One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 29, 2000 on OLTL

Colin hid Nora. Antonio and Sophia joined the police academy. Sam agreed to take Bo's case. Bo learned that Melanie was Lindsay's sister. Skye and Blair fought over Max. Jessica, Will, and Cristian were on the run from the police.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 29, 2000 on OLTL
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Monday, May 29, 2000

Asa's Office

Max is at Asa's desk doing paperwork for him and Blair is on the desk in sexy lingerie, attempting to get Max in bed. As soon as Max's stands up, she is demanding to know how Skye got the confession of her scamming Asa, and Max denies that he gave it to her. Blair also wants to know why Max can't trust her anymore, claiming that they had passion and started out with nothing. Skye walks in the office in lingerie, waving the confession around in Blair's face. Blair demands the confession, but Skye won't give it to her. Blair leaves. Blair is outside the office listening as Skye tries to convince Max not to trust Blair. She also confesses that she wants him.

Cherryvale Clinic

Ben questions Colin about Nora and Colin comments on having a patient with the same kind of hair as Nora, but says it's not her. Ben later goes and searches around the hospital. Lindsay is able to convince Colin not to say anything about Nora in exchange for Melanie and Colin to be a debt free man.

Viki's Cabin

Sykes arrives and Antonio is still there. Antonio claims he knows nothing about Will's whereabouts to Skyes and also addresses the fact that Cristian saved his life. Sykes is thankful for his brother's good deed. John leaves, and Roseanne arrives. She goes to search the cabin looking for Cristian and Antonio tells her that he left. Antonio then tells her that she doesn't exist anymore, and tells her to go ahead and close the diner, claiming that his family will move on strong.

A fast food parking lot

Will, Cristian and Jessica on foot arrive at a fast food place. Will gives Cris the money from his Mom to go get some food. They quickly take cover when an officer comes by and on his radio the dispatcher is giving a description of the three wanted. He soon leaves. Cris goes in and gets some food and comes back. Jessica suggest that she change her look to look like a guy so the police wouldn't be able to tell it's them, since they know that there's a blonde hair girl with them. Jessica puts on a hat and jacket and makes the appearance of a guy. She notices the van right next to them, and figures that they be far away fast. Jessica gets in and hides in the back. Will and Chris see the owners and quickly shut the door and step a few feet back. The two guys want to know what they where doing to their van and Cris says that they work at a body shop and covers. The owner locks the back of the van, Jessica is stuck in there and then van drives off.

Sam's house

Bo tells Melanie about his relationship with Nora and the fact that Drew got killed. Sam walks in and Bo tells him about R.J.'s lawsuit. Sam tells Melanie that R.J. is the local trouble-maker with a grudge. Sam offers his help to Bo, at first Bo declines, but when he said that he'll do it for Nora, Bo agrees to let Sam to represent him. Sykes walks in and tells Sam and Bo that Will is on the run and Jessica and Cristian are with them. Bo and John leave. Sam makes a phone call to Ben asking to call him right away.

Asa's office

Skye leaves and Max follows her. Blair sneaks in and tampers with files that Max was working on with Asa, claiming that "he'll remember just who he married."

Cherryvale Morgue

A drugged Nora is able to pull the sheet of her face, but doesn't wake up just yet.

Back upstairs

Ben consulted with a doctor friend of his and showed him the picture of Nora. The doctor is able to tell Ben that Colin is treating her and Ben quickly storms off to Nora's room with Lindsay behind him. Ben burst in and shoved Colin out of the way, but finds a different woman with red hair in Nora's room.

TUESDAY, MAY 30, 2000

Sam decided to take a tough stance with Asa, who cryptically promised that Sam had even more to lose. Antonio told Bo about his decision to join the police force. Sam asked Ben to help him find Will and get him out of the country. Ben told Viki about Jessica's disappearance and promised that he would find her daughter. John told Bo that they were close to finding Jeff Barnes. Lindsay pulled out all the stops to convince Colin to continue to hide Nora and he finally agreed to take Nora to his house. Lindsay rushed to Sam's after learning about Will's disappearance and was surprised to find Melanie with Matthew.


Will and Cris enter a diner to get a bite to eat. They're upset about Jess disappearing in the back of a van and have no idea where she is. The only thing they know is that the side of the van said ‘Joe's'. They decide they are on an even playing field now, as Jess loves both of them. They spot a man who was talking to the men in the van and find out it's from Joe's Hardware, but he doesn't know where it is. A state trooper walks in and puts up the wanted poster of them. Will and Cris pretend to make a phone call and when it's safe they call information, trying to find out where Joe's Hardware is located.

Lindsay is not happy that Lanie is at Sam's house, holding a sleeping Matthew. She's upset that her sis is back in her life because she's always taking things away from her, like the baby who needs a mother now. Matthew is not hers, Lanie corrects her and she's there because she and Sam are close and she needs a place to stay. Lindsay also blames Lanie for conspiring with Sam to keep her away from Will. The two discuss Lanie's marriage and she admits that Colin doesn't treat her the way she deserves. Lindsay tries to convince her otherwise. Lanie always wanted to leave her husband, after every affair but her sister tells her it only happened a few times and Colin really misses her and loves her. Lanie wants to know why Lindsay is defending him, why she's playing Cupid for him and whats in it for her. Lindsay lies and says two people who belong together should be. Lanie wonders if Lindsay would like it if she slept with her sister's man the way Lindsay slept with Colin. Lindsay vows to make amends.

Nora wakes up and tells Colin she saw and heard Lindsay but he denies it. She also corrects him when he calls her Scarlet and says her name is Red. Colin tells her he's a doctor and informs her she's in a convalescent home when she wonders where she is. She wants him to call Bo but he won't allow it until she's better.

Bo is with Jeff Barnes at the police station. The former technician claims not to remember any DNA test, Lindsay's trial or anything concerning her and Bo. After Bo mentions spotting him on a tape visiting Lindsay, he begins to recall the incident but denies switching the test or any bribery or receiving money. When he wonders whether Bo will treat him like R.J., the commissioner begins to lose his temper. Jeff suggests that a new test be done but Bo calls John and requests he lock Jeff up for assault(from the previous attack in the alley at Lindsay's trial). Afterwards, John asks for Bo's help in a friend's search for her daughter. He'll do whatever he can to help, the police commish states, but maybe the daughter doesn't want to know or maybe loves her current family. Maybe she wants to be left alone, he mulls, deep in thought. John tells Bo that he always wondered about his own natural family and tried to find them but all records were lost in a fire.

At the Banner, Zack and Kevin make plans to run a first page article on Asa and his contributions to the governor's campaign. They also have a picture of the two of them together. Rae stops by and asks for help in locating a friend's daughter. She wants to run a classified ad, but Kevin gets her to take her old columnist's job back where she can write an article on the subject. She gets right to work and appeals to all of the adopted women of Llanview.

Will and Cris walk into a warehouse that they think will provide a clue to Jess' whereabouts. When they walk in, there's loud music playing and they spot a young woman, dressed like a rock singer. When they ask for help, Jess turns around.

John visits the Banner and learns that Rae has her job back. He's taking Sophia to lunch to celebrate her becoming a police cadet. They invite Rae along.

Nora calls out for Matthew and Rachel as Colin wonders who they might be. She realizes that Colin is the one who saved her and she reaches out for him.

On the way to the gallery, Lindsay brings Lanie along to meet the man she loves. They walk into Bo's office where she introduces them. Bo is in shock, Lanie surprised.

Thursday, JUNE 1ST, 2000

Joe's Hardware

Jessica (now known as Meg) introduces her new friends Justin and Ric to her old friends Will (now Bill) and Cristian (now José). When "Bill and José" try to spirit "Meg" out the door, Justin and Ric stop them because they want the three of them to go on the road with them – they explain to the guys that they "can use the extra help with the heavy lifting." Unsure what they're talking about, Meg explains that it's the perfect scheme because they will be in a different town each weekend, never around any place long enough to be found...finally "Bill and José" agree with the plan: Will and Cristian will now be roadies for Justin and Ric's band while Jess will become a backup singer. The group decision: "Let's rock and roll!"

Bo's Office – Llanview Police Department

Lindsay is the only one not surprised when she introduces her sister to Bo. She explains that since she and Melanie had been "on the outs for a while" but now had "found their way back to each other," she wanted to be the first to introduce Bo and Melanie. Too bad they'd already "met" – several times! Bo fessed up to the meeting at Sam's and changed the subject quickly by asking to talk to Lindsay alone. Bo thought that Lindsay might have better luck talking to Jeff Barnes than he had so he sent her off to try to get the information about Matthew's paternity while he promised to "watch" Melanie for Lindsay. In "getting to know each other better," Bo and Lanie discuss what a "small world" it is now that they know their respective connections to Lindsay – and the uncomfortable feelings they have because of it. They decide to keep their connection to each other to themselves but Melanie wants Bo to understand that she has a clear conscience because at the time of their "beautiful" encounter, she didn't think of herself as married. However, when Bo asks whether she feels married now, Melanie avoids answering the question. Instead, she wants Bo to know that Lindsay "is nuts about you."

MacIver's "Convalescent Home"

While Colin dozes in a chair near her bed, Nora awakens from a nightmare about the train crash calling out for Bo and trying to get up. Colin cautions her to stay on her back, keeping weight off her pelvis, and promises to get anything she wants "if it's within my power to get it." Since it's "home...home, please" that Nora wants, Colin tells her she will go home as soon as she's strong enough. When Nora asks about Sam, Colin promises that she will see him soon. But when she asks about Matthew, Colin is shocked to learn that Nora has a baby. "I need him...I want to hold him...he needs me, please." Feeling guilty, Colin promises to "fix it" and places a call to Lindsay.

Later, Colin gives Nora more medication to make her sleep and promises that while she does, he will "take care of will see your son are going home."

Lockup at Llanview Police Department

Jeff Barnes is not surprised to have Lindsay visit him; in fact, Jeff "figured he'd be sending you around" to try to get the information he wouldn't give Bo. He admits that he had been traveling around "having fun with your half million dollars" but avoids a direct answer when Lindsay asks him whether he "tampered" with Matthew's DNA test results. Lindsay thinks Bo "deserves to know the truth" and is frustrated that Barnes won't tell her because "there are lives at stake here." Her cell phone rings and when Lindsay finally answers, she is chastised by Colin for not telling him about "everything" – translated "Matthew." Lindsay's cryptic message to Colin is that his "patient must be delusional" because "that's my baby – mine and Bo's." Colin doesn't buy this and threatens Lindsay that he's "not gonna help keep a mother from her child." Jeff Barnes is intrigued by having heard Lindsay's side of the conversation and tries to make a deal. "So, it's your baby now?...I'll say anything you want for another $500,000...I'm not stupid...I say I tampered with that test, I go straight to far as I'm concerned, those test results are legit...the kid belongs to Sam Rappaport...if he turns out to be Bo Buchanan's, then I guess there must have been some mix-up at the lab."

Back upstairs in Bo's office, Lindsay interrupts a close moment between Bo and Melanie to tell Bo that Barnes wouldn't tell her anything. Bo wasn't too surprised and told Lindsay that "there are other ways to find out what we want to know...if we still want to know." The big "if" worried Lindsay, but Bo dismissed it for later discussion and Melanie and Lindsay left to go to dinner together.

Country Club

Kelly and Kevin sit at a table discussing how their joint campaign against Asa will affect the Buchanan family while Asa, Renee, Max and Blair enter to take the center table in the dining room so that Asa can "show that the Buchanans are back...back to stay." When Asa asks Kevin and Kelly to join the family table, Kevin and Asa trade accusations about whose fault it is that Jessica has run away. Same old, same old but Kevin observes that "there isn't that much to celebrate" until Jessica returns so Asa, to get the last word in, turns on Kelly about being married to Joey but dining with Kevin. As Blair wonders who the empty chair at their table is for, Skye enters and sits down at the table. Blair and Renee are disgusted, but the big surprise is that Asa, not Max, invited Skye to participate in the "family dinner" because "every family has a mistress," according to Asa. Renee takes offense at Asa's remark while Blair wants someone to "tell the witch where to go" so Renee takes Blair's side and, surprising Asa, tells Skye to "crawl under your rock again" and apologizes to Blair for Asa's behavior in inviting Skye to join them. When Asa asserts that "this is my dinner" Renee throws it right back at him and challenges, "She goes or I go" then blasts Max for his silence in not supporting Blair. As the discussion gets louder, Kevin and Kelly interrupt to show Asa the latest editions of the Banner and The Sun with the unflattering articles about him adorning the front pages of both papers. Asa tries to guilt Kevin into backing off by asking what Clint would think and when that doesn't work, brings up Kevin's anger over Grace's death but Kevin stands firm asserting the truth in the articles and telling Asa he is "dangerous." Asa insists to Blair that he will give her his shares so that she can have "49% of that rag" if she will fire Kelly as publisher of The Sun. Blair lies and tells Asa she had earlier sold "some" of her shares when Max had filed for divorce – and surprises both Asa and Kelly when she says she sold her shares to Kelly.

At another table, John Sykes and Rae Cummings are helping Sophia celebrate her acceptance into the Police Academy with champagne. They are somewhat dismayed with Sophia's attitude toward her new career: "A few months training and pass a hard can that be?" Later, Skye comes over and begins to flirt with John, insulting Rae in the process. Sophia challenges Rae not to let Skye get away with that, so later, in the ladies room, after trading insults about what each woman is "interested" in, Rae gives Skye a warning: "...if you don't stay away from John, I will cut your heart out."

In the ladies room, Blair explains to Kelly her motivation for lying about selling the stock shares. "I want a front row seat to watch Asa and Max squirm on that hook...your smear campaign works right into my plan..." Kelly protests that she and Kevin are "serious journalists" just doing their jobs, not making it personal. Blair advises Kelly that "things change..." since today she is married to Max, but tomorrow who knows? Kelly suggests that she and Blair "join forces" to bring Asa and Max "to their knees" with Max being first but when Skye overhears this "plot against your husband," Blair is forced to fake an argument with Kelly to cover their plan.

Back out in the dining room, Asa continues to make a scene; threatening to sue the Banner, he dismisses the stories as "garbage" but Renee thinks "there are good points in the articles" which infuriates Asa all the more. Max advises Asa he will "nose around to see if Kevin and Kelly have anything to hide." Kelly and Blair bring their "argument" back into the dining room causing Asa to thank Blair for trying to help with Kelly. Proclaiming "dignity is a vanishing act," a disgusted Renee leaves, trying to get Blair to come with her but, instead, Blair returns to the ladies room and takes on Skye, flushing her head in the toilet!

Llanview Police Department

Colin shows up to "report a missing woman" and is surprised when Bo taps him on the shoulder and offers to help. "Do you want to tell me about...the missing woman? Who is she?"

FRIDAY, JUNE 2, 2000

At the dinner, Max asked Blair about Skye's whereabouts. She denied doing anything to her.

Toliethead went to the Buchanan mansion and Renee saw her and asked what happened, she guessed and laughed walking away. (It was about time Blair!)

Back at the dinner, Asa said he'll sue Kevin and Kelly for everything they've got and told Max to go home to get his lawyers started on filing for restraining orders. Blair left with him saying she'll help.

In walks in Melanie and Lindsay, as they get seated Asa looks on, "Good Lord! They're multiplying!"

Lindsay and Melanie spoke about Sam and then Colin and then compared him to Bo. "Who's the clone?" quipped Asa, before excusing Lindsay to the side. He asked her why hasn't Bo come to him with the news yet. She told him he blew it once he backed out of their deal. "Bo will have his son, I'll have Bo, and you will have nothing... You will get what's yours," she said, then went back to her table and told her Colin was a saint compared to Bo's father, Asa Buchanan.

At the Police Station, Bo questions Colin about the missing woman. Colin responds by asking him about him about the personal business he had with Melanie. Bo asks if she is the missing woman or is there another woman.

Bo continued by telling him he knows she walked out on him. Colin angrily asks him if she told him before or after he slept with her.

Then Colin gets into it with Bo and asks him where she was. Bo didn't answer, so Colin said he'll find her himself and left.

In walks in R.J., complaining about tickets for jaywalking, parking, etc. Bo was not aware of it, but told him if he obeyed the law he would not be cited. R.J. said what does he know about obeying the law. A cop walks in and tells him Jeff Barnes is ready to talk.

R.J. asks if that was the same Jeff Barnes who was supposed to testify at Lindsay's trial. Bo excuses R.J. and talks with Jeff, but he wants to play games so Bo dismisses him. R.J. walks with Jeff back to his cell.

At the gallery, Lindsay walks in to see Colin. Colin started to break on her till Lindsay told him to shut up and in walks in Melanie. Colin tells her he misses her and then kisses her. Melanie gets all into it till Lindsay says she could leave and Melanie breaks from the trance and said it was a mistake and walks out. Lindsay called him a idiot. Colin told her her check bounced and she said she'll help him get Melanie back and she hasn't so the deal's off.

At Nora's, Ben tells Sam that he has his ‘people' looking for Will. Now the mob and the police are on the search. Sam brings up Renee stopping by to pick up the file he had on her son and feels there's something there he could use against Asa. Ben warned him off and Sam asked why not. Ben tells him to do what he has to do and walks out.

Bo shows up and Melanie answers the door. Sam asked what's up and Bo stares at Matthew.

Back at Asas', Max walks into the living room to see candles lit and a dessert awaiting him. He grabs a strawberry and Blair screams out "don't," afraid Skye poisoned them, but finds out it was Renee's idea. She wanted to do something for the couple and said it's for the two not the three and before leaving congratulates Blair on her scene in the ladies room. Blair started to seduce Max and it was working until in walks in Toliethead pouting about what Blair did to her. She poisoned the whip cream as Max asked what happened, Toliethead said never mind and walked out.

Blair and Max ate the poisoned strawberries and were going to continue upstairs but the drugs took effect and Max passed out downstairs. "Not again," he said. Blair passed out on the bed. Skye walks in with scissors, "Say good-bye Rapunzel," as she cut her hair off.

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