All My Children Recaps: The week of June 12, 2000 on AMC

Marilyn fixed Stuart and Esther's car, but Stuart refused to leave. Adrian disapproved of Ryan's actions. Gillian found out that Jake would soon be returning home. Alex's fingerprints matched Anna Devane's. Dimitri escaped from a plane and landed near Pine Valley. Hayley and Mateo finally got married.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 12, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, June12, 2000

"Your love was meant to be," Liza smiled warmly to Hayley and Mateo. As she spoke, Isabella arrived on the set. As Mateo's mom worried that she'd look bad on camera without a makeup touch up, Liza spoke of how a couple should never give up too soon. Dixie watched Liza curiously, perhaps wondering if she was speaking of her own personal relationship with Adam. "From the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you were my eternity," Hayley gushed to Mateo. Mateo vowed that this would be the last time that he and Hayley made a walk down the aisle. The mention of multiple marriages to the same person made Gillian uneasy. Isabella told Hayley that she's been praying nearly every day for her and Mateo to again become husband and wife. On a commercial break, Liza phoned Chandler Mansion to see if Adam had returned home. Dixie wandered over and asked Liza if she had any news on how Adam was doing. She was not concerned that Adam had disappeared; she suggested that the getaway might do a world of good for Adam. Liza snapped that Adam was as good as dead in his current state. "Buying his body in the ground is merely a formality," she snarled. When the show returned to the airwaves, Isabella asked Hayley and Mateo if they'd chosen a venue for their nuptials. Hayley smiled broadly and said that they'd be getting married at the Wildwind chapel. Liza then asked if Hayley's father would be giving her away. Hayley looked into the camera and said that she hoped that he dad would be a part of the ceremony. Liza appealed to Adam to return home so that he could make his daughter happy. This is the last time that Hayley was going to be getting married, she said.

In a hotel room somewhere in New York City, Arlene sexily asked Adam what she could do for him. Adam snapped that she needed to stop talking and then proceeded to roll atop her. They two continued kissing for several moments until Adam quickly pulled away. He broke into hysterical laughter about finally getting what he deserved. Arlene gently rubbed his leg and told him to relax because it had been a long time since they'd last made love. "I was younger then," Adam responded. "Less discriminating." Whereas some men would be troubled by the medical predicament, Adam was totally amused by his impotence. He laid on his back and chuckled merrily. Arlene, meanwhile, tried to take his mind off of the problem. Arlene explained that losing Stuart had taken a terrible toll on Adam . "I didn't lose Stuart like a set of keys," Adam roared. Arlene headed into the bathroom to draw Adam a bath. Adam, meanwhile, flipped the television back on and heard Liza's appeal to him. Adam walked over to the phone and picked up the receiver. Arlene returned to the room and angrily snapped for him to put down the phone. Arlene feared that Adam was getting ready to call home and warned him that placing the call would only cause problems. Adam became furious when Arlene made a snide remark about Adam not being sorry about Stuart's death. Adam argued that if he were not truly sorry he never would have thrown his entire life away. Arlene quickly countered that she was the only person who would allow Adam to wallow in his self-pity when all he really wanted was to be forgiven. Adam again took the telephone in his hands. Arlene cringed, but Adam informed her that he was calling room service. Adam was out cold by the time room service arrived. Arlene was quite taken by the young man who made the delivery. The two engaged in some very suggestive conversation, with the idea of the two having "dinner" together in the adjoining suite being batted around several times. In the end, however, Arlene decided that she should remain with Adam. She bid the young man goodbye and curled up in bed next to Adam. "Back in bed with Adam Chandler," she cooed. "If my friends could see me now."

The live broadcast of Wave continued with the announcement of the dress that Internet voters had selected for Hayley. [Ed: The announcement was made off-screen, so viewers still don't know which dress Hayley will wear] Gillian, Greenlee and Tina all bid Hayley farewell and headed on their way. The wedding dress safely hidden away, Mateo returned to the set with his mother by his side. Eliot wandered in and told Isabella that he had been asked to perform the wedding ceremony since the Santos family priest had been called off on urgent church business. Isabella liked Eliot's idea of getting to know the couple before agreeing to marry them. Isabella and Brooke left the threesome alone so that they could get to work. Hayley and Mateo were noticeably nervous about getting started on the questioning. Eliot's first question was a doozy; he asked the couple why they needed to get remarried. Mateo fielded the question, touching briefly on his marriage to Raquel, the annulment that never was, Hayley's involvement with Ryan and the shot of vodka he'd pushed on Hayley. Hayley admitted that while it took her "a while," she had finally forgiven Mateo for what he'd done. The minister turned to Mateo and asked him if he had forgiven Ryan. "I've dealt with it," Mateo replied icily. Citing Buddhist beliefs, Eliot told the couple that some religions believe that so-called troublemakers come along in a person's life to help them examine their own lives. In essence, you should thank the people who have in some way influenced your life because they have made you who you are today. Hayley asked Eliot if the same held true to her mother, someone who had definitely made her life a hellish experience. Eliot nodded and told Hayley that if it were not for her mother, she may not have met Mateo. Hayley confidently replied that Mateo would have found her somehow. Mateo put a lot of stock in the belief, saying that Hayley may have been a different person and that he loved her just the way she is. In passing, Hayley muttered Arlene's name and for the first time Eliot realized that Arlene was Hayley's mother. Brooke returned and Hayley and Mateo headed home to discuss how to prevent Arlene from crashing the wedding. Brooke asked Eliot how he could give out marriage advice when he had never been married; she likened it to someone giving flying lessons when they had never set foot in an airplane. Eliot explained that he had had learned counseling techniques at trinity school and boasted of his zero divorce rate. Brooke smiled and said that she wishes she'd met Eliot before she'd gotten involved in her numerous failed relationships.

"Who is she?" Alex asked herself as she leapt from her chair. Edmund returned to the room and urged calm. Alex pointed to the computer and stated that some of the things that she's remembered were listed in the obituary. Edmund explained that the death notice could be fake. Thinking aloud, Alex said that if she was Anna and had "died," it would have allowed her to "just get on with [her] life" as the conspirators had wanted her to do. It seemed so unbelievable. Alex remembered her life as Alex; Edmund had seen the note she'd hidden at the cottage as a child. Edmund stated that there had to be a logical explanation. She silenced Edmund by reminding him of the name she had chosen for the horse: Scorpio. Alex confidently stated that she was Alex Devane, but admitted that so much of Anna's life seemed familiar to her.

A videotape of a woman looking remarkably like Alex announced that she was Anna Devane. The woman went on to say that she was an expert in "setting and defusing" bombs. She added passing tidbits about Robert, he husband, having had ties to the mob. Dimitri argued that Charlotte had "doctored" the tape somehow. Charlotte said that Anna had "explained everything" and asked why Dimitri was having such a difficult time believing the truth about Alex. "My wife's name is Alex!" he shouted. Dimitri went on to claim that Charlotte must have had a gun to Alex's head to make her recite such a ridiculous tale. "You were going to tell Anna everything," Charlotte snapped. Dimitri looked at her curiously. "Who is Anna?!" he yelled. Charlotte smiled happily and walked over to the front door of the cottage. She called out to two men and ordered them to take Dimitri away. Dimitri struggled to get away from the men, demanding to know where he was being taken. Charlotte informed him that he had outlived his usefulness. It became evident that Charlotte had been toying with Dimitri to find out exactly how much top secret info he remembered. Seeing that Dimitri had forgotten nearly everything, Charlotte knew that it was safe to get rid of him. Soon after the men left, Charlotte received a phone call from a teary Alex. Alex asked her mother pointblank if she had told her everything she knew about her time in Bryn Wydd. Charlotte confirmed that she'd been truthful and Alex immediately hit her up with her belief that she'd been trained to be a spy at the Welsh sanatorium. Charlotte forced a laugh and asked Alex why anyone would want to turn her into a spy. Alex chuckled too, but said that she was sure that something nefarious had taken place at the hospital. Charlotte told her daughter that she was going to clear her schedule and make a visit to Pine Valley. Charlotte hung up the phone just as Quinn was returning to the room. Charlotte turned to her henchman and asked him to "dispose" of Dimitri, but to make sure that no one connected to them did the dirty deed. She followed that up with a cryptic remark that Alex was going to be returned to duty somehow. Quinn's concerns that she had been out of service too long were rebuffed. "It's like riding a bicycle," Charlotte chirped.

Adrian showed up at Wildwind with only a little bit of additional information. He verified that Anna Devane's obituary was an official government document. It did not, however, prove that it was legit. There was one way to find out the burning question of whether or not Alex and Anna were the same person --- fingerprints. Alex nodded nervously and said that she'd go to the police department in the morning to get fingerprinted. Adrian offered to do the comparison for them. Edmund urged a very frightened nervous Alex to take the former spy up on his offer. He then left the room to tend to some Tempo business. After the fingerprinting process was done, Adrian told Alex that he would have a friend run the comparison. Alex accused Adrian of not wanting her to go to the police station because he didn't trust her. Adrian shook his said and said that it was not an issue of not trusting her, it was an issue of not trusting the situation. He also warned her to keep her "third eye" open at all times and always watch her back.

Tuesday, June13, 2000

Duchess Eugenia caught Gillian sneaking about Wildwind, but knew better than to ask her where she was headed. The less she knew the better, she reckoned. Eugenia did, however, offer a warning to her granddaughter. While not voicing disapproval of her renewed relationship with Ryan, she warned Gillian that "innocent people might be hurt." She mentioned that someone could learn of the affair and break the news to the Martins. Gillian vowed that she would never do anything to hurt Jake again.

Greenlee popped in at the loft to ask Ryan to help her choose a dress to wear to Hayley and Mateo's wedding. She feared that she'd select something that would steal the bride's thunder. While Greenlee was stripping to try on her many outfits, Ryan fielded a secret call from Gillian. The princess wanted to set up a rendezvous, but Ryan secretly told her that he was not alone. Sensing that Greenlee was lurking in the room, Gillian told Ryan that she wanted him to make love to her. Ryan smiled sexily and referred to Gillian's remark as a "very important merger." Ryan paid little attention to Greenlee or her dresses, instead telling her to look over the previous night's email messages. Ryan waltzed out of the door and Greenlee followed right after him.

Toting croissants, David showed up at Erica's house. Leo snuck up behind him and shoved a hairdryer into the small of his back. "Don't move or I'll blow you away," he said wittily. David failed to see the humor of the pun. Pieces of the shattered vase still littered the floor. Leo told his brother it wasn't a big deal and that Coral would clear it up sooner or later. David thought that Leo and Erica had gotten into an altercation, but Leo hinted that he thinks Erica likes him. Leo was furious with his brother for his implication that Leo was a troublemaker. Surprisingly, David offered an apology. The apology was lost on Leo as he accused David of having wanted to see him unhappy. The two argued back and forth until Greenlee burst into the house and ordered them to stop yelling. When she heard Erica's name mentioned in the argument, Greenlee jumped to the conclusion that Leo and Erica were sleeping together. David rolled his eyes and stomped out of the house. Greenlee sat next to Leo and grilled him as to whether or not he was "getting it on" with Erica. Leo laughed slightly and assured her that he and Erica were nothing more than housemates. Greenlee breathed a sigh of relief, saying that she would have lost all respect for Leo if he and Erica had slept together. Leo knew that Greenlee wasn't there to talk about him or his problems and nastily told her to tell him of her latest woes. Greenlee didn't like Leo's tone and accused him of having a bad attitude since they slept together. Greenlee told Leo that Ryan had suddenly become cold to her Cynthia letters and wanted some help to get back in Ryan's good graces. Leo suggested that Greenlee tell Ryan the truth and even offered to place the call for her. Greenlee said that she couldn't tell Ryan the truth because he'd "run screaming." Leo asked Greenlee to consider the possibility that Ryan will never feel for her the way she wants him to feel. "I am right where I want to be," Greenlee insisted. Leo looked around the room before muttering, "This doesn't look like Ryan's bed to me."

At The Valley Inn, Dixie happened upon a tete-a-tete between Joe and Tad. Dixie joined the two men and Joe informed her that Tad wanted to take six months off to "find himself." Dixie mused that Tad had already had numerous chances to find himself and nearly half a dozen occupations. Joe didn't want his son to "go into hiding," but understood that he felt a certain level of guilt and responsibility for what had happened to Jake and Stuart. Joe left the couple to talk over Tad's decision. Dixie was hesitant, but she did give Tad her approval to take some time off. She flashed a smile and said that Tad's stint as "Mr. Mom" would give her a chance to head out into the world and get a job. Tad's eyebrows raised at the mention of Dixie getting a job. David happened by and asked the couple what they were so thoroughly discussing. It wasn't really any of David's business, but for some reason Tad decided to tell the doctor about Dixie's decision to get a job. Tad left the pair alone to talk while he ventured out to find a wedding gift for Hayley and Mateo. Dixie discerned from David's demeanor that he'd either had a rough day at the hospital or that he'd gotten into a fight with Leo. The latter, of course, was correct. David asked Dixie if she'd ever done something that she was sure was right --- even though everyone else thought that it was the wrong thing to do. Dixie nodded and said that every time she makes a decision she thinks it's right, it usually turns out to be wrong. David bowed his head, fearing that he, too, may have done wrong by exposing Vanessa's evil ways to Leo. David quickly turned the topic, asking Dixie about her decision to join the ranks of the employed. Dixie sort of shrugged and said that she and Tad hadn't really talked it over yet. David grinned broadly and told Dixie that he may have an offer she can't refuse.

Palmer marched Vanessa into the community center. The pair brought with them an assortment of clothing from Vanessa's closet. Vanessa thought it unfair that she had to give up her prized frocks, but Palmer told her that it was part of her penance for being Paolo's "inflated sex toy slash piggy bank." He added that the donation would make numerous women happy, especially those who were not fortunate enough to "snag a rich guy." Becca wandered by and thanked Palmer for the donation of chicken. Palmer smiled and said that she should Vanessa because Vanessa had done all the hard work. Becca was surprised, but asked Vanessa if she would help out for the Independence Day cookout. Before Vanessa could grumble, Palmer stated that his wife would be happy to pitch in. Palmer virtually forced Vanessa to tell Becca that she wanted to donate her clothing. Through gritted teeth, Vanessa said that she needed to clear out some of her old clothing. In the hallway, Opal stood unobserved, listening to every word. Becca blinked her eyes and asked Vanessa if she was sure that she wanted to part with her glamorous garb. "Do you want them or what?" Vanessa snapped. Palmer apologized for his wife's cold behavior. Vanessa forced a smile and said that she had a terrible headache. Becca looked over one of Vanessa's fur coats and figured that it would cost about $100. Vanessa started choking and said that the coat, a genuine chinchilla, costs thousands of dollars. Becca explained that the thrift shop's clientele wasn't able to afford a price that high. Palmer grinned and told Becca to price the coat at $99. Palmer headed to the water fountain to fetch his wife a drink. Opal slinked up behind him and told Palmer that she knew he was forcing Vanessa to give up her goodies. It took her only a few moments to figure out that Palmer must have something really big on Vanessa. Opal followed Palmer back over to the table. Vanessa tried to hide one of her bits of clothing in a bag, but Palmer caught her in the act. To add insult to injury, Palmer offered Opal one of garments that had been specifically designed just for Vanessa. Opal gladly accepted the sequin-covered dress. "Of course," she noted, "I'll have to get it altered. I'm so slim-hipped and all." Vanessa bit down on her lip to avoid letting loose an insult. Palmer, Opal and Becca left to take the remaining garments to the thrift shop. Soon after they were gone, Leo entered the room and came across his mother. He asked her what she was doing there, but Vanessa was not very forthcoming. Leo quickly let it be known that he was there to see Becca and not his mother. Leo continued his search for Becca. Becca, meanwhile, returned to the room and again thanked Vanessa for her generous donation of clothing. She asked Vanessa if she wanted to help display the clothing, but Vanessa icily told her not to pester her with post-donation questions. Becca scolded Vanessa for having given Leo hope during his ordeal with the police while all the while knowing that she was responsible for Paolo's murder. Vanessa argued that she had accidentally killed Paolo. Becca didn't see any difference between accidental and premeditated murder. "How dare you judge me you... frigid little virgin!" Vanessa snapped. Becca's mouth gaped in shock. She asked Vanessa if Leo had told her that she was a virgin. Vanessa shook her head and said that Leo didn't have to tell her because Becca wears her virginity "like a crown." Stunned, Becca raced out of the room. Leo overheard the tail end of the conversation and laid into his mother for being so cruel. Vanessa insisted that she was trying to look out for her son. Leo, however, angrily told Vanessa that he no longer had a mother --- adding that he doesn't even love her.

At the tower on the Wildwind estate, Ryan and Gillian began kissing passionately. During the kiss, Ryan slipped off the ring Jake had given Gillian and replaced it with a ring of his own. After they made love, Gillian and Ryan wondered how they'd keep in contact between liaisons. Ryan whipped out his laptop computer and showed Gillian how to send email. He warned her to send the messages to his private account so that Greenlee and Adrian wouldn't have access to the email. Gillian was thrilled by the modern miracle, but teased that the computer was not nearly as romantic as sending love letters via pigeon. Ryan left Gillian to head back to work. Gillian tapped out a message to her lover with a smile. "My darling, Ryan, I'm in our hideaway dreaming about our lovemaking. Being with you again is so incredible, keeping it a secret will be hard. I'm so happy. I want to tell the whole world we're together again, as we were meant to be. I'll send you this now and wait for your reply. I love you. Rapunzel." She hit the send button and hoped that it would not be long before Ryan returned to her side.

Back at the loft, Greenlee vented her frustration on the cabinet doors. Fortunately for the doors, Greenlee was distracted by Ryan's computer chirping out a "You have new mail" message. She stomped over to the computer and opened up the new message. "What a dorky name," she laughed. "Who the hell is Rapunzel."

Wednesday, June14, 2000

Seated in one of the offices at Wildwind, Gillian cooed endlessly about how happy she was now that Ryan was back in her life. Though not unwilling to learn about the modern miracles of the Internet, Eugenia was perplexed with the whole concept of corresponding secretly via email. Gillian demonstrated how easy it was to send email to anyone, but as she tapped away on the laptop computer she realized that she had made a horrible mistake --- she had sent her love letter to the Incredible Dreams mailbox rather than Ryan's private account. Gillian raced to the phone to call Ryan's cellular phone. She placed the call, but heard a familiar ringing coming from a bag on the sofa. Ryan had left his cell phone in the computer bag. Gillian's face fell and she knew that she had to find Ryan before someone else read her love letter.

Ryan, Mateo and Adrian showed up at the loft and distracted Greenlee's attention from the email that had just downloaded to the computer. Greenlee got the men some beer and told Ryan that he had to read the latest goofy letter to hit the web site. Mateo asked for Adrian's help in locating a limo to drive his mother to the wedding. Adrian nodded his head and said that he'd check out some leads on the 'net. Greenlee waved her finger admonishingly and said that no one could use the computer until she was done answering the newest email message. Mateo walked over to Ryan and told him that he wanted him to be a guest at the wedding. Ryan was stunned and thought that Hayley had forced Mateo to extend the invitation. Mateo shook his head and explained that Hayley knew nothing of what he was doing. Since Ryan and Hayley were friends, Mateo said that he wanted Ryan to be there --- and he could bring a date if he wanted. The two men exchanged a handshake as Ryan said that he'd probably "come solo." Greenlee's exuberant smile faded to a disappointed frown. Ryan headed off to The Valley Inn for a business meeting. With Greenlee's attention diverted, Adrian slipped behind the computer to look up a limousine service for Mateo. As he sat down, he noticed the message from "Rapunzel." He read the message carefully, his eyes nearly popping out of their sockets. Mateo and Greenlee saw his curious expression and moved in for a closer look. Before any other eyes could fall upon the message, Adrian hit the delete key. He claimed that the system had crashed and deleted the message. Greenlee bought it and headed off so that Adrian and Mateo could do their business. Mateo queried his partner about what he'd seen, but Adrian said nothing. In fact, he warned Mateo that the less he knew the better.

Alone in her room, Becca vented her frustration with how so many people prejudged her. A rap sounded on her window and Becca saw that Leo had climbed his way up to her bedroom window. She opened the window and found Leo dangling from the windowsill; the trellis he'd used to ascend the house had broken. Becca had an unusual way of assisting Leo. Rather than hoist him up, she pried his fingers from the sill and watched as he tumbled to the ground. Becca did, however, run downstairs to check on Leo. Bruised and scratch-covered, Leo wasn't seriously hurt. He explained that he was there on a mission of peace and wanted to apologize for the things his mother had said to her. Becca lashed out at Leo and said that he was no better than Vanessa because he thought all the same things. "I am a normal person," Becca insisted. To prove that she wasn't the saintly person everyone believed her to be, Becca opened up about her past. She said that she had hated God for taking her brother, Robbie, from her. Leo was astonished that Becca had felt that way. "I hated everything," Becca continued. "I acted like a total brat. I wanted everyone to be as miserable as me." Looking back, she now knew that she'd made life even harder for her parents. Becca told Leo that she hadn't told that story to many people. Leo was touched and comforted his teary-eyed friend with an embrace.

David's "business proposal" caught Dixie quite by surprise. He spoke of an organization in need of organization. It didn't require much effort on Dixie's part to figure out that David was offer her a job with the Andrassy Foundation. David explained that he needed someone to do some paperwork, "schmoozing," and public relations work. The job, though tempting, presented Dixie with some uneasiness; she had never held a job in which she had to do any public relations work. No so, said David, who reminded Dixie that she'd been a patient advocate for the hospital. Dixie was still hesitant to accept the job without first talking to Tad. She smiled wryly and told David that that Tad was a sucker for letting her do things that she really wanted to do. David looked over Dixie's shoulder and noticed Gillian frantically pacing in the lobby. Dixie turned to see what was going on and decided to head over and see if Gillian was okay. Gillian, still extremely nervous that someone might intercept the love letter, claimed that she was irked because someone she was supposed to meet for lunch was running late. Dixie offered Gillian a seat at her table, but David soon appeared toting Dixie's purse. A phone inside the purse was ringing. Dixie excused herself to take the call in the lobby. David smiled devilishly and asked Gillian why she looked so upset. He recognized the look as the same guilty expression Gillian wore when they were sleeping together. David observed that Gillian looked like "something [was] about to explode." Probing further, David asked Gillian if she had heard from Jake lately. Gillian coldly told David to mind his own business. Dixie returned and felt the tension between the two. She told Gillian that Ruth had called her to give her some great news: Jake was coming home. At about the same time, Ryan and his business contact strolled into the dining area. Just behind him, Greenlee smiled evilly when she heard Dixie's announcement. Ryan and Mr. Conroy sat down to discuss business and Greenlee helped herself to a seat at the table. Before the meeting could start, Conroy was called back to the office. Ryan asked Greenlee what she was doing at The Valley Inn. She said that she wanted to help out and asked Ryan if he had heard the great news about Jake's planned return. Before Ryan could reply, Adrian burst into the restaurant and told Ryan that he'd just read a very interesting letter from a "Rapunzel." Gillian heard the name and immediately stopped what she was doing. Ryan looked across the room at her. Both wore faces of serious concern.

Dressed in an outfit whose colors rivaled that of a plentiful citrus fruit salad, Arlene told her friendly bartender that her new lover, "the silver fox," had given her a stash of cash to spend on clothing and beauty treatments. "If this doesn't raise his flag past half-mast, I'm hauling him off to the morgue," she mused. Arlene stopped dead in her tracks when she spotted Hayley in the doorway. She wisely turned her head and put her sunglasses back on to avoid detection. Across the room, Adam also spotted Hayley. He offered a waiter $100 to throw his daughter out of the eatery. Hayley turned in time to see the bribe and quickly scurried over to the table. She plucked the money away from the man and announced that she had no plans to leave. "First Erica, now you," Adam grumbled. Arlene hid in the back corner while Hayley tried her best to reach out to her father. Hayley pleaded with Adam to return home for her wedding. In a surprising admission, Hayley said that as perfect as her wedding would be, it would not be nearly as special as the surprise wedding he and Liza had thrown her in the West Virginia hospital room. There was one reason why that was so memorable: Adam had been there by her side. Hayley put her hands out on the table and waited for her father to grab hold of them. Adam plopped his drink down on the table and took his daughter's hands. Arlene removed her sunglasses and looked on with a frown. "You never gave up on me and I won't give up on you," Hayley said with a sniffle. Hayley said that she feared that her father was going to kill himself and said that she did not want to be an orphan. Adam reminded Hayley that she still had Arlene. "Arlene is dead to me," Hayley snapped. She continued on, saying that she wanted to be able to dance at her wedding reception with her dad. Adam rose to his feet and took Hayley by the hand. He led her to an empty part of the restaurant and started to hum. Hayley smiled and kicked off her shows. She stood atop her father's feet and the two danced slowly in a circle. Arlene's face turned white and she raced out of the room. On her way to the door, chance would have it that she found an actor looking over his head shots. She sat down beside him and asked the man if he was interested in a one-time gig. Back in the other room, Hayley asked her dad to fly back to Pine Valley with her. Just as Adam was about to nod his head, the actor burst into the room and called out Stuart's name. He rattled on about how wonderful it was to meet Stuart again and thanked him for giving him advice on how to jumpstart his struggling art career. Hayley tried to stop the man from going on, but it did no god. Finally, Adam announced that he was not Stuart --- it was a case of mistaken identities. When the man learned of Stuart's death, he pretended to be crushed. He praised Stuart as an honorable man who deserved a much longer life. By now, Adam was crushed. Hayley tried to pull her father back from the brink, but it was too late. Adam sat back down at the table with his drink and ordered Hayley to get lost and let him drown his sorrows. Sobbing, Hayley ran away from the table. Arlene entered a few seconds later and shook her head in disbelief. She muttered that it must be difficult for Adam to always have someone around him to bother him. She said that she wished there were a way that she could help get rid of all the annoyances in his life. "Maybe you can [help]," Adam chuckled. "Maybe you will. I need to make them hate me." Them, in Adam's mind, was Hayley, Marian and Liza. Arlene looked around cluelessly as Adam leapt to his feet and scampered away. Arlene took one final sip of a drink and followed in pursuit.

Thursday, June15, 2000

A very interested Greenlee listens as Adrian tells Ryan that he received a personal email from someone called "Rapunzel". Ryan tries to explain it away as just another nut, but Greenlee wants to go back to Ryan's apartment and check it out. Gillian, who has been listening to the conversation from a nearby table, jumps up and desperately drags Greenlee out of the room, claiming there's something she has to do to help for Hayley's wedding. After they've left, Adrian blasts Ryan, saying that he knows that Gillian is "Rapunzel". Why can't Ryan stay away from other men's women, Adrian wants to know. Ryan defends himself, saying that he and Gillian are meant to be together and she intends to tell Jake the truth. He and Adrian come to an agreement, Adrian will keep silent about what he's learned if Ryan promises that Gillian will tell Jake as soon as he gets home and Jake doesn't learn the news from anyone besides Gillian.

At Wildwind, Alex has Maddie hide behind the couch and then jump out and 'surprise' Edmund. She's wearing the pretty new dress Alex bought her for the wedding and Edmund tells her she looks like a princess. Edmund and Alex are finishing telling Maddie a story when Mateo stops by to talk to Edmund. Alex and Maddie head upstairs and Mateo gives his blessing to Edmund's relationship with Alex. Maria would have wanted you to be happy, he tells Edmund. Mateo is a little sad, though, because his son Max won't be able to make it to the wedding. He and Edmund head off to the bachelor party at SOS.

A short while later, Gillian and Greenlee enter the living room at Wildwind. Gillian has a jewelry box in her hand and says that she promised Hayley she'd let her borrow a piece of jewelry for the wedding and she needs Greenlee's help picking it out. They've just decided on a pearl bracelet when Alex comes in to tell them that Brooke called and it's time to crash the bachelor party.

In England, Charlotte had Dimitri taken aboard a private plane with his hands tied in front of him with plastic restraints. She then told him that he would be pushed out the plane into the ocean, a fitting ending since the rest of his family already thought he had drowned. Dimitri asked for a drink, which the pilot gave to him, and managed to hide the bottle opener when Charlotte went up to the front of the plane to give the pilot his final instructions. Charlotte got off the plane and Dimitri desperately sawed at his plastic restraints as the plane took off.

The bachelor party was starting at SOS, Adam Jr. thanked Mateo for letting him come. Reverend Freeman arrived and was introduced to Jackson, who thought that he looked very familiar. I guess I just have one of those faces, Eliot replied, and hastily moved away. In the back room, Adrian talked to Tina and asked her when she was going to "drop the bomb" that she was leaving to take the job with BBMAK. After tormenting Adrian some more, she admitted that she had turned down their job offer weeks ago and had no intention of leaving Pine Valley.

At this point, the women arrived to crash the bachelor party. Hayley arrived a few minutes later with a surprise for Mateo. It was Max, she had had Rosa fly down and get him for the wedding. As he hugged Max, Mateo thanked Hayley for the wonderful gift. Later, Jackson gave Hayley and Mateo a note from Noah and Julia, who sent their best wishes and were sorry they couldn't be there.

Hayley talked to Liza and told her about running into Adam in NY and how she almost convinced him to come home with her until someone came up to him and thought he was Stuart. I really want him to be here for my wedding, Hayley says. Later, Liza has some good news, she called the hotel where Adam was staying and he's checked out, maybe he's on his way home.

Greenlee 'casually' told Hayley about the bracelet they'd picked out for her to wear. Hayley said she didn't remember anything about Gillian getting a piece of jewelry for her and although Gillian tried to cover, Greenlee knew something was going on. Later, Gillian managed a brief moment alone in the back room with Ryan and apologized for the mess-up with the email and told him that Greenlee was on to them. Let me take care of Greenlee, Ryan told her, then went back to the party and asked Greenlee if she would be his date at the wedding.

The 'highlight' of the evening was the fashion show of wedding dresses that was announced by Adam Jr. (I can guarantee that these dresses were like nothing you've ever seen before, or would ever want to see again:-) and were modeled by Edmund, Adrian, Ryan and Jackson. The 'dresses' defy description, but Jackson was declared the winner with a Marie Antoinette inspired 'gown' with what looked like a round laundry basket tied to each hip.

The evening turned much more serious when Adrian received a call regarding the fingerprint test results. Alex's and Anna's prints were an exact match.

Meanwhile, in the plane, Dimitri had managed to free himself and threw a fire extinguisher across the room to make some noise. When the pilot came back to see what was going on, Dimitri grabbed him from behind and they began to struggle.

Thursday, June16, 2000

Brooke strolled into the Wildwind chapel and sat in one of the front pews. Tears flowed freely down her cheek. Eliot, donned in his Sunday best basketball-playing garb, wandered in and asked Brooke if she was feeling okay. Brooke nodded as she attempted to wipe her face dry. She explained that she's always overcome by emotion at weddings. Brooke didn't hear it, but Eliot said that he'd thought seeing all the flowers might have upset Brooke. Brooke crooked her neck and asked Eliot why he wasn't in his usual minister attire. The reverend explained that a game of basketball before a wedding ceremony helped loosen him up. Erica swished into the chapel and asked Brooke if she could speak to Hayley. Brooke coldly told Erica that Hayley wasn't at the chapel yet and refused to tell Erica where Hayley was or when she'd be arriving. Erica had a gift and a message for the bride. Brooke offered to pass them along, but Erica nixed that idea. "I will delivery it to her personally. Really, Brooke, I think you're pushing this matron of honor thing a little bit too far. Maybe you ought to concentrate more on being the bride," Erica snapped. Brooke wasn't about to let the remark go unanswered. "You know, Erica, Hayley is busy today. She's getting married. And as many times as you have been married, I would think you would understand that," Brooke quipped. .Eliot stepped in and stopped the two women's bickering. He directed Erica to the bride's room and said that he'd have Hayley meet with her just as soon as she arrived at the chapel.

Showing no signs of pre-wedding jitters Hayley danced around a suite at the hotel in her bathrobe. Tina, who was there helping her, thanked Hayley for asking her to be a bridesmaid. Hayley smiled and told Tina that she was a good friend. Hayley, however, failed to understand exactly how much the bridesmaid honor meant to Tina. Tina explained that this was the first time she'd ever been a part of a wedding. More importantly, this was the first time that she'd been in one place long enough to develop friendships. Marian stopped by to speak to Hayley before the wedding. She handed Hayley a sketch that Stuart had been making for her wedding day. The sketch, though unfinished, was an exact likeness of the beach where Hayley and Mateo had first met. Hayley was moved to tears, though Marian was able to control her emotions. Marian told Hayley that she was glad that she liked the artwork and mentioned how it did her heart good to see "two people so deliriously happy." After Marian left, Tina headed back to the room. AS she prepared to open the door, another visitor dropped by the talk to Hayley. This time, the visitor would not be allowed into the room --- it's tradition (or perhaps superstition). Mateo told his bride-to-be that he missed not having her in his bed the night before. Hayley reminded him that he would not have to worry about being solo in bed any more. Mateo thanked Hayley for flying Max to town and told Hayley that he was sorry that so many of her loved ones would not be at the wedding. Before leaving, Mateo asked that Hayley do him one favor. "Marry me. Today," he smiled. "I will. Today and every day, for the rest of our lives," Hayley smiled.

In the reception area, Ryan sneaked a few seconds alone to greet Gillian. Their chat was cut short because they didn't want to give anyone the impression that something was going on between them. Gillian was not at all pleased when Ryan told her that he'd asked Greenlee to be his date for the wedding. Ryan quickly explained that it wasn't a date, but rather a way to keep Greenlee in check. Greenlee showed up and she and Ryan headed off to the chapel. Gillian tracked down a maitre d' and gave him explicit orders of how and when to wheel the cake into the reception. She seemed to be devoting an unusually large amount of attention to the cake.

Marian met up with Scott and briefed him on her psychic encounter. Scott was shocked when Marian told him that Frederick had managed to contact his mother, Cindy. Marian quickly referred to the psychic as a scam artist who had been trying to take advantage of her. Scott wasn't as quick to dismiss Frederick because he remembered how the man had helped Edmund and Maria find Maddie. For just a moment, Marian considered the possibility that Frederick had been telling the truth. She mentioned Cindy's supposed claim that Stuart was not with her and described an overpowering aroma of gardenia that had wafted into the room. Scott's face froze; Gardenias were his mother's favorite flowers. Again, doubt took over for Marian. She said that a gardenia bush was planted right outside of the window and that a nighttime breeze must have blown the fragrance into the house.

In the Queen of Hearts diner, Esther became furious when Stuart started sketching a gardenia bush; she had given him a cactus and asked that he sketch that. Judd walked into the restaurant with a nondescript cardboard box. With a smile, he stated that the car part needed to fix Esther and Stuart's car had finally come in. Esther snatched the box away from the man and screamed out for Marilyn. Marilyn sauntered into the dining area to see what was going on. Esther demanded that the young woman install the new part so that she and Stuart could finally get back on the road. So anxious was she to leave, that Esther told Marilyn that she would take over cooking breakfast while the part was being installed. Time passed and Marilyn returned to the restaurant with news that the part had been installed. "Come on, Stuart. If we leave now, we can make Vegas by sundown," Esther squawked nervously. Judd thanked the pair for spending time with them and hinted that they'd be missed. Esther repeatedly shook or nudged Stuart in an attempt to make him gather his belongings. Stuart angrily snapped that he didn't want to leave because he felt at home at the restaurant. He didn't say that he'd never leave, but he wanted to stick around to see if he could regain any more of his memory. Stuart headed off to the kitchen to make some breakfast. Marilyn, meanwhile, pulled Esther aside and asked her why she was in such a hurry to get remarried. "I mean, you're married already, right? Why are you in such a rush to say 'I do' again if you already did?" she asked.

Before the wedding began, David briefly clashed with Leo, accusing him of trying to crash the wedding. Erica stepped up and said that she had invited Leo as her guest. Liza told Tad and Dixie that she was sure that Adam would not disappoint Hayley by not being there on her wedding day --- even if he didn't arrive in time to give her away.

The wedding party walked down the aisle and assumed their position in the middle of the chapel. "Dear family and friends, welcome to this joyous and eagerly anticipated event. The marriage of Hayley Vaughan and Mateo Santos," Eliot announced. "Those who know you say you both exemplify love." A burst of laughter erupted when Eliot asked if anyone could show reason why Hayley and Mateo should not be married. Fortunately, the room was quiet and the ceremony continued. As the vows and rings were exchanged, there several wedding guests shot off furtive glances at others in attendance. Scott watched Becca carefully, though Becca was hard-pressed to take her eyes off of Leo. Greenlee was pleased as punch to be with Ryan, but Ryan and Gillian's eyes were locked on more than one occasion. Eliot pronounced Hayley and Mateo "husband and wife" and the couple shared a passionate kiss. Edmund and Alex smiled at each other, perhaps both thinking about their future together.

Down by the beach, a bright yellow apparatus had washed up in shore. Along with it was the lifeless body of Dimitri Marick.



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