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First Gus wants to comfort Harley, and then we see him mashing Natalia against a prop wall so hard it nearly breaks trying to rekindle the past with her. What gives? Can't he be alone for a few minutes without kissing the next female he sees?

Maybe it's the lack of criminal element in my life, but I know that if my family member was out there, kidnapped, I'd focus on finding them and bringing them home right away. GL is treating Marina's kidnapping like a part time shoplifter that the cops are waiting to nab. At least we got to SEE Marina this week - in odd little clips, but this story is making me want more caffeine to help me watch without dozing.

Of course, the ping pong match that Gus has going perks me up - and makes me want to smack him. First he wants to comfort Harley and I think, maybe, he's not so bad. Maybe they'll get back together. Then we see him mashing Natalia against a prop wall so hard it nearly breaks trying to rekindle the past with HER. What gives? Can't he be alone for a few minutes without attacking the next female he sees and smothering her with kisses? Not that many GL fans would mind, but it makes Gus quite a cad. Can't we see him try to get back into Harley's good graces? Not that she's faultless - he has tried some and she pushes him away. I just want to see one happy family in Springfield - soon!!

Daisy has had several weeks now to come to terms with her pregnancy - not that her family (except Reva) seemed to even take notice of her. Even knowing she and Rafe had slept together, Daisy always seems like an afterthought in their lives. And the decision she has to make will affect her for the rest of her life - shouldn't the adults be around to make sure she is okay? Poor Rafe has no idea of what is going on in her life - which means she's all alone to make a difficult decision. At least Reva finally told Dylan - but how will it all work out for the troubled teen?

Dinah has been going through her own difficulties, but we rarely see her. I do agree that she could be used to lure out Griggs - or at least attempt to. But it's really Alex that holds the key to finding Marina. But now that Harley has put the pieces together, its it too late for her niece?

Josh's announcement that he doesn't want more kids was a bit of a shock. While he and Cassie both have kids, I can see her wanting to have one or more with Josh - and her clock is ticking. It did make me more than a little mad to see her support Josh's decision to chuck his career with Lewis and become a minister at the speed of light. Now Cassie is supposed to give up her dreams for him? I appreciate his honesty - even in light (pardon the pun) of this storyline. But you know that Cassie isn't going to let her dreams of a baby slip away. And how will the return of Edmund affect her life?

The Lewis Construction storyline also leaves me scratching my head. I like Lizzie teaming up with the Lewis boys - her interactions with Billy are great. But we are all forgetting the whole collapse - and the mystery of Bill in Venezuela, for weeks on end. I know that Daniel Cosgrove (Bill) will return next month, but they really haven't created much interest yet in this plot move.

So for the week, the only positive is that Reva and Jeffrey are reunited - yeah! But can they stay together - and happy - in Springfield for long? Let's hope so - I want to see a little happiness in town - pronto!

While I was thinking about all of this gloom and doom in Springfield I saw in the store my first Christmas decorations (yes, it's not even Halloween). So I thought, to get me in the holiday spirit, I would think of at least one thing each week that I would like to see for GL either this holiday season or in 2008.

My first wish is get Springfield back to a happier town. Sure, I like a good murder mystery, but I also like a good romance. Life is full of ups and downs - and we should be able to see the good and the bad of the characters we love. Right now, there isn't really a couple or character who is even remotely happy. I watch the show to have an escape from my own life - long commutes, the daily grind, etc. I don't want to be brought down even more by characters that are always unhappy or stressed. Fans have watched these characters and this show for years - we are rooting for our extended family (which is what the GL cast is to many of us) to have a happy life. Show us some challenges in their lives, but show some good times, too.

Hopefully we'll see a little more romance and happiness this week - but I have my doubts. But maybe we'll get some resolution to the stories that need to be concluded soon!


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