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There was not a new column this week, so instead, please enjoy a look back at what was happening in Harmony during the week of October 17, 2005.

You gotta feel sorry for the Lo-Fitz family. First Martin takes off with another woman, and then Antonio takes of for parts unknown only to come back and die. Theresa has now married and two Crane men (I know she technically didn't marry Julian, but she sure called herself "Mrs. Crane" when she thought he was dead). Miguel left to find Charity and started an affair with a married woman (oops wrong show). Paloma is a brat turned drug smuggler turned murder cover upper. And now Luis is dead.

"Oh no, not again," were the words uttered by Sheridan upon hearing Luis is dead. My thoughts exactly. I can not believe the writers are dragging out this tried and true story yet again. This makes for how many fake deaths between the two of them now? And I say fake because we all know Luis is not dead. Once Sheridan and creepy Chris fall in love and she becomes mommy dearest to little James, Luis will come walking back into her life. I can't help but think Chris is really Antonio and James is really Marty, and this is Antonio's revenge on Luis.

Gwen finally said the magic words, "I want a divorce." For a minute I was hoping Ethan would take her up on it, that way when her dirty little secrets come out, she'd still look like the one who had the sense to walk away. I think Gwen is slowly going the way of Beth and soon I will have to start calling her batty Gwen. And Rebecca jumping into bed with Alistair was sick. However, I must admit I was shocked at the scene of it, not the idea. Rebecca will do anything to one up Theresa.

I don't feel the least bit sorry for Theresa. She knew what a monster Alistair was before she married him and everyone knew he raped Katherine repeatedly. Why did she honestly expect it to be any different for her? And she has once again proved she doesn't care about her children, because no sane mother would give that creep custody of her child. I did love her telling Ethan that he really didn't want to have to tell Gwen that Theresa really wasn't leaving. Both women see him for what he truly is, yet they both still want him. Sickening isn't it.

Is Sam the stupidest person alive? The man was a cop for pete's sake and three teenagers straight up lied their way out of a murder. If Sam remembers so vividly the earrings, why is he letting Jessica puppy dog her way out of this? However, Simone is an excellent liar. She must get those genes from the frog.

High Point of the Week:: "I want a divorce." Gwen.

Low Point of the Week:: Luis' non death.

Some Random Thoughts:

"I hate the way the show representing rape and sexual assault around like it is nothing is a disgraced. Rape and sexual assault is something to make light is reprehensible." T hanks Gene, I totally agree with you!

"The pre-nup with little Ethan as an heir can not happen. She [Theresa] would have been aware about it once she signed it, in her lawyer's presence! To the writers of Passions we are not stupid! The forced marriage forever with Julian and Rebecca cannot happen either. If you want out of a marriage, you definitely can get out! A divorce can be finalized and valid as long as one person wants it!! Passions again we are not dumb!" Thanks Antoine. I totally agree!

Telisha, I am sorry I offended you. I meant nothing racist by what I said. At the time of the typing I did what I thought was best, and obviously made a huge error in judgment. Again I apologize.

Pure logic of the week: "I think Al made it clear about why he married Theresa:

1. He thinks she's a hot young thing.
2. Ebait IS his kin, and he wants to remove Julian's 'weak' influence from the kid.
3. Theresa is crazy when it comes to Ethan, but Al does respect her determination when it comes to Ethan. He knows that if she put those efforts towards something worthwhile - meaning not Ethan- that Ebait could be quite ruthless - it's in his genes, with his molding him, Ebait can turn out evil." Thank you SIP, this is the absolute truth and I love the name Ebait.

Until next week friends,

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