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Passions Recaps: The week of May 29, 2000 on PS
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Monday, May 29, 2000

A shot rings out on the pier, and a woman in a raincoat falls. The shooter checks her pulse, and then calls Roger and Pierre to tell them that Sheridan is dead. A cop finds the body and phones it in.

At Tabitha's, she is looking through the Book of Spells to see if there was some way that she could appease the dark forces in her basement. Timmy comes in with his hair standing straight on top of his head, and Tabitha tells him that she she had had enough of the Don King look and she wanted him to do something with his hair. He tells her that he had tried to do something with it, but had no success. He gets very nervous and says that he had tried everything that he could he get his hair back to normal. He then told her that he was a nervous wreck and that his pulse was racing..
He then said that he couldn't feel a pulse and realizes that he doesn't have a heartbeat, either. He then decides that the reason that his hair wouldn't get back to normal was because he was really dead. He then faints. Tabitha tells him that he doesn't have a heartbeat or a brain because he was a doll. Tabitha said that her friends in the basement had plenty of reason to be upset with her because she failed to lure Charity to the dark side and she also failed to kill Grace more than 20 years ago. She said that everything that had happened to her was Grace's fault.

Chad and Whitney are at the Jazz Club. He tells her that his father was a racist who abandoned his mother just because she was black. He said that his mother wasn't much better because she just abandoned him period. Whitney tells him that maybe his mother thought that she was doing what was best for him. He said that if that were true, then she would have gone through a reputable agency. He said that she had given him to people whose only joy was getting high. Whitney said that she could never imagine a woman doing something like that to her own child. Chad is waiting to hear more information from Crystal.

TC and Eve are also at the club. Eve is very upset and tells TC that she can't keep everything inside of her any longer. She is hysterical. TC keeps telling her that he knows what she wants to say, but she tells him that he has no idea. Before she can say anything more, her phone rings. She tells him that she has to act as Medical Examiner and go to the wharf where a woman was shot to death. TC wants her to let someone else handle it, but she can't. He then joins Chad and Whitney. Chad tells him that Crystal is going to tell him about his parents. TC said that Crystal said that she had information that could destroy several lives..

Grace and Sam are at home in bed. Grace is very upset about Eve. Sam gets a phone call about the woman getting killed on the wharf and he leaves. Grace hears loud noises and becomes very worried about Tabitha and leaves to go check on her..

Gwen and Ethan are in bed kissing while listening to Theresa's special song. Ethan suddenly imagines that he is in bed with Theresa instead of with Gwen. He looks stunned and Gwen wonders what is wrong. Gwen says that she is sure that a lot of people probably think that she is a fool for leaving him before the wedding. She tells him that she trusts both him and Theresa and that she can't believe that she ever mistrusted her. After Gwen falls asleep, Ethan keeps saying to himself that he loves Gwen, not Theresa..

AT the Lopez-Fitzgerald house, Theresa and Luis are talking. Luis said that he suddenly had the feeling that someone had walked over the grave of someone that he loved. Theresa asks him if he thinks that it had anything to do with Sheridan. He dismisses the thought. Hank comes over and Theresa asks him about his travels. She said that the next time that he leaves, she may join him. Luis tells her that she wouldn't be joining Hank. Luis gets a phone call about a woman being shot dead on the wharf. Hank says that there was where he left Sheridan. He leaves with Luis. Theresa immediately gets on the phone and calls Ethan. She tells him that Sheridan may have been shot. He leaves and Theresa said that she would meet him there. Meanwhile on the pier, Eve gasps in shock at the corpsee. When Sam arrives, Eve tells him that they both know the corpsee. Sam says that they have to notify the woman's family. Theresa and Ethan arrive, but are not allowed to see the body. Ethan explains that it might be his Aunt Sheridan. He tells Theresa that he couldn't bear to lose Sheridan and they hug. Luis looks at the body and says, "Oh My God." Eve runs and hugs TC.

Chad is still at the the Cafe with Whitney waiting for Crystal to return. The Audience never sees the identity of the corpsee..

Tuesday, May 30, 2000

The Jazz Club:
Chad and Whitney are still at the jazz club waiting for Crystal. Whitney asks Chad if maybe he already knows all that he needs to know about his parents. She explains that what he knows so far has only made him hurt and angry. Chad tells Whitney that he needs to know everything he can about his parents and he wants to understand who he is and where he came from. Chad gets very anxious waiting for Crystal and can't imagine what is taking her so long as she had plenty of time to go to her hotel and get the papers and come back to the club. The manager of the club walks by and Chad asks him if Crystal has come back yet. He explains that she is not here and the last time he saw her she was down at the wharf on her ways back to the club. Chad then remembers TC telling him that there was a shooting at the wharf and hopes it wasn't Crystal. He tells Whitney he has to get to the wharf and find out who the woman was. Whitney runs after Chad.

Charity is praying to God asking him why she gets premonitions as she has another vision of the prom. She tells God that she just wants to go to prom and dance with Miguel and laugh and have fun wish her friends and that she doesn't want people to talk about her behind her back and make fun of her anymore. She also thanks God that she has a boyfriend as sweet and loving as Miguel who has saved her life many times. She says that Miguel never makes fun of her for having premonitions, he only tries to comfort her. She knows that Miguel could have any girl and she is very happy that he chose her but she doesn't know how long he will be able to continue to worry about her and have to listen to her crazy premonitions. She then tells God that she doesn't know what her future holds but she trusts in Him, before going to sleep. After she is asleep she gets up and sleep walks to Tabitha's house and down to the basement.

Tabitha's House:
The noises from the basement are getting louder and Tabitha and Timmy think that this is the end. Timmy puts chairs and tables in front of the door but Tabitha tells him that it will not stop the forces from destroying them. Grace is still outside calling for Tabitha. Finally Grace lets herself in and beings looking for Tabitha. Timmy tells Tabitha that he hears Grace Bennett. Tabitha is not to happy about having Grace in her house. She finds Grace and Grace gives her a hug and thanks God that she is all right. She asks Tabitha what all the noises are. Tabitha at first says that she doesn't hear anything that she has bad hearing. Grace tells her it sounds like a lion in the basement and Tabitha tells her it is only her cat Fluffy trapped in the basement. Grace sees the table shaking and says that it could not be Fluffy. Tabitha quickly covers and says that it is the bad plumbing in her old house. She asks Grace not to tell Sam as he would want to fix the pipes and she wouldn't want to inconvenience him. Grace tells Tabitha it would be no problem and goes to check the pipes herself. Tabitha stops her and telling her that the basement is a complete mess and doesn't want her to see it. Grace says she doesn't mind, but Tabitha insists. She tells Grace thank you for being such a kind neighbor and shoves her out the door. Tabitha and Timmy are glad that Grace is gone and did not go down to the basement. Later Timmy is making Martimmys when they hear something strange, they find that it is Charity sleep walking towards the basement. The tables and chairs move away from the door as Charity stands and watches the door.

The Wharf:
Luis looks at the body and finds that it is Crystal not Sheridan. Hank also looks at the body and is glad that it is not Sheridan either. He tells Luis he is going to call her just to hear her voice. Luis finds Ethan with Theresa and tells him that the woman was not Sheridan but the woman who sings at the Jazz Club. He asks why Theresa is there and she explains she was worried that the woman was Sheridan and also about Luis since he was so upset when he left. Luis tells her that is late and to go home. Later Sheridan comes to the wharf and asks Luis what is going on. Luis smiles at her and is about to hug her when Hank walks up and hugs her and tells her that he was so worried the woman was her. Luis tells Sheridan that she needs a bodyguard, but she tells him that she will get one when she feels that she is in danger. Luis goes on about the drug dealers coming to Harmony to look for her and Sheridan disagrees saying that she isn't a threat to them while in Harmony. Luis says that he doesn't want to do what he is about to but she has left him with no choice. He tells Sheridan that she is under arrest for purposely putting her life in danger as he handcuffs her.

Eve, TC, Sam, and Chad:
Eve is sorry that Crystal is dead but is also thankful that her secret is now safe. TC tells her about the papers she Crystal was bringing Chad and Eve asks what they were about. He tells her they were about Chad's past. Eve wonders if Crystal had the papers on her. Chad shows up and Sam tells him that the woman is Crystal. Chad is very upset. He asks Sam if Crystal had any papers on her because she was on her way to deliver them to him. Sam says everything that she had on her is in the evidence bag and that after they examine all the evidence if their is anything belonging to him he will make sure he gets it. Chad talks with Eve and TC and tells them that no he will never know what Crystal was going to tell him about his parents. Eve asks what he already knows and Chad says nothing she would want to hear as his parents were not upstanding citizens of the community. Eve tells TC that she wants to check the body one last time and tells him to go home and that she will be right behind him. Eve goes to the body and sees a cop with the evidence bag. The cop goes to look for something and leaves the evidence bag on top of the body. Eve looks in the bag and sees an envelope with Chad Harris written on it.

Theresa, Ethan, and Whitney:
After Luis tells Ethan that the body is not Sheridan's, Ethan tells Theresa he needs to get home to Gwen. Theresa's says of course and that she knows that no Gwen is back they probably won't see each other as much. Ethan stares at Theresa for a while and finally says probably not. Then he tells Theresa goodnight and leaves. Whitney then arrives and asks Theresa why she is there. Theresa tells her she was with Ethan. Whitney thinks that Theresa only called Ethan and told him it was Sheridan because she wanted to be with him. Theresa explains the phone call Luis got and Hank telling her that is where he left Sheridan. Theresa tells Whitney that she has given up on Ethan. She says she only needed a little more time to realize he loves her but it is too late, Gwen is back for good. She also tells Whitney she knows that she is in love with Chad but Whitney says she just feels sorry for him. She says she doesn't want to be in love because she sees how miserable Theresa is. but she also realizes that her Mom and dad and grace and Sam are happily married and in love. She says that she wants that kind of love when she is older. The only thing she cares about right now is Tennis.

Ethan and Gwen:
Ethan comes home and explains to Gwen that he thought Sheridan was shot at the wharf. Gwen is happy that it is not Sheridan and if it was then she would have stayed in Harmony. Ethan asks her what she means and she tells him she has to leave again on business. Gwen tells Ethan that he needs to spend more time with Theresa while she is away finalizing the plans for the wedding. Ethan has flashbacks of him and Theresa dancing. He tells Gwen that he cannot live without her and begs her to stay in Harmony and get someone else to finish the project. Gwen does not want to disappoint her family and says that the company's future depends on this deal. She asks what is wrong and what happened while she was away. Ethan tells her that he just realized that absence does make the heart grow fonder and knows now just how much he loves her. Gwen is happy to hear it. She goes to type a memo to New York and Ethan asks her what is more important to her, her career or him. Gwen realizes that Ethan is serious and Ethan tells her that he is very serious.

Wednesday, May 31, 2000

Eve manages to take the file on Chad's parents from Crystal's belongings, but faces a new problem when Sam tells Chad the murder investigation may uncover new evidence concerning his past. Later, TC comes upon Eve as she is about to read Crystal's file on Chad. Meanwhile, Theresa encourages Whitney to admit her feelings for Chad and reach out to him.

Ethan, who can't stop thinking of Theresa, is caught off-guard when Gwen announces she knows the reason why he is resisting her return to work. However, she wrongly assumes Ethan is worried about fate coming between them in her absence, which she claims won't happen. Later, Gwen asks Ethan to continue working on the wedding with Theresa while she's gone, which makes him uncomfortable.

As Charity, who's still in a trance, starts to enter the basement, Tabitha gloats to Timmy that Charity is no match for the evil forces and will be killed before coming into her full powers. Later, the three demons escape the basement and prepare to kill an unknowing Charity.

Luis arrests a shocked and livid Sheridan for refusing to get a bodyguard, thus putting herself and others in danger. Later, at the police station, Sheridan struggles to prove Luis wrong by insisting there is no threat to her life in Harmony. At the same time, Antoine prepares to shoot her.

Thursday, June 1, 2000

Chad thanks Whitney for her support. He hopes information on his parents turns up in the investigation into Crystal's death. Whitney does her best to restore Chad's hopes.

Gwen thanks Theresa, Ethan's been especially loving to her since she's been back and she's sure it's due to Theresa's influence. Ethan squirms at Gwen's comments. Theresa tries to conceal her joy when Gwen tells her she's going out of town again and won't be back until right before the wedding. In private, Ethan admits to Chad he's been having fantasies of Theresa.

Kay can't believe her eyes as she watches Charity floating in the night sky. She grabs a video camera so she can prove to everyone what a freak Charity is. Kay starts filming and is stunned yet again when she spots Timmy running around the yard trying to catch Charity with a trampoline. As the winds holding Charity up begin to die down, Timmy panics that Charity will fall to the ground and die. To Tabitha's chagrin, a heavenly white light saves Charity and carries her safely to her bedroom. Kay comes to the conclusion that Charity is an alien, and she can hardly wait to expose her cousin. Meanwhile, the white light attacks Tabitha.

While Luis and Hank aren't paying attention, Sheridan attempts to sneak out of the police station, not knowing Antoine is waiting outside to shoot her. Sam questions Luis about his motives for arresting Sheridan. He encourages Luis to acknowledge how much Sheridan means to him. Hank worries Luis and Sheridan are still in love.

Friday, June 2, 2000

Ethan is surprised, but relieved to find Sheridan with a bodyguard. While Antoine lurks outside the Crane mansion, Sheridan insists she's not in danger. Antoine takes aim at Sheridan, but her bodyguard unknowingly gets in the way. Later, Sheridan unwittingly places herself in danger. At the police station, Sam encourages Luis to figure out if he is in love with Sheridan.

A suspicious Theresa notices Whitney and Chad acting differently around each other. Whitney grudgingly admits Chad kissed her on the cheek. Theresa is even more convinced Whitney is in love with Chad. Whitney still refuses to acknowledge her feelings, but makes a slip about how she really feels. Whitney turns cold on Chad to prove she doesn't love him.

Later, Theresa tells Whitney she's sure Ethan will realize his feelings for her while they check out a romantic island resort for his honeymoon.

Meanwhile, Ethan confesses to Sheridan about thinking of Theresa while making love to Gwen. Sheridan advises her nephew to check out the honeymoon resort alone and leave Theresa behind. Ethan prepares to tell Theresa he's going by himself when an excited Theresa shows up on his doorstep ready to go.

Eve mourns Crystal, but has to cover her feelings in front of TC. Meanwhile, Sam finds a connection between Crystal and another Harmony resident.

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