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by Dawn
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Viki confided in Nora about how she can't get over Charlie's lies but how she also misses him. Viki and Nora have a long history, and it seems like their friendship is forgotten all too often.

In real life, I don't believe in psychics. I don't feel the need to pay money to find out it might rain on a particular day. However, Madame Delphina is welcome in Llanview anytime! She gave people vague ideas, but she got them thinking. Charlie found out he didn't drink alone, Viki was told not to give up on Charlie because there are things she doesn't know, Roxy learned that she has to be brave and admit the truth to Rex, Dorian was shaken to her core by "Mel's" disappointment, and Nora was told to search for her answer in a sea of blue. I only wish Madame Delphina had time to go to Bo and Lindsay's wedding to tell them that they chose an in appropriate day for their wedding! I also wish she had revealed why Todd is keeping Marty in his house!

Viki and Charlie have been broken up for a few weeks now, but we haven't seen either one of them discuss their break up with anyone that much. It was great to see Viki confide in Nora about how she can't get over Charlie's lies but how she also misses him. Viki and Nora have a long history, and it seems like their friendship is forgotten all too often. I think it was especially meaningful for Viki to have this discussion with Nora because Nora understands what it's like to lose a relationship over telling a lie. To this day, Bo won't forgive her error in judgment, so Nora was able to see the situation from both sides. I hope this isn't the last conversation we see Viki and Nora have. Both women need a friend, and it was great to see them catch up! Meanwhile, Charlie can't figure out how he ended up in a drunken stupor, since he always remembers taking the first drink. While this isn't the only reason he and Viki broke up, it added to it. He looks just as miserable as Viki, and he is desperate to figure out what happened. Madame Delphina got him thinking on the right track with her hint that he wasn't alone. I have a feeling it won't be long before Charlie remembers he was telling Dorian off when she stabbed him with a syringe. I don't know that he'll figure out the whole story. The fact that Dorian kidnapped him and held him hostage in her bedroom while she poured liquor down his throat is hard to believe even for a viewer who saw it happen! However, as long as he remembers that Dorian was involved, I think he will make sure everyone knows what she had a role in his downfall. Dorian wasn't responsible for Charlie's lies, but she certainly made a bad situation worse, and maybe that will help Viki forgive Charlie a little sooner. That might be wishful thinking, but I loved Viki and Charlie together. The only good thing about their breaking up is that it involves so many characters. Viki and Charlie's relationship wasn't an isolated event; it was part of a bigger story involving, Roxy, the Buchanans, and Dorian. Their break up served a purpose in a larger story, so they weren't broken up because the writers were out of ideas. It was obviously part of a bigger plan, and I hope their reunion is too!

The identity of Rex's biological father is also part of a bigger story. Now that we know Charlie isn't Rex's father, we have to wonder who it is. Roxy is positive that Rex is better off not knowing the truth. Who could it be that would upset Rex so much? Many people speculated that Rex's father was Mitch Laurence when Roxy revealed that Wally wasn't Rex's father. However, since Mitch Laurence isn't scheduled to return, and Allison Perkins and her secret are still in a coma, is Mitch going to be part of a story? It seems unlikely at this point. I still think working it out so that Charlie IS Rex's father would be a great direction for this story. It is perfectly believable that Roxy doesn't actually know the identity of Rex's father. She was drunk so much of the time that I am sure she doesn't remember everything she did. However, it seems like the writers are leading us to believe she does know who it is, and I hope the truth about Rex's father is revealed soon. He has had way too many secrets kept from him this year, and I want his relationship with Roxy to be restored. We have been wondering who Rex's father is for about a year now, so dragging this out for much longer would be a mistake. Revealing Rex's father would also serve as a good way to give Roxy a serious story. She has been written as pure comedic relief, but this secret about Rex's father is giving her a serious side. I want to see more of that and learn more about her past. While the Balsom family doesn't have the same legacy or import as the Buchanan family on the show, I think the Balsoms deserve a good story of their own! I hope Madame Delpina's words of wisdom got to Roxy and that she finally does the right thing!

Speaking of doing the right thing, I wish Dorian would do something that even mildly resembles the right thing. She's been on a roll with her scheming for weeks. When "Mel" appeared in the form of Madame Delphina, Dorian was brought down from her high. She should feel guilty for sabotaging Charlie and for plotting against people, and "Mel's" message seemed to touch her. Mel is my favorite of all of Dorian's husbands because he knew how to put her in her place. He didn't tolerate her games, nor did he allow her to walk all over him. I am excited he will be part of One Life to Live's anniversary show because I have missed him over the years, and I think if he (in ghost form) and Dorian shared a scene, it would turn Dorian around! I think "Mel's" message to Dorian showed us that Dorian has been lost for a long time. She hasn't had anyone that has really cared for her, except for David, and she still hasn't recovered from being jilted at the altar. "Mel" made her think about her recent actions, even if it was only for a minute. I doubt she will stop her scheming or vendetta against people she dislikes, but I do think she took a moment to ponder what she's been doing. Dorian loves scheming and plotting revenge against others, but she does have a caring, more human side. Maybe the message she received from her late ex-husband will bring that out!

Meanwhile, Nora finally found the answer she's been looking for about Lindsay. After burning the original copy of R.J.'s letter, Lindsay felt like she was free to marry Bo without her secret hanging over her head. She couldn't have been more wrong! I knew Nora made copies of the pile of documents before Lindsay burned the letter. There is never only one copy of anything on a soap opera, especially when it contains a big revelation that will shake things up! R.J. might have let Lindsay go when he agreed to keep her secret, but he put it in writing, which is always a mistake! When Nora looked through her "sea of blue," she couldn't believe the truth about Lindsay was right in front of her! People have been debating the legal ramifications of R.J.'s letter on the boards all week. In my opinion, that's not as important as the bigger story for Lindsay, Nora, and Bo. I think Nora's true motivation for finding the truth was simply to prove that Lindsay isn't the upstanding citizen that Bo makes her out to be. The problem is, she found out the truth at a horrible time. She broke up Bo and Lindsay's first wedding, and Bo wouldn't forgive her for ruining his happiness. Bo tends to hold things against Nora tenfold compared to anyone else, so he couldn't see that she actually helped him. Because of this, Nora didn't want to do that again and face Bo's anger again. However, she knew that Bo was going to marry someone who had lied to him about something extremely important. In Nora's mind, it is a huge dilemma and a lesson that history repeats itself. People on the boards have said that this is lazy writing because this already happened a few years ago. However, I think it is a way to show us how and if the characters involved have changed. Nora risked her relationship with Sam to make sure that Bo knew the truth about Lindsay a few years ago. She didn't waiver at all and rushed to the church. This time, she was torn about whether she should keep Lindsay's secret for Bo's sake. While Nora has changed, Lindsay is still a liar, and Bo is still...Bo. Nora decided to hand Bo the letter at the last possible moment, but it wasn't an easy thing for her to do. If Bo chooses to read the letter, I am sure he will hold Nora responsible for ruining his wedding day again. At this point, I have no sympathy for Bo. He has chosen to believe Lindsay is a pillar of truth more than once and has gotten burned each time. He deserves any pain or sadness he experiences when he learns about Lindsay's lie. I hope that he will hold Lindsay responsible for her lie and not Nora for exposing it, but lately, Bo's behavior hasn't given me much hope!

While I have a rough idea of what will happen at Lindsay and Bo's insta-wedding, I don't know where the story with Todd and Marty is headed. I have watched soaps for long enough to know what the usual plots are. This is definitely the exception to the rule. It doesn't make sense that Todd is keeping Marty hidden from everyone else. Todd's motivations are almost always transparent, but this time, it's hard to tell what he is trying to accomplish. He won't tell Marty about their past, and he won't tell her about her son. Instead, he has lied to her about John, which I am convinced he is doing for his own amusement, and he won't tell her about anything else. Sometimes it seems like he is interested in her , while other times he seems scared of her. I don't want to think that Todd is hiding Marty to make Cole suffer. We've seen enough of that already. He could be waiting until Marty has made a full recovery so he can bring her back to everyone and be the hero. However, with John snooping around and asking questions, that this plan won't work. I don't see anyone in Llanview believing that he found Marty while walking around Llanview one day. He could see Marty as someone who is forced to keep him company because she can't walk. Everyone else in his laugh as shut him out, so he could be using Marty to fill a void. None of these options makes sense to me. While I know logic and sense rarely have a place on a soap, I want to know what the point of this story is! I hope we are given more clues soon because it's getting old! I am sure there is a point to Marty's and her being held captive, but the writers are doing a great job of keeping it a secret!

Finally, I love that we have cliffhangers again! We don't know if Bo will read R.J.'s letter, AND we got to see Carlo Hesser and Cain Rogan! I can't wait for Monday's episode! I know many people are upset about ABC cutting the previews at the end of each episode, but I don't miss them. They were usually so brief and misleading that I didn't feel like watching them was worthwhile. I know I'm in the minority, but I kind of like not knowing what will happen the next day!

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