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Trey convinced Greenlee to return to Pine Valley. Maria took the stand at David's trial, but her testimony failed to sway the judge, who declared David innocent. Mia learned that she might be pregnant. Liza suspected that Adam was sleeping with Mia.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 11, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, November 11, 2002

As J.R. and Laurie meet at the Boat House, Jamie finds J.R. and informs J.R. that Adam and Brooke are hooking up. Meanwhile, at Brooke's Place, Brooke admits to Tad that she DID have a brief fling with Adam but it is over now. Brooke assures Tad that Jamie does NOT know about Brooke's fling with Adam.

At the Hospital, when Simone asks Frank point blank WHY he has been avoiding her, Frank agrees to explain later and agrees to meet Simone in the park when he is off duty. However, when Simone leaves, Frank flashes back to an incident in New York when Frank filmed a young man suffering from an overdose and Frank kept filming even though the man's friends urged Frank to help them revive their friend.

Elsewhere in the Hospital, Maggie and Anna begin to wonder WHY David has not returned. But, On the Beach, Maria has discovered David, digging in the sand, exactly as Maria found David digging there the night that David found Maria near death from the plane crash. Maria demands to know WHAT David has buried in the hole.

As Jamie and J.R. talk about Adam and Brooke, J.R. finally tells Jamie that NEITHER of them can do anything about the decisions that their parents make. But, J.R. assures Jamie that J.R. believes that Brooke will eventually prove to be too smart to believe anything Adam has to say for very long. Meanwhile, back at Brooke's Place, Brooke defends her brief fling to Tad, explaining that Adam had just been there to comfort Brooke, WITHOUT passing judgment, at a time when Brooke NEEDED that kind of non-judgmental comfort. Tad begins to talk about Tad's out of control behavior following Dixie's death and Tad eventually tells Brooke that he believes that their mutual griefs has made it possible for Tad, Brooke and Jamie to become a real family again. Brooke is stunned by Tad's assertion.

Back at the Hospital, Anna goes to Edmund's room and finally learns from Edmund that Maria was headed toward the site of the plane crash when their car slid into the ravine. And that Edmund believes that Maria's reason for going there had something to do with David. At the same time, On the Beach, David admits to Maria that there HAVE been things he HAS withheld from her, but it IS all in the PAST. As David promises Maria that he WILL tell her what is in the hole, Anna suddenly arrives.

At the same time, Jackson visits Edward in Edmund's Hospital room and Jackson also learns that both Maria and Anna have probably gone to the site of the plane crash and the reason has something to do with David. As Edmund begs Jack to stop Maria, Jack promises: "I've got your back!' And hastily departs.

Back on the beach, as Maria implores Anna to get some kind of warrant to investigate whatever it is that David is digging for, Anna surprises Maria by telling Maria that Anna is NOT there as the Chief of Police, but because she loves David. Anna appeals to Maria to let the past remain buried and be grateful that Maria is alive - a thought that Maria has often personally expressed to Anna.

At the same time, in the Park, Frank begins to tell Simone about his past, and how Frank believed that he would become a film-maker. But, before Frank can confess that he might have filmed Simone's brother Anthony as Anthony OD'd, Simone tells Frank that her brother OD'd at a Club and that he was all alone when he OD'd. When Simone apologizes for asking too many leading questions about Frank's past, Frank assures Simone that Frank KNOWS that Frank DOES want Simone in his life.

Back On the Beach, Maria is flabbergasted that Anna seems to have done an about-face where David is concerned. But Anna tells Maria about ANNA's long years of memory loss and the family that Anna lost while she could NOT remember: Anna's husband was murdered and her daughter, Robin, grew into a young woman in the nine years that Anna was unable to remember HER past! David tells Anna that THIS time, David has done NOTHING wrong. But Maria points at the hole On the Beach and asks if Anna can really walk away from whatever might be there. Anna replies that she can NOT let whatever David did five years ago be a part of their lives now - and David assures Maria that what is there has NOTHING to do with Maria either. But an outraged Maria turns toward the hole and begins to dig furiously. Then - Maria suddenly screams!

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Laurie and J.R. sat in his car, with J.R. complaining about the number of lives his dad has ruined. When he asked Laurie if she wanted him to take her home, she replied that she wanted him to kiss her. He obliged. He pulled away quickly, though, and said that they shouldn't go any further, at least not today. She questioned how much he really cared about her, and he said he was worried that he might be just like his dad, out to break hearts. She replied, "Maybe I'll be the one to break your heart." She went on to tell him to take chances, and have a little fun together. She suggested they date exclusively. J.R. seemed hesitant at first, but finally agreed with a kiss. Laurie stopped him from going too far and told J.R. that she wants their first time to be special, and she wants to make sure he really wants to be with her. She told him, "It'll be worth the wait." He drove her home, and walked her to her door, with the promise that he'll call her tomorrow. He warned her that he might not be too good at this, but she replied, "You will be."

When Tad suggested to Brooke that they become a family again, she responded by laughing. She said he should be running the other way, but he said he wants to be more of a father to Jamie, and she agreed she could be a better mother. As they hugged, Jamie entered the foyer. He acted upset when Brooke commented that she didn't expect him home so soon. He said he'll call next time. They stopped him on the stairs and Tad asked him, "What's wrong?" Jamie continued with his attitude, and wouldn't respond to Tad's questions. Finally, he turned around and walked out, after telling Brooke that she's had her hands full lately. Brooke told Tad that he must know about her and Adam, but Tad told her not to worry about it as he went after Jamie. Opal arrived as Tad left and asked Brooke what's going on. Brooke replied, "I'm not sure I want to know."

Maria began freaking out when she saw what David had buried all those years ago, a body. He told Anna and Maria that it's not as bad as it seems, but Maria asked him how it couldn't be. David begged with them to listen to his explanation. While Anna seemed open to listening, Maria told him that she's through listening. She said that he's a murderer, and this is his proof. She accused David of killing a guy, and then telling her that she killed him. David said that it isn't true. He tried to tell them the truth, but sirens could be heard in the background. At first, David thought Anna called for backup. When she said she didn't call anyone, David asked, hopefully, "So, do you believe me, then?" Anna wasn't giving in easily, this time. When Maria pleaded with her not to buy his story, she said she'll wait until all the facts are in. The police arrived, led by Jackson. Maria showed him the body, and he ordered the whole area be sealed off. With David protesting her story, Maria told Jackson that David killed a person and buried it on this beach five years ago. Angry, Maria vowed to make David pay for ruining her life.

Brooke was sharing with Opal how she feels that she let Jamie down in many different ways. She confessed that she feels like half a mom to him. Opal said that there's a good solution to her problems: Let Tad back into their lives, permanently. Brooke tried to downplay her suggestion, but Opal said it would do Jamie a lot of good to see his parents together again. She went on to tell Brooke that it would do her a lot of good too. Brooke tried to convince Opal that she couldn't do it. Opal wouldn't relent, though, as she said that she and Tad have been there for each other many times this year, and that Tad is possibly her one, true, love.

Tad found Jamie in the boathouse. He began talking with his son about Brooke, and how she needs his love and compassion. Jamie made some snide comments about how Brooke is anything but perfect. He said that she's already getting love and compassion. Finally, Jamie admitted, "Mom's sleeping with Adam Chandler!" Tad tried to convince Jamie not to be so hard on his mom. Jamie was surprised he would stick up for her, but Tad said that he should be the one sticking up for her. Jamie said that he doesn't understand what's going on, and he recapped the mistakes that Brooke has made lately. When Tad was sure he was through, he told him that it's now his turn to talk. Tad told Jamie all that Brooke has been through, and managed to convince him that she doesn't deserve the way he has treated her. Jamie finally admitted he was wrong, and apologized for how he treated her. He and Tad agreed not to tell Brooke that he knows about her and Adam, as they left the boathouse together.

As Jackson took a statement from Maria, and assured her they probably had enough to put David away, Anna walked up to David and asked him for the real story. He told her that the body belongs to a homeless man who was terminally ill five years ago. He volunteered to allow David to test his drug on him, but he died of natural causes. David performed the autopsy, and had to dispose of the body himself, rather then risk anyone finding traces of the untested drug. He begged with Anna to believe his story, and said that he's only concerned with losing her. Jackson had the police read him his rights, and said that he's being charged with homicide, as David asked Anna again to believe him. After they read him his rights, Jackson pulled Anna aside and told her how sorry he was that she had to find out this way, that David was a murderer. He went on to ask her to stay on as chief of police, given that David will now be out of her life. She simply replied, "It would appear that way," but she was still cryptic in her responses. Meanwhile, Maria walked up to David and began accosting him for saving her life but killing another. Jackson interrupted them and told the police to take him away. Anna stood up and told them to wait.

Tad and Jamie arrived back at Brooke's. Jamie apologized to her, but told her he didn't want to talk about it right now as he went up to bed. Tad told her that they talked about "Guy Stuff" and that she shouldn't worry about Adam. He was then paged and had to leave, but on his way out, Brooke told him that he's a great dad. He replied, "I'm trying."

Anna told David not to say anything until she gets him an attorney. He thanked her as he was led away. Jackson told her it was an interesting choice she made, and she replied that she was only thinking about the father of her child. After Jackson left, Anna noticed saw Maria. Without saying a word to her, she walked away, leaving Maria alone on the beach.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Kendall was in Greenlee's office on the phone with Casey, the boss. She lied about having the quarterly reports in her hand, trying to cover up the fact that she didn't have things under control. After hanging up the phone she called for Nikki, her assistant. Nikki brought in the reports and told her someone from Legend Magazine was on the phone. Kendall picked it up and found out that the samples that were to have been delivered weren't there. She assured the person that they would be sent over immediately and when asked about Greenlee, Kendall said she was taking over temporarily. Nikki returned and Kendall ordered her to send the materials to Legend pronto and not to let Casey know there was a problem. Unfortunately for Kendall Casey was standing at the doorway and heard it all. Casey told Kendall "You're not Greenlee and you never will be!." Kendall tried to cover up and handed her the reports she wanted. Casey went on about what a great worker Greenlee was and that she just didn't think Kendall would be able to keep up with Greenlee. Nikki returned with the sample box, saying it was in the lobby, the courier service never showed up. Just then Aidan arrived and Kendall claimed to have fired the old service and hired this new person. Aidan went along with her. Casey okayed him and left. Aidan told Kendall he was ready for their lunch date but Kendall said there was no way she could leave right now. He said she was too busy trying to take Greenlee's job which she said wasn't true, and then told him that she couldn't even do her own job. She talked Aidan into delivering the package for her and he left. Nikki returned and Kendall piled her up with work projects.

Trey pounded on Greenlee's door until she came out of the bedroom and told him to go away. He refused so she finally let him in. Trey was stunned to see Greenlee so disheveled and asked when she had last gotten herself dressed. She admitted to having been in bed for two days and when he was appalled she asked "Why should I ever get out of bed again?." Trey asked why she wasn't at work and she said she's playing the part of the rich heiress again. He asked if she thought this is what Leo would want for her. Greenlee said she couldn't go on without Leo and Trey told her she had to. He said she had to be the person Leo loved. He started to walk out and Greenlee stopped him. She asked "What do I do?"

Kendall picked up the phone and argued with someone and finally said "I'm in charge now, not Greenlee!" and hung up. Greenlee arrived in time to hear this and walked in. Kendall told her that her job had a lot of responsibilities and since she hadn't been there someone had to do them. Greenlee stared at Kendall and said "I've lost everything else, why not my job too?" She told Kendall that she saw through her act but Kendall denied trying to take her job. Casey came back and asked Greenlee if she was ready to return to her job. Greenlee asked if that would be a problem. Casey said Kendall was working out fine so Greenlee could take all the time she needed. Greenlee sneered at Kendall and said "At least someone is profiting from Leo's death!." Greenlee walked behind her desk and looked around. Kendall told her she couldn't wait for her to come back to work. Kendall told Casey that Greenlee thinks she's trying to take her job and Casey said she couldn't possibly do that. Kendall told Greenlee that she almost tanked the Legend Magazine deal and Greenlee was horrified. She said she worked many, many hours on that deal and what good did it do? She said she should've been spending all that time with Leo and began to cry. She turned to Kendall and said if she wanted the job she could have it and left the office. Kendall told Casey not to listen to Greenlee, that it was just her grief talking. Casey said she had a business to run and asked if Kendall could really do Greenlee's job. Kendall said yes but she wasn't trying to take Greenlee's position. Casey said they'd give it a try to left. Kendall sat down at the desk as Aidan returned. He said it looked like Kendall had snatched Greenlee's job. Kendall said she didn't try to take her job and he said he knew that, he heard what she told Casey. He said it must be a habit with her, saving other people's jobs. Kendall said she felt so bad for Greenlee because she just lost the love of her life. Aidan said just like her and Ryan and Kendall said it was nothing like that. Trey showed up and accused her of stealing Greenlee's job. They argued a minute but Kendall wouldn't tell him what really happened. He stormed off and Aidan asked why she wouldn't tell him. She said it was none of Trey's business. Aidan said that what she did today for Greenlee. Kendall said he was just trying to soften her up so he could knock on her door at night. He was offended and said he was trying to be nice because he liked her. "You were kind and generous to Greenlee today and I like you for it" he told Kendall. She was speechless.

Greenlee went home and looked through the mail. She found a travel brochure for New York City and then looked at the photo of her and Leo in Central Park. Holding the photo she sat down on the sofa and remembered their fantastic day together. She said "Leo, I miss you so much!" as tears rolled down her cheeks. A little while later her mother walked in and told Greenlee she didn't look well. Greenlee said Kendall stole her job but it didn't matter, she didn't care. "I can't do this!" she cried. She told her mother that Trey told her she had to be the person Leo loved but she didn't know how. Her mother suggested a change of scenery and asked her to go to South America to go shopping. She said they could buy shoes, purses, jewelry, diamonds. Greenlee stared at her and said "Diamonds? That's why Leo died!" and ran into her room.

Later Trey returned to Greenlee's loft and found her mother there alone. She told him Greenlee wasn't there, that she had packed a bag and ran out without a word. Trey said he thinks he knows where Greenlee went.

Maureen sat at the beach lost in thought. Tad arrived and startled her. She asked what he was looking for. Tad said that as bad as his life is he'll feel better if Hayward's is worse. Maureen said he was there for revenge and Tad thought that was a good enough reason. Tad asked why Maureen was there and she said she wasn't sure but she hoped it would bring back more memories. She said she'd relied on David for so long and now that was gone. Tad said he'd been following David's movements at the time of the crash and wondered who the dead man was. Maureen said she didn't have a clue. Tad said he could relate to what she was going through since he'd lost his memory 12 years ago. He said he got his memory back and maybe he could help her get hers back too. Tad said her answers probably have a lot to do with David. He asked why she believed David when he told her she had murdered someone. She said she just didn't know any better. Tad said he wished he had found Maria before Edmund and Brooke had gotten married, it would have spared a lot of people a lot of pain. She smiled sadly at Tad. Tad asked her if she was ready and she asked for what. Tad said "To make sure David doesn't get away." They walked away.

At the police station Anna and David waited for the authorities to let him go. David said the two of them would prove this time he's completely innocent. Anna replied "We both know that's not true." He said the cops are trying to cook up homicide charges that aren't there. Anna said they have every right to ask him why he was burying a dead body. He said he'd tell her everything but Anna said no. She said she wasn't his wife anymore and they could force her to testify against David. He agreed not to say anything else but said "Know in your heart that I didn't kill anyone." She said she believed him but for the sake of their child she didn't want to hear anymore. The attorney Anna hired for David arrived and David was shocked at how young the man was. He made a few snippy comments about the man's obvious youth. Anna left them alone to discuss the case. The two men talked about strategy while Anna stood across the room. Jackson arrived and told her he had the medical examiner's report. Just then Tad and Maureen walked in and wanted to hear the results. Jack told everyone that the autopsy showed the man died of cardiac failure and had been dead about 6 months before he was buried. Apparently the man had donated his body to science, which accounted for the time between death and burial. Tad asked David why he was the one who had to bury the body but David said "Like I'd answer questions from you?" Mr Adler, David's attorney demanded David's release from jail, saying they couldn't hold him for "improper disposal of medical waste." Jack told the officers to let David go. Tad said to Jackson "Don't you ever get tired of him laughing in your face?" as David and Anna walked to the other side of the room. He demanded that Jack keep David behind bars. Jack said he couldn't, he had to keep this professional and obey the law. Tad said he just needed a day and a half to find out why David buried this man. Jack wondered what Tad knew and Tad said it had something to do with the drug David used on Dixie. Jack was intrigued and said he'd give Tad 36 hours to get the information. Tad went to Maureen and told her they had 36 hours to make sure David pays for what he did. Anna listened to them talk. Mr Adler told David he was a free man and they walked to Anna. Jack came back and told them the DA's office had new charges and that David was being arrested again. The lawyer said David would be out by this time tomorrow and Jack replied that this time in jail will give David time for "self reflection." David told Anna to go home and rest as he was led to his cell. Tad told Maureen that he was going to Johns Hopkins to do some research and she said she was going with him. They left together.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Greenlee arrives at her Paris apartment to find a sign hanging inside. Bienvenue! The landlady hung it up to welcome Greenlee and Leo to Paris. When asked where her husband was, Greenlee hesitated for a long while then simply replied, "He's dead." The landlady is taken aback, but assures Greenlee that Leo must have loved her. She gives Greenlee a gift that Leo had sent to the apartment. Greenlee opens it and finds a silver plaque inscribed Monsieur and Madame Du Pres.

Alone, Greenlee imagines what the future would have been like. Leo would come home with French bread and brie then they would have a candlelight meal that she fixed herself. Leo would ask if she was happy and Greenlee would say how perfect their lives were. Next, she makes him promise he'll live forever. The door jiggles, startling Greenlee from her reverie. She calls out, "Leo?" Instead, it is Trey. He explains to Greenlee that Leo gave him their Paris address before he died. He had wanted Trey to visit them there. Trey found a spare key in the potted plant outside. When Greenlee asks why he is there now, Trey says to give her something. He goes outside and comes back with a case of Greenlee's favorite champagne. Leo had bought 12 bottles. One for every month of the year. Leo had asked Trey to bring it over when he visited them. Greenlee can't believe Trey came all that way just to deliver champagne. Trey finally admits he came because he wants to hold on to something Leo left behind. Leo loved Greenlee with all his heart. As Trey is about to leave, Greenlee asks him to stay.

Aidan invites Kendall to a traditional English picnic he's put together. At the boathouse, they feast on bangers and mash, toad in the hole, and something called spotted dick that Aidan assures Kendall is really bread pudding. He tells her how he misses England. His aunt and uncle always made him feel like he was one of their own. Like he belonged. Aidan asks Kendall where is it she belongs? Why does she stay in Pine Valley? Kendall answers that the reason she stays is because Ryan might change his mind and come back to her. Seeing the look on Aidan's face, Kendall apologizes for ruining the picnic. Aidan tells her it's all right. They're friends now. Kendall admits she likes him too.

Tad and Maria meet at a restaurant in Baltimore to compare notes. Maria went to Johns Hopkins to try to get someone to spill the beans on David, but no luck there. However, Tad did find something interesting. He pulls out an old newspaper article. It is a vanity piece on all the good things David had done for the community including running a free clinic for the homeless. Tad believes a clinic would be the perfect place for David to find his victims/patients. These would be people that no one would miss if they happened to disappear. They decide to pay a visit to the clinic.

Once they arrive, Tad introduces himself to the doctor in charge. The doctor immediately recognizes Tad from his days on the Cutting Edge. Tad uses this to his advantage and tells the Dr they are working on a documentary on 21st century medicine. They would like to use the work of Dr. Hayward as an example. The doctor is interested until Maria asks if they can see any of the patient records. At this point he turns suspicious and asks them to leave. Once Tad and Maria are out the door, the doctor picks up the phone and leaves a message for David that people are asking about him. Tad and Maria are right outside the door and overhear the message. They go back in and Tad demands the doctor give them the information they're looking for, or Tad will place a call to the Pine Valley D.A. The doctor decides to cooperate and hands over the documents. As they read through, trying to find something incriminating, Maria sees a file and gasps, "What he did to me is beyond my worst nightmare!"

Adam returns from his trip and hands Liza a small, wrapped present. Inside is a credit card shaped piece of plastic. It reads, "Get out of jail free." He informs Liza that all charges have been dropped against her. Liza is shocked and asks who he had to sleep with to get it. At that moment, Brooke comes into the room. Liza surprises Adam when she says she invited Brooke because she can't handle the affair on top of everything else!

Brooke and Adam are shocked as Liza tells Brooke she is willing to help out in any way she can. She tells Brooke that as former mistress of the house, she can have complete access to anything she needs. While Brooke and Adam are rendered speechless, Liza explains that she is offering the house for a Venetian charity ball to benefit the shelter. Liza leaves to greet Colby who's just returned from school. Brooke and Adam exchange worries that they thought Liza was on to them. Brooke then admits to Adam that Tad knows about their affair. Adam is angry and makes some smart remarks about her and Tad's relationship. Brooke slaps Adam hard across the face. Liza returns and asks what is going on.

Adam excuses himself to go see Colby. Brooke tells Liza that Adam said some things about Tad and insulted her. Liza is understanding and tells Brooke they have a lot in common. They should start a support group for ex-wives of Adam. They talk a little more about the ball and then Brooke leaves. As soon as she is out the door, Adam calls her on her cell phone to ask what Liza had to say. Brooke says that either Liza is being really nice, or she's playing cat to Brooke's mouse. Adam says he's sure Liza doesn't suspect a thing. Meanwhile Liza is standing outside and hears this.

Friday, November 15, 2002

In Greenlee's apartment in Paris, Trey offered to pack up Greenlee's things for her. Greenlee replied in a depressed voice that she was staying in Paris. She wasn't going to return to Pine Valley. She wanted to be with Leo in Paris. Trey saw all the empty bottles of champagne from the case Leo had sent to Paris before his death. He thought Greenlee had drunk it all. When Greenlee picked up another full bottle and went to the balcany and began to pour the wine over the plants, he realized she hadn't drunk any of it. Greenlee commented she was never going to drink champagne again. He tried to convince her to return to Pine Valley. He taunted her about how Kendall stole her job away from her. Greenlee suddenly slapped Trey's face. Trey was pleased. "That's the Greenlee Leo fell in love with," he commented. He continued to bagger her about staying in Paris. He convinced her she needed to return to Pine Valley so people wouldn't forget who Leo was. Greenlee agreed. She was concerned about Trey being arrested for torching Erica's house. She showed Trey a box of fake ID passports, social security numbers and documents Leo used in his con days. She offered them to Trey but he refused. He was going to return to Pine Valley with her. He told Greenlee nobody filed charges against him. The only crime he committed was forgery, which is a misdemeanor. He had made a deal with the DA for three months' suspension with a psych evaluation and the clock was ticking. Greenlee decided she could be ready in one hour and rushed out of the room to pack. Trey looked at one of the fake passports and said to himself, "Don't worry, Leo. I'll take care of her."

Greenlee was ready to leave the apartment. Trey took her suitcase and waited for her outside as Greenlee took one last look around the apartment. She held the doorplate Leo had made and then put it in her bag. She murmured to herself that this was supposed to be Leo's and her dream come true. Tears flowed slowly down her face. She picked up the last unopened bottle of champagne and slowly walked through the doorway. She turned around, and slowly closed the door to the apartment.

Edmund was talking to Dr. Hubbard by the nurses' station demanding to be released. Dr. Hubbard objected. Brooke joined them and Edmund told her he needed to support Maria when she testified against David in court. Brooke told Dr. Hubbard she would vouch for Edmund and he was released from the hospital.

Jake saw Mia in the hospital waiting area. He asked what was going on with her. She was afraid to tell Jake the truth because she thought he wouldn't approve and would then leave her. She told him that she was finally going to do the right thing concerning William and Frank, William's father. Jake told her he thought she would finally become the mother she wanted to be. Mia replied she may be a mother sooner than that. Jake was surprised. Mia told him she thought she was pregnant. Jake was overjoyed. He mused he wasn't sure how that happened as they used protection. He was overjoyed at the prospect of being a father. He told Mia he loved her. He convinced her to have a lab test done right away. They left for the lab together.

In the courtroom, Jackson realizes they need Maria's testimony desperately to make the charges against David stick and wondered where Maria was. He was worried she and Tad would not appear in time for the court session. The court was called to order as Judge Robert Connally took the bench. Meanwhile Tad and Maria were on the airplane returning to Pine Valley. Maria was anxious to get the trial over with. David's attorney, Kenneth Adler made a motion to dismiss on lack of evidence. Judge wanted to hear testimony. Jackson called Anna Devane to the stand. Anna testified that all she knew was that a body had been buried a long time ago in the sand and had died of natural causes. Anna's testimony completed she was dismissed. Jackson looked around the courtroom again, nervously. Where was Maria and Tad? David's attorney objected again that there was no evidence against David he was a murderer. "Yes he is," shouted Maria as she entered the courtroom. "He took the life of Maria Grey," she replied. The judge asked her for her testimony. On the stand Maria explained about the file she uncovered in Baltimore about David's experimental drug tests. There was a side effect, she explained. That person lost his memory just like she did. David glared at Maria. She glared back at him. She began to shout at David that he stole her life. David began to object. He lept to his feet and stormed towards Maria. The judge called for order but everyone ignored him. Maria continued. You loved me, David and you kissed me. Anna was shocked! Edmund grabbed David and was about to slug him when he was pulled away by the bailiff. The judge ordered Edmund out of the courtroom and called for order. Court was recessed for five minutes.

Brooke joined Edmund in the courtroom foyer. She wanted to take Edmund home but he shouted at her to leave him alone. He quickly apologized. Brooke was taken aback and told him he belonged to Maria and not to her.

Court was in session again. David's attorney argued for the charges to be dropped. David had permission to use the body for medical research. The only issue was the disposal of the corpse. The judge told Jackson there was little relevance of Maria's testimony to the charges against David. There isn't enough evidence to bring David to trial he concluded. Maria stood up and shouted, "Wait, your honor. I know more." Her memory had returned she stated.



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