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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of June 5, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, June 5, 2000

Rose is lounging around in Lily and Holden's bedroom. Since she is feigning a cold, she is taking full advantage of her new home. There is a knock on the door and she starts to cough and says weakly, "Come in." Holden walks in with a tray of food for her breakfast. She tells him how sweet he is to her. He tries to lean in for a kiss and she covers her face with a tissue. She tells him that she doesn't want him to get her cold. Holden goes over to a picture on the wall, pulls the picture away from the wall, revealing a safe. He starts to open it and asks "Lily" what the combination is, he always forgets it. She just looks at him. Then, he remembers. Rose is relieved. The doorbell rings and Holden goes downstairs to answer it, leaving the safe open. Rose goes over to the safe and pulls out a drawer full of gems. She is trying on all the rings and she hears Holden coming back with Lucinda. Rose puts everything back in the safe and jumps into bed. Lucinda comes in and says that she is back from France and she has missed her daughter. Holden says that he has to go to the station and he leaves the two to get caught up. "Lily" asks Lucinda how her trip to France was? Lucinda says that she knows how the French can be and Rose adds, "So French?" Lucinda tells her that she brought her a present, although she know how Lily hates it. Lucinda gives her a little bag and tells her to open it. Rose opens the bag and there is a velvet box inside. She opens the box and there is a pair of earrings inside. Rose gasps and covers her mouth. Lucinda gets a big smile on her face and says, "You like them!" Rose says that it is the most fabulous present that she has ever gotten. As Rose is putting the earrings on, Lucinda brings up Simon. She is trying to find out what happened in Atlantic City. Rose tells her that it was nothing and she should stay out of it. Lucinda brings out a fat file for "Lily". She tells her that she has brought her portfolio and she has some papers to sign. Rose starts to cough again. Lucinda asks why is she stalling? Rose tells her that she just isn't feeling that great and she wants to look over the papers before she signs them. Lucinda questions this because she has never wanted to look over the statements before? Rose tells her that she just needs some time. Lucinda starts to leave but before she goes she must give her daughter a kiss. Rose covers her face with a tissue again and pretends to sneeze. Lucinda decides to wait on that kiss and tells her daughter to take care of herself. Lucinda leaves and Rose grabs the file and starts to look through the papers. She can't believe what she is looking at. She lets out a squeal and then covers her mouth. She whispers, "I'm rich." Later, the baby sitter brings Faith into Lily's room and tells her that she has to be going. Rose begs her to stay, because her cold isn't much better. The baby sitter says that she will have to juggle a few things and she leaves. Faith is sitting on the bed with Rose and Rose tells her that she will thank her later. She says that her parenting skills are lacking.

r>At the station, Katie is yelling for someone to bring her some coffee. Molly pops in with coffee and a bran muffin for Katie. She tells Katie that she can help with whatever she needs done. Katie tells her that she doesn't have anything for her to do and she should ask Holden or Henry for something to do. Katie goes back to looking over the notes. Molly tells Katie that every time she is around Katie, there is a lot of tension. Molly asks if she did something to Katie before that she doesn't remember? Katie says that she did do something before. Katie sees Holden walk in. Molly wants to know what it was, she wants to make it right with Katie. Katie tells her to never mind and she walks off. Katie goes over to Holden and he says that he has something to tell her. Holden yells for Henry and Henry comes out of the control room. Holden tells Katie and Henry that he has made a decision to take a few months off and be with his family. He tells Henry that he will assume his duties until he returns. Katie tells him that he can't take time off right now. Holden tells her that it is not up for discussion, he has made his decision. Holden walks into the control room. Katie follows him. She says that this is all her fault because she let it slip about Lily and Simon in Atlantic City. Holden tells her that this is his family and it is none of her business. He tells her that he is taking the rest of the day off. She asks what is he planning, if it isn't sticking her nose into his family business. He tells her that he and his lovely bride are going to take a ride in the country. She says, "Oh, that's nice." Holden leaves and Henry comes in. He tells Katie that it is just him and her now. She says that she has to get to the bottom of what ever Lily and Simon were up to in Atlantic City. Henry tells her that it is time to let go. Katie informs him that she is going to Atlantic City to see what she can find. She walks out into the studio and Henry follows her. Molly is watching them. Henry says that she can't go, she has the afternoon news spot to do. Holden walks up and asks what is going on? Henry tells Katie to tell him. Katie makes up a story about her mother not getting better and she has been asking for her and she needs to go see her. Henry adds that she wants to leave right now, before she does the afternoon news. Holden tells her that Margo has been taking care of their mother when they could have lost her when her mother first broke her hip. Holden tells Katie that she can go. Henry throws his hands in the air. Holden asks if she needs a lift because he is leaving. She says sure and turns to Henry and says that she will see him later, with a big smile on her face. After they are gone, Molly comes over to Henry and says that she can't believe that Katie just did that to him. She left him high and dry, with nobody to fill in for her. Henry gets a bright idea, Molly can go on for Katie. Molly is hesitant at first and Henry tells her that she will be great. Molly says that she will do it and as Henry turns to walk away, Molly gets a sneaky little grin on her face. Henry counts her down and the cameras start and Molly says, "This is Molly Conlon sitting in for Katie Peretti who is taking the day off.";
r>Lily is wandering out in the middle of nowhere and she wonders to herself about Rose. She asks herself if anyone is looking for her? The mystery lady is watching her from behind a tree. She starts toward Lily and then Simon comes walking up. The mystery lady slinks back behind the tree. Lily asks Simon to just leave her alone. Simon tells her that she can hardly walk by herself. She says that she is doing fine. She tells him that she is tired of him following her. He denies that he has been following her. She tells him that she knew he wasn't far behind her. She finally convinces him to leave and he does. After he is gone, she tries to get up and she can't. She is too weak. She starts to yell for Simon. He doesn't come. She yells again and says that she needs his help. Simon pops out from behind a big drainage pipe and says that those words are music to his ears. He tells Lily that it is time for him to introduce her to a hobo's breakfast. He pulls out a granola bar and a can of apple juice. She asks him where he got the food. He tells her that there is a little train station just down the tracks. She gets all excited and wants to go right away. He tells her to eat her food first to get some strength. After they eat, Simon helps her up and says, "This train is moving on." She says that she can't wait to get home and see Holden and her kids. Then she pulls her hand away and asks if he is going to let her go once they get to the train platform? Simon tells her that she doesn't have a lot of options and since she doesn't trust him, she will have to wait and see what happens. As they walk off, the mystery lady pulls out her gun.

Tuesday, June 6, 2000

Katie meets up with Mitzi, Rose's friend, in Las Vegas. She tells Mitzi that she is there to do a story on cheaters. Mitzi tells her that she has come to the right place. Mitzi has to leave for a minute and Katie spots the billboard picturing Rose and the rest of the dancing troop. When she sees Rose, she thinks it is Lily. When Mitzi returns, Katie questions her about the girl in the poster. Mitzi tells her that is her friend, but she is not there anymore, she ran off. Katie asks her how long she had been there. Mitzi tells her that she was there forever and she thought that she would never leave. She tells Katie that she was the first girl in the dancing troop. Katie is confused. Then Mitzi goes on about when the other one came along. Katie asks her about the other one. She tells Katie that a pure stranger showed up one day and you could not tell them apart, except for the new one was mousy and she could have taken a few glam tips from Rose. Katie asks what thestranger was there for? Mitzi tells her that Rose cut her out at that time and wouldn't tell her anything. She goes on to say that they were in and out all hours of the day and night. Katie asks if there was a man involved. Mitzi tells her about the Australian. Katie gets a smile on her face. She asks Mitzi if Rose's double and the Australian Mitzi says that she couldn't tell, Rose wasn't telling her anything. Katie asks her about the first date that Rose missed her performance. Mitzi gets the schedule and shows her. Katie mutters that it is the same day that Holden and Lily came back to Oakdale. Katie asks Mitzi if she can have the program with Rose's picture on it? Mitzi tells her to take it, it is old news now. Katie says, "It isn't old news to me." And she leaves.

Jake is at the Lakeview and his cell phone rings. He sees the number is Molly. He answers the phone and she tells him that she got his messages yesterday and she is sorry that she is just now getting back to him. He tells her that he thought maybe she had forgotten. She tells him that if that is a lame attempt to make a memory loss joke, it wasn't funny. He tells her that he was calling her to see if she would like to meet him for dinner. She says that she can't do dinner, but she could do a late lunch. He tells her that he is at the Lakeview and she says that she will be right over. When he hangs up, Julia walks up to his table. He invites her to sit. She tells him about getting involved with Jack and they are going to move in together. He questions her about this and she says that she feels she has lost a lot of time with Jack and she doesn't want to waste another minute. Jake asks her how he looks. She asks him why does it matter, he never cared about his looks before. Then she says, "Do you have a date?" He denies it. She tells him that his shirt goes good with his eyes. He puffs up and says, "Really?" She squeals, "It is a date!" She starts to question him about who he is going to see? He finally gives in and tells her that it is Molly. Julia warns him about Molly. She tells him that she has seen Molly eat men for breakfast and spit them out. Jake tells her that he feels that Molly has changed and she makes him laugh. At that moment, Molly walks up. She tells them that she has some great news. Julia decides it is time for her to leave. Molly tells her to stick around. Julia says that she is meeting Jack and she has to go. Molly sits down with Jake and tells him all about her day and how she did the noon news. Jake tries to fit a word in edgewise to tell her about his decision to move on with his life. She interrupts to tell him how she played Henry and she was going to gain his confidence and then get him fired. Jake tries again and Molly interrupts to asks if he had heard about Andy Dixon. Jake finally gets fed up and tells her that the world does not revolve around her and she should take note that he has something to say. She tells him that she is all ears. He tells her that it doesn't work that way. She says that she has other things that she can talk about. She adds that she could discuss, well that fiasco over there and she points to Jack and Julia. She tells him that when Carly gets back, Julia will be on the bench again. Jake asks if she told Jack that and she says no. He says that she didn't because it would ruin her amnesia scam. She says that she doesn't want to risk it on a maybe. He says that this is just like her, its Molly world, CMBC. It's all Molly, all the time. She suggests that maybe Jake could dig around and try to find Carly? Jake says that she just doesn't get it, Jack and Julia are real people with real feelings and they could get hurt. She tells him that they are grown-ups and they will get over it. She gets mad and tells him that he can just eat lunch by himself and she gets up and throws her napkin in his face and stomps out. Julia is settling up her bill to move out of the hotel and she sees Molly leaving. She walks over to Jake and says, "Well, that went well." Jake tells her that it used to be, when he asked a girl out for a date, she knew it.

Lily and Simon finally make it to the train station. Lily is so excited to be going home, finally! The train ticket agent walks by and she stops him and asks when the next train will be by. He tells her that it will be by in a couple of hours, give or take an hour. She says that is great. He tells them that they will have to get their tickets soon because he will be leaving. Lily sees the phone and she goes to call Holden. Simon says, "Lily...." She tells him not to try to stop her because she needs to talk to her family. He tells that he doesn't want to stop her, he is just glad that she will see her family soon. She picks up the phone and there is a dial tone. She dials her number and no one answers. The answering machine comes on. She says that she is sorry that she hasn't called in so long, but she is with Simon now. (there is a click in the phone line) She goes on to say that they are somewhere in Canada and she will be getting on a train soon and it will be going to Chicago. She tells Holden to go to the train station and look on the schedule for when she will be in. She tells him how much she misses him and the children and then she hangs up. She picks up the phone again and there is no dial tone. Outside, the mystery lady is putting snipers back in her purse and she walks away from the snipped phone wires. Back inside, Lily starts to freak out about no dial tone. Simon tells her to calm down, she left a message for Holden and she will be home soon. He tells her that he got there tickets while she was on the phone. She is so excited, she can't wait to get home. She grabs the tickets and Simon tries to stop her but it is too late, she sees that he bought tickets for Atlantic City, not Chicago. She gets upset with him and he tells her that it will be just a side trip and she can show him the utility box where she hid the diamond. She screams that she didn't have the diamond, she only told him that to get him to leave her alone. She is so mad at Simon. She tells him that she hopes that Rose is far away with her diamond and she is sitting on a cruise ship getting treated like royalty. Simon tells her that if she only left him alone to find the diamond none of this would have happened. He says that the ticket agent has left and they can't do anything about this now. She can go to Atlantic City and then get to Chicago from there. Simon leaves to go wash up and while he is gone a lady in a leopard skin coat walks in. Lily asks if she would have a cell phone she could borrow and she will pay for the call. They lady, in a southern accent, says that she can use her phone but she doesn't know what kind of reception she will get way out here. Lily takes the phone and gets no signal. The lady suggests that she step outside, she might have better luck. Lily thinks this is a good idea and she goes outside, but there is no signal. When she turns to give the phone back to the lady, she has a gun pointed at her. In a different accent, she asks Lily if she really thought she was going to let her make a call. She tells Lily that she is coming with her. Lily says that she won't go. The lady tells her if she wants to see her family alive again, she will come with her. Lily slowly walks away and the lady pushes her to go faster. Simon comes out of the bathroom and can't find Lily. He runs outside just in time to see a car screeching away. He throws his coat down on the ground in disgust.

Rose and Holden get back from their drive in the country. Rose tells Holden that she knows how busy he is at work and he can go if he needs to. He tells her that he is spending time with his family. He asks "Lily" where she put Luke's baseball glove because practice will be starting soon and he is thinking about coaching this year. Rose gives him a blank look. She walks over to the phone and sees that they have a message. Holden says that they can listen to the message later, he wants to find the glove. The two start to search the house and Holden finally finds it in the closet. He asks her if she listened to the message and she tells him that she didn't yet. He says that he has some calls to make and he will go into the other room to do that and she can listen to the message. After he is gone, Rose pushes the play button. She hears Lily's voice, "I'm sorry that I haven't called for so long. I am with Simon now." And that is all that is on the machine. Rose hits the rewind and play button again. She hears the same message. Rose says, "That two-timing, gold digger ran off with Simon and the jewel. She is never coming back!"

Wednesday, June 7, 2000

In court Chris urges Emily to negotiate with Tom rather than risk losing custody of Daniel, but Emily refuses to budge. Bob and John argue when Bob suggests to Kim that Ben is the one to perform surgery on Andy. Rose is incensed to hear Lily's message that she's with Simon and pockets the answering machine tape. Later, she fakes laryngitis with Holden and Katie.

Denise worries to Kim that Andy is hiding his pain. Emily tells Chris his job is always available if he wants it back. Holden lambastes Henry when he learns Molly filled in as news anchor while Katie was away, worrying that Molly could've regained her memory while on the air. After seeing Andy suffering back spasms, Kim is determined to convince John that Ben should do the surgery and enlists Denise's aid.

Susan warns Emily to prepare for the worst. Rose panics when she doesn't recognize Abigail and blunders through a conversation with her--how could Lily have a teenage daughter? Rose wonders. Over John's objections, Andy asks Ben to review his MRI results.

Katie convinces Holden to go to the affiliates' meeting in Chicago instead of sending Henry as planned. Rose takes some of Lily's jewelry as payment and decides to leave by the end of the week. Tom expects the worst when the judge compliments Emily on how she is holding Daniel. When Ben tells Andy that risky surgery is his only option for his paralysis, John says he'll seek a second opinion.

Emily is stunned when the judge announces she's awarding joint custody and orders Emily to turn Daniel over to Tom for half of each week, beginning the next morning. Tom later warns Emily to comply with the judge's order. Emily spurns Susan after the verdict. Ben is insulted when Kim questions whether he could be objective concerning Andy and insists to Kim that he's professional enough to do the surgery on Andy, but says he hasn't decided whether or not he's actually going to do it.

Emily walks out of the courtroom as Chris tries to comfort her. With one eye on Katie, Henry accepts Molly's dinner invitation. Katie corners Rose into accepting her invitation for a one-on-one meeting, ostensibly to discuss Holden's birthday. Tomorrow I'll find out if she's Rose or Lily, Katie gloats.

Thursday, June 8, 2000

Hal and Barbara had brunch at Jack and Julia's. Barbara and Julia took a walk in the new garden at Jack's while Hong Kong, sends a fax to Jack. Julia and Barb talk about how good everything is with Jack and Julia. Hal and Jack talk about Carly. Barb and Julia return to the house for lunch. After lunch Julia finds the fax from Carly and hides it only to show jack after Barb and Hal leave. Jack rips up the paper but later goes to get it and remembers he and Carly making love.

Denise and Andy talk about surgery and as he reaches for Hope he feels a sharp pain. Andy tells Denise how he really feels about her and Hope. Kim comes in and Denise leaves...she goes to Ben to talk about Andy. Andy and Kim talk about Denise and how he is really falling in love with her. Kim knows the truth and can't find the words to explain. Denise and Ben talk about how Andy needs help. While they are talking Kim and Andy walk in. Andy wants to talk to Ben alone about the treatment and Denise. Ben agrees to do the surgery and Andy is thrilled. Kim and Denise discuss Andy and how he has real feelings for her. Kim knows how Denise feels. Andy and Kim leave while Denise stays to talk to Ben about Andy's feelings.

Emily is late in bringing Daniel over to Tom's as she is camped out in her office in the dark with a chair blocking the door. Susan finds her and tries to talk her into letting her bring Daniel over to Tom's. Emily tries to talk her way out of it while an angry Tom calls her and tells her if she doesn't bring Daniel over he is calling the judge. Chris and tom argue over Emily, and Chris tries to take the blame. He wants Tom to come around to her way of thinking. Susan calls Tom to tell him it was her fault Daniel is lake and that she got the time mixed up. Tom doesn't believe her. Tom and Chris battle over Emily and Tom tries to talk Chris out of feeling sorry for her since she created this mess over Daniel. Daniel and Susan show up at Tom's. Tom tells Susan he doesn't believe her excuse while Chris goes to console Emily. Chris tries to tell her to change the Intruder to a reputable paper while David calls her to find out how their plan is working...getting him out of jail.

Friday, June 9, 2000

Jake complains to Isaac about his bungled date with Molly. Henry scolds an unrepentant Katie for showing up late to work. Bryant leaves a message for Abigail inviting her to Yo's--his cash supply is getting low. Rose calls Tom about liquidating Lily's assets and agrees to meet him. Lucinda is puzzled by Rose's attitude--who are you and what have you done to my daughter? Lucinda asks.

Isaac has to laugh when Jake works himself into a frenzy and decides to tell off Molly. Jen worries to Bryant that Abigail is developing a crush on him and gives him an ultimatum--tell Abigail they are dating or else Jen will have to stop seeing him. Rose deflates Lucinda's suspicions by waxing poetic about her love for her family.

After Molly strokes his ego, Henry takes her up on her offer of lunch. When Bryant insists he doesn't want to hurt Abigail's feelings, a stunned Jen stands by her words and tells him goodbye. Alone, Bryant is unconcerned--she'll be back. Rose explains to Tom she needs the money to buy Holden a horse as a surprise, but Tom tells her it will take 3 weeks to get the money and suggests she borrow it from Lucinda.

Lucinda chastens Bryant for being so distant lately and questions him about his parents' split, then offers him the use of the poolhouse. Molly plies Henry with drinks at her apartment and he tells her about Katie kissing Holden in New York. Rose helps Abigail dress more sexily for her date with Bryant and wonders if she should stay the full 3 weeks instead of leaving with Lily's jewels. Henry grows suspicious when Molly mentions Katie reporting on a fashion show--that happened after Molly said she'd lost her memory. Molly covers by showing how her memory is faulty. Later, Molly scolds Jake when his forceful arrival causes Henry to leave.

The sexier Abigail gets picked up by Earl, one of the patrons at Yo's, while waiting for Bryant. Rose's shopping expedition is forestalled by Katie, who refuses to leave. Abigail is touched when Bryant refers to himself as her boyfriend and protects her from Earl. A frustrated Jake blurts to Molly that he cares about her.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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