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Port Charles Recaps: The week of June 5, 2000 on PC
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Monday, June 5, 2000

It was a very tense day as everyone gathered in court to hear what the judge had decided about Christina. Courtney arrived at the courthouse to support Frank but he angrily told her to go home. Frank learned that his parental rights had been recognized which gave him the opportunity to file for Scott's adoption to be rescinded if he chose to do so. Frank was also granted visitation with Christina. Julie's petition to set aside Scott's adoption was denied and her visitation rights with Christina were terminated. Lucy's petition to adopt Christina was denied and a crushed Lucy told Scott that she felt like a mother on loan. Gail warned Kevin and Rachel that she expected them to behave in a professional manner. Eve clashed with Ian for changing her patient's protocol while she was away on her honeymoon. In the wake of Claire's death, Serena told Scott that they were lucky to have each other.

Tuesday, June 6, 2000

Scott told Lucy that Frank should be allowed to have access to Christina. Lucy, however, told Scott that she didn't want to share Christina with Frank. Lucy only wanted to concentrate on Christina's upcoming birthday party and became annoyed with Scott for mentioning Frank in the first place. Chris attempted to reach out to a despondent Julie as she was packing Christina's things away. Chris was worried as he watched Julie slip further into depression. Mary told Frank that she was proud of him and said she would support whatever decision he made about Christina. Emilio introduced Frank to his sister Gabriela. Jamal informed Frank that Valerie was being kicked out of the hospital and he needed to find a safe place for her and her baby. Frank later told Jamal that Valerie could stay in the apartment behind the Recovery Room. While trying to wean herself off pills, Karen had a nightmare that she was a stripper again. In her nightmare, Alan introduced Karen as Dr. Kari and she took to the stage and began dancing in front of her disapproving friends and family. As her nightmare continued, Karen appealed to Alan for help, but he refused to take her off the stage.

Wednesday, June 7, 2000

Julie let Rachel have it! Julie sat, grieving over having lost Christina when Rachel showed up. Chris and Julie made it very clear that Rachel was no longer welcome in their home, but Rachel persisted, expressing her regret over Julie's losing the battle for Christina. Rachel told Julie that they could turn things around if they worked together. Unable to control her anger, Julie slapped Rachel in the face! "Haven't you done enough?" Julie asked. Chris escorted Rachel out the door and told her that Julie does not need her help.

Scott and Frank met to discuss Frank's paternal rights. Frank expressed gratitude to Scott for going easy on him throughout the custody battle. Scott told Frank that he was impressed by Frank's sincere concern for Christina's welfare. Frank shared his mixed feelings about what to do about Christina - while he is happy that she is being cared for, he cannot just walk away from his daughter. Scott comforted Frank by saying that he too knows how it is to be a father, so he would never suggest that Frank walk away from Christina.

Still bitter over her betrayal, Frank continued to give Courtney the cold shoulder. "How do I build a life with the women was willing to sell a child, my child?" Courtney claimed that she made a mistake, but that she was only trying to save her family.

Karen dropped in to say goodbye to Serena. Although Lucy's welcome was cold, she did allow the sisters their privacy. Once alone with Serena, Karen explained that she was checking into a facility for doctors in recovery. Lucy interrupted to express her hope that Karen gets the help she needs. Karen apologized for putting Christina at risk (Karen cared for Christina while under the influence, and the baby bumped her head. Later, Karen found comfort in her father's arms. She also received a call from Joe, who said goodbye and told Karen that she would be missed.

Valerie's infamous boyfriend Cedric showed up at General Hospital demanding to see his girlfriend and child. Cedric threatened Amanda's niece (GH's finest volunteer), who escaped him in time to hide Valerie and the baby in a closet. The heroic intern then took Jamal to see Valerie, and offered to help in finding them a place to stay. Jamal claimed to have the situation under control, and then left the closet. Cedric spotted Jamal in the halls and immediately exploded! Cedric threatened to go after Jamal, and had to be escorted out by security.

Kevin and Lucy met Lucy in the park. The two reminisced about the past year when Christina interrupted by calling out to Lucy - "Mama!" Lucy was ecstatic!

Thursday, June 8, 2000

The Baldwin family is getting bigger by the day! Frank, Courtney and Neil arrived to join the fun during Christina's first birthday party. Lucy was surprised and displeased, and she held Christina tightly. As the party progressed, Lucy asked the group to take turns recalling their most important memory of Christina to be added to the scrapbook Serena created. Neil reminisced on Christina saving his life and finding out that Christina was his sister. Later, Frank and Scott reviewed their agreement regarding Frank's right to Christina. Both expressed concern about how Lucy would react to the news.

Is Scott's attempt to do "the right thing" threatening his happiness with Lucy? The tension continued to rise between the newlyweds. Following Christina's party, Scott approached Lucy about the idea of Frank spending time alone with Christina. He told Lucy that he and Frank agreed to allow Frank time with Christina the next day. Of course, this news was not well received by Lucy. She scolded Scott for "handing their baby" over the Frank and stormed off.

Elsewhere, Chris arrived home with flowers for Julie, but found only an empty apartment and a book....He rushed out to find Julie at Christina's birthplace, an abandoned amusement park. Julie had decorated the place and bought gifts. The couple celebrated Christina's birthday in private, recounting the details of Christina's birth and of every other moment Julie spent with her daughter. Julie thanked Chris for helping her to give birth to Christina, but lamented not being able to hold her daughter on her birthday. Chris tried to convince Julie to remain hopeful; he encouraged her to make a birthday wish and promised to make her wish come true.

At General Hospital, Gabriela got thrown in, head first, on her first day in the emergency room! The impatient Dr. Thornhart cut the new kid no slack, so Joe tried to get him to lighten up. Later, Joe offered to teach Gabriela the ropes.

Friday, June 9, 2000

by ABC

Lucy and Scott argued over Frank's visit with Christina. Scott insisted to Lucy that allowing Frank to spend time with Christina was the right thing to do. Meanwhile, Chris tried to comfort Julie who was still reeling from losing Christina. Before he left for the hospital, Julie pulled Chris into a kiss and thanked him for loving her. Rachel confronted Chris about drugging her at Amanda Barrington's party and warned him to watch his back. Chris asked Kevin for help with Julie and Kevin suggested that Julie see Gail.

Kevin confronted Rachel about Julie. Rachel became angry and grabbed Kevin's hand and was unaware that she had dug her nails so deeply into his skin that she drew blood. Courtney once again asked Frank for his forgiveness. Scott took Christina to the park to spend time with Frank. Alone with Christina, Frank opened his heart to his daughter. Later, Chris realized that Julie was nowhere to be found as Frank was seen lying unconscious in the park.

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