All My Children Recaps: The week of May 22, 2000 on AMC

Esther searched for someone to perform her and Stuart's wedding ceremony. David tricked Vanessa into admitting that she had killed Paolo. Alex saved Edmund's life after killing Guy in self-defense. Alex's mother, Charlotte, was revealed to be the person who had orchestrated the Bryn Wydd plot.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 22, 2000 on AMC
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Monday, May 22, 2000

A steady stream of blood trickling down his lip, Adam found himself in the unfamiliar position of having Arlene tend to his wounds. Across the bar, Hayley, Mateo, Adrian and Tina casually walked past a bunch of patrons. Arlene caught sight of them and quickly convinced Adam to go to the bathroom and wash up. Calling the place a "dive," Adrian was not at all comfortable with his surroundings. Mateo and Hayley were quite the fans of the place, noting that they liked the music and the fact that they didn't have to worry about bumping into anyone they knew. Just a matter of a few yards away, Arlene looked on nervously. Adam returned from the restroom and Arlene frantically tried to convince him that it was time to go home. Adam wanted to stick around and even the score with Mikey, but he agreed that going home was probably the best option. Arlene grabbed hold of Adam and escorted him to a rear exit. Seeing how out of sorts Adrian appeared, Mateo, Hayley and Tina all took turns poking fun at him. Tina asked Adrian if he wanted to linedance and Adrian, with some thought, agreed to give it a whirl. Adrian wasn't half-bad, prompting Hayley to muse that country dancing must be taught in "spy school." Hayley and Mateo headed across the bar to chat it up with a band they liked. A barmaid asked Tina and Adrian for their drink orders. Tina offered to buy Adrian a drink. He quickly accepted, saying that if he refused she'd accuse him of being a male chauvinist. Tina didn't like the remark and scolded Adrian for his perpetual need to be "in control." Adrian changed topics rather abruptly, asking Tina if she'd decided to accept BBMak's job offer. Tina let it be known that she hadn't decided one way or the other. Adrian countered the job offering by offering to give Tina a raise at SOS plus full benefits. After he tossed in the possibility of being able to buy into the club, Tina said that she'd think about it. Adrian would ultimately admit that he was going through a bit of a "guy thing." According to Adrian, that meant that he was enjoying getting closer to Tina, but at the same time he was fearful that she might walk out of his life. Tina thanked him for his honesty. Mateo and Hayley returned and announced that it was time to go home. When the woman had left, Mateo looked at Adrian and told him that he looked like he was suffering from "female troubles." Adrian nodded, but flashed a smile and admitted that he was enjoying every minute of it.

About a chartered flight to Cardiff, Edmund reflected on some of the more tender moments he'd shared with Alex.

At Bryn Wydd, Dr. Griffith sneered as his crony, Quinn, struggled to secure Dimitri to a stretcher. Dimitri had attempted to escape the supposed hospital, but he was capture through the use of high tech infrared sensors installed through the building. "Do whatever you want to me," Dimitri snarled through gritted teeth. "But don't hurt my wife." Griffith laughed, pointing out that Alex was actually Dimitri's "widow." He also taunted Dimitri's last request, asking if he wanted a last cigarette and a blindfold before his impending demise. Unable to free himself from the stretcher, Dimitri asked a simple, yet incredibly profound question. "Why all the killing?" he wondered. Dr. Griffith explained that he had neither the time nor the energy to explain everything to Dimitri. He did, however, stated that the killings were all part of something "bigger than either [Dimitri's] life or Alex's." With that, Quinn reached for a hypodermic needle. He walked towards Dimitri, jabbed the syringe into Dimitri's mid-region. Groggy from the effects of the lethal injection, Dimitri issued a spooky warning to the men. "I will haunt you for the rest of your days," he said in a voice just above a whisper. His eyes fell closed and his breathing ceased. Griffith and Quinn nodded approvingly at one another and left the room.

Back at Chandler Mansion, Arlene poured herself and Adam another drink and grumbled about not being able to drive home. "I hope you're not an organ donor," Adam snickered. "I'd hate to be the poor sap waiting for your liver." Arlene rolled her eyes and complained that Adam was starting to sound like Brooke. He hadn't said it before, but Adam told Arlene that he knew that Hayley and Mateo were at the bar. Arlene was shocked that Adam had the wherewithal to know what was going on around him. Arlene claimed that she'd wanted to hit the road so that Hayley didn't think poorly of Adam. She raised her eyebrows and again stated her belief that she and Adam were a lot alike. Adam countered her claim, saying that they only thing they had in common was a blood-bond to Hayley. Adam asked that Arlene leave, but Arlene pleaded for a place to stay for the night --- and the $500,000 that Adam owed her. Adam urged her to "find a curb." The doorbell rang and Adam angrily snapped that he didn't want to be bothered so late in the evening. Outside, Dixie assured a nervous Junior that visiting his father would be a welcomed surprise. The door swung open from the inside and Adam snapped that he wasn't in the mood for a visit. Dixie explained to Adam that Junior was concerned about him, but Adam chattered that it was Dixie's responsibility as the boy's mother to allay any fears that Junior might have. Junior looked up at his dad, eyeing his bruised cheek carefully, and asked him if he was feeling okay. Adam lied about his injury by saying that he'd been mugged in a parking lot. Adam tried to get rid of his son by reminding him that it was a school night. Junior nervously asked his dad if they could go flying in the morning. Adam shook his head and said that he was busy and would be busy for the next few weeks. Innocently, Junior reminded his dad that he'd always made room in his busy schedule for him in the past. This time was different, Adam replied coldly. Junior looked down at the ground and moaned that he knew it was a "stupid idea" to try to visit his dad. Dixie remained behind and told Adam that she was very concerned for him; he'd never pushed his children away before. Adam wasn't receptive or wanting of Dixie's concerned and demanded that she leave. "Let me in," Dixie said softly. "Let me help you." Adam shook his head and motioned towards the door. After Dixie left, Adam returned to the parlor and found that Arlene was still there. Arlene again pleaded for a room for the night and Adam ultimately caved to her request. He warned her not to try anything during the night, but seeing that Arlene couldn't be trusted Adam decided to lock himself in the safe room for safe keeping. Alone, Adam hugged a photograph of Junior tightly to his chest. He plopped himself down on the floor and stared off into space.

Alex demanded to know what had happened to the guard that Edmund had stationed outside the lodge. "He's bee neutralized," Guy replied nonchalantly. Alex told Guy that she was not afraid of him and swore that it would only be a matter of minutes before Edmund walked through the door. Guy was wise to Alex's bluff and told her that he already knew that Edmund was en route to Cardiff. Alex tried to unnerve the man by implying that Edmund would call the lodge, get no answer, and alert the National Guard. That failed to scare off Guy as well. Edmund, he said, had a "bullseye" on his chest and would be dead shortly after his plane landed. Alex lunged at Guy, but he managed to subdue her. Surprisingly, he quickly let go of the chokehold he'd placed her in. Alex stumbled towards the telephone, eliciting a chuckle from Guy. "Have you forgotten everything I've taught you?" Guy asked in disbelief. Alex abandoned her attempt to phone for help. Guy suddenly barked out a military-like order, asking Alex for the "first rule of engagement." From out of nowhere, Alex rattled off a rehearsed and scripted reply. "You're going to kill me," Alex said with surprising composure. It was almost as though she'd accepted her fate. "I have to," Guy replied. Alex pleaded for Edmund's life, but Guy informed her that Edmund knew "too much" and had to be terminated. Guy waved a gun at Alex, but Alex remained calm. She asked Guy why he continually called her "Anna." Guy offered, "That's who you are to me. You... are my creation." Alex sensed that there was more to her relationship with Guy that just teacher and student. Guy was mesmerized by Alex's words. "I could be your Anna again," Alex purred as she walked towards Guy. "We could disappear." Guy knew that Alex was offering herself so that Edmund's life would be spared --- but it didn't seem to bother him. Suddenly, Alex reached out and grabbed the gun away from Guy. Guy laughed proudly at Alex's accomplishment, asking her if she remembered how to use the gun. Alex pressured Guy for all the answers to her questions --- who was Robin and why did she have so many missing memories. Guy wouldn't part with any of the answers. He arrogantly noted that Alex would never get the answers she craved if he was dead. When Guy again called Alex "Anna," Alex erupted. "Stop calling me Anna!" she hollered. "My name is Alex!" She asked why the housekeeper had been killed, but again Guy said nothing. Guy approached Alex slowly, looking deeply into her eyes. He told Alex that he knew that she couldn't kill anyone in cold blood. Apparently, it was true. Alex struggled to pull the trigger, but she couldn't. Guy grabbed Alex by the waist, leaned her over and prepared to kiss her. Then, a gunshot sounded. Alex stumbled backward and watched as Guy bled profusely from a bullet wound. Alex begged Guy to tell her how to call off the hit on Edmund, but it was too late. "Do what I taught you... Anna Devane," Guy gasped. In the blink of an eye, Guy collapsed to the floor.

Edmund managed to pick a lock and gain access to Bryn Wydd. Inside Griffith's office, Dimitri's mind replayed some of the times he'd shared with Alex. His eyes slowly fluttered opening, revealing that Dimitri was not dead. On the other side of the office door, Edmund carefully jimmied open the lock.

Tuesday, May 23, 2000

Hungry for some company and a pizza, Greenlee dropped by the loft to see if either Ryan or Scott were able to satiate her needs. Ryan told Greenlee that Scott was staying, at least temporarily, at the Gate House with Marian. Ryan, on the other hand, grumbled that he was busy with his web site. Greenlee took it upon herself to ask herself to stick around. She casually asked Ryan if he'd heard from Cynthia, the online persona she'd secretly created. Ryan shook his head and explained that he wasn't sure if he was able to help Cynthia since her problems were more of a social anxiety than a dream or fantasy. Greenlee sat down at Ryan's computer and conveniently noticed that Ryan had gotten an email message from the woman. Greenlee surprised Ryan by admitting that she was Cynthia --- in essence. She deceptively said that she was an awful lot like the unknown woman from cyberspace because she often felt as though she did not fit in.

Gillian raced into the hunting lodge upon hearing the gunshot. Her face turned ghostly white as her eyes focused in on Guy's body. Still waving the gun that had killed the man, Alex ordered Gillian to close the door and remain calm. Naturally, Gillian wanted assurance that Alex was okay. Alex explained that she and Guy, a spy, had gotten into a struggle for the gun. Gillian scratched her head and muttered that she'd thought Guy was the horse trainer. Nevertheless, Gillian thought it best to contact the authorities. Alex suddenly became quiet urgent, warning Gillian that contacting the police would almost surely seal Edmund's fate. Of course, Gillian had no idea what Alex was talking about. She tried to get more information, but Alex was not very forthcoming. She ordered Gillian to keep the housekeeping staff away from the lodge until she returned from Wales. The door closed behind Alex and Gillian once again looked nervously at the corpse. Moments later, Eugenia arrived at the lodge, summoned their by her frantic granddaughter. Eugenia remained quite calm and didn't really seem interested in how Guy had met his untimely demise. "We need a man --- a strong silent type," said Eugenia when asked what they'd do with the body. Gillian flashed her a concerned look and shook her head. Gillian bowed to her grandmother's request that they contact Ryan for help. At first, Ryan thought that Gillian was concocting a "sadistic joke" to spend more time with him. But when Gillian passed the phone to Eugenia, Ryan immediately knew that Gillian really did need help with disposing of a body. Ryan was sworn to secrecy, but Greenlee had overheard Ryan mention Gillian's during the conversation so she knew where Ryan was going. She asked him what was wring, but Ryan said nothing. Greenlee was furious, but she used her frustration constructively, sitting down at the computer to write another message as Cynthia.

It puzzled David greatly, but Erica continued ranting and raving about how upset she was that Vanessa was trying to make it look like she'd been having an affair "with a dead man." A wry smile on his face, David quickly noted that most people would realize that she'd been having an affair with Paolo while he was still breathing. The attempt at humor did not amuse Erica. Beyond that, David wondered why Erica wasn't more upset with the fact that Vanessa was also trying to framer her for Paolo's murder. Leo showed up at the door to the hotel room with what he believed was proof that Vanessa could not have killed Paolo. Leo tossed an envelope at his brother and ordered him to look inside. David dumped the contents of the envelope and looked curiously at several matchbooks and assorted newspaper clippings. Leo was irked that David failed to see the significance of the items. He explained that every item in the envelope held some special memory for him. Erica looked on somberly, even somewhat distant, as Leo told David how his mother had once been dumped by a French lover because she'd put him, her son, before her lover's needs. David still didn't see any proof that cleared Vanessa's name. He tried to press Leo on the issue, but a furious Leo grabbed his mementos and stormed out of the room. Erica quietly asked David to reconsider his plan to expose Vanessa as Leo's killer. The request caught David off guard. Erica explained that continuing forward would devastate Leo and quite possibly kill him. Erica spoke as an expert on the topic, saying that she'd kept a similar shrine devoted to her father. David saw not recourse but to expose Vanessa. If he showed Leo the truth, it would break his heart --- but if he did nothing he quite likely would see his younger brother sent to jail for a murder he didn't commit!

Leo sat alone on a park bench looking over some of the newspaper clippings. Becca passed by and asked Leo if he was okay. "You look like you lost your best friend," she noted sadly. Leo chuckled to himself and said that it wasn't possible for him to lose his best friend --- he didn't have one. Becca offered her ear to Leo, but gave him ample opportunity to turn her away. Leo was touched by the young woman's sincerity and told her that David had accused Vanessa of Paolo's murder. Becca was surprised and needed a bit of reassuring that the accusation wasn't true. "Run away with me," Leo gasped as he realized that Becca believed what he was saying. Becca told Leo that she knew that he was afraid, but warned him that running away would not solve anything. Becca passionately vowed that she'd always be there for Leo if he needed her. Leo responded by pulling her close and giving her an equally passionate kiss.

Back at the hunting lodge, Ryan was shocked when he found Guy sprawled out on the floor. Eugenia, who'd been calm all along, suddenly claimed that she was overcome by the entire incident. She put her hand over her mouth and raced out of the hunting lodge. Ryan shrugged it off and grabbed Guy's lifeless body by the arms and dragged the former horse trainer to a nearby closet. Once Guy was stuffed safely inside, Ryan announced that he was going back home to have a beer. Gillian called out to him and thanked him for coming to help her. It wasn't just that she was grateful for the physical help he'd given her because she was equally if not more thankful for him wanting to be there to help her. Ryan was set to leave when Guy's body suddenly tumbled out of the closet. Gillian screamed in horror and jumped into Ryan's arms. Ryan was only too willing to take her close to his chest and soothe her.

Edmund was about to enter Dr. Griffith's office when a voice called out for him to stop what he was doing. No, Edmund hadn't been discovered, but the constable who'd tagged along with him on his journey warned Edmund that they could not break into any rooms without a warrant. This momentary delay allowed sufficient time for Dr. Griffith and one of his guards to arrive on the scene. The doctor ordered that Edmund be removed from the hospital at once, but Edmund refused to leave. He demanded to know what was behind the locked door. Despite Dr. Griffith's objections, Edmund burst into the office --- but the office was empty. In another part of the hospital, Quinn rolled a still unconscious Dimitri into another room. There he grumbled under his breath that he couldn't wait until he could make good on his promise to kill Dimitri once and for all. Back in the office, Edmund finally agreed to leave the hospital, but before doing so he asked that he be given some answers. Dr. Griffith agreed and the police officer headed on his way. Edmund asked the doctor if Guy was hiding on the other side of the office's rear entrance with a loaded gun. Griffith shook his head and said that Edmund was wrong. Suddenly, the door swung open and Quinn appeared with another syringe. Griffith and the other guard overpowered Edmund and it was only a matter of seconds before Quinn's needle punctured Edmund's skin. With Edmund out cold, Quinn asked Griffith if he'd heard from Guy recently. The doctor shook his head and said that he knew only that Alex, who was supposed to be dead, was still very much alive. The two men exchanged worried glances and wondered if it was possible that Guy had been killed. Dimitri, meanwhile, started to regain consciousness. He had a fantasy that he was freed from the hospital and reunited with the woman he loves --- Alex. A noised sounded from outside the room and Dimitri quickly pretended that he was still sleeping. When the men left, Dimitri opened his eyes and looked to his left. He had to blink several times to make sure that he was not hallucinating. Dimitri's eyes widened as he called out his brother's name.

Wednesday, May 24, 2000

Erica again warned David that she felt his desire to set Leo straight about Vanessa was a "big mistake." David, however, claimed that over time Leo would get over whatever heartache he was caused. Erica shook her head and accused David of not listening to her. David assured Erica that he had had been listening, but didn't agree with her assessment of the situation. For one reason or another, Erica pushed her personal feelings to the side and agreed to help David with his plan. They both knew that they'd need outside help in exposing Vanessa as Paolo's killer. Erica suggested that they enlist Palmer in their plot, but Erica knew that they'd need to take a different angle on things. Palmer, she explained, was too proud to believe that Vanessa had cheated on him --- so they'd have to focus solely on the murder. David cocked his head to the side and asked Erica why she'd reconsidered. Erica promptly replied that she knew David would go through with his plan with or without her. Erica had Palmer summoned to the hotel suite. Once there, Palmer pledged that he'd do whatever he could to clear her name. He drew the line at tricking his wife into a confession. Erica turned on the charm and reminded Palmer that he'd promised to help her clear her name. Against his better judgment and with a great deal of uneasiness, Palmer agreed to jump on board.

Ryan stuffed Guy back into the closet, but this time he wedge the door shut from the outside with a chair. Gillian was unable to look in the direction of the body, though she occasionally took quick glances just to see what was going on. Ryan returned to her side and told Gillian that he'd spend the night at the lodge so that she could go back to the house. Gillian refused, saying that she wanted to stay with Ryan so that he'd not have to be alone with a dead body. Gillian painfully recounted the one and only other time she'd been close to a corpse. She told Ryan that her father had forced her to kiss her mother's dead body, something that had severely traumatized her. The image of a cold, lifeless woman had stuck with Gillian and she was unable to shake the memory free from her mind. Gillian was overcome with emotion and ran across the room to hide her tears from her former husband. Ryan reappeared by her side and tried his best to comfort her. Gillian apologized for her outburst and agreed to go to the bedroom and turn in for the night. Ryan took to the couch, but he was unable to get to sleep. Gillian returned some time later with a pillow and blanket. She thought that Ryan might be soothed by candlelight and returned to the bedroom to fetch a candle or two. Ryan wanted to follow her to the bedroom, but his conscience, in the form of a ghostly image floating in the fireplace, demanded that he remain strong and fight his libidinous urges. Gillian returned to the room and overheard the tail end of a conversation Ryan was having with himself. She asked him who he was talking to, but Ryan quickly changed the subject. As Gillian lit the candles, Ryan couldn't help but be taken with her beauty. He approached her and cooed that he really wanted to carry her into the bedroom and make love to her --- but he couldn't. Gillian was a married woman and he and Gillian both had to honor those wedding vows.

Becca suddenly pulled away from Leo and told him that she "can't keep doing this." This, of course, being her semi-regular kissing sessions with Leo. When asked why she'd kissed him, Becca replied that she "felt sorry" for him. "Scott's been down on his luck," Leo retorted coldly. "What did he get?" Becca was outraged by the callous remark and demanded that Leo apologize. In her rage, she accused Leo of being responsible for Stuart's death. Leo asked her what she meant, but a shell-shocked Becca tried to take back her accusation. Pressured to her breaking point, Becca informed Leo that Stuart had raced to the cabin after seeing the videotape Liza had made of his confession that Adam had hired him to break up Stuart and Marian's marriage. The news hit Leo like a ton of bricks. He shook his head in disbelief. He chuckled at the irony of Stuart's death. For weeks, he said, he'd been denying that he was responsible for Paolo's death when in actuality he had killed a man. Becca told Leo that he wasn't responsible for Stuart's death and apologized profusely for having insinuated it. Leo became angry and ordered Becca to get away from him before he destroyed her life as well. Tearfully, Becca turned and ran away. Moments later, Vanessa found her son on the park bench in the midst of a flashback of his confession. Vanessa knew that her son was feeling down, but she had no idea why. Leo asked his mother if she'd ever done something so horrible that she'd wished she could take back. As he talked, Vanessa had memories of lacing Paolo's drink. She snapped back to reality and icily asked her son if he was trying to accuse her of something. Leo crinkled his brow and questioned why his mother had such guilty feelings. Vanessa quickly offered to take Leo away on a getaway. She said that it would give them both a chance to give their minds a break and forget about all the terrible things that were haunting them. For just a moment, Leo looked concerned. He couldn't help but notice that his mother kept referring to "their" problems rather than "his" problems. David called Leo on his cell phone and asked that he return to the hotel. David said that he was ready to prove that Vanessa had killed Paolo and said that he didn't want Leo to miss the chance to see who he mother really is.

Alex slipped into Bryn Wydd as hospital staff members raced to and fro. She was about to enter a room in the hospital when a pair of hands grabbed her by the throat. Instinctively, Alex whirled around and dropped her attacker to the ground. He struggled to get up, but Alex whacked him on the head with the receiver of a nearby phone.
Dimitri again called out Edmund's name. Surprisingly, Edmund awoke slightly and looked over towards his brother. Edmund called Dimitri by name, but he drifted back into his drug-induced sleep. Quinn and Dr. Griffith approached the room and Dimitri once again pretended to be asleep. Quinn informed Griffith that they had only been given orders to kill Edmund --- Dimitri's time would come later. Griffith agreed to do the dirty deed and Quinn prepared to help evacuate the building. Their supervisor, Quinn said, had ordered the evacuation of Bryn Wydd because their security had been breached. In the background, a loud siren sounded. Griffith pulled a syringe from his pocket and readied to inject Edmund with a lethal dosage of an unknown substance. Before he could do so, Dimitri jumped on him and wrestled him down on the stretcher. After gaining control of the needle, Dimitri prepared to turn the tables on Griffith. From out of nowhere, a woman appeared an ordered Dimitri to unhand the doctor. Dimitri was reluctant to do so, but he knew that he was in a no win situation. While he contemplated what to do, Griffith regrouped and regained control. Dimitri looked up at the gun-toting woman and blinked his eyes several times. He was surprised to see the woman and looked as though he'd met her in the past. Dr. Griffith smiled broadly and told Dimitri that he was a lucky man. "Consider yourself fortunate. Few people have met our director," he grinned.
Back in the corridor, Alex pressed a fleeing nurse for information about Edmund. The young woman, however, swore that she knew no one matching Edmund's name or description. The nurse warned Alex that the building was being evacuated because there were reports that it was going to explode. Alex slipped into Griffith's office and searched around for clues. She came across a set of keys in the doctor's desk. She grabbed the keys and raced of in search of Edmund.

As the countdown reached fifteen minutes until the supposed destruction of the hospital, Dimitri was amazed that the woman, a woman in her late fifties or early sixties, was in charge of the "operation." The woman chuckled wickedly and told Dimitri that she hoped his surprise was not gender-biased. Dimitri surprised the woman by telling her that a hit had been put out on Alex. She told him that no harm would come to his wife because she had not authorized the hit. A guard burst into the room and grabbed Dimitri. As Dimitri struggled to get free, the guard dragged him out of the room. Griffith tried to follow him, but the woman would not allow him to leave. She scolded him for having gotten "sloppy." She cocked her gun and told the man that they had to take care of a few things before the evacuation was complete. Griffith looked down at Edmund, who was still fast asleep on the stretcher.

Alex was bust racing about the hospital corridors when she heard the gunshot. A computerized voice announced that there were only ten minutes left to evacuate the building. She looked around and determined the direction of the noise. As she entered the room in which Edmund had been held, Alex noticed bloodstains splattered against the wall. Then, she noticed crimson pools of blood on a blue sheet that covered a body on the stretcher. She pulled back the sheet and gasped as she saw Edmund's lifeless body.

Thursday, May25, 2000

For one reason or another, Leo dropped by the loft, seemingly knowing that that was where he'd find Greenlee. He was surprised that Ryan wasn't there. Greenlee groused about the way that Ryan had walked out on her when Gillian called. Quickly tiring of Greenlee's familiar whines, Leo reminded Greenlee that he had troubles of his own. He told his friend of David's accusations that Vanessa had killed Paolo. Greenlee laughed and called the allegations ridiculous because Vanessa and Paolo hadn't even known one another. Leo dropped his head slightly and confessed that Vanessa had known Paolo --- "in the biblical sense." That piece of information made Greenlee ponder the possibility that David's accusation was correct. Leo wasn't at all pleased that Greenlee had apparently taken David's side. He insisted that his mother was innocent and mentioned the plan David had hatched to trick her into a confession. Changing the subject completely, Leo told Greenlee that he had asked Becca to run away with him to Brazil; she'd declined. Greenlee was outraged that Leo had wasted the invitation on Becca. She purred sexily and mentioned how she'd prance around naked, soaked in cocoa butter if given the chance to tag along with him. One thing led to another and Leo and Greenlee ended up in bed --- Ryan's, that is. After they made love, Leo poked a little fun at Greenlee by pretending to see Ryan in the doorway. Greenlee flipped, but she soon realized that Leo was just teasing. Leo wanted to begin a second round, but Greenlee felt it was wrong because she knew that he was trying to use sex to forget about his problems. Leo admitted that he was a more than just a little worried about his mother and decided hat he'd go to The Valley Inn and stop David from putting his plan into effect.

Outside Bryn Wydd, "the director" angrily complained that the transport vehicle had not yet arrived. Strapped into a wheelchair, Dimitri tried his best to wrestle free. All the while, he demanded to know what would become of his brother. The woman explained that Edmund and Bryn Wydd were going to be blown to smithereens. She snarled that Edmund had compromised a "covert operation" that had previously had no problems. "We cannot allow its secrets to be discovered," she added with a high level of urgency. Dimitri then asked what would happen to his wife, Alex.

Inside, Alex panicked when she found Edmund lying beneath a bloodstained sheet. She checked his pulse and her face fell. Suddenly, she began beating on Edmund's chest and shaking his lifeless body. She begged him to keep the promise he'd made to her, a promise that he'd never leave her. Her pleas worked as Edmund's eyes slowly fluttered open. In the background, a voice announced that there were only five minutes left to evacuate the building. Alex helped Edmund to sit upright. Once he'd gotten his bearings, Edmund gave Alex a deep kiss. Alex told Edmund that she'd heard a gunshot and feared the worst. Then, in the corner, Alex saw who'd really been shot. Dead in the corner of the room with a horrified look on his face, Dr. Griffith's white jacket had turned a dark shade of crimson.
Back outside, Dimitri told the director that a man by the name of Guy had been hired to kill Alex. The woman seemed unconcerned. She said that both Guy and Griffith had concocted the death plot without his input. However, she said that Guy's overzealous nature probably meant that Alex was already dead. She urged Dimitri to be thankful that he still had his life. Quinn appeared toting a small suitcase. Contained inside, he announced, was all the "vital information" they needed. Everything else would be destroyed, thereby keeping their cover.
Alex and Edmund exited the front door of the hospital just as the automated voice announced its final warning --- fifteen seconds to evacuate. Edmund and Alex ran as fast as they could away from the doom structure. Several yards away, Alex lost her footing and fell to the ground. Edmund helped her back to her feet and the pair continued their escape. As the countdown reached zero, Bryn Wydd was no more. The force of the explosion sent Alex and Edmund flying forward through the air. Once things calmed, Edmund thanked Alex for finding him and rescuing. Alex was nonchalant, asking only that Edmund save her a dance or two. Edmund told Alex that he'd hallucinated while held captive in the hospital and thought that he'd seen Dimitri. With nowhere else to go, Alex decided that they could find refuge at her mother's cottage.

When the pair arrived at the cottage, Alex's mother's car was parked outside. Considering what had happened, Edmund worried that the goons from Bryn Wydd were lurking inside. Alex feared that her mother had been harmed and burst into the cottage. There was no sign of anyone. Then, the director poked her head from around a corner. Alex turned and saw her and smiled broadly. The two woman embraced, with the director calling Alex her "little sunshine." The woman sensed that someone else was there. She turned and looked over her shoulder and nearly turned ghost white when she saw Edmund staring back at her.

Palmer took David and Erica to his suite so that they could get ready for their sting. Erica told Palmer that she was glad that he'd finally get a chance to see the real woman that he'd married. David asked Palmer where he could set up his surveillance equipment. Palmer jested, "Over there by the bills. Vanessa never goes anywhere near them." Palmer remained hesitant about tricking his wife into a confession especially since this scheme involved making Vanessa think that she was dying. David held a vial of medicine, one that would cause Vanessa to experience all of the symptoms of a heart attack. According to David, though, Vanessa would be in no danger. Palmer took a few glasses of alcohol from the decanter before allowing David to "contaminate" the vintage booze. Erica and Palmer sat down to talk while David returned to his room to see if his equipment was functioning properly. Eventually, Vanessa returned home. She was not at all happy to see Erica and asked her if she was there to seek comfort after a spat with David. She said that she was sure that David had dumped her after learning of Paolo's love letters. Erica rolled her eyes and told Vanessa that David knew that the letters were not written to her. Erica told Palmer that Paolo had written all of those letters to Vanessa because they had been having an affair. Vanessa gasped and assured her husband that Erica was lying. Playing the part he'd been asked to play, Palmer told Erica that she was wrong about his wife. "My wife has too much class to slum around," Palmer snapped. He then ordered Erica to leave and not to return until she'd apologized to Vanessa. After Erica left, Vanessa thanked Palmer for defending him. Palmer poured his wife a glass of the laced alcohol to help ease her jangled nerves. Back in David's room, Erica told David that she was still unsure of what they were doing. Nevertheless, they sat by one of the radio receivers and listened carefully to every one of Palmer and Vanessa's words. Vanessa pretended to be concerned as she told Palmer that she believed that Erica had really killed Paolo. Palmer's face became concerned. He told Vanessa that he knew that Paolo had written the letters to her. Vanessa froze in place. "You were sleeping with that jackass, weren't you?" he asked pointedly. Vanessa clutched her chest and told Palmer that she wasn't feeling well. She struggled over to the sofa and announced that she feared she was having a heart attack. Palmer headed over to the phone and pretended to phone the paramedics. Vanessa begged her husband to phone David. Palmer nodded his head and dialed the phone. In his room, David picked up the phone with a smile. Since he could hear every bit of the conversation he knew that things were going just as he'd planned. David and Palmer helped Vanessa to the bed. Palmer demanded that David perform CPR, but David explained that CPR was only done if a person's heart had stopped. David decided to place a call to "check in" with the paramedics. He feigned angst when he learned that the ambulance had gotten a flat tire en route to The Valley Inn. He demanded that another ambulance be sent, but he was supposedly told that all of the medics were tending to a huge pileup on the highway. David pulled Palmer aside and, in a whisper just loud enough for Vanessa to hear, told him that Vanessa was not going to make it. David then turned to his mother and promised her that he'd look after Leo --- and that he'd visit him in prison. Vanessa started to breathe heavy and begged for a chance to speak to her "baby." Elsewhere in the hotel, Leo burst into David's room and asked Erica where he could find his brother. Leo listened in horror as he heard his mother's "dying" words. He was fearful that David was really going to kill Vanessa and wanted to know where he could find them. When Leo heard Palmer's voice, Leo knew that they all must be in Palmer and Vanessa's suite. Leo raced off with Erica hot on his heels. Believing that she was on her deathbed, Vanessa again pleaded to speak to Leo before it was too late. She said only that there was something important that she had to tell him. David told his mother to relay the message to Palmer. Vanessa shook her head and said that she needed to see Leo. "I killed Paolo --- it was an accident," she gasped. Palmer took his wife's hand and told her not to make a bogus deathbed confession in an attempt to save her son. "I didn't mean to do it," Vanessa continued. Leo and Erica arrived in the suite, but they had yet to be observed by anyone. "Leo didn't kill Paolo!" Vanessa exclaimed. "I put the drug in his champagne. It was my fault!"

Thursday, May26, 2000

When Brooke arrives at the Community Center, she finds Reverend Eliot Freeman struggling with a young man with a knife. Brooke is about to call the police when Eliot convinces him to drop the knife. In return for not telling the young man's father what he was about to do (steal from the Center), Eliot tells him to show up to paint the basement of the shelter. Brooke is impressed by how Eliot handled the situation and asks how long he has been a minister, but Eliot ducks the subject, saying only that it feels like forever. Arlene arrives to apologize to Brooke again, she knows that Brooke's daughter was killed by a drunk driver and she shouldn't have said what she did. All Brooke wants is for Arlene to never drive drunk again. Arlene leaves and Eliot, who had overheard their conversation from the other room, once again offers to be there for Brooke if she wants to talk about it.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam has apparently spent the night on the couch and is not happy when Arlene appears, mimosa in hand and wearing Liza's robe. He tells her to take the robe off and she does, right then and there. But sight of Arlene naked doesn't tempt Adam in the least, so she puts the robe back on. She's pestering Adam again for the $500,000 he promised to give her for helping him get out of the psychiatric hospital when Winifred appears with the news that Liza is on her way up from the gatehouse to see Adam. Arlene makes herself scarce just before Liza appears. But she's not alone, she's brought Colby with her. Adam doesn't want to see Colby and orders Liza to take her away. Liza hands Colby off to Winifred as Marian arrives to talk to Adam. She's decided to give most of Stuart's estate to the university to fund an art school and she wants Adam's financial advice to do it properly. But Adam doesn't want any part of it and orders Marian not to mention Stuart's name in his presence again. Marian refuses, Stuart's a part of her heart and always will be, she has no intention of forgetting him. Liza thinks that what Adam needs to do is forgive himself for what happened. Adam's apparently not ready to do that, and Liza and Marian end up leaving the house with Colby. But Liza's not ready to give up yet, she's determined that she, Adam and Colby will be a family again someday. "Don't count on it, sweetheart", Arlene comments from the bushes, where she overheard Liza's statement.

As Leo arrives at the hotel room, Vanessa is gasping out her confession that she's the one that killed Paolo, not Leo. She put the drug in his drink, but she never meant to kill him. Leo is heart-broken that his mother could do this to him and rushes out of the room, followed by Erica. Vanessa is almost as shocked when David informs her that she's not having a heart-attack, he just gave her a drug to imitate the symptoms. He holds up the small tape to show her that every word of her confession has been captured on it. She turns to Palmer for help, but is surprised to learn that he was in on the whole thing. But when David tries to leave with the tape, Palmer takes it from him and tells David that he will deal with Vanessa. Meanwhile, in the park, Erica has caught up with Leo and tries to sympathize with him. I know how you're feeling, she tells him, "I used to idolize my father, too." Leo pushes Erica away and tells her she couldn't possibly understand, his whole world has been destroyed today. David arrives and Leo accuses him of trying to destroy his life. Back in the hotel room, Vanessa continues lying to Palmer, trying to tell him that she didn't have an affair with Paolo, that she only slept with him because he was blackmailing her. Palmer doesn't believe her for a moment and grins as he waves the tape in her face, promising that she will get exactly what she deserves.

Still stranded at the diner in the middle of nowhere, Esther tries to convince Stuart that they don't need to wait until they get Las Vegas to get married, they can do it right there. Stuart is hesitant and thinks they should be better off financially first, but finally gives in when Esther guilts him into by saying he always keeps his promises. Anxious to be officially married, Esther pesters Marilyn to find someone who can marry them right away. The Justice of the Peace isn't able to because he's in the hospital, but Marilyn does find someone who can perform the ceremony - he's an Elvis impersonator who will only marry them if he's in costume. Not in any position to be particular, Esther agrees. In the meantime, Stuart has talked to Judd about doing more work to earn more money. Judd really doesn't have anything else for Stuart to do, except maybe draw a copy of the Queen of Hearts for the diner's logo. Stuart starts working on it right away, but has left his partially finished drawing on the table by the time a man walks into the diner. It's Tad! He orders a sandwich and accepts Judd's offer to stick around and see the wedding that's about to take place.



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