One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 22, 2000 on OLTL

Viki accepted Ben's marriage proposal. Bo learned that Matthew might be his son. Nora saw Melanie and called out for Lindsay. Melanie asked Colin for a separation. R.J. sued Bo. Ben headed to Cherryvale after Viki told him she thought she'd seen Nora.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 22, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, May 22, 2000

Renee explains to Max that he doesn't understand how much the lies have cost her emotionally. She assures him that she will find her true son. She goes to Sam to get more information about the investigation the he and Nora did in Las Vegas without letting on that Max isn't Asa's son. Sam gives Renee the file with all the paperwork on the lost Buchanan heir. Meanwhile Max convinces Asa not to write the rest of his family out of his will. He tells Asa that Bo and Clint are only staying away because of him and to give them time to come around.

Ben explains to Viki that he has always loved her through everything he has been going through the last three months. Viki responds by saying that her love for him will never change even if he is Asa's son. Viki finally has an understanding of the turmoil this discovery has caused Ben. He wants another chance at their relationship, and she agrees. Viki comes clean about her cancer, and Ben lets her know that he isn't just coming back because she is sick. The two reunite!

Nora attempts to reach Sam on the telephone. At first he thinks it is Will, but soon believes it is Nora. Before Sam can be sure who it is, Nora drops the phone and a nurse comes into her room and hangs it up. Melanie tells Sam she works at the Cherryvale clinic so he shows her a picture of Nora in hopes she will look for Nora at the clinic. Sam also gives Melanie advice about her marriage; he thinks they should try a trial separation.

Lindsay struggles to tell Bo the truth about the paternity test switch. Bo doesn't know if he can handle anymore "truths". Lindsay blurts out, "Mathew might not be Sam's, he may be your son." Lindsay begs for his forgiveness, and tells him that she now has to go to Sam and ask for another paternity test. Bo loudly responds, "No way in hell!"

TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2000

Outside Llanfair, Jessica and Kevin talk. Jess hopes that Viki and Ben are together somewhere. Kevin comments that she would hope so, being the incurable romantic that she is. He tells her that he was worried about her after the train crash. The only reason he didn't go after her was because Antonio told him he shouldn't be sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. He warns Jessica that if she is hiding Will, it is dangerous for her. She could face jail time, and that's the last thing their mother needs. Jessica is aggravated and tells Kevin not to use their mother to lecture her. Kevin reminds her that she's breaking the law, and she's not doing it for love, no matter what she says. Kelly appears and tells Kevin to stop it. She agrees with Jess—when you love someone, you're willing to go to the distance for them. She would sacrifice for Joey. Kevin says that it's different; Jessica disagrees. She is committed to Will and loves him. Kevin asks about Cristian, and Jess insists that she loves him, too. Kelly is quick to say that it happens, but at some point you have to figure out who it is you really love. Jessica doesn't understand how she'll know. Joey walks in and breaks in by saying that "you just know." He never had a doubt about Kelly. Kelly has a nervous expression on her face as Joey says that Kelly must not have had any doubts, either, since she married him. Later, they all move inside, and the doorbell rings. Jessica answers and finds Lindsay there. Jessica immediately says she doesn't know where Will is. Lindsay tells her that she knows everything and is just grateful that Jessica took care of Will. She tells Jess about the governor overturning Will's sentence. Will can come home in just a few days. Lindsay gives Jessica money to buy things for Will and leaves her with a message for her son—that she loves him. She leaves, and Jessica returns to her family. Kevin asks if everything is all right. Jessica insists that everything is, but she needs to go run an errand. She rushes out. Kevin and Joey are worried about their sister, but Kelly says that she is a big girl who can make her own decisions. Kevin leaves to go check on something.

Ben and Viki go up to the attic in Llanfair. Ben tells Viki that just as she took care of him in this room, he will take care of her now. He has a lot to make him, since he should've been there for her. Viki tells him that he was there, every time she needed him. Ben asks her how she is feeling now. Viki says that she feels wonderful now, and Ben asks her to dance. After they share a dance, he tells her that they will be doing a lot of dancing in the future. Viki remembers the reopening day of Crossroads, when Ben painted her a picture of their future. She didn't believe him then, but now she is beginning to. Ben asks her to close her eyes and he repaints the picture for her, describing the Florida beach. He stops and asks her to marry him. Viki says sadly that a lot has to happen before they can live that dream. Ben promises her that they won't lose this cancer battle and she will never feel lost again. Viki says she believes him. Ben repeats his question, and Viki tells him that she loves him and agrees to marry him.

Cristian returns to the cabin with food and finds Will packing his things. Will explains that he's taking off. Cristian doesn't think it's a good idea for him to leave; Will has no money, is being hunted for by the police, and he can't just leave Jess. At the mention of Jessica, Will explains that she is the reason he has to leave now—he wouldn't be able to leave after looking into her eyes. He thinks he should be on his own now, since he's almost back to normal. Cristian thinks he hears something outside and leaves Will to go check. When he comes back, he finds that Will has disappeared. He finds Will soon after and brings him back, much to Will's chagrin. Will wants to leave, but Cris won't let him until he tells Jessica. Will agrees that he should tell her, even though he knows she will try to make him change his mind. He'll just shut out her words, he decides, and take one long look at her face, since it's the last time he'll ever see it. Later, while they sit waiting for Jessica to return, Will thanks Cristian for everything. He tells his enemy that he was wrong about him in a lot of ways. Jessica returns then, interrupting their talk. She happily informs Will that he's going to be free—legally—and hugs him.

Melanie tells Colin that there is no other man. Colin challenges her, asking about the man she danced with at the Cherryvale Inn. She pretends not to know what he is talking about, but he informs her that his friend who works at the inn told him that she was there dancing with someone. Melanie insists that this has nothing to do with her reasons for wanting a separation. She has been thinking about this for a long time. Colin is doubtful, reminding her that there were a lot of nights when "splitting up was the last thing on your mind." Melanie tells him that reality was always there waiting. Colin then tells her that the guy she dance with showed up looking for her. Melanie is surprised and insists that she danced with a complete stranger. Colin tells her he knows her name now, but wouldn't leave his when he talked to him. Melanie reiterates her decision that they should separate. He doesn't want her to give up on them, but she says that it's either that or give up on herself. He comments that she has always been "insecure and jealous." Melanie confidently says that she's not anymore. She's done crying now. Colin tells her that he will change if she gives him the chance, but she doesn't see the point. She can't take it anymore. Colin believes that she can forgive him, and why not sooner, rather than later? Melanie says that it gets harder as the betrayals pile up. Colin calls those mistakes. "I'm just a weak fool who risked the center of his life. I love you. I can't live without you," he tells her, and Melanie noticeably weakens. She lets him kiss her, but pulls away before things get very far. "I can't get suckered into this again," she tells him. Colin tells her that he loves her, she has to believe that. Melanie does, but his kind of love hurts her too much. She will be out of the house by the time he gets home. Colin doubts that she will be able to do it. She'll get home, start packing her bags, and remember what they put into planning for their home. "A home where promise after promise was broken," Melanie says. Colin says that some were kept. She's agnry now, but she won't be able to walk out of his life for good. Melanie wordlessly walks out.

Bo tells Lindsay that there is no way he will ask Sam to go through another paternity test. Jeff Barnes knows the truth. Lindsay reminds him that Jeff is gone. Bo doesn't want to think about what it would mean if he was Matthew's father. This is his decision to make, and he thinks Sam should be Matthew's father. He tells Lindsay that Nora would want what was best for Matthew. Lindsay asks if that would be for him to stay with Sam. She is doubtful, since Nora wanted the truth. Lindsay let the truth out in the open because she felt like she owed it to Nora. Bo agrees that it is good to have it out in the open, but it doesn't make it easier. He leaves to go to the police station. Alone, Lindsay sees Nora appear before her. Nora is upset at Lindsay for her actions. Lindsay says that though Bo is upset now, in the end, he would want to know the truth. She already feels like Matthew is Bo's. Nora seems to think that Lindsay would change the test results again. Lindsay says, more to herself than Nora, that if Matthew is Bo's, Bo will need help raising him. And she is a good mother. Lindsay guesses that Nora can't stand the idea of Lindsay having everything Nora did. She knows she is doing the right thing. She already got things worked out for Will. Now, she needs to make things right after losing her baby by having Nora's—and Bo. She opens the door to leave, and Nora is waiting outside it again. "Does anything ever work out the way you plan?" she asks Lindsay.

At the hospital, Nora is moved into the hallway, where Colin talks to her. Meanwhile, Melanie is just across, telling a nurse that a man may try to reach her, and if he does, to give him her cell phone number. Nora sees Melanie in the background, but instead, sees Lindsay. "Lindsay!" Nora whispers, straining her voice. Colin asks her who she's talking about. "Lindsay Rappaport. Help me, Lindsay," Nora gets out.

At the police department, everyone applauds when Bo returns to work. Bo goes into his office and finds Asa there. He asks his father what he wants, and Asa says he just wants to speak with his son. Bo has already heard all he wants to hear, and now he has work to do. Asa says that the day will come when Bo will want his father back. One day Bo will understand the bond a father and son share, and Asa will still be his old man. Rachel arrives with Matthew, looking for Hank, hoping he will go to the park with them. Jared comes in and says that Hank is in court for the day. He asks how Matthew is, and Rachel says that he's lucky because he's young and doesn't understand. Rachel gives Matthew to his "uncle Bo." Asa comments that they look like a natural fit. Jared offers Rachel company in the park, and the two of them leave with Matthew. Alone, Asa tells Bo, "I just fear for that kid. He's still Nora's baby, no matter who his father is." Bo looks him him sharply before leaving. Later, Bo finds that Asa is still waiting around. "Forget something?" he asks. Asa just doesn't want Bo to forget what he said. Bo doesn't want to remember, much less think about it. Asa says that this is more important than anything he has ever said—a son needs a father. Asa leaves. Outside, he says, "I figured it right, Lindsay. You outsmarted yourself, cut yourself right out of the equation." Bo, in his office, picks up the phone and makes a call requesting a missing-persons on a former Llanview Hospital employee, Jeff Barnes.


Jess and Cris are at Viki's cabin;they have good news for Will. They inform him that the governor has called off the search for him and has had his sentence thrown out. Will can't believe it but screams in delight. The two advise him that since it's not official yet he can't leave the cabin. They decide to have a party to celebrate.

Colin is by Nora's side. He's heard her say Lindsay Rappaport and wants to know how she knows her. Nora is not awake so is unable to answer him. He places a call to Lindsay who doesn't want to see him. She no longer wants to jump when he tells her to and does not want to be involved any longer in his marriage to her sister. He finally persuades her that it's important and she'll come to Cherryvale Clinic when she's ready, not right away as he requests.

Hank lets Bo know that the governor is stepping up the search for Will and they agree that Asa has to be involved in it. He shows him the fax they've received that has gone out to police stations country-wide. Bo wants to tell Hank about Matthew's questionable paternity but as he begins, R.J. storms in with a process server. He is suing both men and the police commissioner's office for 20 million dollars in a civil suit. Roseanne stands nearby-she will testify on his behalf. Suddenly, Antonio steps up because he's heard about the suit and he will testify that they're both lying. Bo mentions that Nora always thought that R.J. was a good guy but it's a good thing she's not around to see otherwise. Roseanne is there to file a missing person's report on Cris but Antonio doesn't think she should. He doesn't know exactly where he is but knows he'll be home and that he's ok. R.J. wants him to butt out of the whole thing. As Roseanne tries to file the report, the cop realizes who she is and! won't do it for her. He tells her to come back tomorrow. As Roseanne is left alone, Sophia wanders over. She's heard everything that's been going on and she "unofficially" lets Rosie know that Cris may be at Viki's cabin. They talk unkindly of Jess.

Colin arrives home in search of Lanie. She's got her bags packed and is ready to move out. She knows he can't change, no matter what he says. His patients may trust him but she can't. She should have left him after he slept with Lindsay!!

At the police station, Lindsay comes by to speak with Bo. She reiterates that she told Jeff Barnes not to change the paternity test. He believes her but he should have known sooner. He has begun to look for the former lab technician. He admits that things will be a mess if he turns out to be Matthew's father. Lindsay spots the wanted poster of Will and informs Bo that the situation has changed. The governor is calling off the search. Feeling bad, Bo tells her on the contrary, the governor has made the search a top priority and the flyer that he has is brand new, just received. When Lindsay tells him that she got her facts straight from the governor himself and Asa, they realize that she was set up. Lindsay is extremely upset but when Bo offers to take care of it, Lindsay insists on speaking to Asa herself.

Nora lays in the hospital, thinking of Matthew.

A new janitor, cleaning up, spies the old flyer that shows an unidentified woman(Nora)in the hospital. Without looking at it, Sophia tells him to put it on Bo's desk, along with another folder that she hands him.

Will goes off to take a shower, after the trio has soaked each other with bottles of apple cider. As Cris and Jess talk to each other, Roseanne spies on them from outside.

Lindsay storms into Asa's office with the new flyer. He snidely tells her that he already has his copy and that she was too easy to double-cross. The governor was told she was crazy which was why he went along with the plan to say that Will would be able to come home. She grabs a letter opener and threatens Asa with it.

Antonio is looking for Roseanne at the police station. Sophia tells him he should know where she is. Bo asks to see him in his office.

Thursday, MAY 25, 2000

Colin and Melanie's House

As Colin continues pressuring Melanie to stay with him, he accuses her of sleeping with the first stranger she could find just to pay him back and wonders how that makes it better than his indiscretions. Melanie tells him that her behavior "wasn't pathological." She takes great pleasure in advising Colin that her one night with a stranger (Bo) made her feel more "needed, wanted and respected" than he had in the last five years of their marriage. To this, Colin muses that "I should have decked him when I had the chance." When Colin angrily suggests that Melanie take out a personal ad to find her mystery man and describes her as "Blonde and waiting," Melanie slaps him. A repentant Colin apologizes. "I deserved that. I'm sorry. I've done awful things to you, but that doesn't make what you did...hurt any less...I don't want to lose you...I love you..." Melanie believes him but is not swayed in her conviction to leave Colin. She explains that she is not leaving Colin "for" her my! stery man, but she is indeed leaving "because" of him.

Viki's Cabin

Roseanne peeks in the window and sees Will with Jessica and Cristian. Inside, Will is excited to be "free" and sings the praises of his mother for going to the governor. Allowing that Lindsay would do anything for her children, he tells Jessica that she "would probably kill for us if she had to." Will wonders how he will know when he can "resurface" so Cristian agrees to go back to Llanview to "nose around" for news. Alone again, Will tells Jess that he loves her which makes Jessica uncomfortable. Feeling that the "hiding out" will be over soon, Jessica wants Will to understand she hasn't been "leading him on in any way." Will takes this to mean that Jessica loves Cristian, which she confirms, but she confides that she loves Will, too. "I know it's incredibly selfish of me but...I can't help it...I love both of you."

Asa's Office in the Mansion

Lindsay continues threatening Asa with the letter opener. She wants to "stab him in his mean old heart and watch the life just ooze out of him because he double-crossed me." She theorizes that she could kill him, plead insanity and get off because Sam would help her but Max foils her plan when he sneaks up from behind and wrestles the weapon away. Asa is amused by the turn of events and thanks Max for saving his life. Asa gloats that Will soon will be in custody but Lindsay threatens if that happens, Asa will "have more to lose than I will" including "that precious little package we discussed." When Max has left the room, Lindsay advises Asa that "this deal is off" but Asa declares he is "not going to be satisfied until I claim Matthew as a Buchanan." Lindsay lies to Asa about telling Bo that he is Matthew's father, but Asa bluffs that he knows she already told him because of the way he looked at Matthew when Rachel brought him to the police station. Lindsay doesn't bac! k down though because she still figures that Bo hates Asa's guts and "I'm gonna make sure it stays that way...Bo and I won't let you near our son...I'm gonna marry Bo...that will make me the mother of his child which is the way that it was always supposed to be. No one is gonna stand in my way this time. Not you. Not anyone." This tirade only convinces Asa that Lindsay indeed "took a trip to the looney bin" and he reminds her that no matter who the father is, "Matthew is Nora's son, not yours." Lindsay answers her cell phone and tells Colin that she will meet him at Cherryvale but that he had better not be wasting her time. As she leaves Asa's office, Asa again reminds her that "It's Nora's baby, not yours." But Lindsay tells him, "Nora's dead."

Later, Asa shares the "bombshell" with Max that Bo is Matthew's father and that "dumber than dirt" Lindsay is manipulating Bo to keep him away from his grandson. Asa thinks that Bo knows the news of his paternity but wants it kept quiet just in case he doesn't. Max is thrilled at the possibility of "total destruction" of the RappaDavidsons, especially Sam, and promises that "together we can figure out the best way to use this" information. Asa promises that "once Bo has him, in time, he'll be mine...for now we sit and pray and hope that kook doesn't blow it...having Nora's son will mean everything to Bo."

Bo's Office at Llanview PD

Bo picks up the file containing Antonio's statement about the incident with R.J. but he doesn't see the fax about identifying "Jane Doe" (Nora) under another file on his desk. Bo advises Antonio that he would be committing perjury if he signed the statement as it is, but Antonio refuses to change his testimony because he feels that Bo was provoked into his actions and he is "sick and tired of R.J. and people like him manipulating the system." Bo thinks he has a "better idea" for Antonio and shares some memories of Drew as a police officer. He then suggests that Antonio join the academy to train as a police officer because they always "need young people who are tired of seeing the bad guys win." When Antonio agrees to "think about it," Bo confides that he has a feeling R.J. has something else "big beyond this lawsuit" and he could use Antonio's help with it. Cristian interrupts their conversation to ask if the governor was really going to "tear up" Will's sentence and is n! ot pleased to hear Bo's explanation that this was just "another one of Asa's cruel jokes" and that the manhunt for Will is still underway. Bo advises Cris that he could be considered an accessory if he doesn't tell where Will is, but Cristian doesn't give Will up. "...If he's not dead, I don't know where he is...That's all I have to say." After Cristian leaves, Antonio offers his brother as the reason he can't become a cop. "I'm not arresting my own brother." Bo figures that this means Antonio doesn't believe what Cris said about Will's whereabouts and he surprises Antonio when he concurs that Cristian was lying but decides to let that be someone else's problem. Outside Bo's office, Roseanne has been eavesdropping and approaches Cristian to ask him to come home to her because of their deal. She reminds him that she hasn't gone running to her lawyer yet; her one request is that "I want one night with you." Cristian doesn't think one night will change anything because "it's ! in the mortgage on the Mom works too hard anyway." Cristian leaves and Roseanne turns to see Antonio and Jared in the squad room. She tells Jared that her "husband and Jessica Buchanan are hiding Will Rappaport" and she knows where they are.

Sam and Nora's House

Sam apologizes to Matthew for letting him down by not finding Nora when he had promised that to his son. He now promises that "even if we don't find your Mom, you won't ever lose me. I will always be your Dad." Later, when Jared brings Rachel by to tell Sam that she is returning to Chicago, they talk about strong ESP – Rachel and Matthew's and Sam and Nora's. When Sam gets choked up and confides to Jared that "I don't know what I'm gonna do by myself," Jared reminds him that he has friends and most of all, he and Matthew have each other. Before she leaves, Sam gives Rachel Nora's engagement ring. Rachel takes this as a sign that Sam has accepted that Nora is "gone." Sam seems to still be conflicted about his "feeling she wasn't gone" but has decided to "be content seeing Nora in Matthew's eyes...and your eyes." Rachel puts the ring on and thanks Sam for loving her mother so much. He assures her, "That was the easy part." After they leave, a lonely Sam asks for Nora to ! "help me out here" and the doorbell rings. Melanie stands at the door with her suitcase and announces, "I've left him...I didn't know where else to go..." Sam is pleased that Melanie had the courage to leave Colin this time and offers her a place to stay for as long as she needs. Melanie isn't sure where the courage came from because, as she explains, "I love him so much...and I had to say goodbye to him." Sam sighs at the irony of this statement and asks Melanie to watch Matthew while he goes out. Later, as Melanie reminds herself that she deserves someone better than Colin, the doorbell rings and it is Bo standing on the other side of the door.

Train Crash Site

Sam sits in the woods holding a single white rose. "I love you Nora. I loved you from the moment I met you. I will love you until the day I die...I promise you I will care for our son. I promise you he will know how much his Mommy loved him, and continues to love him and watch over him. I'll make sure he knows everything about you. How your eyes lit up when you were passionate about something. How you defied the odds and succeeded at whatever you put your mind to: Mother, lover, the best damn lawyer I ever worked with. And maybe, when Matthew's older, I'll take him to Chicago and we'll go to Molly's and play darts and have a burger. And since he's got your blood in him, maybe he'll teach me to dance. I will make sure that he never forgets you because I'm sure I won't. I love you Nora and I will love you forever. Goodbye." Sam kisses the rose.

Nora's Hospital Room

Nora thinks she sees Matthew being held by a nurse but when the reality becomes a nurse folding linens near her bed, Nora begins to cry. Thinking she's in pain, the nurse promises that Dr. MacIver will soon be here to increase the dosage of her medication. This upsets Nora even more and she struggles to say "Matthew." When Colin does arrive, he asks Nora who Matthew is, gives her extra pain medication, and then assures her that he has good news: "Someone's coming to see you...someone who knows who you are...the nightmare is almost over." Later, Lindsay shows up and she and Colin trade insults about their sordid past. When Colin wonders how someone "as sweet as Scarlet" could be friends with Lindsay, an exasperated Lindsay threatens to leave. Colin grabs Lindsay and pushes her into Nora's room, explaining that Scarlet is "a patient asking for you...this isn't a game...she used every last bit of her strength to mutter your name...see if you can't help us identify her."

FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2000

Antonio took off to warn Cristian after Roseanne told the police his and Jessica's location. Later, the police barged into the cabin, but found only Antonio. Bo and Melanie opened up to each other about their pasts. Lindsay was shocked by the realization that Nora was alive and refused to let Colin call the police.

Lindsay then promised Colin that she would help him get Melanie back if he would continue to hide Nora. Sophia was accepted into the police academy. Rachel shared a close moment with Jared before leaving Llanview. Ben began to believe that Viki's vision of Nora might have been more than just a dream.

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