One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 5, 2000 on OLTL

Kelly and Kevin teamed up against Asa. Blair woke up and found that Skye had cut off Blair's hair. Blair locked Skye in the wine cellar. Ben obtained a lead and later found Jessica. Nora tossed a note reading 'HELP' out the window.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 5, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, June 5, 2000

Antonio and Sophia bicker at the police station as Roseanne walks in. Antonio starts in on her for turning in Cris. She tries to explain her reasons, but Antonio doesn't want to hear it. Sophia jumps on his back for speaking with Roseanne so harshly. Roseanne goes to Skyes to change her statement about Cris and tells him that she lied about Cris being with Jess and Will because she was mad at him. Later, Antonio and Sophia find out they will be partner at the police academy.

Heather, the lead singer for the rock band, is less than thrilled when she meets Jess, Will and Cris. She lets Jess audition as the back-up singer but then stops it in the middle of a song and tells her to get lost, but that Will and Cris can stay as stagehands. When Jess is alone, she sings a song not realizing that Cris is listening. When she finishes he pulls her into his arms for a passionate kiss.

Bo goes over to Sam's with the intention of telling him about the paternity test, but can't bring himself to do it. Melanie notices the way that Bo is looking at Mathew and asks him about it. Bo turns to conversation towards her and Colin's relationship. She admits she still loves him. Meanwhile Colin is at Lindsay's studio and threatens to tell Bo about Nora. Lindsay points out that will ruin her chances with Bo. Colin secretly realizes that it would be best to get Bo out of the picture to keep in away from Melanie. Colin hints at Bo and Melanie's affair, but Lindsay doesn't catch on. Colin decides to go along with Lindsay plan, but only for a little bit longer...


Kelly and Kevin were thrilled when Antonio offered them a personal account of his own past murder trial, including Asa's perjury conviction. Joey was dismayed that Kelly's work continued to come between them. Lindsay tried to get close to Bo after he said that he didn't have the heart to tell Sam about Matthew. A delighted Colin attempted to sweep Melanie off her feet after she arrived looking to discuss their marriage. Melanie later heard a noise from the bedroom and stormed out after mistakenly assuming that Colin was once again cheating on her.

Needing cash to pay off Colin, Lindsay accepted a check from Roseanne. A spiteful R.J. lied and got Jeff Barnes off the hook on assault charges. Later, R.J. confronted Barnes about the secret matter he and Bo had been discussing. After sharing a passionate kiss with Cristian, Jessica decided that it would be best for them to just remain friends until Will was free. Later, Jessica, Will and Cristian made the most of their sleeping arrangements as they were forced to share close quarters.


Renee spots Max asleep on the sofa. When she finally awakens him, he's totally out of it and can't remember what happened during the ‘party' with Blair. Renee suspects that Skye had something to do with it, especially when she shows up in a cheerful mood. It seems Skye has also arranged for Nigel to deliver Blair breakfast in bed and he is at that very moment upstairs looking at Blair in horror. As she lifts the lid on her breakfast dish and runs to the mirror to look, the family downstairs can hear her screaming. Blair's hair has been cut off and was just about to be served for breakfast! She rushes downstairs, threatening to kill Skye. The others pull them apart but after a few words Blair goes for Skye's throat again. She orders her out of the house but Max doesn't take her side, since Skye pulls Blair's signed confession out of her pocket. Blair storms out of the house while Asa asks Skye about the paper. She claims it's her errand list. Asa then wonders why Nigel is hiding his morning newspaper and even after Nigel hands it over, the front page is missing. He finally gets it and Renee asks to see it. Asa compliments Skye on her haircutting. When Renee and Asa leave, Max wants to know how Skye could do such a thing to his wife. He warns her to back off and accuses her of spiking their champagne the previous night. During their meeting, Max learns of the B&B Company that is interfering with Asa's business. Skye thinks it's Blair.

John visits Rae who has put in a call to him and she's extremely distraught. Her husband Daniel has been there and she thinks he's watching her. He left a note on her pillow that said "Find her yet?" John orders the desk clerk to locate all of the people who have been working the last shift to see if they can find out who might have let an intruder in. Rae is impressed. She wonders if Daniel has been lying most of the time and sent her nowhere. Suddenly, the two hear a noise at the door and as John pulls out his gun, Sophia bursts in to show them her new uniform. Thinking she's interrupted them in something more personal she rushes out again, telling them to use a Do Not Disturb sign next time. John decides to go talk to the staff, stopping to kiss Rae tenderly before he leaves. She is practically speechless.

Viki is at Crossroads, serving her special bloody marys to a trio of mob-type men. Ben stops by to hear their news on Jessica's whereabouts. They've been able to track Will's watch, a Latino kid and the Joe's Hardware truck so they know the kids are in the area. Viki is due to get another chemo treatment but she'd like Ben to search for Jess instead of going with her.

Jessica wakes up, finding herself tightly squeezed in between Cris and Will. Once she gets to her feet, the guys wake up and the three look at each other uneasily. Cris tells Will that he interrupted him and Jess earlier but he was only complimenting her on her singing. They agree that things will be equal when they are finally able to go home. The other guys in the band, Ric and Justin, inform the runaways that they have a gig in Ohio and they will need to leave immediately. Jess would love for her mom to know she's ok. Cris doesn't think she should do that because of tracing the call and Will blames himself for ruining their lives. Heather doesn't want Jess to come with the group. Soon, a photographer shows up to take some publicity photos. Jess announces that "Jose" is a painter and his portrait would be better than a typical photo.

Sam gloats over the headlines in his morning paper. It's about Asa. Blair comes by, looking for Ben. She tells Sam that they're working together and needs some money from him. Sam gives her a hard time so she admits that they have set up a company to ruin Asa. She has access to his secret files so she doesn't need the same amount of money that Asa has. Sam is happy to give Blair a blank check so that he can help in making Asa suffer and take part in bringing him down. He'd really prefer to leave Ben out of it. Blair should throw Skye out. She's about to blurt out more when she stops herself. Sam wonders if Skye has something on Max. He tells Blair that Nora became a stronger person after her hair was cut.

As Jess packs up to go, Ben walks in!

Thursday, JUNE 8, 2000

Asa's Mansion

Skye continues to suggest to Max that Blair is the "B" behind B & B United. Max admits the thought has crossed his mind but he feels that Blair has been "making all the right moves lately" by writing her confession statement and being "furious" at what the papers wrote about Asa. Skye thinks that Blair selling her shares to Kelly was convenient timing for a cover but Max finds the fact that Blair flushed Skye's head in the toilet more "revealing" because to him it proves that Blair still has feelings for him. Besides, Max doesn't know how Blair could have gotten access to enough money to fund B & B. Skye offers to find the background information on B & B by the time Max returns from his business trip to Cincinnati and promises that when she does and it exposes Blair, she'll be "right here to take the sting out of that bite." Blair interrupts Skye and Max's close moment and is pleased that Max's opinion of her new hairdo is "not bad" but has to think fast when Max accuses her of being behind B & B. She acts shocked that Max doesn't feel she has "proven her devotion" and offers as a "reporter" to uncover the information to "prove I'm not an enemy." While Skye and Max find it "awful hard to swallow" that Blair could have "sources" more powerful than Asa's, Max is desperate for any information about B & B. After a few minutes at the computer, Blair announces that she has found the "brains" behind B & B United: Benjamin Davidson, President and CEO.

Joe's Hardware Warehouse

When Ben confronts Jessica and tells her that her mother loves her and needs her to return home, Jess asks if Ben "knows about" her mother. Ben acknowledges that he "knows she has cancer" and tells Jess that Viki has her "ups and downs" but besides being worried about her daughter, is doing OK. While Jessica refuses to leave Will if he's going to prison, Ben assures her he has it "all worked out" to get Will out of the country so that Jess and Cristian can then return to Llanview. This news is interrupted by a state trooper announcing that Jessica "may be under arrest." Ben goes into action pretending that Jessica is "Sandy," his 16 year old daughter who has run away to join a rock band with her boyfriend. When the trooper presses for ID, Ben produces one for "Sandy" and tells him that he saw three kids fitting the descriptions on the wanted poster camping in a park "near Altoona." He offers to help the officer find the park but asks that Jess/Sandy "stay put" until he returns. Before he leaves, Jessica asks Ben to tell her mother that she loves her and is "sorry if I scared her." Later, when Will and Cristian advise that the band is "all loaded up and ready to go," Jess confides that Ben had been there and would soon return to take Will to "a safe place." When Will asks Jessica if she will be coming with him, she refuses; it's "not just because of Cristian," but that she "can't imagine not seeing my mother again." While both Jessica and Cristian advise that Will should take this "last chance" to start a new life, Will is unsure because he doesn't think he could bear to live without seeing Jessica again. The "gig" calls and the threesome is forced to make a choice. When Ben returns and finds the door to the warehouse locked, we know what choice was made.

Colin's House

Nora asks to take the pills Colin offers her on her own. She then distracts Colin by asking why he hasn't done as he promised and brought Matthew to her. When he jokes that no one knows Matthew, son of "Scarlet", Nora firmly reminds him that he must know her name because he told her there were problems with her insurance. But just in case, she tells him she is Nora Buchanan of Llanview and that he should "call the police" or "find Sam little boy's father." When the doorbell rings, Colin promises that he will find Sam and leaves the room. Of course, it is Lindsay at the door bringing Colin's new check and begging for "more time" to work on Bo because "we're closer than we've been in a long while." Colin advises Lindsay to "keep your damn money" because "it is time for her to go home to her family." Lindsay intuits that something has gone wrong causing Colin's sudden change of attitude and worries that Melanie found Nora. Colin "wishes she had." He confides in Lindsay the irony of the situation: "In helping you get your life back, I've lost mine." They hear Nora upstairs trying to attract attention and Colin rushes to investigate. Nora has recognized "that voice" but Colin covers with another lie about it being a colleague from over seas. Nora calls him on the explanation and asks to visit with the colleague, but Colin puts her off by promising to "make sure someone comes for" her as soon as the "colleague" leaves. When he asks if Nora has taken her pain medication, Nora nods yes. Downstairs again, Colin advises Lindsay that Nora thought she recognized her voice. Lindsay panics and threatens Colin that if he reveals her part in the plan, she will lie and say Colin "kidnapped" Nora; but when he reminds her he has "a bounced check with your name written all over it" Lindsay totally loses it and threatens to "take her away when you're not looking." Colin asks where she plans to take Nora and Lindsay describes "a place where everyone already thinks she is...heaven." Later, Lindsay dismisses her death threat as merely being "dramatic to make a point." "We are two desperate people willing to do whatever it takes to get what we want." Lindsay gives Colin the check covered by Roseanne;s money and advises him to take Melanie away to a romantic, exotic place to convince her he has changed. But when Colin asks about Bo, Lindsay doesn't get the connection and simply advises Colin, "Soon he'll be my concentrate on getting your wife back, I'll take care of Bo." When we see Nora again she is in great pain but determined not to take the pills Colin gave her. "'m not gonna take them...I have to get out of here." She hides the pills under her covers.

Sam and Nora's House

Melanie has taken the day off from work to jump "off the merry-go-round" and have Sam prepare her divorce papers. Lanie tells Sam what a "wonderful talk" she had with Bo last night and describes him as "a very special person." In fact, it had been Bo telling her about giving Lindsay another chance that had given her the idea to give Colin another chance. However, she shares that when she went to the house she found "he had a woman there...upstairs in our bed." Sam is "not surprised, but sorry" for Melanie. "I've always had a problem with Colin...his fling with Lindsay was after we were divorced but...I worried about you for a long time before that." Melanie asks Sam if he thinks that Bo and Lindsay could start over. His answer is prescient, "It's hard to say, but Lindsay would do almost anything to win him back." Later, Sam hands Melanie the divorce documents with the declaration, "The dream dies hard." Melanie agrees. "Years of thinking of myself as half a couple...this is what it comes down there anything in this that says he has to stay out of my thoughts and dreams until I can handle this?" The doorbell rings and when Sam answers it, Colin is standing there. Sam tells him he is "tied up right now" but Colin persists. "It's not gonna take long...just hear me out...there's something you need to know."

Llanview Police Department

Bo picks up files from his desk uncovering the "Jane Doe" flyer but doesn't notice it before Lisa comes in to advise that the new recruits are ready for commissioning. Bo goes into commissioner mode and begins a speech about what will be required of the trainees before they are "issued a badge" and "an assignment." When he gets to the part about feeling a closeness like a "second family" and the "terrific" as well as "terrible" times there will be, he is interrupted by Asa declaring that Bo knows nothing about "family" because he is "the son who threw his father to the wolves." Asa refuses to "take the rap for that kid" and turns on Antonio for rehashing the Carlo Hesser mess and implicating Asa. Asa advises Antonio that he had better watch his step or "what happened to Bo's son could happen to you...shot, stone cold dead." Bo is hurt by this remark because he feels Asa has defiled Drew's memory. Asa doesn't see it that way, of course, because he declares, "I loved him like I'd love any son of yours." Bo advises him to think of the grandchildren he already has, especially Jessica, and tells his father that unless he is there to sign a statement freeing Will, they have nothing further to discuss. Asa leaves Bo's office and is again confronted by Antonio. Antonio challenges Asa to do the right thing: "If a street punk like me has the guts to admit when he's wrong, then a cowboy like you does, too." Wrong! Asa refuses to "take the moral high ground" and instead challenges Bo: "You ain't got a damn need another kid day you'll open your eyes and see Sam Rappaport feasting on your own flesh and blood...maybe you'll get it and begin to understand me." After Asa leaves, Bo thanks Antonio for trying to convince his father to do the right thing and offers that he thinks "this will work out very well" as he advises Antonio to rejoin his new class. Later, Sophia shows off during handcuff demonstration and handcuffs herself to Antonio before she finds out she no longer has the key in her desk drawer. Bo offers to "look around" for a key and goes into his office. He picks up the stack of files from his desk to move them around. As he tries to deposit them back on the corner of the desk, they fall and the "Jane Doe" flyer lands on the floor just as Lindsay enters the office and sees it.

FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 2000

After handcuffing herself to Antonio, Sophia was warned that if she didn't get her act together, she would be kicked out of the Police Academy. Antonio was less than thrilled to learn that he and Sophia would be partners. Colin decided to tell Sam about Nora, but changed his mind after learning that Sam had agreed to draw up divorce papers for Melanie. Later, Colin arrived home and discovered that Nora had thrown a note out the window in an attempt to get someone's attention. Lindsay distracted Bo from reading a flyer with information about Nora.

A concerned Bo took Lindsay home, where she suggested that they try to make another baby. Max invited Skye to accompany him on an important business trip, but Blair had other plans. Renee encouraged Blair to fight for her marriage after Skye reminded them that they couldn't throw her out of the mansion because she was Asa's guest. Max confronted Ben about his attempt to destroy Asa and Ben warned Max that he would break their deal unless the charges against Will were dropped. Blair decided to follow Max on his business trip, but not before tricking Skye and locking her in the wine cellar.

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