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Passions Recaps: The week of June 5, 2000 on PS
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Monday, June 5, 2000

Theresa and Ethan are discussing the trip to Bermuda. Ethan tells her that he is sure that she is too busy to go. She wonders if he has changed his mind about her going but he tells her that he was only thinking about her. She said that she would never be too busy. Ivy comes down and they discuss Crystal's murder. They tell her how they originally thought that Sheridan was the victim. Ivy tells Ethan that it must have upset him a lot. He admits that it had. Theresa talks about how upset Dr. Russell was. Ivy finds it interesting that Eve would be so upset about Crystal's death, when it didn't seem to phase her when the imposter Martin was killed. Theresa explains that Eve had just seen Crystal perform and that now she was dead. Theresa leaves to go check on some letters for Ivy. Ivy tells Ethan that she would love to hear about the wedding, but she had some things to do. She then gives him a letter to give to Theresa. When Theresa heads back downstairs, he gives her the letter. She is upset because Ivy wants her to plan a party for him and Gwen and she wanted it done today. She asks him if could postpone the trip until the next day, but he says that he would be busy. Theresa heads upstairs and says that fate didn't intervene on her behalf this time. Sheridan calls Ethan and asks about his trip. She is alone at the cabin because she sent Mike away, unaware that the hitman is still out to get her. She asks him if he is going to Bermuda alone. He tells her that it worked out and she wouldn't be going. He asks Sheridan to ride with him to the airport, but she tells him that she is at the cabin. He asks to speak with Mike about the cable. She offers to help, but he asks her to call Mike to the phone. Before he can hear any explanation, the maid tells him that the car is ready to take him to the airport. Ethan boards the plane and Theresa joins him. He is shocked to see her. He wonders about her work. She tells him that she realized that she could do everything on-line, so there was not a reason that she shouldn't go with him..

Hank and Luis are at the gym. Hank asks Luis yet again about his feelings for Sheridan. Luis said that he didn't have any feelings for her and that he was just trying to protect her, but since she had a bodyguard, he no longer had to worry. Hank asked him if he would mind seeing
Sheridan in his arms. Sam comes in and said that Luis had to stay away from Sheridan due to the deal he made with Julian. They encourage him to try to make things work with Beth. He said that things didn't always work out with your first love, like they didn't with Sam. Luis said that his mother had told him about a love of Sam's before Grace, but she didn't say who it was. Hank says that he vaguely remembers a summer romance of Sam's and they wonder who she is.

Timmy is drowning his sorrows in martimmies. Tabitha wonders why he is drinking so much. he tells her that he is worried that someone may have seen them last night. She assures him that no one could have seen them. Meanwhile at the Bennett house, Kay is telling Simone about what she saw. She said that Tabitha's doll had come to life and was jumping on a trampoline, and Charity was flying. She now thinks that Charity has brainwashed Miguel, because she is an alien. Simone tells her that no one would believe her and that she shouldn't keep making up things to break them up. Tabby and Timmy are eavesdropping and they hear Kay admit that she videotaped the whole thing and she was preparing to show it to the whole family, including Charity. Tabitha is worried because if their friends in the basement got wind of this , they would be very angry.

Chad tells Whitney that it is time for them to discuss their relationship. She tells him that they didn't have one. She tells him that the kiss meant nothing to her and if he thought that it would stop her from her dreams, then he was mistaken. She seems shaken when TC asks Chad to join them at her practice session..

At the station, TC tells Eve that Sam would solve the murder. Eve tells Sam that he shouldn't investigate Crystal's past. She said that they should just let Crystal rest in peace. TC has to leave and Sam tells her that he found a connection between her and Crystal. He said that she went to the hospital to be treated for the flu and wonders if Eve saw her. Eve stated that she hadn't. She leaves and runs into Ivy. Eve tells her that she didn't have time for her. Ivy tells her that she better make time. Ivy tells her that her threats were the last thing on her mind..
Ivy demands that Eve tell her where Sam is. Sam walks up and says that he's right there. Ivy says that she wants to speak with him about the Crane picnic. He tells her that he didn't have time because he had to go home to his wife, the woman that he loved. Ivy asks Eve about what's bothering her because she had connections and could probably help her out. Eve asks her to stop the investigation into Crystal's past. She said that Crystal knew about her affair with Julian. Ivy is upset because if the police found out about the connection, it would be a part of the public record and she would lose her leverage over Eve. She said that she couldn't use her connections because it would look suspicious if she did. Eve said that she also knew about her pregnancy. Ivy said that Theresa had told her that Crystal knew who Chad's parents were and comes to the conclusion that Chad is the son of Eve and Julian, while Eve looks shocked..

At the Tennis court, Whitney is having trouble concentrating with Chad around. TC tells her that she needs to get everything off her mind that isn't related to tennis. He goes to make a phone call. Chad tells her that she is having trouble concentrating because of the kiss. She tells him that no kiss on the cheek was going to make her lose her focus. He tells her that she is right , so he gives a real kiss on the lips.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2000

by NBC

Tabitha and Timmy watch helplessly as Kay prepares to show everyone the videotape of Charity flying and Timmy running. Kay is interrupted when Sam receives a phone call and Tabitha is caught spying on them. Finally, Kay triumphantly plays the tape to expose Charity as Tabitha awaits her downfall. But Kay is embarrassed when the tape is blank and she can't make "doll" Timmy come to life.

Ethan tries to persuade Theresa that going to Bermuda would be a waste of her time, but gives in when he sees how upset she is at the prospect of not going. On the plane, he helps Theresa get through her first take off. Ethan has a hard time taking his eyes off Theresa.

Eve is stunned when Ivy makes a connection between her affair with Julian and Chad's search for his parents. Ivy accuses Eve of giving birth to Julian's son, Chad, and then giving him up. Eve tearfully denies Ivy's accusation, admitting her baby died years ago. Eve slaps Ivy when she says the baby's death was probably best for everyone. Later, Ivy questions Eve's claim that her son really died after birth. Meanwhile, Whitney pulls back from kissing Chad, claiming she neither wanted it, nor liked it. However, Chad knows otherwise. They argue about Whitney's feelings for Chad, and Whitney angrily tells Chad his family is better off not knowing him. Chad covers his hurt.

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Wednesday, June 7, 2000

by NBC

Ethan grows nervous about being alone with Theresa as they check out the honeymoon suite. While Theresa fantasizes about being with Ethan, Ethan tries to not be affected by the romantic setting. He assures himself he'll soon stop thinking of Theresa once they leave the island that night.

Luis tells Hank he'll gladly stay away from Sheridan, but he's taken aback when Hank says he wants to marry Sheridan. Hank is surprised to learn Luis still hopes to prove the Cranes had something to do with his father's disappearance. Meanwhile, at the cabin, Antoine fires a shot at Sheridan.

Eve jumps when she thinks Chad calls her "Mother." Rattled by Chad and also Crystal's murder, Eve flies off the handle when she spots Whitney with Chad. Chad assures Dr. Russell nothing romantic is going on between him and Whitney. Sam questions Whitney and Chad about Crystal's murder. Eve becomes tense when Chad recalls how Crystal often spoke of an old friend. Eve panics when Sam decides to use the computer to generate a list of everyone Crystal knew.

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Thursday, June 8, 2000

by Soap Central

Kay and Simone plan to win over Grace with kindness in order to go to the prom. Jessica claims their plan will never work, just as Kay's plan to win Miguel away from Charity will never work. Meanwhile, Miguel and Charity bond as they plan their wonderfully romantic evening at the prom.

Ethan and Theresa learn from the hotel manager they must stay the night in Bermuda because of bad weather. Ethan takes Theresa shopping for something to wear. He's affected by Theresa as she models each outfit for him. Ethan becomes aware of his feelings when he sees Theresa in a stunning evening gown and so he declines to have dinner with her.

Eve panics when her old mug shot flashes across the computer screen. Ivy tells Eve to stall while she comes up with a plan to save her. She then purchases drugs and arrives at the police station, where she is confronted by Sam. Later, Ivy instructs Eve to plant the drugs among Crystal's personal effects, thus diverting the investigation of Crystal's murder away from her past. Meanwhile, Sam asks Whitney if Chad could be lying about his involvement with Crystal. Chad overhears as Whitney defends him.

Sheridan is grabbed from behind, and is shocked when she recognizes Antoine and realizes he is involved with the drug cartel. She then attempts to buy her way out of her predicament, but to no avail. Sheridan manages to stab Antoine and escape into the bedroom, where she begins to dial 911. Antoine interrupts as he climbs in through the window. Sheridan slams the window on Antoine's fingers and flees.

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Friday, June 9, 2000

by Soap Central

Ethan is surprised, but relieved to find Sheridan with a bodyguard. While Antoine lurks outside the Crane mansion, Sheridan insists she's not in danger. Antoine takes aim at Sheridan, but her bodyguard unknowingly gets in the way. Later, Sheridan unwittingly places herself in danger. At the police station, Sam encourages Luis to figure out if he is in love with Sheridan.

A suspicious Theresa notices Whitney and Chad acting differently around each other. Whitney grudgingly admits Chad kissed her on the cheek. Theresa is even more convinced Whitney is in love with Chad. Whitney still refuses to acknowledge her feelings, but makes a slip about how she really feels. Whitney turns cold on Chad to prove she doesn't love him.

Later, Theresa tells Whitney she's sure Ethan will realize his feelings for her while they check out a romantic island resort for his honeymoon.

Meanwhile, Ethan confesses to Sheridan about thinking of Theresa while making love to Gwen. Sheridan advises her nephew to check out the honeymoon resort alone and leave Theresa behind. Ethan prepares to tell Theresa he's going by himself when an excited Theresa shows up on his doorstep ready to go.

Eve mourns Crystal, but has to cover her feelings in front of TC. Meanwhile, Sam finds a connection between Crystal and another Harmony resident.

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