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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 22, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, May 15, 2000

Ben is visiting Denise at Bob and Kim's house. They have a long talk about their relationship and what they are going to do about being together. Ben tells Denise that he can't be without her and he wants to marry her. She agrees to marry him, but they have to wait a certain length of time and she won't be able to wear his ring. Ben understands and they hug and kiss. Bob walks in and sees the two kissing. He slips out before they can see him and then as he reenters the kitchen he yells out something to Kim to let Denise and Ben know that he is there. The two part and act like they have not been up to anything. Bob walks in and sees Ben and says that he didn't know he was coming by this morning. Ben makes up an excuse as to why he is there and he must be going to the hospital now. Ben leaves and Denise tells Bob that she has to go take care of Hope. As she is leaving the kitchen, Bob asks her to come back down and talk to him after she is finished with Hope. Later, Denise comes back into the kitchen and tells Bob that she feels like she is being brought into the principles office. Bob tells her about walking in on she and Ben earlier when they were kissing. He explains that he knows that she and Ben have strong feelings for each other, but while Kim is having a hard time with Andy's disappearance, could she not see Ben? Denise tells Bob that she and Ben are once again engaged and she will not be able to stay away from him. She says that she does respect Kim and she won't display her affection for Ben in public.

At the Java Underground, Lisa is sitting at the bar having a drink and Isaac come over to her and asks how his favorite high roller is doing? As they are chatting, Emily walks in with her latest edition of her "magazine." Isaac asks her if she is making home deliveries of her "rag." Emily tells them how she is going to turn "The Intruder" around and make it a reputable paper. Isaac and Lisa laugh at her. Lisa sees Tom walk in and she goes over to him. They discuss Emily and her buying "The Intruder." Tom asks Lisa to come home with him and spend some time with the boys. She says that she wants to go into the back room and do some gambling. Tom tells her that she has been spending too much time gambling. At that moment, Rolland Jefferies comes up to Lisa and says that he has been looking for her. Lisa introduces Rolland to Tom and Tom tells her that he knows his name, he put him in jail last year. Tom accuses Rolland of buddying up to his mother to get back at him. Tom and Lisa start to leave and Rolland makes another remark. Tom turns around and Rolland takes a swing at him. Tom ducks and then he punches Rolland. Isaac and some of the waiters pull Tom off of Rolland. Emily is watching everything that is going on. Isaac makes Rolland leave and then he walks over to Emily, who is already starting to write the story. Isaac tells her that she doesn't have any proof that anything happened. Isaac walks away and Emily looks up at the security camera. She takes out her cell phone and calls in an emergency call that there is a fight going on at Java Underground. When Hal and some other policemen show up, Isaac and some of his bouncers go over to talk to Hal. Emily sneaks in the back to get the security tape. Isaac convinces Hal that everything is under control. Lisa asks who would have called in the disturbance and Isaac mutters "Emily." Emily comes walking up with that smile on her face and she tells Isaac that he really has a hopping place here. Tom tells her that she had better not make something out of the incident that just happened. She flashes him that smile and says, "What are you talking about?" Isaac leaves to go to the back room to get the security tape for Hal. When he returns, he tells Hal that someone had stolen the tape. Hal says that he will get some eye witnesses to talk to him. Isaac tells Tom that his security guy had said that he just put in a new tape that morning. Emily slips out the front door, but before she goes out the door, she opens her purse and pulls out a tape and looks at it, then she leaves. A little while later, Ben comes in the front door of Java Underground and most of the people have left and there is no music playing. Ben says that this doesn't look like a good sign. Isaac looks up and says that this is the cherry on his night. Ben tells him that he stopped by to tell Isaac about he and Denise being engaged again and it was because of him that he went and talked to her. Isaac has a smart remark to make back at Ben. Ben tells him that he just wanted to thank him. Isaac asks if he is supposed to say your welcome? Ben says that he is family and he wants him to come to the wedding with Camille. Isaac tells Ben that if he wants Camille at the wedding, he will have to ask her himself, they are not speaking at the moment. Ben tells him that if he wants to talk, he will be there for him. Isaac tells him congratulations and they shake hands. Ben says, "Thank you." And Isaac says, "Your welcome."

Simon is trying to get out the door with Rose's headdress. Lily is blocking him and they start to fight over the headdress. From behind a screen, the woman with leopard shoes is pointing a gun at them. The security guard comes running and tries to calm the two down. The gun disappears behind the screen. Rose comes running in and Simon tells her that he will take the headdress to get it repaired. Lily stops him at the door and tells the security guard to take him away and don't let him near Rose. Lily takes the headdress from him and the security guard makes Simon leave. Lily tells Rose that the piece of costume jewelry that she had put in her headdress is not what she thinks it is. Rose tells her that it is a piece of glass. Lily tells her no and takes it over to a mirror and cuts the mirror with the diamond. Rose says that she saw that done in the movie, that means it is a real diamond. Lily tells her that this piece of jewelry will make all her dreams come true. Simon calls Rose to warn her that she is in grave danger. Rose tells him to stop calling her and she hangs up the phone. Rose tells Lily that Simon had said that they are in grave danger. Lily tells Rose that is his way of scaring her and keeping her in his control. They decide to stay in Rose's dressing room for the night with the security guard outside their door. As they are settling in for the night, the lady with the leopard shoes walks up behind the security guard outside their door.

Tuesday, May 23, 2000

Tom walks into Emily's office and sees Daniel asleep in his playpen. He asks Emily why Daniel is not at home in his own bed? Chris is off to the side keeping quiet. Emily informs Tom that she is a single mother and she does not have a wife to hand Daniel off to. She has to work and her mother had to work and her sitter has a sinus infection. She could not leave Daniel alone at home. Daniel wakes up when he hears his parents fighting. Emily picks him and tells Tom that he has done it now. Tom tells her that he does not want to fight with her, he just came over to ask that she go easy on his family while they are having a hard time with Andy's death. She asks him if they ever went easy on her? He says that she can write whatever she wants about him, but lay off his family. She tells him that she will lay off if he drops the custody suite that he has against her. He says that he can't do that. She tells him that she will write anything she wants. Tom leaves in a huff. Emily tells Chris that she has a great idea. She tells him to listen to this headline, "Hughes Family At War: Prominent family in battle over son's death" Chris tells her that she can't do that. She tells him that he can't push her around. She says that she is tired of him and he can just leave. She adds that he is fired! As Chris walks by her he tells her that there is a reason that she is always alone. As he walks out, Emily starts to cry. Later, Chris comes back after he has gather his things and when he walks into Emily office he sees that she has been crying. She tries to explain to him how hard it is for her being a single mother. He tells her that he has been watching her and he admires her. She says that he just wants his job back. He tells her that he can get a job anywhere. He says that she does work hard and people just don't see it. She hugs him and says that he is the only one that believes in her.

Molly walks into WOAK studio and turns on the lights. Kim is sitting at the anchor desk. She asks Molly what she is doing there? Molly explains that she is trying to get her memory back. Kim tells her to just stay away from her. As Kim walks by to leave, Molly tells her that she read about Andy. She tells Kim that she remembers that she hurt Andy. Kim says that she did and she just doesn't want her anywhere near her. Molly says that she is sorry for hurting Andy, but she can't make up for that she knows. She tells Kim to not give up on Andy. Kim turns and looks at her. She asks Molly why did she say that? Molly says that miracles happen everyday, look at her. Molly goes on to say that a couple of weeks ago, she was in a coma and everyone had given up on her. Kim tells her about her family giving up and telling her to give up too. Molly tells her to keep believing that Andy is alive. Kim says that she would have never guessed that Molly, of all people, would have made her feel better about Andy. The two women hug and Kim tells her, "Thank you.";

Ben and Denise are celebrating their nuptials in bed. They talk about how happy they are and Denise says that she does not want to move from the bed. She tells Ben that she does have to go get Hope. She says that they will have to get a hotel room because her apartment is still a mess. He tells her that they will both go to the Hughes to get Hope and they will bring her back to his apartment. She tells him that she doesn't think that is a good idea. He says that he doesn't care anymore what people think, he just wants to start their life together. Denise gives in and agrees..

At the Hughes, Kim is giving Hope a late night snack. Denise walks in and tells Kim that she is there to get their things and go stay with friends. Kim grabs her and begs her not to go. She apologizes to Denise for the things that she had said to her. Kim says that she just can't be without Hope and she asks for them to stay a few more days. Denise gives in and Kim takes Hope upstairs to bed. After she is gone, Denise motions out the door for Ben to come in. She tells him what Kim has asked and he doesn't want to go along with it. She tells him that she feels that she and Hope need to stay a few more days. Ben finally agrees and says that they can't tell anyone about their marriage yet. He gives her a kiss and leaves..

Shots are being fired at Simon, Lily and Rose. Simon ducks down behind the stairs and Lily and Rose run off to the side of the stage. Lily tells Rose that they need to split up and Rose says that she is not going to leave her. Lily tells Rose to meet her in Oakdale. Her family is there and they will protect them. Lily takes the fake diamond and sticks it in Rose's pocket. Lily runs out of the theater. Rose starts to run the opposite direction and she runs into Simon. She is trying to get away from Simon and one of the bullets hits the rope holding a sandbag up and it falls and hits Rose in the head. She is knocked out cold. Simon is trying to get her to come to, but he doesn't know if it is Lily or Rose. He hears someone coming and picks her up and runs out with her. Simon takes Rose to an abandoned box car. He tries to get her to wake up. He decides that this would be the perfect time to search her. He checks her pockets and comes up with the diamond. Then as he looks at it, he realizes that it is a fake. He throws the fake diamond across the box car. He is yelling at an unconscious Rose and the box car door closes and he hears a train horn blow. He runs to the door and starts yelling, but it is too late, the train starts to go..

At the hotel, Holden has the hotel manager let him into Lily's room. As he is searching the room, he finds Simon's luggage. He tells the hotel manager that he will wait for his wife in her room. After the manager leaves, Lily comes running down the hall and she is hysterical. She is fumbling around trying to find her keys. The security guard comes up behind her and scares her. She starts telling him about the gunshots down in the theater. The hotel room door opens and Holden walks out and Lily jumps from being scared. She hugs Holden and they go into the room. Lily starts telling him about the gunshots and he calls the police. Holden is trying to asks her questions about the gunshots, but she doesn't want to tell him about Rose. Holden finally comes out and asks if she is having an affair with Simon. She tells him that she is not having an affair with Simon. She explains about Simon and the diamond. She tells him that it was a mistake coming to Atlantic City. She start to cry and falls into his arms and asks him to take her home, where it is safe.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2000

by Meredith Thompson

Abigail tells Emily that Chris is too good a writer to be working at the Intruder. Jennifer invites Bryant to come over once her parents leave. Barbara shows Hal a package addressed to Parker--it's from Paris. Julia tells Jack she's wary of being burnt by him again. Hal reads with dismay the card Carly sent with the pacakge--she's planning on coming back soon.

Chris divulges to Abigail that he's really working for Emily to help Tom win custody of Daniel. Barbara vows to protect Parker from Carly. You're the one that I want, Jack vows to Julia, and praises her for keeping him honest. While Julia ponders whether they should slow things down or not, Jack grabs her for a kiss.

Katie calls Kim to a meeting where she tells her that Molly might be coming back to work and asks her to prevent it. A frazzled Barbara orders Jennifer to nix her plans and babysit Parker. Hal goes over to Jack's and tells him he has news of Carly. Barbara sees Bryant and realizing what Jennifer's plans were, she invites Bryant to stay. Jack fills in Julia about Carly's possible return but insists he wants nothing to do with her if she does.

Carly puts on the engagement ring that Jack gave her but is warned not to call him. Kim tells Katie she won't oppose Molly's return to work and warns her to drop the subject. Julia tells Jack he has unfinished business with Carly. Jennifer pulls away from kissing Bryant right before Abigail arrives.

Emily and Chris make a pact to keep each other out of trouble. Jack asks Julia to move in with him. Jennifer feels guilty for lying to Abigail, but Bryant convinces her she's doing the right thing. Kim tells Molly there's a job waiting for her at WOAK if she wants it. Jack convinces Julia to move in. Carly vows to return to Jack somehow.

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Thursday, May 25, 2000

Molly and Jake meet at the Lake view and Molly tells him she got a job at WOAK. Jake decides to tell Molly she doesn't need his help. Molly disagrees and Jake tells her she can handle being on her own. He said he is tired of trying to save e everyone. He explained how he helps and gets hurt and he just does it as something to do instead of dealing with the reality of being alone and not having Vicky.

Henry and Katie discuss Molly's return to work and Henry wants Katie to cut her loses and go to Los Angles and find a job with him. Katie and Henry talk about his because Molly may regain her memory and they will be in trouble, not knowing she remembers everything. Katie and Henry talk about Lily and Holden and Henry tells Katie she is crazy for thinking Holden is going to divorce his wife for her, then Molly arrives at work. Molly wants to shadow Katie and try to learn everything. Molly then talks to Henry about Katie's bad attitude with Henry and he quickly drops the subject then Molly tried to get him to open up by paying him a compliment. Henry makes excuses for Katie's attitude and then Holden pops in much to Katie's surprise. Henry tells Molly Katie talked to Kim about her and Molly then thanks Katie.

Holden returns home with Lily who is actually rose. Holden wants to know everything that happened in A.C. and Lily doesn't want to talk about it. Holden wants to get a restraining order against Simon but Lily doesn't want that. Holden tries to pressure Lily into talking and it starts a little argument over Simon. Meanwhile Katie calls Holden and he fills her in on his not going to work. Lily tries to stress she wants to leave the past in the past. Luke, Faith and Emma come in. Luke wants to show Lily the caterpillars. Emma tells Holden to relax and let Lily calm down. She will talk when she is ready. Lily and the kids bond. Lily tries to get Holden to go to work and it works. Lily (Rose) learns she got fired after not showing up for a show. Simon awakes on a moving train with Lily. Lily is still unconscious and Simon thinks she may die. Simon tries to apologize and promises to get help when the train stops. Kim and John discuss having a tribute for Andy instead of a memorial and she said she didn't want to fight the petition. John shows Kim the "last Pictures" Andy took while on assignment. Kim and John look at the pictures and remember old times. They have decided to plan a memorial for the next day.

Friday, May 26, 2000

Lily avoids talking to Holden and Holden later snaps at Henry. Lily learns that Simon, Rose and the diamond have disappeared. When Simon leaves the boxcar to get help, Rose struggles to stand. Holden tells Katie he doesn't know what happened in Atlantic City.

John and Kim pore over Andy's photos in preparation for his memorial service. Denise vows to Kim that Hope will always be a part of her life. Simon refuses to get Rose to a doctor until she helps him. Kim tells a skeptical Lisa that she had a dream about Andy and he told her not to worry.

Henry boasts to Molly that he was responsible for Katie's meteoric rise. Molly later suggests to Holden he go home early and spend some time with Lily. When Simon repeatedly demands Rose tell him where the diamond is, Rose finally tells him it's hidden backstage at the casino. Simon decides to take her back to Atlantic City with him. Lily holds an amorous Holden at arm's length. Simon realizes Rose is burning up with fever and goes to get the conductor.

Denise and Ben make plans for her to move in with him. Kim overhears John and Lisa hoping that the memorial service will force Kim to accept the fact that Andy is dead. A military official prepares to fly to Oakdale. Lily pleads a headache to Holden and then turns away in bed. Simon returns with bad news for Rose--their boxcar has been uncoupled and the train has left them stranded.



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