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Alan has shown himself to be less than honorable and worthy of having his family stand by him. He's destroyed everyone in his family at one time or another, so he should have a little time-out to rethink the way his life has gone thus far.

Today is Earth Day but I think after watching GL this week I'm one another planet! Things are not making sense in Springfield - is there something in the water?

The week started off with Cassie (!) and Cyrus having a tryst in a barn/garage after having fights with their respective partners. Where should I begin? The "ick" factor on this one is so high my new DVR didn't even record it!! At least I had a back up, but I wish I hadn't in this case!

As an "old married lady" as my friends call me, this sort of behavior is so far off the radar for me. Not only is Cassie married (to the town preacher) but to sleep with her "best friend's"' boyfriend to boot? Is Cassie on the path to self-destruction with this sort of behavior? It sure looks like it. Not that I'm complaining - I've wanted her to get away from Josh - and Springfield - for ages. But this sort of behavior has come on at lightening speed. Sure, with Tammy's death and Will's wonky behavior issues, she has a right to snap. Josh certainly has had his experience in dealing with Shayne sisters on the edge - Reva's exploits are legendary!! But if these two break up, I don't think I want to see him return to Reva. I can't believe I am saying this after 20+ years of loving them. But I love Reva and Jeffrey's lighthearted relationship and want it to continue.

Another story that came out of nowhere was Ashlee's surgery. I think this is an important story, like other medical stories done on GL and other shows. While I don't want it taking up the bulk of the show, it is a serious issue and needs sufficient air time to explore all of the ramifications of the surgery - both before and afterwards. I can't imagine any doctor allowing Ashlee to do the surgery without lenghty consultation. I think GL missed the boat on the pre-op story here. Hopefully they'll do justice once Ashlee heads home from Cedars.

I know grief can cause you to act in odd ways, but to have Olivia want to toss Natalia and Rafe out of the house Gus bought for them is ridiculous! Olivia is being painted with all hard edges and it's really causing me not to like her at all. Sure she's powerful and capable of caring for herself, but she doesn't have to be a bitch all of the time - does she? Crystal Chappell should shine in a great story, but this one makes many fans totally unsympathetic to her wacko ways.

Beth seems to have had a brain injury herself these days. To want to walk back into a life with Alan Spaulding? Not that Rick is perfect - he's made some doozie of mistakes of late. But Alan has shown himself to be less than honorable and worthy of having his family stand by him. He's destroyed everyone in his family at one time or another, so he should have a little "time out" to rethink the way his life has gone thus far.

Mallet and Marina always intrigue and confuse me. Are they getting together or aren't they? They are both on the rebound from others, so it might not work out long term. Plus I like Dinah with Mallet - when she isn't taking over all things Spaulding.

The reference of Phillip this week had me thinking. Now that his cousin (Dinah) has kicked Alan out of the mansion, how would he react if he returned to Springfield? He's not a Spaulding by birth, but he's shown a lot of loyalty to Alan. I think Dinah realized a valuable lesson this week when she revealed herself to Alan - "don't poke the bear". Dozing, Alan is certainly less lethal that the Alan that is taunted (and bested) by Vanessa's little girl. At least Van realizes the folly that Dinah's plan has - even if she's still basking in her triumph.

It seems that GL is all up in the air these days. Characters acting out of sorts and stories that come out of nowhere. Hopefully we find some semblance of balance back here in Springfield soon!!!

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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