wrap this up quickly. And now Reverend Lewis wants to take Cassie's farmhouse (left to her by R.J.'s father Hart) and make it into a center for others and live out of, what - the Beacon? Yes, the search committee mentioned a parsonage but you know Josh will want to live in the darn hotel to save them (and GL) money on a new set.

We did see a new set in the past few weeks - but I don't understand why Harley and Cyrus want to stay in Griggs' hideout. Of course, it looks like Phillip and Harley's old apartment (and Natalia's too). I guess they found that set before they could the Bauer kitchen or bar-be-que one.

Speaking of the whole Marina kidnapping, this story is so sporadic. You don't hear a word about it, and then they focus on it. The Harley/Cyrus angle is so odd - yes he wants to look for the woman he loves, but it does nothing to move the story along. And the camera work with the handhelds made me nauseous trying to watch. New York has some great backdrops and locations for the show to use, but these are not visually appealing and don't add any interest to the story. For a moment, I thought TPTB were looking to pair Harley and Cyrus, but I certainly hope not. That would be pretty low - considering they are looking for Marina. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my gut feeling on that one is off.

The whole Reva/Alan story hasn't really moved anywhere for the viewers until this week. Of course, this is the exact time I finally finished the book GL is pushing - which finally brings the details to light. Reva and Alan's victim is Zeke Cross - his daughter Aubrey is Jonathan's new girlfriend. Zeke was the Sheriff of Tourmaline, and an abusive father/husband. Now Aubrey, Jonathan and baby Sarah are on the run. Will this whole story wrap up eventually? Since they've published a book about it, I have to hope so!! If I hear anything I'll let you know.

Buzz and Doris' election got a little spicier this week. I have to admit that I can't wait for Doris to get back some of the evil she's dished out (although I love her Cingular/AT&T commercials). But since they haven't mentioned actually voting, I guess this, too, will drag on.

Daisy's pregnancy was certainly no surprise - but who will be the one to tell Rafe and the grandparents-to-be? And how will they take the news? I have to admit that this story hit very close to home for me. I saw my 26 year-old niece this weekend and we had a discussion about HER daughter (now 11 - yes, do the math - we were more than a little shocked) and how to keep her "out of trouble". I had to think about Daisy with Natalia and Harley both warning the teens about pregnancy - and Reva, too. It was interesting to see my niece finally "get" what we old fogies were talking about 12 years ago - now that the shoe is on the other foot (or will be sooner than she'd like). We'll have to see how GL plays this out. Luckily we know they only have nine months to drag it out!

This weekend was the GL Fan Club event and I hope those of you who went will share your experiences with me. I always enjoyed going, but never seem to get myself together so far in advance to plan the trip these days. Maybe next year you'll see me there!

Until next week...
Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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