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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 22, 2000 on GL
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Monday, May 22, 2000

At the Bauer's:
Michelle tells Danny that he has to think of the baby and not help Carmen get out of jail. He tells her that he was thinking of the baby and Carmen would never hurt her own grandchild and besides she is nothing compared to Carlos who has threatened Michelle and the baby. Claire comes in and interrupts and overhears only a portion and jumps on Danny about the danger he is putting her daughter in. She says, "... You will get my daughter killed." Danny tells her she doesn't know what's going on but Claire says she doesn't want to be visiting her daughter at a grave. Michelle tells Claire to butt out while Danny tells her that she doesn't understand. Claire tells Michelle to get away from Danny he is in too deep and cannot get away. Claire says Michelle shouldn't be alone, and Danny gets mad and says she is not alone. Michelle tells Claire not to tell her what to with her life. Michelle says Danny has been there for her every step of the way, and Claire has not and this is about family and she is not family, she and Danny will handle this like they always do, together. Michelle wants to know when this is going to end, Danny apologizes and tells her the Feds will take care of everything and he has to go along with taking over the family business until after Carmen testifies. He tells her it will be peaceful soon and he will make all her dreams come true. Michelle cannot get Carmen out of her mind, he tells her she is out of their lives for good. Danny fixes her tea and tells her that everything will be okay. She tells him that she doesn't think Claire will interfere anymore.

At the Jail:
Frank and David let Carmen out. David tells her she will be living in Idaho on a small farm. David continues to tell Carmen about her new life, she will be working at a legitimate job and they joke about her being a cashier or a butcher. They tell her she can go to work on a bus while living in efficiency apt. David and Frank laugh about what they were telling Carmen. They start to leave and they run into Claire, she is going to visit Carmen. She tells Carmen who she is Carmen tells her to leave she is not interested; Claire says she will be interested she does not want Danny with Michelle together. Carmen and Claire agree that they will do anything to protect their children. Claire tells Carmen to stay away from Michelle and she will break up Danny and Michelle for good. She tells Carmen to think about it.

In SC:
Cassie tells Richard that Rob never signed the divorce papers. Richard tells him to do it now. Rob says he is not signing anything and he wants to see Tammy. Richard refuses to get her. Richard says he has no more rights. Rob corrects him and reminds him that legally Cassie and Tammy are still his. Cassie tells them about Tammy being upset. They remind him that in SC he has forfeited all rights to them but Rob reminds Cassie that she isn't a citizen of SC yet so technically she is still his wife. Cassie is scared that Rob will ruin everything but Richard tells her to tend to her daughter while he deals with Rob. Richard gets his checkbook and asks him what he wants. Rob says he has a lot Richard wants. As Cassie is going down the hall she runs into Edmund going to see Richard, just then it dawned on her that he had put Rob up to this. She calls Harley and tells her about Rob. Cassie wants Harley to find something that will connect Edmund to Rob. Harley and Blake agree to help her and Blake says she promised Ross not to get in trouble but it is Cassie and Ross would understand. So she agrees to help.
Tammy sees her mom and tells her that she doesn't want to leave and she wants Rob to go away. Cassie tells her Rob is not a bad man but some men are better at being fathers than others and Richard is a wonderful father. Meanwhile, Richard offered Rob money but they are interrupted by a knock at the door. It's Edmund. Richard also figured Edmund might have knowledge of Rob being there but Edmund tells him he only came to warn him about Rob being in Springfield sniffing around.
He said he tried to tell him on the phone but he hung up on him. Rob verified that Edmund tried to stop him. Edmund tells Richard to pay Rob off and get rid of him or Edmund will pay him off himself. Rob says he is holding all the cards for the first time and will enjoy watching them pay. Rob says he needs a vacation and everything will be on his terms. Cassie comes in and tells Edmund that she knows he did this. Richard tells her Edmund tried to warn them. Edmund tells them he will do what ever they want him to do to help. He picks up Richard jacket and smiles.

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Phillip and Harley are making a list out for possible bone marrow donors. Harley tells him that siblings are the best possible matches and they should test Zack and Beth's baby. Beth doesn't think that is necessary and thinks that they chemo will work fine.
She also says she doesn't want to put the baby at risk. Phillip agrees with Beth not to have the baby tested. Blake comes back in to retrieve her purse that she had left earlier. Harley asks her for a ride. Beth tells Phillip she does not want to do this and Lizzie is going to be fine. Phillip tells Beth everyone is looking for things to help Lizzie and Harley is doing what they want her to do. Beth says she doesn't need a transplant and if she did she would have the test. He tells her not to get upset. He tells her they will get through, she is feeling scared because she finally knows how much she loves Jim and she wants to have a family with him and Phillip didn't want Harley to find out either. Beth thanks Phillip for calming her down, he tells her to stay positive and asks her when the last time she and Jim had some time alone together. He offers to take Lizzie for the evening so they can be alone. Beth tells him how lucky they both are. Phillip remembers how Harley had begged him not to hurt her when they first got together. He promised he wouldn't. He vowed he would never lose her and hoped she never found out.

At Edmunds Apt:
Harley and Blake get into Edmund's apartment. She says they need better locks. Blake starts talking into her tape recorder about the book, Harley tells her to start looking. Someone knocks on the door. Blake goes to the door and it is someone coming to pick up laundry. Blake tries to act sensual and tell the guy that Mr. Winslow is all tied up. They leave. Blake and Harley go back to looking around and finds a videotape in a locked drawer. Harley and Blake wonder what is on the tape, they put it in the player, Blake pours them a drink they may need it they don't know what is on the tape, Harley pushes the play button

Tuesday, May 23, 2000

At the Bauer's:
Selena and Reva are outside getting all her things in boxes. She is officially moved out. Reva is still upset about Olivia and is telling Selena all about it. Buzz came over and talks to Reva who doesn't want to hear anything else about Josh. Reva tells him that she is starting her new job in the morning and she is just uptight. She gets upset and cries and finally breaks down and tells them that she is very upset about Josh moving in with Olivia. She says she could have slept with Richard a millions times but she didn't and Josh moved on so fast it upsets her. She wants to hurt Olivia. She wants her to get on a boat back to San Cristobel . She thinks Olivia should go marry Edmund, they all start to laugh. Selena and Buzz give her a bunch of dishes that she breaks and makes her feel a little better. She cries and they all have a group hug.

At Company:
Josh comes in and has a drink. Buzz asks about Olivia and Josh tells him that she went to see her sister who was ill. Noah comes in. He orders a beer while he daydreams about Reva kissing him. Noah tells Josh that he knows he wants Olivia while at the same time he wants Reva sitting at home waiting on him. He also knows Josh would like nothing more than to hit him. Noah and Josh were interrupted by Reva, who wanted to know what was going on. Josh lied and said it was about sports but Noah told the truth and said it was all over her. Josh left. Reva stayed and talked to Noah. She told him about her big day at WSPR the next day. She left to get some rest. Noah smiled at her as she left.
Lizzie is having dinner with her dad. She spills something on her dress and cries about it. She says it is ruined and there is nothing she can do to fix it. Phillip holds her. Lizzie tells him that none of her dresses fit like they used to. She thinks she is ugly and can't stand to look at herself. She says that everyone knows she is sick and they stare at her. She says they all stare and look at her worried all the time. She can't even brush her hair for fear that more will come out. She throws her hat and says she is sick of it as well. She is glad the baby isn't sick like her. Phillip tells her that she is beautiful and by the time the baby gets there she will be well. She wants to go home.

At the Spaulding's:
Beth and Phillip are at the house. Phillip is taking Lizzie back with him for the night. Beth tells Phillip how happy she is with Jim. Jim walks in and hands Beth a flower. He goes upstairs and Phillip tells her how happy he is for her. She hopes that Jim never finds out. Phillip promises her he won't find out. Phillip leaves and Jim comes back down. He tells Beth how much the baby means to him and how he loves both of them.
Outside, Susan and Max got home. He asks her to go to a party with him the next evening. He kisses her. Jim interrupts them and tells them to break it up. He drags them in and tells them the rules of dating. He tells them that they have to take things slowly and have adult supervision at parties and have a parent drive them to and from the movies. Max gets upset and tells Jim to say what he means, that he doesn't want Max to see Susan anymore. Jim tells him that wasn't what he meant. He just wanted to protect Susan. Max leaves and Susan walks him out. Outside, Susan agrees to go to the party with him. They kiss again and Jim flashed the lights on and off. Susan steals another kiss and Max leaves.
Lizzie got home and was angry. They told her how pretty she was and she told them they weren't being honest with her. Beth told her she had to help out with the baby when it got there. Lizzie tells them that she wants to be there for the baby and wants to be there period.

At Edmund's Room:
Harley and Blake got a drink and were about to watch the video when the manager along with security came up to the room. Blake goes back to act like a working girl again. The manager tells her they don't allow "working girls" in there and she should get going. The manager asks to talk to Edmund but he isn't there. Security sees the video playing and takes the tape out. Harley picks up the tape and her bag and she and Blake are arrested.

At the Police Station:
Rick comes in yelling about Carmen getting out of jail. Just then the cops bring in Blake and Harley on suspicion of solicitation. Ross and Rick just stared at them. Blake tells them that she wants to talk to her lawyer. Frank asks Ross if he wants to take the case and he said he didn't think he could win it. He laughed at Blake who asked him about the handcuffs. He told her she looked good in them. He asked her to explain what happened and then went on to tell her he would call someone who may be able to help. Meanwhile, Harley tells Rick why they broke in and showed him the tape she found locked away in a drawer. Rick, knowing what was on the tape, got worried that she found it. Rick asks her to let him hold it for him. Frank takes it and starts to play it. Harley goes to give her statement and Rick begs Frank to give him the tape and not ask too many questions.
Ross comes back and gets the cop to uncuff Blake. He tells her he called the babysitter and had her stay longer so they could go out to dinner. He tells her that she is a good woman and he loves her. She has a kind heart and she has to stop getting into trouble.
Harley talks to Frank. He is angry. She asks what is wrong. He tells her that Eleni came back from Greece and went on to LA for a business trip. She thought they needed some time apart from each other. Harley told him that she would help them and talk to Eleni for him. Frank lets her go and she goes out to find Rick yanking the tape out. Harley asked him what he was doing. Rick tells her that the tape was of him and Claire making love. Harley gave him the tape back and he finished destroying it. Phillip came in to get Harley. Rick asks to speak to Phillip. He tells him about the tape. Phillip thanked him again for all his help.

Wednesday, May 24, 2000

At Company:
Josh and Marah are eating at Company. She tells him she knows about the divorce. He wants to know how she is doing. She says she hates the idea of divorce but gained perspective talking to Bill. Josh says he loves her. Marah says she and Shane will be okay. She asks about Olivia's sister. Josh says Olivia will have to stay away for a while.
Phillip is talking to Buzz at Company. He wants advice about Lizzie. Buzz suggests a loud party to celebrate everything. They will organize the food and have it at the Mansion. Vicki and David enter the room. She is surprised to see Phillip and says it is awkward. Phil wants to know when she will stop by the office. She says never. Phil tells Vicki that he wouldn't try to make her reconcile with Alan. He thanks her for getting tested as a bone marrow donor and invites her and David to the party. She accepts.
David goes over to talk to Ruth and asks about Charlie. Ruth is defensive.
Ruth storms out of Company followed by David. She apologizes for taking her bad mood out on him. She can't get a job. David says there may be something he can do. Ruth and David come back into Company. Vicki is looking at them. David asks Buzz to hire her. Buzz isn't too thrilled but David vouches for her and Ruth accepts the job. Vicki tells David he is Ruth's guardian Angel.

Reva is preparing to go on the air. She is stressed out and nervous. Selena arrives for moral support. Reva asks her to talk her out of going on air. She tells Selena that the topic is teen pregnancy. The producer doesn't like the idea and was arguing about it but Reva won out. Margo, the producer, comes in and Reva asks to speak to the teens that were going on the show. Margo tells her that they changed back to tainted food instead of teen pregnancy. Reva tells her that she will not do that and starts to walks out. Reva tells Selena that they are leaving. Reva has words with the producer. Selena tries to calm her down. She says it is the first step toward Reva's new life. Reva decides to stay. Marah arrives, Josh is watching through the glass and sees them. Marah hugs her and Reva is really nervous. There are thirty seconds to airtime. Reva looks scared. Reva introduces herself and says her show will be about real issues. Reva reads from the cue cards and the topic is restaurant safety. There are two guests and the restaurant owner was lied to about the topic. The guests are arguing and Reva realizes they are still on the air. Josh is smiling while waiting backstage. Susan is amazed as they watch from home. There is still chaos in the WSPR studio. Marah told her the show was great. Selena reassures her. She says the next show will be better. Reva says she is quitting. She hopes no one saw it. Selena notices Josh as she goes to get some water. Josh asks if Reva is okay and Selena says yes. He gets ready to leave. Reva notices him and smiles. Reva tells Josh she thought he had left. She talks about how terrible she was but Josh says she did a nice job. Noah enters and Reva greets him. Josh leaves. Noah tells her he saw the show and thought she could use a friend. Noah says she needs to know the truth; she was really awful.

Cassie is reading the newspaper in the courtyard. Richard enters. Cassie is upset about still being married to Rob. She suggests getting a quickie divorce in Mexico. Richard says it will work out. Edmund enters and offers to help with Rob. Cassie suggests he leave them alone. Edmund says he understands that she doesn't like him. Cassie and Edmund argue and she accuses him of bringing Rob there. Edmund asks Richard if he wants him to leave the country and Richard wants him to stay. Edmund pulls him aside and says he appreciates the opportunity to change, he walks away and then Cassie tells Richard he shouldn't trust Edmund. Richard talks about the letter from his father and allowing Edmund some dignity and the opportunity to change. Cassie says he hasn't changed. Cassie tells Richard he must hate her for all that has happened. He says he could never hate her. Cassie says he should hate her since she is always messing up. She loves him and yet she could cost him everything. She! apologizes and says he deserves someone better than her. Richard sits down next to her. He says that he could have looked for someone perfect but he only wants her; she makes him happy like no one else could.
Edmund is talking to Rob in a restaurant. He wants to make Rob an offer. Edmund says if he signs the divorce papers and promises to leave Richard and Cassie alone he will give Rob $10,000. Rob says that is a low offer. Rob says if they don't "ante up" soon there won't be a royal wedding ever. Ed is on the phone to the newspaper. He changes his accent and says he is Rob Layne and Cassie is his wife.
Cassie and Richard are holding hands. Richard says no one will stop them from getting married. Rob enters and tells Richard if he wants Cassie it will cost him. He wants $1 million and a car. Richard tells Rob he is pathetic. Rob will be arrested to allow him some time in a cell to think about it. Richard calls for the guards.

At the Spaulding's:
Susan is home with Lizzie. Susan is waiting to see Reva's show on TV. Susan asks Lizzie about her nosebleed. Lizzie says she is tired of everyone making a big deal over every little thing. Noah arrives. Lizzie doesn't want to go to the hospital. Noah asks if she is sicker. Lizzie says no and says she is tired of everything. She is cranky. Noah understands. He says her family just wants her to get well. Noah asks Lizzie to promise him that she will report all symptoms to him or her parents. Lizzie says she feels fine. Beth takes Noah outside to talk. Susan asks why she didn't mention the nosebleed. Susan says they need to have some fun. Beth asks Noah if she is getting better and he says he thinks so. Noah says Lizzie is really scared and they will do their best to make sure everything goes right. He tells Beth that they have tested most of the people on the list and there are no matches. He wants to test the baby as a bone marrow donor but Beth says no. Noah says umbilical cord blood has good results. Beth says there is no guarantee that the baby will be a match since Zach wasn't. Beth finally agrees to get the baby tested. Susan has dressed Lizzie and put makeup on her. They are taking pictures and Lizzie seems more upbeat. Noah, Beth, Susan and Lizzie stand in the living room to watch Reva on TV. Reva is frozen. Beth says maybe she doesn't know the show has started. Reva covers and says it was a moment of silence. Lizzie asks Susan if Reva made those people fight on TV. Noah asks Lizzie if he can take more blood before he leaves. He talks to distract her while he is taking the blood. She hugs him and says she doesn't hate him. She didn't feel him take the blood. Beth thanks Noah. He will call her for an appointment to test the baby. Phil enters and asks Beth if everything is okay. She says Lizzie is fine but they are the ones with the problem. Beth tells Phil that Noah says Lizzie is getting better but he wants to test the baby. Phil wonders why. Beth says just in case. Phil is worried that the paternity of the baby will come out. Lizzie has another nosebleed. She doesn't tell.

Thursday, May 25, 2000

In San Cristobel:
Colonel Dax is with Edmund. He tells him that Richard has a great capacity for forgiveness. An aide comes to talk to Dax about the Media and the wedding. Rob says he is an American and has rights. He appeals to Cassie; she says he is on his own. Richard has Rob taken away by the guards. Rob is struggling with the guards. Richard says he gave Rob a chance and now he will have Rob thrown in jail. Richard says he may get out in 20 years. Edmund enters and says he told Rob not to come to San Cristobel . Cassie looks a little scared. Richard says Rob will sign the papers soon. Edmund compliments him on his handling of Rob. Richard asks to be alone with Cassie. He tells her it will be okay and they hug. Edmund talks to Dax and wants to help. He suggests Dax draw up an official looking execution order to scare Rob. Dax agrees and Edmund says it will be all for the best. Richard tells Cassie he is sorry for what happened before and everything will work out. He hugs her and tells her he loves her. Dax interrupts them and says that the press is waiting to talk to them. Richard asks about Rob and Dax says he is not taking imprisonment well. Edmund is in the hallway and says he thinks they will find out that they have underestimated Rob Layne. Press conference. The press asks about Edmund's presence. Richard says they have come to an understanding. The press asks to take their picture but Edmund says this is Cassie and Richard's day. Next question: Is the wedding to be postponed due to Cassie still being married to Rob? Cassie and Richard step aside to give them time to think. Dax says he can throw the press out but the questions will persist. Edmund offers to help. Richard says he needs a moment. Cassie wants to know what Richard will say to the press. He says he will say what needs to be said. Richard tells Cassie he will handle it. He wants her by his side. He says that he has an announcement about the wedding. It is time they all knew the truth about Cassie Layne.

Reva tells Noah she couldn't have been that bad since Josh, Marah and Selena said she was fine and she hasn't been fired yet. Noah says she is annoyed because he is telling the truth and she knows it. After a little talk Reva told him she was sexually frustrated and needed some relief. Then she stunned him when she suggested he help her out. Noah was speechless. Reva says Noah is all talk and no action. He missed his chance. It might have been fun. Noah grabs her and kisses her. He says "Your place or mine."

At Company:
Michelle and Danny are waiting for Carlos. They are going to bluff him until Carmen joins the Witness Protection Program. Carlos enters and Michelle starts to leave but Carlos wants to talk to both of them. Danny tells Carlos that Michelle has to go to the doctor but Carlos insists she stay. Danny tells Carlos he is willing to run his mother's business. Carlos tells him some of the other families doubt his willingness to take over. Danny reassures him. Theresa enters and tells Carlos that Danny is lying. Danny says Theresa doesn't know what she is talking about. He gave his word to Carlos. She says he gave his word to marry her and look what happened. Danny says he will keep his word to Carlos. Theresa says Michelle would never agree to have her baby brought up in the "family". Theresa and Michelle argue. Michelle says she knows what it means to be a Santos. She is safer on the inside and Theresa should look over her shoulder. Michelle says she is Danny's wife an! d deserves respect. Carlos tells Theresa he needs to talk to Danny. She leaves. Danny tells Michelle he will handle things now but is proud of her. Carlos takes Theresa outside and tells her she lets her emotions show too much. Theresa doesn't believe Danny. Jesse and Drew are kissing in front of Company. They are going to meet Michelle and Danny with the contracts. Drew tells Danny to sign on the dotted line and he can "Say goodbye to the life of crime".

At the Spaulding Mansion:
Jim and Buzz are bringing the food into the house for the party. Susan tells Jim she has other plans and can't come to the party. She is meeting some other girls. Jim says this party is important to Lizzie. Susan says Lizzie will be okay. Jim finally agrees since Susan has been helping Lizzie so much. Susan is sitting outside when Max shows up. He asks if she can come to the party with him. Susan seems a little apprehensive. She tells Max maybe it isn't a good idea. She needs to stay with Lizzie. Max wants to know why she changed her mind. Susan says it is important for Lizzie that she is there. She says she doesn't feel like going tonight. Max thinks she needs a break. Buzz asks them to help him. Susan asks Max to stay at the party with her but Max is leaving to go to the Cave party. Susan and Max argue and Max leaves. Susan tells Jim she will stay for the party and Jim is proud of her. Buzz says that was hard for her to decide. Buzz tells Susan she did the right thing.

At Millennium:
Drew enters Millennium and asks Jesse to kiss her. She has the paperwork for Danny to be a partner in the club. It just requires signatures. They will have more time together if Danny helps them. It will be a chance for all of them. Jesse is worried about the crime connection. Drew says if it looks like Danny is getting back into that lifestyle they will scrap the agreement. Jesse tells Drew to wait until they are together with Danny to sign the papers. Jesse is getting used to the idea and they will have a simpler life. They kiss. Jesse thinks that Drew is avoiding him. She thinks he needs more rest. It has been almost a month since they made love. He wonders why it isn't happening. Drew says she is afraid to make love to him because of his heart. Jesse says the surgeon says his heart is fine and it needs "exercise". Drew says they need to take it easy for a while but Jesse says it will be okay. They want to see Danny and then come home and celebrate.

At the Bauer's:
Rick enters the Bauer kitchen. Abby is trying to write a speech and has writer's block. Rick wants her to come to the party at the Spaulding's. She says she can't go. Rick wants her to come with him. Abby insists she has to finish the speech and he is not respecting her. Rick says that their marriage is everything and he wants them each to put the marriage first. Rick tells Abby they are not communicating. Abby says they are living their plan. Rick starts to say something and stops. Abby is annoyed. Rick hoped the relationship would improve when she regained her hearing. Now he is not sure. Abby says she was afraid and now he doesn't like the changes in their life. Abby agrees to go to the party.

Friday, May 26, 2000

In San Cristobel:
The press is questioning Cassie and Richard about whether they are going to call off the wedding. Richard turns to them and tells them that he wants to tell them all about Cassie Layne. He tells them, "Cassie and her children mean everything to me. I'd marry her this minute." Then Cassie interrupts. The reporters are still hounding about the wedding. Richard tells them that it's not cancelled just postponed, to make it even more elaborate so that all of San Cristobel can join in. He tells them they will announce the new wedding date as soon as possible. Richard pulls Cassie out of the room. She asks, "What are we going to do about Rob?" Edmund joins in on the conversation. "Yes, Richard. Rob's made it abundantly clear he's not going to sign the papers," he says. Richard says, "Yes, he will sign the papers." Edmund tell Richard he likes how he is handling the situation. "Stroke of genius Richard. Really." Edmund steps out in the hall. A palace minion comes in looking for Dax. Edmund stops him and gets the phony execution order for Rob Layne. Edmund stops two guards and hands off the order to Dax's men. He tells them to carry the orders out immediately. Back in the courtyard, Richard says, "It's going to be the biggest, most romantic wedding ever." Edmund comes in and says he's leaving the island. Richard is surprised. "Well, Edmund, it's not the end to all of our problems but it's a step in the right direction." Edmund turns to Cassie; "I hope it's a step in the right direction for us." "Time will tell," she says. Richard says farewell to Edmund and good luck. As Edmund leaves the room he looks back and says, "Good luck. All the luck in the world won't help you now." Meanwhile, Rob is in jail whining. "I need smokes, I need food, real food." A guard says, since it's your last meal, you'll get food. You've been ordered executed by Prince Richard." A surprised Rob says, "What the hell are you talking about?" They handcuff him. He still thinks they are joking until he hears guns being fired off in the back. Now he's scared. Edmund is lingering in the hallway, looking devious. "You'll be off the throne in a week, Richard." Back in Cassie's room, Cassie tells Richard that when he was talking to the press she thought he might cancel the wedding. Her old fears are kicking in. "I know you love me and you've proven it to me in almost every way you possibly can." She starts getting romantic with him and he says, "I thought we were going to wait until after the wedding?" asks Richard. "I love you and I want to fall asleep in your arms tonight and wake up next to you in the morning," says Cassie. "I want you to make love to me." Richard kisses her hand, and says, "Are you sure?" "We had to postpone the wedding but I don't want to postpone bei! ng with you. I need you and I love you."

At the Spaulding's:
Everyone is there for the party. Lizzie asks, "Are you sure this party is not for me." They tell her no that she can't hog the spotlight all the time. Susan takes Lizzie outside. Lizzie coughs and rubs her nose. "Do you feel up to it?" asks Susan. Lizzie wants to go ahead. Susan and Lizzie look up at the sky and say they don't believe in wishing on stars. But low and behold, Susan sees a shooting star. Lizzie is still coughing, but wants to stay outside. Susan is just joking about the shooting stars, but admits that she does kind of believe in them. Lizzie looks up at the sky and says, "Maybe if we wish on all the stars, our wish will come true." Back at the party, Susan goes inside. "Oh no, they let my grandpa pick the music" Susan cries in distress. Lizzie looks back up at the stars. Susan runs inside to save the music. Phillip and Rick are getting their stories straight about the tape. Back at the party, Lizzie is dancing to Ricky Martin tunes. Beth asks Susan what she wants to do for her birthday. Does she already have plans with Max? Susan says that she and Max had a fight and he's probably with someone else. Beth says not to worry, "they always come back." Phillip notices that Susan and Beth are getting along better. Beth tells Phillip she still doesn't want to have the baby tested as a bone marrow donor. Buzz asks where Harley is. Phillip says she's in LA visiting Eleni. Buzz says, "what?" Buzz grabs Frank and says, "What's going on." Phillip calms the crowd for a speech. "We're not a traditional family, but we have become that by choice and necessity. Here's to never forgetting what holds us together. Here's to family," toasts Phillip. Phillips says to Rick, "Here's to Carmen being out of Michelle's life. Ding dong the witch is dead." Rick says, "I just wish Claire was out of town, too." Phil says don't worry. Rick tells Phillip that when Michelle was little Claire did something hideous to her. In fact it made her lose custody. If Michelle finds out, she'll never forgive her. Buzz tries to corner Frank about Eleni. Frank says that things are bad and Eleni got a job offer to help with a big convention in L.A. She took the job. They bring out a birthday cake to surprise Susan. "Happy almost birthday." Lizzie tells everyone how happy she is that they are there. Reva comes into the party. She gets Phillip and Beth to come outside and talk to Noah. Noah tells them that Lizzie's latest tests are not good news. Phillip looks concerned and Beth starts to cry. They can tell it's BAD news.

At Noah's:
A Nurse calls looking for Noah. She has Lizzie's test results and she's sure he'll want to see them soon. Noah ushers Reva into his hotel room. He offers Reva a drink to relax. She is very nervous. Noah tries to give Reva an out on the sex. He knows she made the offer on impulse. "You can leave, it's up to you," says Noah. He says, "You don't have to decide this minute. We can talk and see how you feel." Reva says, "even if I wanted to back out of our arrangement, I wouldn't need your permission." She grabs his scotch and takes a drink. "Maybe I'll have a drink after all." Reva tells Noah you should have given me a drink before my TV show. Noah is giving her a break. "Next time you'll take control from the start and not let anybody take over. You won't let them. And you know this how? You are ornery and love a challenge. You don't give up so easy...and neither do I." Noah looks hot leaning back against the bed. Reva says, &q! uot;A good scotch should be savored slowly. That's true about a lot of things." Reva has a question and wants Noah to answer her honestly, "What is it that you see in me, Noah. My life has been complete chaos and I cart around more baggage than a luggage store. I know it's not just a role in the hay." "Why you?" wonders Noah. "Why do I like Reva? Why do I want her so very much. She's beautiful, special, but I don't think she's been told that in a long time. Told that she's perfect just like she is. She needs to hear it, feel it, be kissed and held and told how wonderful she really is." He tells her that making her happy will make him happy. Noah and Reva are kissing while undressing each other. He lowers Reva to the bed and the phone rings!! It's the hospital. Noah gets Lizzie's test results and tells Reva he has to go to the hospital. Reva says, "Since you only have one patient, please tell me that nothing bad is going on with Lizzie." Noah and Reva go to the party at the Spaulding mansion. Reva says that it looks like everyone is having a good time, couldn't it wait until morning? Noah says no. He has to talk to them now.

At Company:
Teresa is yelling at Danny and Michelle. Theresa wants to know why they lied to her uncle about running the family business. Michelle tells Theresa to be quiet because Drew doesn't know anything about this. She says why did you say you were going legit. Michelle starts yelling at her and Theresa says I'll tell you when I want you to talk to me. Michelle tells her now that Carmen is gone she outranks Theresa. Theresa asks Danny is he going to let Michelle talk to her that way and he doesn't respond. Theresa storms off. Drew and Jesse want to know what's going on. Danny says that Theresa and Carlos think they are going to use Millennium as a cover for the mob. Jesse says it's hard as hell to get out of Mob business. Michelle says it will be different this time. Danny wants to get dinner. Jesse says things will never change. If anything happens, he will hold Danny personally responsible. Drew apologizes to them and they leave Michelle and Danny. Michelle says this is a nightmare. Danny says he's mad at himself not her. This will be over in a few days when his mother and everyone else are out of the picture. And then they will be free. Michelle really wishes they didn't have to tell Jesse. She says if Carmen backs out they will have to run the family business. He says she won't back out. The first thing they want to do when this is over is have a ground-breaking party for their house. She can invite everyone she knows. She says does that include Carlos and Theresa. She knows Theresa will have to be involved with some of this and she can handle that as long as she respects the fact that he is the most important person in her life.

At the Jail:
Carmen tells Claire that she's been thinking about her offer and the answer is no. The offer is tempting but she doesn't see how Claire can accomplish it. She doesn't trust her. Carmen says to get things done right you have to do them yourself. Claire says there's no way she can accomplish that being in the Witness Protection program. Carmen says she will always have connections. She can get it done. Claire says she loves her daughter and threats against her daughter don't sit well with her. Carmen laughs calling her a mama bear, says she likes to take care of things her own way. Claire says if she messes with her she will be sorry. She has connections too. She's a doctor with access to drugs and people trust her. That's why the guard let her back. She talks about the tray of food Carmen was eating. Claire asks her if she is enjoying that pudding. Does it taste a little funny? Carmen laughs. It doesn't make sense for Claire to poison her when she was coming there to see if she had accepted her proposal. Claire says there is always next time and she doesn't want her daughter threatened. Carmen says there may be a way for them to work together after all. Carmen says she has to give Claire some credit. She's more devious than she thought. Claire says she can do this and break them up but won't do a thing until she has her word that Michelle will not be hurt. Carmen says she won't do anything to Michelle. Claire says it goes without saying that they will not breathe a word of this to another living soul. Carmen says they have nothing to feel guilty about. They are just two mothers doing whatever it takes to keep their children safe.

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