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It was refreshing to see a couple deal with their problems privately, in their own home, without over-the-top histrionics and name calling. It was raw and real and emotional.

"I slept with Aidan."
"I know."

Yep, there it is. Two sentences I've been dying for Zach and Kendall to say even though I also dreaded hearing them. As a fan of the couple, I was torn. I wanted the secret to be out; the faster it's out, the faster they could start moving past it. At the same time, I was terrified about what might happen. Worse than that, for weeks I was anxious about how it would come out. This is a soap, after all. I pictured every possible scenario, from annoying to apocalyptic. Considering the one-night stand itself was plot-driven and totally out of character, what would the reveal bring about? They couldn't possibly let Kendall come clean voluntarily, could they?

Surprisingly, and to my immense relief, that's pretty much how it went down. Of course, the wrinkle was that Zach had already figured it out, but considering all the nightmarish possibilities, this was as close to perfect as things would get. Wasn't it refreshing to see a couple deal with their problems privately, in their own home, without over the top histrionics and name calling? It was raw and real and emotional.

Kendall's guilt and fear, Zach's pain and frustration, the avoidance of the subject in the first few minutes of their conversation - for a fan of the couple, it was heartwrenching, but didn't leave one without hope. It was clear throughout the week that despite the uncomfortable conversations and awkward embraces, these people love each other and are going to try to work this out. It doesn't make up for the idiocy of the one-night stand, but it cushions the blow enough for everyone - Zach, Kendall and the viewers - so they can move forward. There can't be enough said about Thorsten Kaye and Alicia Minshew's understated, poignant performances; absolutely perfect. Kudos to AMC's writers and directors for giving these scenes the time and effort they deserved.

Now, of course, the story becomes, "When will Greenlee find out?" Am I the only one who doesn't care? I don't buy this Aidan/Greenlee engagement at all, so it's just a matter of time before they implode (especially with Jake on his way and Ryan in limbo with Annie). Let's just say I don't expect the same pleasant surprise I got this week. If Greenlee doesn't instantly turn on her 'sister' and 'true love' in a heartbeat, I'll be downright stunned. The insults will be flying. The best part is that the threat of Greenlee/Zach revenge sex is going to be severely reduced since her new 'BFF' will be in on the secret. I'm just hoping she's ticked enough to take that long, tearful drive out of Pine Valley again. What? A girl can dream!

Digging up the past

So, I'm really trying to get into the search for Jesse's past, but I'm just not feeling it yet. It's not that I find the tale particularly boring, I'm just happy to see the Hubbards be a family for a while. The back story seems like filler to me. There would be enough drama with Jesse struggling to find his way in the world (though his career choice seems obvious to me - join up with Tad over at good old Martin Devane Investigations). Maybe it's just that I'm not completely on board with origami enthusiast and bad guy du jour, Robert Gardner. But I'm willing to wait and see where things are going - as long as Jesse promises not to yell too much.

I'd much rather listen to Adam yell at his 'family,' to be honest. At least it saved us from take #7,584 of Babe and JR's why-can't-we-make-this-work conversation. Junior, when someone describes their relationship with you as their curse, it's time to walk away. This was tired years ago and worse, we can see exactly where it's headed. Babe will continue to disbelieve JR's story until he/she/they find or stumble upon proof, at which point they'll start this ridiculous dance all over again.

The older generation Carey/Chandler match up isn't much better. Am I supposed to think Adam's anxiety attacks would subside if he hooked back up with the queen of the trailer park? Regardless of the inexcusable things he's done in recent months, Krystal was the one who set their marriage on a crash course. You know what Adam really needs? Brooke Freaking English.

Lavery Psychology 101

I'd like to give Ryan credit for finally seeing a therapist about not only his amnesia, but also his other issues, but he'll have a to spend more than 15 minutes on the couch before he scores any points with anyone. I hope he goes back, if only to have an objective third party tell him some hard truths. The good doctor was already off to a good start by suggesting Ryan might not remember Annie because he never truly loved her. You think? It was always pretty obvious that Lavery decided to love the one he was with - if Kendall had dumped Zach or Greenlee had come back to town a day earlier, there wouldn't have been a Mrs. Annie Lavery.

As much as I hate them both, Greenlee and Ryan are perfect for each other. I wish they would just get back together and be done with it. Jake Martin can play spoiler when he makes it back to Pine Valley. Then maybe you can pair off Aidan and Annie to make the world's most boring couple.

Sorry for the abbreviated column this week - it's been a crazy month! See you back here soon.

Have a great week!

-- Kristine

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