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Passions Recaps: The week of May 22, 2000 on PS
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Monday, May 22, 2000

Kay and Simone are at the Book Cafe discussing Chad and Miguel as per usual. Kay tells her that she won't help her get Chad if she doesn't help with Charity's prom from hell. They decide to join Chad when he meets with Crystal. He isn't sure that it's a good idea for them to join him at the
Jazz club, but later relents.

Whitney and Theresa arrive at the club and meet Crystal. Theresa asks her to sing a special song to make the guy that she has loved all her life realize that he loves her, also. Crystal agrees to sing it. When she meets Whitney, she asks her if she is related to Dr. Eve Russell. Whitney tells her that it's her mother. Crystal pretends that she only knows Eve as a doctor. Whitney tells her that her mother would never be caught dead at a jazz club. Crystal realizes that Eve has managed to hide her past from her family..

Eve, TC, Grace and Sam are having dinner at the Lobster Shack. Eve seems to be preoccupied, and TC believes that she is thinking about the patient who gave her baby up. Eve flashes back to when she gave up her own child. She is interrupted by a phone call from Ivy, who threatens to show TC thee
photos of her and Julian if Eve doesn't succeed in helping her get back with Sam. Eve hangs up on Ivy as TC blindfolds her. He tells her that they are going to a special place.

At the Crane Mansion, Sheridan and Ethan are discussing Luis. Sheridan wishes that she could drop the charges against him, but fears that it is too late. Ethan tells her that he will see what he can do about getting the charges dropped. When he returns, he tells her that Julian had already taken care of everything, which makes Sheridan wonder why he would go to so much trouble since he hates Luis. Julian tells her that Alastair toldd
him to take care of things because he didn't want the publicity.

AT the Youth Center, Hank and Luis are discussing Sheridan. He tells Hank that the charges against him were dropped by Julian with strings attached. He said that he was supposed to stay away from her and he believes that it is what Sheridan wanted. He later runs into her at the pier, and she tells him that they need to talk and get everything out in the open..

At the Jazz Club, Kay and Simone arrive and see Whitney talking with Chad. Simone and Kay are convinced that Whitney has feelings for Chad, but she denies it. Whitney accuses Simone of deliberately disobeying Eve by being at the Jazz Club with Chad. Ethan shows up and Whitney decides to leave, but Theresa begs her not to. She tells Ethan that their plans for Whitney and Chad would have been ruined if Whitney had left. Ethan agrees. TC, Eve, Sam, and Grace arrive and bartender hands Eve a glass of white wine. TC demands to know how he knew that Eve liked white wine. Eve looks at the bartender pleadingly and he says that she just looks like a white wine woman. Eve thinks that Crystal has left town so her secrets are safe. Chad is still trying to get information out of Crystal about his mother. She tells him that she will talk to him later, and then she spots Eve at the bar.

Tuesday, May 23, 2000

Kay warns Simone that Theresa is working hard to create sparks between Chad and Whitney. At the jazz club, Eve hisses at Crystal to leave Harmony at once. Unnerved to spot his sister in close conversation with Luis, Julian quietly warns the policeman that he'll find himself behind bars once again if he doesn't keep up his end of their bargain. Ivy is irked to realize that Eve lied to her about Sam's plans for the evening. A frustrated Chad pressures Crystal for the name of his birth mother but she continues to stonewall. Later, Eve slips backstage and pleads with Crystal to cancel her performance. Kay and Simone panic upon discovering that both sets of their parents are in attendance at the club. Meanwhile, Ivy plops herself down at the Bennetts and Russells' table as Crystal launches into her first set. Pierre orders his man in Harmony to put an immediate hit on Sheridan. Eve calls Ivy's bluff, then counters with a threat of her own.

Wednesday, May 24, 2000

Miguel tires to reassure Charity when she recalls her premonition about impeding disaster on the prom boat. He points out how safe the boat is and how all the kids in Harmony grew up around water and on boats. Later, as Charity and Miguel discuss ways to rid the world of evil, her growing powers cause the things Charity says to actually happen to a horrified Tabitha.

Ivy is shocked when Eve tells her the blackmail is over because she has decided to tell TC everything about her past. Eve later changes her mind when Ivy plays on her fears about Simone and Whitney following in their mother's footsteps. Meanwhile, Sam and Grace take Simone and Kay home after catching the girls at the jazz club. Kay and Simone are devastated when they are grounded and told they cannot attend the prom. Ivy manipulates things so she can spend time with Sam.

Chad anxiously awaits to speak with Crystal, who tells him not only were his parents not married, but they were involved in an interracial relationship.

Ethan is affected by dancing with Theresa at the jazz club. When he spots a leering Julian, Ethan becomes all too aware of what he is feeling and leaves the club. This causes Theresa to realize Ethan does indeed have feelings for her.

Thursday, May 25, 2000

Sam declines Ivy's proposal of spending one night together. He reasserts his life is with Grace and his family. Frustrated with not being able to get through to Ivy, Sam gets rough with her. Grace walks in and is shocked by Sam's behavior. Later, Grace confronts Ivy about a secret affair. Sam walks in and finds his wife close to tears.

Chad reels after learning his white father wouldn't marry his mother because she was black. An angry Chad vows to make his father pay. Whitney comforts Chad and the two fight their unspoken desire.

While dreaming about Theresa, Ethan pulls a woman into his bed. Ethan, thinking he's making love to Theresa, finally pulls back and says it's not right. He's startled when he realizes he was kissing Gwen, who has just returned to Harmony. While Ethan and Gwen share a shower, Theresa slips into Ethan's bed, unaware he already has a bed companion for the night.

Unable to get Sheridan off his mind, Luis seeks advice from Sam about the Cranes. Meanwhile, Sheridan wanders around the wharf thinking about Luis.

Fearing Eve is hurt, TC tries to bust down the door to the ladies room. Eve and Julian become frantic about TC catching them together. Eve decides to confess to TC about her past with Julian and lets him in the restroom.

Friday, May 26, 2000

Eve worries Crystal will expose her past. Crystal stands up to Julian when he threatens her to keep quiet about the past. Eve overreacts when she spots Whitney at the jazz club without Ethan and Theresa. Chad is able to slip away before Eve sees him with Whitney. Julian fears Crystal will reveal his relationship with Eve when TC approaches her. Crystal tells TC she has many secrets to reveal, secrets that can destroy a lot of people in Harmony. Later, Crystal tells Chad she's going to her hotel room to retrieve papers about his parents. She promises to tell him his parents' names when she gets back.

Theresa is horrified when she realizes Gwen is in the shower. She is frozen in place as an oblivious Ethan and Gwen kiss and fall onto the bed. As Ethan and Gwen begin to make love, Theresa slips off the bed. She manages to escape from the bedroom undetected, but not before she is forced to hear Ethan and Gwen declare their love for one another. A devastated Theresa sobs in the hallway, where Ethan and Gwen catch her.

Luis fantasizes about kissing Sheridan. Hank and Sheridan interrupt, and Luis is tempted to tell Sheridan he was thinking of her. However, the two end up bickering. Antoine spots the threesome on the wharf and aims his gun at Luis and Sheridan.

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