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David is away and unable to provide a new column this week, so we've reached into our stash of old columns to provide you wish a flashback to 2005. Three years ago, Erica Kane was ready to embark on a new project: New Beginnings. Now, she's doing the talk show from behind bars. Only on the soaps...

Erica Kane is once again at the top of her game. She has started New Beginnings and has all of her family in attendance for her launch party. In the background is a lot of drama as Danielle and Josh dance around each other, Greenlee feels morning sickness and is ready to turn Green like her name, and Zach has become an amusing son-in-law for Erica. He makes sure he is part of all the festivities with his new wife, kisses both his wife and mother-in-law for all to see, and plays "rage sponsor" to Ryan.

I must admit I don't even know how to approach the matter of Danielle's drunken night at the beach. All I could think of is WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? It saddens me when two young people truly care about each other as she and Reggie do, play cat and mouse around having sex; both decide to hold onto their virginity and then POOF. In a matter of a few short hours, she has a few beers, is acting out her frustration with her mother, and is in bed with a total stranger. She was VERY lucky Josh was a gentleman and not some psycho rapist. Yet, she is also underage. Hello, that means he could have gotten himself into one big mess with a daughter of two cops and the son of the former DA. Welcome to Pine Valley, Josh Madden. I was not pleased with this twist of fate and I heard from a lot of you out there voicing the same outrage and disgust. Everyone is upset over all the depressing stories and very little to laugh or cheer about on AMC of late.

Mary's choice for Fan Spotlight of the Week comes from Cathy who shares, "As a medical person, it is absurd and a disservice to the public that there is so much hate and unhappiness on the show. It has become depressing to watch. AMC was once a daily program for me and now I scan it for happy moments which are few and far between!!!"

Yes, I think that covers the majority of the loyal fans out there. We tend to use the FF button a lot more often, we don't have that enthusiasm and passion for the characters and storylines as before, and we wonder a lot about what the writers are thinking. Yet, we keep hanging on as it has been OUR FAVORITE SHOW for ever so long and want to get that special feeling back.

Meanwhile, Independence Day proved to be quite a banner day as Krystal had her ten-year prison sentence commuted thanks to Adam Chandler Sr. Will she be moving in with Babe and Jamie? Maybe Tad will have to take in all three of them. Everyone bombards Dixie, Tad, JR, and Jamie as they are having a memorial service for Kate. There are some interesting twists with David's partial lie, Adam/Babe/Krystal's theory, and Di's final proclamation that she is truly Dixie. As I said last time, she really has to be, as she has known too much and way too many little things. How will they all feel now? It has definitely made a difference in JR's behavior and life, but where does that leave everyone else? Time will tell, as the truth will set them free!!!

Most of the past week was devoted to the various family or friend gatherings for picnics and fireworks. Dani and Reggie leave to watch the fireworks elsewhere and Sam and Lily follow. Sam was also tempted to drink a beer but is stopped by Big Brother. Unfortunately, he also decided to take Brooke's keys and got a necessary lecture about drinking and driving from the MADD member for life. Ryan and Greenlee were working on having quality time and daily surprises together as she looked like the cat that swallowed the canary. Mrs. Lavery was dying to tell her husband she could possibly be carrying his baby, she feels it, she knows it........and voila, the home pregnancy test now confirms it. I am afraid this will put Ryan right over the edge that no chill pill can cure. Kendall has taken the advice of her very wise husband to stick by Greenlee and give her all the support she wants and needs. She even discussed being a birth coach. It is nice to see these two back on track, as they both need a real friend in their corner at different times. Families and friends are mending and bonding again.

It is with great sadness and regret that I inform you I will be stepping down as co-columnist for the AMC site. I am hoping it will just be temporary and I will either jump aboard at different times as a guest OR once again return at a later date. I have been writing TWO SCOOPS for six years next month. I saw a note Dan posted on the site right before I moved from CT to NV and inquired. The columnist at that time had been writing weekly and needed to give it up. Our editor decided to make it a bi-weekly experience and I started in August 1999 alternating with various people, until a three or four years ago when Mary came on. She has been an amazing co-columnist who created the weekly spotlight from fans, and has covered for me through stressful times due to family deaths, weddings, and job responsibilities. I will always be grateful to her and know you will continue to support her on this site. Of course, I am just an email away and will welcome any and all notes about OUR FAVORITE SHOW anytime. It has been one wild ride and I have enjoyed the experience immensely. Kudos to Dan for all he does and his undying loyalty and support to his staff. On a personal level, he was very supportive in my decision and said it best when he said sometimes people get confused between what you need to do versus what you want to do. That is exactly how I feel, this is something I truly need to do but is very hard for me to let go and not need a full box of tissues to get through. I have met the most amazing people online, at soap functions or on visits here in Vegas thanks to my association with SOC.......and it has been a blessing. I know the friends I have made will be life-long ones.

I have a lot on my plate with sharing the nurturing of my baby granddaughter on a daily basis, seeking a new career path, and projects that have to get done in the near future. It was ironic that AMC was about Independence Day and changes this past week, as it is what I need to do at this point in my life. Susan Lucci who has the same name, is the same age, and a wonderful lady I have seen in person capped it best for me this week as Erica addressing her guests at the party. She spoke of new beginnings, being excited about a new venture and adventure, needing a shake-up in life and to do something new. She noted it is hard to realize something has to come to an end, something that no longer works or supports your spirit. She also said you might need a gentle nudge, encouragement, or even hands-on help to get to the next adventure. That's a new beginning......a personal journey to reach your own personal new beginning. That is what I need to do now, step back and see what is best for me now and in the near future. I hope to be back as my code is "never say never!!!" I have watched AMC the entire 35 years, so it will always be part of my life. I can't thank all of you enough for the volumes of notes written over the years. It is always so good to hear how you feel about the show, various scenarios, characters, and any differences of opinion. I enjoyed the interaction and will miss it on a weekly basis but hope you will stay in touch and continue to share your thoughts on it all!!!


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