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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 5, 2000 on GL
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Monday, June 5, 2000

At Cedars: Reva is still despondent about the condition of little Lizzie. Noah tries to assure her that a donor will be found, and that she did a wonderful job in raising awareness to the plight. Noah asks Reva out to dinner, but she says she wants to go home. Noah offers to drive her, and Reva accepts.

Jim, Beth, Harley and Phillip look in on an ailing Lizzie. While her condition is growing more critical, they try to assure her that her appearance on Reva's WSPR talk show will make legions of Springfield residents sign the bone marrow registry. Jim, Harley and Phillip head off to Company for dinner. Beth, who wants to ensure that Lizzie drops off to sleep, stays behind.

Edmund enters Lizzie's room bearing flowers. He and Lizzie discuss her magical horse "Eddie" (a gift from him) that will ward off the bad cells in her blood. Lizzie doubts Eddie's powers, since she needs a bone marrow transplant. Edmund tells mother and daughter he has news for them, but Beth ushers him out of the room.

Beth tells a stunned Edmund that she wants him to stay away from her and the family. She says that despite his many kindnesses, she cannot get over the fact that he holds the tape of she and Phillip making love on Mount Winslow. Edmund repeatedly swears that there was only one tape (which is a lie) and that he gave it to Phillip. He also implies that he can help both she and Lizzie, but Beth replies that she feels that he is doing all of these things for HER attention.

Edmund says that while he likes Beth, one of the reasons he is showing her "the good in him" is that she is his only friend in Springfield. Having been exiled from his own country by his brother, Prince Richard, he has found Beth's friendship the only one he can count on.

Beth insists that he leave Lizzie alone, when Phillip, Jim and Harley return from Company. They state that Company is too crowded and they'll have to go elsewhere to eat.

Harley gets a call from David about Frank's unruly behavior. Jim drives Harley to Frank, leaving Phillip and Beth alone with Edmund in the background. A doctor arrives, telling Lizzie's parents that a match, although not identical, close enough to help, has been found. The doctor refuses to name the donor, but Edmund steps up and tells the doctor who he is and that he can share the information with them. Edmund is the potential donor for Lizzie.

Bauer Kitchen: Michelle and Danny discuss Carmen's farewell dinner. Michelle tells Danny that she cannot be in the same room with his mother and will not attend. She and Danny begin to argue about the event, when Claire arrives. Michelle pleads with Claire to take her away from the scene, which she does.

Two Federal Agents arrive with Frank and David. After checking out the Bauer house, Carmen arrives in disguise. The agents tell Frank and David they have everything under control, so they leave for Company. Carmen is greeted by Danny, Father Ray, Pilar and Bill. Carmen tells Pilar that she hopes she has a happy life and discusses her marrying one day and having a family. Mother and daughter share a teary farewell.

Danny and Carmen discuss the arrangement and Danny admits that Carmen is helping the whole family by leaving.

Michelle and Claire return from Company. Michelle goes outside to talk with Carmen privately. Claire offers the agents coffee, and enlists Danny's help as shots ring out!

At Company: Frank and David arrive. Ruth Lockhart waits on the two off duty officers. Frank proceeds to outline his relationship with Eleni to David over double scotches. Frank is quite bitter about the relationship Eleni had with the Spauldings (in particular Alan-Michael, although he does not mention his brother-in-law by name). He even discusses the arranged marriage Eleni had with someone from her homeland. Frank gets very drunk and belligerent. David escorts him out, and calls Harley off screen after Frank says he wants to visit his sister.

Also in Company are Phillip, Jim and Harley, who drink a toast to Reva's show finding a donor for Lizzie. They decide to head back to the hospital.

At a nearby table in Company are Michelle and Claire. Michelle tells her biological mother about the arrangement as Theresa Sandoval vamps in and demands a meeting with Michelle. The two leave the room and shout about Carmen's disappearance from jail. Theresa correctly assumes that Carmen is going to roll over on the other families (including hers) and tries to get Michelle to squeal. Michelle feigns shock at the news of Carmen's release.

When Michelle returns to the table, Claire gets her to reconsider going home. Rather than showing Carmen she has "won", it will show Carmen that she and Danny are a family. Claire admits to visiting Carmen in jail but claims that the Mob Queen gave her goosebumps, not alluding to the "deal" they have to break up their children. The two leave to return to the Bauer house.

RevaBend: Reva and Noah return home from the hospital. Noah persuades Reva to let him come in. Reva insists that she only wants to talk. While Noah is trying to lower her defenses, Reva receives several calls from WSPR stating that a number of citizens are signing up to be tested as bone marrow donors. After the second call, Noah disconnects the phone, and they begin to make love.

San Cristobel: Richard and Cassie agonize over the missing Tammy. Richard receives a call that Rob and Tammy were spotted on a boat leaving the picnic area. When a boat matching the description of Rob's vessel is wrecked, Richard and Cassie fear the worst. Rob calls from the boat and tells the pair that he is in international waters and heading for Springfield where his parental rights are better.

Tuesday, June 6, 2000

Cedars: Phillip, Beth and Edmund "discuss" his reasons for helping Lizzie and how much it will cost for him to be a donor. Phillip encourages Beth to leave in the hopes of getting Edmund to name his price. It doesn't work. Phillip returns home to Harley.

Company: Josh and Marah are enjoying their night together (Shayne is off screen at a friends). Marah tells Josh that she wants to go by the house and congratulate her mom on the day's show. Josh agrees, and the two leave Company.

Reva Bend: Reva and Noah's romantic encounter is interrupted by: A PARTY!!! First Vanessa stops by to offer Reva a permanent time slot on WSPR and a contract. Then Selena, Blake, and Holly arrive bearing booze (odd since Holly and Selena are alcoholics) and ruin Noah's romantic plans. Vanessa also offers Selena a job as Reva's assistant which she accepts.

THEN Josh & Marah show up, officially ending Noah's romantic thoughts. Marah hurries inside to give her split parents some time alone. Josh and Reva talk about the day's show. He congratulates her on her performance, which pleases Reva (and Marah from a distance). But Josh warns Reva to go slow with Noah. Instead of getting mad, Reva kisses Josh on the cheek. Josh and Marah exit.

Noah leaves Reva's after a passionate embrace. Stepping onto the porch, he returns a call on his cell phone. He assures the person at the other end of the line that he is not involved with anyone.

Pharley's House: Frank and Harley share a bottle and stories of the lovelorn. Frank tells Harley that she has no idea how his heart is broken since she has such a perfect life with Phillip. Harley is stunned that her big brother has forgotten the wayward ex Mallet who slept with his partner. Frank apologizes to his little sister.

Phillip arrives home to find Frank passed out on the couch. Harley tells him "If you ever cheat on me and break my heart, I will never forgive you.." Phillip does NOT respond to this, but his pained expression speaks volumes. Harley apologizes for spouting off at Phillip.

Bauer home: After shots ring out, Danny, Father Ray, Pilar, Bill and Claire rush outside to find Carmen and Michelle on the ground. Danny fears for his wife's safety, but she assures Danny that she is fine. Carmen is shot, and is quite weak. Danny tries to piece together what happened, while Carmen says her goodbyes. She tells Danny several times to "look after the family (or is it The Family?). She tells Michelle that she will be looking over Michelle and their baby. Carmen asks Father Ray to perform Last Rites which he tries to as Danny tells him to leave his mother alone. Carmen drifts off, dying in Danny's arms.

Wednesday, June 7, 2000

Phillip confronts Edmund and offers him all of his assets if he will agree to be a bone marrow donor for Lizzie. Vicky learns about the offer and suggests they call the police and have Edmund thrown in jail but Phillip asks her to stay out of it. Edmund later informs Beth that he signed the consent forms before Phillip made his financial offer. Phillip then learns that Beth's unborn baby is a perfect match for Lizzie. Holly and Billy have breakfast together after their AA meeting. When he claims to have an interest in classical music, Holly invites Billy to a concert. When Michelle convinces Danny to express all the emotion he's been keeping inside since Carmen was shot, he asks her why she didn't tell him that Theresa knew Carmen was "out." David interrupts and asks Danny to wear a wire and help the police nab Carmen's killer. Rocked by his mother's death, Danny promises Michelle that he won't seek revenge and attack the other families. However, he has second thoughts about his promise when Carlos sends flowers. Asking an equally slimy buddy to pose as a lawyer, Rob demands eighteen million dollars from Richard in exchange for custody of Tammy and the signed divorce papers. Richard responds by vowing to take him to court.

Thursday, June 8, 2000

As Edmund boasts to Beth that he had no intention of extorting money from Phillip, Phillip interrupts with the good news that Beth's unborn baby is a perfect match for Lizzie. Phillip then smugly announces to Edmund that they don't need his bone marrow. However, Beth later learns from Noah that they must induce labor immediately since Lizzie is in such critical condition and needs the bone marrow immediately. When Richard refuses to do anything that might endanger Tammy, Cassie enlists Reva's help in trying to stop Rob from taking millions from the prince. Edmund runs in to Rob at the bar and learns that he's extorting millions from Richard. He warns Rob that he'll end up penniless and in jail because he took Tammy. Edmund is further rocked when he learns that Carmen was shot dead. Upset about Eleni dumping him for another, Frank blasts and unsuspecting Buzz. After Danny accuses Carlos of killing his mother, Carlos denies it and offers to help him find the real killer. Michelle urges Danny to steel himself to refuse the offer. Reva invites Rob to her place to discuss the money he's waiting for.

Friday, June 9, 2000

At the Chapel - Carmen's Memorial
Danny is faced with a terrible dilemma of choosing between Michelle and his life free of crime, or convincing Carlos he is back in as head of the family to avenge his mother's death. Either way, he and Michelle are targets! Drew, Bill and Pilar comfort each other and Michelle. Danny is overcome and guilt-ridden when he learns that Carmen was cremated without his permission and is very distraught that she will not have a proper memorial. Danny grills David about the investigation into his mother's death, and later tells Carlos he is back in. Meanwhile, Michelle has a medical crisis at the chapel, can't reach Danny, and calls Claire to meet her at the hospital.

At the hospital
Susan tells Jim that she wishes she could have been Lizzie's donor. Noah advises Beth that Lizzie needs the bone marrow transplant immediately, and that if they are going to use the baby as a donor that she must induce labor as soon as possible. The procedure has risks, but everyone agrees to go forward except Jim.

At Company
David tells Ruth about Carmen's hit. Ruth fears that she may be a suspect because she hated Carmen is glad she is dead. David assures her that she is not a suspect continues to offer his support and takes a special interest in Ruth. Meanwhile, Cassie and Richard await the results of Reva's plan.

At Reva's
Reva makes Rob think that she is siding with him against Cassie for the money and revenge because Cassie stole her man. Then with Maura's help, Reva, Cassie and Richard turn the tides on Rob by allowing him to find out that Reva set him up. Reva provokes a struggle, fakes a fall letting Rob think he caused the accident just as Cassie and Richard arrive. Cassie works on Rob's guilt and past record, and he panics and wants out. Rob signs the divorce papers and reveals Tammy's whereabouts.

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