All My Children Recaps: The week of June 5, 2000 on AMC

Opal took a psychic to Marian's house in an effort to contact Stuart. Stuart started to remember the name Marian. Ryan and Gillian continued their secret affair. Charlotte told Dimitri that Edmund and Alex were in love. Alex found a picture of herself when she looked up Anna Devane on the Internet.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of June 5, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, June5, 2000

To vent his frustration over his failed marriage proposal, Scott did pushups on the floor of the Gatehouse. Marian entered the room with a tray of freshly baked cookies and tried to start small talk with her stepson about the recipe that had been his father's favorite. Scott continued his exercise and offered only curt replies to Marian's questions. Marian thought that Scott didn't want to talk about Stuart, but when Scott claimed otherwise she sensed that he must be having troubles with Becca. Scott told Marian of his marriage proposal and Becca's non-response. Marian was stunned that Scott had proposed to Becca, but she urged him not to give up hope. A knock sounded on the door and marked Becca's well-time arrival. Marian greeted the young woman and hurried Scott out into the night to enjoy the beautiful late-Spring weather. After the pair was gone, Marian looked skyward and asked Stuart if she'd done a good enough job at trying to get the pair together.

At the boathouse, Greenlee blasted Leo for repeatedly using her as his "scapegoat." Leo again stated that he felt Ryan would never fall for Greenlee's scheming. Greenlee stormed towards Leo and pushed him away. Leo countered by grabbing into Greenlee and giving her a passionate kiss. Greenlee returned the kiss for a short time before pulling away and questioning what they were doing. "We are not a couple!" she yelled. She went on to accuse Leo of "mauling" her. Leo laughed off her tantrum, but agreed not to do anything that could foul up Greenlee's attempt to win Ryan. When Scott's voice sounded in the distance, Greenlee and Leo scampered in hiding on an upper-level loft of the boathouse. Becca gushed on about the beautiful night, but Scott wasn't interested in talking about the weather. Eventually, Becca confessed that she wanted to talk to Scott about his marriage proposal. Leo and Greenlee looked at each other in amazement. Scott brushed off the proposal, saying that Becca didn't need to explain anything to him. Becca, however, felt otherwise. She informed Scott that she'd talked to her minister for guidance. She admitted that she wanted to marry Scott, but said that she needs to find herself and be a "definite me" before committing to a union. Scott nodded understandingly and asked Becca if she'd asked her minister about her feelings for Leo. Becca became a bit uneasy, saying that she'd been advised to take on day at a time and be true to herself. In the loft, Leo smiled broadly. Scott and Becca headed off into the night, leaving Leo and Greenlee to discuss what they'd just overheard. Leo was optimistic that he still had a chance with Becca. Greenlee, on the other hand, was ready to declare Leo's quest to win Becca a lost cause. Leo again promised that he wouldn't act on any feelings he had for Greenlee. Leo asked a surprised Greenlee if she would drive him home --- to Erica's house.

Arlene paced around the parlor sipping a drink. She cursed Liza for having Adam "where she wants him." In her mind, she was dangerously close to losing her chance to lure Adam into her web. Arlene vowed to stop Adam before he and Liza hit the sheets. As Arlene headed towards the staircase, Winifred stormed into the room and blocked her path. Arlene rolled her eyes and pushed past the housekeeper. In a display of force never before seen, Winifred grabbed Arlene's arm and twisted it behind her back. Arlene protested about the way she was being handled, but Winifred proclaimed that she was not going to let Arlene ruin Adam and Liza's chance at reconciliation. "I get paid to take out the trash," Winifred chirped as she tossed Arlene out of the house. Outside, Arlene brushed herself off and vowed not to let anyone stop her from accomplishing her goal.

Upstairs, Adam and Liza kissed their way into the master bedroom. Adam pulled away for just a moment, questioning what he was doing. Liza softly told him to "shut up" and the pair fell onto the bed. After they'd made love, a glowing Liza purred about how she knew she could bring Adam back to her. She stepped out of the room to get a glass of water. She was gone for but a minute, but it was long enough for Adam to exhibit second thoughts about what he'd done. He lumbered out of bed and reached for his clothing. He was half-dressed by the time Liza returned to the bedroom and demanded to know what he was doing. Adam quickly replied that he'd made "a mistake" by sleeping with her. Liza smiled warmly and told Adam that they'd done no harm by "making love." The term failed to win over Adam, who insisted that there were no feelings involved in the act they'd committed. "It was animal lust --- nothing more!" Adam snapped. Adam stormed out of the room, demanding that Liza get dressed and leave his house. Downstairs, Liza blasted Adam for his newfound drinking habit. She told him that he would not be able to forget what they'd done. "We will never be over, Adam," she said intensely. After Liza left, Arlene sneaked out of a secret passageway and grumbled that she'd thought Liza would never leave. Adam wasn't overly disappointed to see Arlene, but neither was he glad to see her. Citing her eviction from the Dillon home, Arlene asked Adam if she could spend the night at Chandler Mansion. Adam shrugged indifferently and told Arlene to do whatever she wanted. Now tipsy from the ever-flowing supply of booze Arlene was supplying him, Adam placed call to his limo driver and arranged for a night out. Arlene disappeared for a short time before returning in one of Liza's outfits. She took Adam by the hand and led him out of the house.

Down at the Gatehouse, Liza told her mother of her night of romance and subsequent heartbreak. Marian warned Liza not to get involved with Adam again, but the warning fell on deaf ears. Marian shook her head in disbelief and muttered that Tad had been right when he'd said that Liza is "addicted" to Adam. The two women argued back and forth over Liza's decision to pursue Adam and inadvertently woke Colby. Liza plucked the baby from her room and, quietly, assured her that they would all one day be a family again.

"I don't want to talk about Jake right now," sighed Gillian as she rolled over onto her side. Ryan told Gillian softly that they had to tell Jake that they were again an item. Gillian shook her head and told Ryan that she had to be the one to tell Jake because she was the one who'd made the marriage vows. "We didn't marry Jake," she explained. "I did." The princess told Ryan that she planned to ask Jake for a divorce --- but she couldn't do so just yet. Since Jake was in Chechnya, Gillian didn't want to pick up the phone and call him or write a letter to say that she wanted out of their marriage. In the meantime, they would have to keep their relationship a secret. Ryan wanted to storm out of the room and stick it to Greenlee for having toyed with them for so long. Gillian warned him that he couldn't do that because Greenlee would almost certainly head to the Martins and spill the beans about their affair. Ryan agreed that he'd stay cool, but he wondered if it was possible for them to keep things a secret. Gillian nodded her head and admitted that it would be hard to stay apart, but the pair agreed that they could have an occasional liaison. They pair kissed and vowed to meet again soon.

Tuesday, June6, 2000

Fast asleep in his bed at the loft, Ryan soon awoke to the sensation of a pair of hands delicately rubbing his face. Ryan's eyes fluttered as he questioned whether or not he was still dreaming. Standing above him in her candystriper uniform, Gillian smiled broadly. Ryan confessed that he was having "impure" thoughts about her and the two succumbed to their passion. After making love, Gillian mused that it was Greenlee who had brought them together. Ryan wanted to punish Greenlee for having caused them to lose so much time together. Almost on cue, a cheery Greenlee knocked on the door and called out to Ryan. Gillian rolled out of bed and told Ryan that she'd see him later. "As soon as I ask Jake for a divorce, you can have me for the rest of your life," Gillian said softly. Grumpily, Ryan answered the door and asked Greenlee what she wanted. When questioned about his foul mood, Ryan said that he hadn't yet had his first cup of coffee. Greenlee hurried over to the computer to check the Email. She told Ryan that she wanted to see if Cynthia had written. Ryan frowned disapprovingly, but he asked Greenlee to read the message. Greenlee nodded and read off Cynthia's message claiming that she wanted desperately to meet him. Ryan stopped her mid-sentence and announced that he'd heard enough of Cynthia's pitiful letter. He ordered Greenlee to fire off a reply. "Dear Cynthia," Ryan growled. "Stop using this website as a singles' bar. Please seek your dreams elsewhere. Do not contact me again." Greenlee was crushed by Ryan's words, but typed every last word. She looked up to ask Ryan to give Cynthia one more chance, but Ryan was gone. Later, Woodruff dropped by for a look at things. Greenlee told her grandfather that the business was running smoothly, but Woodruff explained that he was more interested in knowing how things were on the romantic front. Greenlee admitted that she'd suffered a setback, but that she would not rest until Ryan was hers.

Gillian arrived at the hospital and met up with Joe in the solarium. There, Joe told Gillian that he'd received a letter from Jake. Somewhat disappointedly, Gillian asked Joe why Jake never writes to her. Joe smiled slightly and pulled a letter out of his pocket. Gillian accepted the letter from Jake, but she questioned why it had not been sent to her directly. Joe explained that Chechnya was a war zone and that it was probably easier --- and safer --- for Jake to send the mail in one package. Joe was paged away, but Gillian remained behind to read the letter. Some time later, Ryan sneaked into the room and planted a kiss on Gillian's cheek. He spotted the letter and asked Gillian what Jake had had to say. The letter, albeit a brief scrawling, told Gillian that Jake had found a "new perspective" on things since being away and that he looked forward to returning to Pine Valley soon and working things through. In the end, he said, he was confident that everything would turn out for the best. Ryan took that as a sign that Gillian could write Jake a letter and ask for a divorce. Gillian shook her head and said that she couldn't write a "Dear Jake" letter. Ryan was forced to scamper off when he heard Joe's voice in the corridor.

Brooke greeted Vanessa at the shelter with a smile and thanked her and Palmer for their generous donation. Brooke had little time to talk because she was busy toting boxes of chicken into the room. Vanessa was about to leave when Palmer showed up and reminded her that she was scheduled to pitch in at the center. Vanessa thanked Palmer for saving her neck, but she asked that he not make her toil away with the commonfolk. "Do you know what happens to little girls who cheat on their husbands and then murder their lovers?" Palmer quipped. Vanessa gritted her teeth and hoped that the answer had something to do with a stern reprimand. It didn't. Palmer pointed to the boxes of chicken that Brooke and Eliot had carried in and ordered her to get to work "chopping and gutting" the birds. Vanessa's face turned ghostly white. Palmer held out a pair of rubber gloves and instructed her to get cracking. Eliot and Brooke laughed as they watched Vanessa struggle to cut the chicken into parts. Vanessa was coated in chicken parts, but Palmer made her continue working. She was told to pluck any feathers that may remain on the chicken and Vanessa wittily replied, "Pluck you." After the last bird had passed on its way to the kitchen, Vanessa begged Palmer for a reprieve. She asked for some time to find Leo so that she could make sure that he was okay. Palmer nonchalantly replied that Leo was in good hands at Erica's house. Vanessa gasped, "He's with Erica?"

David arrived at Erica's house unprepared for what was about to happen to him. Leo, sporting one of David's robes, had just gotten out of a long, hit shower. David, who'd been working all night, had wanted to take a hot shower, but he was sure that there was no hot water left. David's request for a cup of coffee was also foiled because Leo had already poured himself the last cup. The doorbell rang and Leo blinked his eyes several times. He haughtily asked if someone was going to answer the door. Erica opened the front door and allowed Jack into her home. Jack brought with him good news for Leo: all the charges facing him had been dropped. There was, however, some bad news. Vanessa, he said, would not face any charges either because a judge found that there was no evidence to bring her to trial. David was furious and asked why the tape could not be used. Erica stepped forward and told David that the evidence in Paolo's murder had somehow been stolen. "Palmer," David muttered under his breath. David was furious that his mother was going to get away with murder --- again. Erica tried to remain optimistic, noting that Leo was going to remain free. Leo didn't seem to care that his mother was going to walk. In the afterlife, Leo chirped, Vanessa would get what was coming to her. Erica had to get ready for a business trip to New York so she excused herself from the room. The trip came as a surprise to David. David didn't like the idea of Erica leaving Leo to roam free in her home. Erica smiled and told David that it was his responsibility to look after Leo since he was the one who'd brought about Vanessa's "death bed" confession. Leo, meanwhile, asked Jack if he could help him restore his public image. Jack assured Leo that he had nothing to fear because almost everyone in Pine Valley had gotten a black eye at one time or another. Leo asked how many residents had been charged with murder. "Hmm," Jack said squinting his eyes. "I've lost track. Let's just say that you're in good company." Jack left and Leo immediately laid into David for his faked concern for him. The only reason David wanted to expose Vanessa's crime, according to Leo, was because he missed his "suicidal daddy." David grabbed Leo and insisted that he wanted to expose Vanessa as a lying, manipulative woman. Erica returned downstairs and asked the men if they were going to be okay while she was gone. Both nodded and Erica went on her way. Leo claimed that Erica and David had conspired together to get him alone with David. David shook his head and said that he simply wanted to free Leo from their mother's clutches. "You don't get it!" Leo snapped. "I didn't want to know the truth about Vanessa." He looked angrily at his brother and told him that it was him, not their mother, that he hated.

Tad, Dixie, Junior and Jamie hung out at the boathouse. Junior asked Tad if he was still hated Adam. In a roundabout way, Tad assured Junior that while he will never get along swimmingly with Adam, he doesn't hate him. Junior seemed appeased and he and Jamie headed off to play baseball. Dixie thanked Tad for his diplomacy with a kiss. Liza appeared from out of nowhere and asked Tad if he'd consider returning to WRCW. He smiled widely and told Liza that television was not in his future. His response greatly pleased Dixie. Tad trotted off to join the boys. Liza was about to leave, but Dixie asked that she stick around so that she could ask her a question. Dixie told Liza that Adam had been repeatedly pushing Junior away and that the boy fears that he's the reason that Adam's in a funk. Liza assured Dixie that Adam was distraught over Stuart's death and asked that she give Adam some time to come around. Dixie understood Adam's pain, but she said that it was hard for Junior to understand what was going on. Liza told Dixie that she didn't foresee Adam coming around any time soon especially after she and Adam had... She stopped herself and turned away from Dixie. Dixie's face fell. She immediately knew that Liza and Adam had had intimate relations. Liza made no attempt to deny Dixie's assertion, stating that she was not at all embarrassed by what had occurred. Like Marian had said the night before, Dixie proclaimed that Tad was right; Liza was addicted to Adam. Liza asked that Dixie not tell Tad that she had slept with Adam, but Dixie said that she could not lie to her husband. Dixie blasted Liza's flip-flop on Adam; it wasn't so long ago that Liza had wanted to destroy Adam. Liza said that her plot had gotten "out of control." Tad appeared on the scene and asked the women what they were talking about. Liza shrugged and told Dixie that it was up to her to decide whether or not to tell Tad. After Liza left, Dixie made up a story about having talked to Liza about whether or not Junior should visit Adam during his bout with depression. Tad grumbled that he doesn't think anyone should ever go near Adam --- including Liza! Tad rejoined the boys and Dixie let out a deep sigh. She was about to get up when David appeared by her side and told her that he was looking for her.

Wednesday, June7, 2000

Leo had a few choice words for "Mother the Murderer!" For the first time, Leo expressed sheer disgust for Vanessa, who arrived at Erica's house to find her son cold and bitter. Vanessa had assumed that Leo's freedom would cause him to forgive her betrayal, but she was dead wrong. When confronted about her devious ways, Vanessa claimed that Leo was being overly dramatic and no doubt influenced by David. Vanessa told Leo that she longs to get back the life she and Leo once shared. Disgusted, Leo responds, "The way life used to be? I discovered there is no such place." Leo charged on, referring to Vanessa as "cold-blooded and venomous, like a snake" and even accused her of killing David's father! When Vanessa continued to proclaim true love for him, Leo was further enraged. He yelled, "You liar! You never loved me! You loved showing me off!" He recounted moments from his childhood when Vanessa left him alone and disappointed. Leo asked his mother why she decided to keep him after being impregnated by a married, titled nobleman who did not love her. Exasperated, Vanessa revealed the painful truth: Leo's father was fully aware that Vanessa was pregnant, but refused to claim Leo as his son. After admitting that she could have aborted Leo in order to get a life as a nobless, Vanessa coldly labeled Leo "an unwanted child, a worthless bastard." Leo, in turn, replied, "That makes you a royal bitch!" Soon after, Leo ordered his mother to leave. Pained, Vanessa walked away.

Adam and Arlene took New York City by storm! The dangerous duo drank and gambled their way into oblivion on a trip to New York. Adam, looking ragged and unshaven, was misty-eyed as he thought about Liza and Colby. Determined to get Liza off of Adam's mind, Arlene poured more drinks and advised Adam to forget about Liza and move on with his life. Soon after, Erica walked in. She was horrified at the site of Adam with Arlene. Erica attempted to console Adam and convince him to let her help, but Adam was uninterested. He insisted that the vision in front of Erica was the "true" Adam Chandler. Arlene ordered Erica to but out, but Erica quickly noted that Arlene didn't know what she was doing because she was drunk. Arlene admitted to being a drunk, but countered that Erica was a "priss." Erica: "The difference is I'll be sober in the morning," Arlene sneered. Arlene proceeded to chew out Erica for her distant relationship with Kendall, Erica's daughter. Erica sought support from Adam, but found none. Beaten, Erica stormed off. Adam and Arlene resumed their party with Adam asking Arlene to dance.

Dixie and David grew closer as they shared an emotional conversation in the park. After being shunned by Leo, David sought comfort from Dixie. David shared the news about Vanessa's confession and Leo's freedom. He told Dixie that Leo hates him for unveiling the truth about Vanessa. Dixie tried to comfort David; she also claimed to know that David is not as tough as he'd like everyone to think. The two engaged in deep conversation and confided in each other. Dixie spoke of her father's infidelity, while David analyzed his softer side. Dixie let David know that he is safe with her and can reveal his true self to her without worry.

Gillian was unable to mask her radiance. The princess was aglow when Alex and Edmund arrived home. Gillian confessed to Eugenia that she and Ryan had reunited, but swore her grandmother to secrecy. Alex noticed that Gillian's demeanor had changed and said that Gillian seemed like "a woman in love." Soon after, Hayley and Mateo dropped by to share the news of their upcoming nuptials. Hayley asked Gillian to be in her wedding, and Mateo asked Edmund to be his best man. After Hayley and Mateo departure left, Alex and Edmund told Gillian about their love for each other. Gillian was elated and expressed her approval, claiming that Alex and Edmund's love is a tribute to Dimitri. Relieved, Alex and Edmund made plans to tell the rest of the family of their budding romance. Edmund also asked Alex to move out of the lodge and into the house with him. Alex and Edmund shared their hopes that Dimitri is in heaven, shining on their love.

Meanwhile, Charlotte grilled Dimitri about how he managed to unravel secrets about Alex's past. Charlotte attempted to soften Dimitri by offering to spare his life in return for the information, and claimed that Dimitri could be a helpful addition to her organization. Charlotte surprised Dimitri with the news that Alex is alive and well in Pine Valley, and even called Alex to prove it --- carefully using the mute button so that Dimitri's screams for freedom were never heard. Charlotte then dropped a major bomb on Dimitri when she revealed to him that Alex and Edmund are getting on with their lives - together! Speaking of the happy couple, she said, " [They are] getting on very well - without you."

Thursday, June8, 2000

Frustrated, Derek arrived at Wildwind to investigate Guy's supposed death. Derek told the family that his men came up with absolutely no evidence that any crime had been committed and demanded to know what was going on. Derek told Alex that he followed up on all the leads that she and Edmund had given him - that he had even investigated Bryn Wydd - but turned up nothing suspicious. Edmund convinced Derek to trust him, and Derek decided to keep the case open. After Derek left, Adrian arrived to shed some light on the situation. He suggested that the conspirators allowed Alex and Edmund to escape because the two are critical to some devious plan. Perhaps, he offered, Alex and Edmund would have the conspirators by the throat if they figured out the truyth. Adrian also told them that he had come across the name "Anna Devane" during his search. Alex was very shaken by the news.

Charlotte continued to torture Dimitri with details of the romance between Alex and Edmund. She went on about the passion the coupled shared, and suggested that Edmund was getting back at Dimitri for sleeping with Maria. Unable to control his emotions, Dimitri grabbed Charlotte by the throat and began to choke her, but Charlotte's cronies enter and retain Dimitri. Once loose, Charlotte continued to spew details about Alex and Edmund. Dimitri would not believe her and called her a liar. Inflamed, Dimitri says to Charlotte, "Burn in hell, bitch!" When alone, Dimitri thought back to the time when he, on his "death" bed, asked Edmund and Alex to take care of each other.

Convinced that Stuart was attempting to contact Marian from the grave, Opal arrived at Marian's home with a psychic named Frederick. Initially Marian was skeptical, but Frederick was able to win her over. Later, Frederick claimed the Stuart's ex-wife Cindy was present and trying to tell Marian that Stuart was not with her in heaven. Apparently, Cindy wanted Marian to know that she is looking in the wrong place. Cindy's ghost asked Frederick to, "make [Marian] her eyes to the truth." Marian was horrified. She insisted that Frederick is a fraud and threw him out of her home.

At the Queen of Hearts, Stuart felt Marian's attempt to reach him. Although he could not understand why, Stuart suddenly called out "Marian?" Esther looked on in horror. Stuart could not remember who Marian was, so Esther told him that he never knew anyone named Marian. Marilyn thought otherwise - Stuart had already called her Marian three times. Marilyn was convinced that there was a Marian in Stuart's past. She also began to grow suspicious of Esther's stronghold on Stuart. Marilyn confronted Esther, advising her to let Stuart find things out for himself. Marilyn suggested that Esther did not want her husband to regain his memory. Marilyn encouraged Stuart to explore his feelings and remember his past.

Ryan and Gillian discovered a secret rendezvous spot - a tower on the far end of Edmund's property. The two look forward to the day when they can publicly display their love for each other.

Thursday, June9, 2000

Hayley had a nightmare that Arlene showed up right before the wedding with a bottle of vodka and convinced her to take a drink. She awoke with a yell and Mateo rushed in to see what was wrong. He told her yet again that she is nothing like her mother and she'll have to start to believe it herself before that black cloud over her head named "Arlene" will go away. Hayley promised to try, but she had a bad feeling about her bridal shower, that Arlene might try to crash it, and insisted that the shower be cancelled. Mateo promised to take care of it as Hayley rushed over to the TV studio to host a special live edition of Wave, where the dress picked for her wedding would be revealed.

At WRCW, Liza was worrying that Hayley hadn't shown up yet when Dixie arrived looking for Tad. Apparently he was going to stop by the station to pick up some things. Liza hadn't seen him and sent Greenlee to take a look. Have you told Tad about my sleeping with Adam, Liza asked. Dixie said no, but she resented being put in the position of having to hide something from Tad and couldn't promise that she wouldn't tell him in the future.

Hayley is getting ready for the show and Mateo is on the side, whispering with Dixie. Hayley shoos him away, since he can't see the dress before the wedding. But as the show begins, Mateo sneaks back in. Hayley calls for Greenlee to bring out the winning dress.... but she doesn't appear. Instead, Liza steps in to say that plans have changed and they're going to have Hayley's bridal shower right then and there on the air. Brooke, Greenlee, Tina, Dixie, Gillian join them on stage with balloons and a cake.

In New York City, Adam kicks Arlene out of his room, but she soon returns with a bag full of memories to "set the mood". She has Chicago Cubs baseball caps, cola and vodka and puts on a CD. It's supposed to remind Adam of the night they went out together in Chicago, the night Hayley was conceived. Adam looks more disgusted than nostalgic, but Arlene continues to try to seduce him. It's starting to work, but then Adam leans back on the bed and hits the remote by accident. The TV turns on and (coincidentally) Wave with Hayley's bridal shower is on. Arlene is clearly annoyed at the disruption of her plan, but Adam stares at the TV, especially when Liza gives a toast to Hayley and Mateo about never giving up and love being eternal. Arlene turns off the TV and tells him the past is gone, what he should concentrate on is the future (and her). "Let me help you forget", she says as she kisses Adam.

Erica arrived home to find Leo working out with two of the girls from his health club in her living room. After getting rid of the girls, Erica asked Leo what was wrong, she can see that he's upset. He admits that Vanessa came to see him and is distrustful when Erica offers him sympathy. He thinks that Erica's only helping him out to make points with David. She vehemently denies his accusation, she only wants to help him because she knows how he feels, she went through something similar with her father. He seems to believe her, then apologizes for breaking one of her vases in anger after Vanessa left. Erica seems upset at first, telling him that it's one of a set and irreplaceable. Then she surprises him by throwing the matching vase into the fireplace, smashing it in a million pieces. "It's just stuff, right?", she says and then walks away.

In England, Charlotte has released Dimitri from the wheelchair and he is walking around the living room, although he can't go anywhere because of the guards posted outside the door. Dimitri is pretty much convinced that Alex is still alive, but how does he know that Edmund is alive, too? Charlotte shows him the list of phone numbers that Edmund wrote down where he can be contacted. The list has the date on it (for some reason), which proves that it was written after the explosion. Dimitri finally believes her, then wrestles with the fact that Alex has fallen in love with Edmund and he's been "dead" less than a year. There's no reason for me to go back to Pine Valley then, he says, and asks Charlotte what he'll need to do to be set free. Charlotte doesn't believe for a minute that Dimitri wouldn't head to Pine Valley the moment he's released. Dimitri still loves Alex, which Charlotte finds ironic since Alex doesn't "exist". What do you mean by that, Dimitri asks. Charlotte says that she'll show him and turns on the TV with a VCR tape. It's Alex, or so Dimitri thinks, because the woman on the screen says, "My name is Anna Devane".

Back at Wildwind, Adrian has turned up some news, during his searching he found "Anna Devane". Alex wants to go talk to her, but Adrian breaks the news that Anna was killed in a boat explosion in 1992. He gives her the web address where he found the information and then leaves. Edmund convinces Alex that she should move up to the main house for her own safety. He heads off to bed and Alex goes over to the laptop and goes to the web site Adrian gave her. She types in "Anna Devane" and hits 'search'. She jumps in shock when the picture next to the obituary looks exactly like her. The obituary reads: Anna Devane Scorpio Lavery Scorpio - "A private investigator and former co-chief of the Port Charles Police Department, Mrs. Scorpio was declared legally dead after intelligence reports concluded she was on a boat when it exploded off the coast of Venezuela. Also on board and declared dead were her husband, Robert Scorpio, and Caesar Faison.
Mrs. Scorpio was pre-deceased by her second husband, Duke Lavery and is survived by Robin Scorpio, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Scorpio."



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