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Monday, November 11, 2002

At the Hospital, as Ian reads Tess's DNA test results, he suddenly notices the Stephen Clay concert being carried on the TV monitor and immediately believes that Stephen is Caleb. Ian immediately orders Colleen to get Danny at the Day-Care Center and keep an eye on him, as Ian rushes away to the Concert.

Frank, Karen, Rafe, Alison, Lucy, Jack and Livvie all watch in horror as Stephen takes center stage and begins to sing. As he sings, Stephen looks first at Livvie, then moves near the edge of the stage, where he stretches his hand toward Tess. Jack grabs Tess and hustles her away from the concert, warning Tess to NEVER let that man touch her.

While Alison asks her mother if Elizabeth knows WHO she has been sleeping with, Rafe heads toward the stage as Stephen's guards move to intercept him. Rafe makes it all the way to the stage and Rafe calls out that Stephen is really Caleb Morely and told the 'rock star' that it is a great disguise, while the crowd boos Rafe for his interference.

Jack rushes Tess home and begins locking all the doors and windows. As Jack tries to warn Tess about Caleb, Tess told Jack that Stephen was nice to her and wanted to give her a ride. Jack warns Tess to NEVER go near Stephen again and told her that, instead of being nice, Stephen was probably just trying to take Tess away.

After Rafe breaks free of the guards and tackles Stephen, the guards again grab Rafe and Joshua calls the Port Charles Police Department, reporting that Stephen has been attacked. At the same time, Ian finds Lucy in the crowd and they both move toward the stage to see if they can help Rafe.

As Rafe accuses Stephen of being Caleb Morley, Stephen insists that he has no idea what Rafe is talking about. As Stephen begins to apologize to the crowd for the interference, Rafe grabs the microphone out of Stephen's hand and announces to the crowd that their 'rock star' is NOT Stephen Clay but is really named Caleb Morely - AND that he is a Vampire!

Meanwhile, Livvie rushes to her car, but has trouble getting the key to go into the lock. As Livvie struggles with the lock, Livvie flashes back to the night that she killed Caleb.

At the same time, Lucy and Ian are afraid the mob might decide to lynch Rafe, while, on-stage, Stephen told Rafe that maybe he should add Rafe to the act permanently. Stephen announces to the crowd that they will take a break, while Elizabeth implies to Alison that Alison's boyfriend is a bona-fide nut case!

Ian and Lucy arrive backstage and confirm to Stephen that he looks exactly like Caleb Morley. When the police arrive, Lucy told Officer Andy that she will vouch for her cousin Rafe. Lucy told Andy a story about Rafe just mistaking Stephen for another singer named Caleb Morley, whose group is called 'The Vampires.' Andy accepts Lucy's explanation and Stephen decides he will NOT press charges. Lucy hustles Rafe off the stage. But, when Stephen and Joshua decide to continue the concert, they are surprised when Andy announces that he is going to shut the concert down. As Stephen announces to the crowd that the concert is ended, Alison asks Elizabeth if Stephen bit her at any time while they were in bed together. Instead of answering, Elizabeth sails away in disgust.

Rafe told Lucy that he is sorry for walking right into Caleb's trap. When Ian asks what they are talking about, Lucy reminds Ian that, when she heard that same song while she was in Canada, Lucy rushed right home because she believed that she would be needed there. Meanwhile, Alison finally pushes past the guards and rushes into Rafe's arms and they decide to leave.

Ian told Lucy that he is looking for Jack and Tess. Lucy informs Ian that she believed that Caleb was reaching out to Tess like he knew her somehow - and that Lucy believes that Jack has taken Tess home. Ian told Lucy to go home, where she will be safe, and Lucy mentions calling Scott to ask him to pick up the girls. Ian plans to find Jack and Tess. After Lucy leaves, Ian wonders HOW Caleb would even KNOW Tess!

At Jack's Place, as Jack explains to Tess how worried he was about getting her back to the house in time, Tess told Jack that she loves him and Jack replies that he loves Tess as well.

Back at the concert, Marissa and Ricky wonder what got into Rafe that caused him to wreck his concert. When Ricky rages that tonight was RICKY'S big chance, Reese told Ricky: "Get over yourself, Ricky. This is STEPHEN'S gig. They are ALL Stephen's gigs!'

When Elizabeth asks Joshua where Stephen is and informs him that she had an appointment with Stephen following the concert, Joshua told Elizabeth that Stephen has wrapped it up for the evening.

Alison asks Rafe if he is POSITIVE that Stephen is really Caleb - since it COULD be a look-alike situation, similar to Livvie's look-alike, Tess, suddenly showing up in town. Rafe told Alison that he WISHES it was NOT Caleb, but he thinks that Stephen IS Caleb. But that it IS strange that Elizabeth and Caleb came to town at the same time and 'Stephen' zeroed in on Alison's mother almost right away. Alison promises Rafe that she will quiz her mother, but Rafe urges Alison to be careful. Rafe confides in Alison and Lucy that it will NOT be likely that Caleb would 'bite' Elizabeth - at least not yet. Rafe says: "Whatever game Caleb is playing - it is a new one on me. So we had better figure out WHAT it is - before it is too late!'

As Jack and Tess kiss at Jack's Place, they are interrupted by a loud knocking at the door. Jack hides Tess, then realizes that his visitor is Ian. Jack and Ian go out on the porch to talk, leaving Tess alone inside the house. Jack told Ian that Stephen tried to give Tess a ride and that Tess believes that Stephen is 'nice.' Ian told Jack that Tess does NOT have ANY DNA and, if the tests are correct, Tess is NOT human! Inside, Tess continues to hum Stephen's song.

Back at the Park, Livvie panics when she finds that her car will NOT start. As Livvie gets out of the car to try to figure out what is wrong with the car, Stephen suddenly appears and says; "Let me guess. You don't like my music!'

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

At Jack's Place, Ian confirms that Tess has NO DNA and Ian believes that Tess is NOT human! As Jack refuses to believe that Ian's test results could be accurate, Ian reminds Jack that it is probably NOT a coincidence that Tess showed up out of nowhere - looking exactly like the woman that Jack loves - at about the same time that Caleb chose to re-enter Port Charles!

Alison follows Elizabeth back to Elizabeth's hotel room and Alison tries to get her mother to realize that Caleb is using her. But Elizabeth insists that, for the first time in her life, she has met someone who makes her feel extraordinary - and Elizabeth believes that Stephen is Stephen and NOT this Caleb person that Alison and her friends keep babbling on about.

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Lucy and Rafe puzzle over the way that Caleb could have returned and Rafe informs Lucy that, as far as Rafe knows, EVERY vampire who has been destroyed PROPERLY has NEVER come back! Lucy pulls out the lyrics of one of Stephen's songs that Serena had printed out. As Rafe reads Marissa's lyrics, Rafe concludes that Caleb's song is subliminally commanding the youngsters in his audience to worship him!

As Livvie experiences car trouble outside the concert site in the Park, she is terrified when Stephen suddenly stops and offers to help. Livvie rushes to get back into her car, but the engine STILL will not turn over!

Back at Elizabeth's hotel room, Alison is stunned when she realizes that Elizabeth told 'Stephen' all about Elizabeth's many grievances against her deceased husband and about Elizabeth's bitterness because half of the Barrington fortune has been willed to Malcolm's illegitimate offspring. As Alison tries to convince her mother that the only thing Caleb (Stephen) wants is to get close to Rafe through Elizabeth, Elizabeth, in her turn, tries to persuade Alison that Stephen is the most kind and compassionate person that Elizabeth has ever met. When the two argue to a stalemate, Elizabeth orders Alison to leave!

As Rafe and Lucy conclude that Caleb's song lyrics show that Caleb wants to get young kids to worship him, Lucy frets because Serena seems to spend so much time with her ears plugged in to music from the Stephen Clay Experience! However, Rafe assures Lucy that he believes Serena will be safe enough with Scott. Lucy gets out her supply of anti-vampire weaponry, including the stake and a gun with silver bullets. When Lucy urges Rafe to join Lucy in making short work of Caleb right away, Rafe told Lucy that THAT appears to be EXACTLY what Caleb WANTS them to try to do! Rafe reminds his cousin that there HAS to be a reason WHY none of Caleb's former victims are sensing Caleb's presence in the same way that they did before. And Rafe declares that they need to learn the REASON for that - BEFORE they attempt to move forward with a plan to rid themselves of Caleb - forever THIS time! Lucy suggests that perhaps they are dealing with some kind of evolutionary process where Caleb is concerned.

Meanwhile, outside the Park, Stephen tries to convince Livvie that he is just a simple musician who has no idea who this 'Caleb' fellow is that they all keep talking about. While Stephen is busy, looking under the hood of Livvie's car, Livvie slips out the side door and tries to creep away, but Stephen catches her! A trembling Livvie begs 'Caleb' to spare her life. As Livvie bolts and tries to run away, she runs toward an on-coming car. Stephen grabs Livvie and pulls her to safety.

Back at Jack's Place, Jack refuses to listen to any argument Ian brought up, suggesting that Tess might have a connection to Caleb. Jack confesses to Ian that Jack LOVES Tess and that Jack will NOT allow ANYONE to hurt Tess! As Jack and Ian argue, they are surprised when Tess suddenly shows up on the porch with them.

Back at the Light House, Lucy places a call to Police Commissioner Mac Scorpio to see if there have been any unexplained, strange deaths recently around Port Charles - but Lucy gets a negative report from Mac. While Lucy is distracted on the phone, Rafe pockets the gun with silver bullets. When Lucy reports that there have been no unsolved murders recently that would indicate that Caleb had resumed his, Rafe suggests that Caleb must have found a new way to 'sustain' himself. Later, Rafe and Lucy conclude that it is NO coincidence that Lucy first heard Caleb's song in Canada, when she was visiting Kevin at the clinic. And it was, likewise, no coincidence that 'Stephen Clay' is in bed with Alison's mother! Rafe is thrilled when Alison finally arrives at the Light House, safe and sound. But Alison reports that Elizabeth thinks Caleb hung and moon and the stars - AND that Elizabeth told Caleb ALL of her ENTIRE life's history! As Rafe and Alison leave the Light House, Rafe announces that he believes it is time for them to put Caleb off balance.

When Lucy is alone, she decides to call Ian, but only gets a chance to leave a message on Ian's message machine. Lucy concludes that she would rather talk to Ian's machine than to anyone else. Lucy begs Ian to call her as soon as he receives her message!

Back at Livvie's stalled car, Livvie is incredulous that Stephen saved her from being hit by the on-coming car! Stephen continues to insist that he is NOT Caleb and finally coaxes Livvie into telling Stephen about being married to Caleb and driving a stake into his heart. Stephen suggests that maybe he is a 'doppleganger', a twin of Caleb's, as Stephen tries to persuade Livvie that he IS harmless. Stephen mentions seeing Livvie's 'twin' at the concert that evening, but Livvie angrily retorts that, whomever Caleb saw, it was NOT Livvie's twin! Livvie is shocked when Stephen finally gets her car started - and then just lets her go! Livvie is spooked when Stephen mentions that he has noticed that Livvie has suitcases in her car - just before Livvie drives off.

As Ian, Tess and Jack enter Jack's house, Ian notices that Tess is humming Caleb's song. Jack explains that Tess has been humming like that ever since Jack met her and that she begins to hum whenever she is upset. As Ian demands to know HOW Tess would know Caleb's song IF she had NO radio in the woods - Livvie suddenly arrives and overhears Ian's comments. Livvie rushes toward Tess, accusing Tess of being an evil being, sent by Caleb to torture Livvie. As Livvie angrily demands to know if Tess is Caleb's messenger, a frightened Tess hides in Jack's arms.

In the meantime, Stephen arrives at Elizabeth's Hotel Room and begins to kiss her passionately. Just as Stephen announces that he is 'hungry for love,' Rafe and Alison arrive and announce that it is good that Stephen is 'hungry,' because they are all going to dinner - together!

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Rafe and Alison go to Elizabeth's room and find her there with Stephen. Elizabeth introduces Rafe, but Stephen remembers him as the one who caused all the commotion at the concert by calling him a vampire. Rafe apologizes for the misunderstanding and offers to take them all out to dinner. They go to an upscale restaurant where they are told they must have a reservation, but when the hostess recognizes Stephen Clay, the private dining room suddenly becomes available. When the waitress comes to take their orders, Stephen stares at Rafe and says he'd like a steak...rare...bloody. Stephen laughs at Rafe's expression then changes his order to the grilled vegetables because he is a vegetarian.

As they wait for their dinners, Rafe begins to question Stephen. He asks why Stephen decided to give a concert after being so careful to hide his identity. Stephen explains that he is a very private person, but decided it was time to share more of himself with his fans. Stephen changes the subject and told them about meeting a girl earlier that night. The girl freaked out when she mistook Stephen for Caleb. She told Stephen about being married to Caleb, then killing him by plunging a stake into his heart. Stephen seems amused at the story. Rafe isn't. Rafe continues to throw question after question at Stephen until Stephen has had enough. He stands up and told Rafe that if he wants an interview, he can make an appointment with the publicist.

After Stephen and Elizabeth leave, Alison told Rafe that she can't understand her mother's attraction to Stephen. How could she be with someone like that. Rafe tries to explain to Alison that it's different because Elizabeth never knew Caleb. But Rafe is going to get to know Stephen. Rafe pulls out a wallet that he *borrowed* from Stephen's pocket. He told Alison that you can learn a lot about a person from their social security card.

Livvie told Jack that she thinks Tess is a creation of Caleb's. Jack defends Tess and says that if Livvie ever does anything to hurt Tess, he won't be responsible for his actions. At this point, Livvie realizes that Jack has fallen in love with Tess. She tries to convince Jack that Caleb created Tess to torture her and take over her life. Livvie is afraid of what Caleb will do next. She told Jack she can't do it alone. She is terrified to be by herself and begs Jack to let her stay with him. Jack reluctantly allows Livvie to stay. Jack stares out the window, then has a vision of Caleb right before Jack was turned into a vampire. He jumps, but Livvie is there to comfort him. She told Jack that they are the only ones who understand what each other have been through with Caleb.

Tess is sent to spend the night at Ian's apartment. When she arrives, she looks around and is fascinated with everything. Especially Danny's toys. Ian shows her how a jack-in-the-box works and as Tess plays with it, he asks her about her background. He asks how long was she in the forest. Tess answers, Always. Next Ian asks her if she ever knew anyone named Caleb. Tess continues to look around the apartment, ignoring Ian. He repeats the question a little too sharply and Tess drops a picture she was looking at. A picture of Ian, Danny, and Eve. Ian picks up the picture and shows it to Tess. Tess says Eve still loves him. She places her hand over Ian's heart and sadly says, she can't fix his heart, but there is still love there.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Lucy surprises Ian in the morning with 'home made' {but NOT by Lucy!} soup for breakfast and discovers that Ian has not only NOT checked his phone messages since the previous evening, but Ian now has Tess staying with him as a house-guest.

Back at Jack's Place, Jack continues to be haunted by flashbacks of his encounters with Caleb. While Livvie offers sympathy, Livvie admits to Jack that she is afraid of Caleb also. But Jack looks disapprovingly at Livvie scampering around, wearing only one of Jack's shirts, and Jack accuses Livvie of trying to use their mutually devastating experiences with Caleb as an excuse to get back into Jack's bed.

Meanwhile, at Rafe and Alison's Place, Rafe discusses his theory that Caleb found some poor person named Stephen Clay, who had no family and no one to miss him if he was gone, and stole that person's identity. Alison reports that Elizabeth called to say that she spent the entire night with Stephen Clay and has lived to tell about it. As Rafe assures Alison that he is MORE prepared for Caleb than the last time, Alison reminds Rafe that Caleb killed Rafe once before and that Alison could NOT bear to lose Rafe all over again.

Back at Ian's Loft, Ian fills Lucy in on Livvie's encounter with Caleb/Stephen. When Lucy asks if the DNA tests revealed whether or not Tess was related to Livvie, Ian reluctantly admits that Tess had NO DNA at all! Lucy is shocked, but Ian told Lucy that maybe Tess has been sent to somehow balance out the scales where Caleb is concerned. Tess's goodness to counteract Caleb's evil. Lucy, however, remains skeptical.

Back at Jack's Place, Livvie informs Jack that she HAS got the message that Jack is done with her. Livvie admits that she DOES, however, have an agenda where Jack is concerned - Livvie believes that, together, they BOTH stand a better chance of defeating Caleb than they would have if each of them tackled the menace alone.

LIVVIE: 'It is all about survival, Jack. Yours and mine. And whether we like it or not, he almost turned both of us into vampires.'

JACK: "Yeah, but the difference was - I did NOT want it. I am NOT so sure about you!'

LIVVIE: "I killed him, didn't I?'

JACK: "Yeah! AFTER you basically caused everybody hell! But, hey - who knows, Livvie? Maybe Caleb will forgive you!'

LIVVIE: "Forgive me? He wants to KILL me. AFTER he has tortured me! And I thought if I had you in my corner, I'd have a better chance of survival.'

JACK: "Well, I don't know which is more dangerous. Having Caleb back in my life - or having you.'

Back at Rafe and Alison's, Rafe tries to reassure Alison that they will be able to defeat Caleb again - and that Rafe has Alison to live for now - so Rafe is going to be even more cautious while fighting Caleb. Rafe asks Alison to close her eyes, then he gets a box off the dresser and asks Alison to put out her hand. When Alison stretches out her hand, Rafe puts an engagement ring in Alison's hand. Alison told Rafe that she loves the ring and they begin kissing.

When Alison asks Rafe HOW he was able to afford such a huge ring, Rafe admits that, while he has never earned much as a vampire slayer, he DOES have an inheritance that his mother left him and that is what he used to get the ring. When Alison wonders if Rafe's mother would have liked Alison, Rafe answers that his mother would have LOVED Alison! Rafe told Alison that he wants the ring to remind her that she will always come first in his life and that nothing will ever be able to separate them again.

Back at Ian's Loft, Lucy accuses Ian of having 'feelings' for Tess and a NEED to rescue Tess. But Ian scoffs at the idea that he might have ROMANTIC feelings for Tess - and reminds Lucy that TESS was the one who rescued Ian when Tess healed Ian's wound. As Ian and Lucy argue about Ian's feelings, Tess comes in to ask WHY they are fighting, and Ian and Lucy end the argument. Tess told Ian that Ian should tell Lucy the truth - which is that Ian loves Lucy in the same way that Tess loves Jack. As Lucy and Ian are stunned by Tess's revelation, Tess decides that she wants to see Jack right away.

Back at Jack's Place, Livvie told Jack that he is flattering himself if he believes that Livvie's ONLY motive is to find a way to hop back into bed with Jack. Livvie gets ready to storm out, when they both hear a loud crash outside. Jack orders Livvie to stay put while Jack went outside to investigate. While she is alone, Livvie becomes positive that the noise DOES come from Caleb. When Jack returns, he reports that it was just a tree limb. Livvie and Jack end up apologizing to each other for their harsh words to each other, and Jack gives Livvie a hug. Just at that moment, Tess comes up on the porch and spots Jack holding Livvie. With tears in her eyes, Tess walks away.

Back at Rafe and Alison's Place, after Alison falls asleep, Rafe is haunted by memories of Caleb killing Rafe back in 1991 and bragging that Caleb had killed EVERY vampire slayer who had ever come after him. Rafe takes Lucy's gun with the silver bullets out of a drawer - and leaves.

Meanwhile, Lucy and Ian wonder where Tess has gone. When Lucy nervously announces that she is planning to go see Kevin, Ian confesses to Lucy that Tess was right about Ian's feelings for Lucy. Ian relates how, the night before, Tess had looked into Ian's heart and saw both pain AND hope there. Ian suddenly announces that he DOES love Lucy!

Friday, November 15, 2002

As Jack hugs Livvie at Jack's Place, Tess arrives on the porch and sees Jack with his arms around Livvie. With tears in her eyes, Tess runs away. Shortly afterward, Jamal arrives and mistakes Livvie for Tess. While Livvie and Jack are filling Jamal in on the details of Caleb's return to Port Charles, Stephen Clay is calling a press conference at Seleni's.

Rafe suddenly arrives at the press conference and, waving Stephen's wallet at Stephen, Rafe reports that Rafe found Stephen's wallet after Stephen left the dining room the previous evening. Rafe hints that a wallet contains a LOT of personal data that COULD reveal the owner's entire life history, but Stephen philosophically observes: "You know, Vampire Slayer, sometimes things are NOT what they seem. But - sometimes - they are!'

Rafe fails to be impressed by Stephen's pearls of wisdom. As Joshua gets the press conference under way, Rafe stays to observe.

Meanwhile, at Ian's Loft, Ian confesses that he has fallen in love with Lucy, but Lucy informs Ian that Lucy could NEVER love anyone but Kevin - and plans to remain true to her promise to stand by Kevin, whether it is for better or for worse.

As Livvie, Jack and Jamal puzzle over Caleb's return, Stephen's press conference begins to broadcast and the three friends tune in to prove to Jamal that Caleb really HAS returned. As Joshua introduces Stephen as: "Your Savior On Stage," Jamal sees Ricky sitting next to Stephen and Jack reminds Jamal that Ricky and Marissa were NOT in Port Charles when the town was plagued by vampires, so neither of them would recognize Stephen as Caleb.

As Stephen introduces his band and then Marissa, Jamal tears out of Jack's Place to rush to get Marissa out of Caleb's clutches.

Meanwhile, at the Press Conference, Stephen continues to drink from his blue bottle and Victor arrives to find Rafe. Victor brought Rafe a phone capable of receiving pictures over the Inter Net. Victor reports to Rafe that Victor's contacts believe that Stephen's true identity might have a security tie-in, so they were happy to help Victor and Rafe unearth facts about Stephen Clay. Victor informs Rafe that IF Victor's contacts can find a photograph of the REAL Stephen Clay, they will send a copy to Rafe via the phone.

RAFE: "And once I prove that Stephen Clay is really Caleb Morely, I can do my job.'

VICTOR: "Which would be what, exactly?'

Rafe shows Victor that Rafe has Lucy's gun with the silver bullets - and Victor nods his understanding.

As Jack and Livvie listen to Stephen's press conference, Jack flashes back to all of the violent encounters he had with Caleb - and Jack vows that he will NOT let Caleb win.

Meanwhile, at the press conference, Rafe suggests questions to the reporters to ask Stephen. When one reports asks WHY Stephen Clay chose Port Charles to reveal himself, Stephen replies that he believes he can realize all of his dreams in Port Charles. When the reporters ask about Stephen's love life, Stephen replies: "Let's just say - I don't think you can create music without having experienced a great love.'

Livvie believes that Caleb is talking about her, but Jack remembers Caleb reaching out to Tess at the concert, and Jack believes that Caleb is talking about Tess. Jack tears out of the house to confront Stephen.

As Joshua ends the press conference, Jamal arrives and demands that Marissa leave with him. At the same time, Rafe begins to get a transmission from Victor's contacts, which turns out to be a graduation picture of the real Stephen Clay - who DOES look exactly like Caleb!

Back at Ian's Loft, Ian told Lucy that he KNOWS that Lucy feels the same attraction that Ian feels, but that Ian can be content with the rare moments they have shared. But Ian also told Lucy that he does NOT want to let Lucy slip away without a fight. But Lucy informs Ian that it will do him no good. Lucy hugs Ian, telling him she hates to do anything that might hurt him. But, after Lucy leaves, Ian states that he is willing to take his chances with Lucy!

Meanwhile, Livvie hears someone come in at Jack's Place and runs to see if it is Jack. But Livvie discovers only Tess in the living room, humming. When Livvie orders Tess to quit humming that song, Tess replies: "Bad! Bad Livvie!'

At the same time, at the press conference, Joshua and Stephen congratulate themselves on how well things went. Elsewhere, as Jamal and Ricky argue about Marissa getting out of Caleb's clutches, Jamal suddenly slugs Ricky, grabs Marissa and carries her away.

As Rafe realizes that there really IS someone named Stephen Clay who looks like Caleb, Jack arrives with a wooden stake in his hand and grabs Stephen, vowing to end it all right now!

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