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Port Charles Recaps: The week of May 22, 2000 on PC
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Monday, May 22, 2000

Estelle created a scene at Kevin and Eve's wedding and blamed Kevin for killing her daughter Grace. Rachel arrived and tried to calm Estelle and Kevin was shocked when Rachel said she was Grace's sister. Rachel blasted Kevin and accused him of killing Grace, but Lucy stepped in and defended Kevin. Estelle was taken back to the sanitarium and despite the interruption, Kevin and Eve were married as planned.

Tuesday, May 23, 2000

Kevin and Eve shared their first dance as husband and wife. Meanwhile, Estelle told Rachel that she was going to kill Kevin. After Rachel sedated her mother, Estelle confessed that she had poisoned Kevin and Eve's wedding cake. Frank and Scott discussed whether or not Frank was going to take any action regarding Christina. Frank assured Scott that he had not reached any decision, but said he would do whatever was necessary to keep Julie away from Christina.

Julie learned that she had been granted visitation rights with Christina, but the moment was bittersweet due to her estrangement from Chris. Later, Chris persuaded Julie to forgive him and argued that he was not the same person he was when he made the underhanded deal with DV. Karen assured Lee and Gail that she didn't need them looking out for her.

Wednesday, May 24, 2000

Courtney sneaked a taste of the wedding cake and soon started to complain of stomach pains. Meanwhile, Rachel tried to contact someone at the lighthouse but no one answered the phone. Courtney collapsed as Kevin and Eve were about to feed each other a piece of cake. Rachel arrived along with the paramedics and told everyone that Estelle had poisoned the cake. Kevin accused Rachel of being behind the strange incidents that had occurred recently, such as the Grace look-alike at his bachelor party. Later, Rachel reassured Estelle that Kevin would get what he deserved. Lee told Scott and Lucy that Julie had been granted visitation rights with Christina. Scott tried to calm Lucy and said he believed Frank would do the right thing and leave Christina with them. Frank urged a touched Courtney to consider moving their relationship forward. Kevin lamented over the ruined wedding day, but Eve told Kevin that her wedding day had been perfect.

Thursday, May 25, 2000

Alan Quartermaine blasted Scott for taking Claire's case. Scott challenged Alan to prove he was a compassionate doctor and honor Claire's wish to die at home. Alan was sympathetic to Claire's position, but refused to release her from the hospital. Scott then urged Claire to contact her father. Lucy spied on Julie during her visit with Christina in the park. Lucy was unable to stay hidden and interrupted Julie's visit with Christina. Frank was troubled by Julie spending time with Christina, but put aside his concern when he was called to work. Frank came to Jamal's aide with a young woman in labor and both men were affected by delivering the baby. Chris threatened Courtney and warned her to keep Frank away from Christina or else he would expose some of Courtney's dirty secrets. Later, Frank confronted Chris about the deal he had made with DV and then decided to set up another meeting with Alexis Davis.

Friday, May 26, 2000

by Rika

We open at the Firehouse. It's empty, and the phone is ringing. Scott rushes in and answers the phone. It's Dr. Newman, wondering where Lucy is. She was at Serena's school for a meeting with her daughter's teacher, and when the meeting ended, Serena was still sitting outside waiting for Lucy. Dr. Newman brought her to the hospital. Scott is upset; he rushes back out the door.

At the park, Lucy is reaching out, trying to take Christina away from Julie. Julie tries to ward Lucy off, telling her she's not supposed to be there. The social worker agrees with Julie. Lucy trots out her flimsy excuse - Christina's teething gel isn't in the diaper bag. The social worker offers to take the gel. Lucy still won't go away, claiming that they have a routine regarding the gel - juice, then gel.

Julie told Lucy she's not fooling anyone - her purpose is to spoil Julie's visit with Christina. Lucy, of course, denies it. Christina just "wants her mommy" (of course, Christina was perfectly happy playing with Julie until Lucy burst on the scene, and even now, she's basically calm and quiet in Julie's arms, but let's not confuse matters with the facts). Julie retorts that Christina IS with her mommy. Lucy keeps reaching over, trying to take Christina out of Julie's arms; Julie keeps pulling away. The social worker just stands there and watches.

Julie points out that she has waited a year to be with her baby. Lucy retorts angrily and tearfully that she has been with Christina for a year, and Christina needs her. Julie suggests that it isn't about what Christina needs - it's about what Lucy needs. Lucy starts shouting about Julie's motives - she has a doctor husband now, and an illusion of the perfect family she wants (not that anybody else in this argument is driven by visions of a perfect family). Julie insists that Christina was fine till Lucy showed up; Lucy claims that Christina was uncomfortable. Julie accuses Lucy of stalking them; Lucy taunts her with reminders of Ferncliff. At this point they are both yelling and seem about to come to blows. Lucy reaches out to try to grab Christina again, and the social worker finally intervenes, taking Christina from Julie.

The social worker explains that she is concerned about what's best for Christina. Both women try to handle Christina repeatedly (though Lucy is more aggressive about it than Julie). Julie insists that it's unfair to punish her for Lucy's bad behavior. The social worker says that neither woman is acting much like a mother, and so she's going to take Christina back to her legal guardian. Julie is furious - since the legal guardian is Scott, that gives Lucy exactly what she wants. The social worker told Julie to take it up with the judge. Her parting shot: "The last place Christina belongs right now is with either of you." She leaves with Christina.

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