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Monday, November 4, 2002

At Stephen Clay's Party, Rafe rips the mask off of Livvie's dance partner, to reveal that it is only Joshua standing there. Livvie states that she is positive she was just dancing with someone else - NOT Joshua. After Rafe admits they had both confused Joshua with someone else, Joshua asks who that would be. But, when neither Rafe nor Livvie answer him, Joshua rejoins the party.

Meanwhile, Stephen and Elizabeth beat a hot pathway to her bed, where they quickly hit the sheets.

At the same time, outside of Jack's Place, Lucy screams for help and finally dials 9-1-1 on Ian's cell phone to get help for Ian. Jack and Tess hear Lucy's cries and come outside to help. But Ian told Lucy that he believes it is all over and he can NOT possibly live until the paramedics arrive.

After Joshua returns to the party, Rafe demands that Livvie tell him WHO Livvie thought she was dancing with, but Livvie is more interested in ordering Rafe to get rid of Tess because Livvie believes that someone has created an exact duplicate of Livvie in order to torment Livvie.

But Rafe protests that he has NO MORE angel magic and has NO motivation to want to destroy Livvie's life. But, Rafe suggests, someone ELSE might have a reason to want to torment Livvie. When Livvie is shocked by that suggestion, Rafe tries to get Livvie to remember what she thought while she was dancing with her mystery man, but Livvie just becomes furious and storms away.

Alison tries to get Rafe to tell her what he believes is happening and Rafe confides that he had the feeling that he knew Livvie's dance partner and had maybe even fought that person before, but it was NOT what he expected when Rafe unmasked Livvie's partner. Rafe wishes for his angel powers back for even one second to figure out the mystery, but Alison told Rafe NOT to wish for that BECAUSE the thought of losing Rafe again terrifies her.

At Jack's Place, Lucy sends Jack to look for the ambulance, while Ian told Lucy that he believes the end is near and asks Lucy to take care of Daniel for him. Lucy protests that Eve would NEVER forgive Ian if Ian left Eve's son with Lucy!

Lucy grabs Tess's hand and told the girl to put pressure on Ian's wound while Lucy runs down the street to make sure the paramedics can find the house. As Tess puts her hands on Ian, there is a glow and Tess smiles faintly.

When the paramedics arrive, Frank announces that the wound is NOT as deep as it looks and Ian is soon sitting up, looking fine.

Back at the party, Rafe explains to Alison what is concerning him: 'It's - it is just that - see - every time - every time I feel a fight coming on, my slayer instinct gets all up on edge. And I can sense whatever it is I am going to face. See, that is what protects me. But, now - it is like there is this velvet curtain surrounding whatever it is that is giving off this weird vibe! And I just wish I could separate the curtain for just a second, so I could reveal whoever or whatever it is.'

ALISON: "And this never happened before?'

RAFE: "No. Never!'

Rafe promises Alison that they are going to start living a normal life - tomorrow! When Rafe suggests that he needs to work off the bad energy he can feel building up, Alison urges him to go ahead and go work it off right then. But, Rafe worries about leaving Alison alone at the party. Alison protests that she will get a ride home with Officer Doree, and Rafe finally heads off toward the gym.

At the same time, as Elizabeth and Stephen lay in bed and talk, Elizabeth begins to unburden herself to Stephen, telling him about how much she loved her deceased husband and how badly he treated her. Then Elizabeth begins to talk about how she had just begun to get re-acquainted with her daughter when her husband dealt her one last slap in the face by cutting her out of his will and instructing that his entire estate be divided between her daughter and an illegitimate child that Elizabeth knew nothing about!

When Elizabeth mentions that she believes that Rafe feels threatened by Elizabeth - Stephen suddenly perks up his ears and admits that he met someone named Rafe at the party. As Stephen questions Elizabeth about Rafe, Elizabeth admits that Rafe is her daughter's fiancé.

As the paramedics get ready to transport Ian to the Hospital, Tess told Ian: "All fixed!'

IAN: "All fixed. I don't know how you did it, but you healed me. It WAS you. Wasn't it?'

As Rafe works out with a punching bag at the gym, a nearby radio blasts out Stephen Clay's theme song, Naked Eyes.

At the same time, Livvie sits down On the Docks and remembers dancing with Caleb and compares it to dancing with Stephen. But Livvie assures herself that Caleb is dead -she made sure of that long ago. Livvie suddenly decides that the ONE person who can help her figure out the puzzling origin of Tess is her father. Livvie calls the Canadian Clinic and makes arrangements to visit Kevin.

As Stephen pumps Elizabeth about her daughter's fiancé, Alison suddenly knocks on her mother's door and demands to speak to Elizabeth!

Tuesday, November 5, 2002

As Reese and Ricky leave Stephen Clay's party, Reese informs Ricky that working for Stephen Clay means working all day and all night - and that the band is expected to meet to rehearse AFTER the party. Joshua interrupts Reese's attempts to make a play for Ricky, and demands to know where Marissa has gone.

Meanwhile, Marissa has taken a romantic bike ride into the woods with Jamal.

At the same time, Rafe is at the gym, working out. Rafe is convinced that there IS a connection between Tess, Stephen Clay and the rock song that grates on Lucy and Rafe's nerves. But he can't quite pinpoint the connection.

Meanwhile, Alison knocks at the door of Elizabeth's hotel room, while Elizabeth is in bed with Stephen. By the time that Elizabeth opens the door, Stephen has disappeared. However, Alison spots the rumpled bed and finds a man's watch on the bedside stand. And Alison confronts Elizabeth with Alison's suspicion that Elizabeth just had a man in the room with her.

Marissa and Jamal are surprised when their woodland romantic tryst is interrupted by Joshua, who demands that Marissa get back to work to provide new material for the band to rehearse before their concert. Jamal blasts Joshua for tracking them down as if Joshua OWNED Marissa! Jamal also voices his suspicions about HOW Joshua managed to track them down in the woods.

Back at the Hotel, Alison blasts her mother for jumping into bed with a total stranger only a couple of months after her husband's death. But Elizabeth told Alison that the strange said all the lovely things to Elizabeth that Elizabeth had always wished that Malcolm would say.

Back at the gym, Rafe sits in the sauna with a towel over his head, puzzling over the reason why SOME of his powers seem to be returning and wondering if the returning powers are linked to Stephen Clay's irritating song. As Rafe puzzles over the various strange connections in Port Charles, Stephen enters the sauna and tries to make small talk with Rafe, which annoys Rafe.

Outside Warehouse No. 13, Ricky and Reese wait for Cass to show up so they can begin rehearsal. As Ricky complains about Cass's lax attitude toward practice, Reese lets Ricky know that the ONLY reason that Ricky is in the band is because Marissa demanded it.

Back in the woods, Marissa blasts Joshua for tracking her down like she was a child. Joshua apologizes and leaves, but calls someone and reports: "Hello. It's me. We have a problem. Jamal Woods is becoming an impediment. No. No. Don't bother Stephen. I can handle this.'

Back at the Hotel, Elizabeth informs Alison about what life with Malcolm was REALLY like: "I loved him. And he loved elsewhere,' Elizabeth told her daughter. When Alison suggests that Elizabeth's new lover COULD be a dangerous man who just says all the right things in order to take advantage, Elizabeth shrugs off her daughter's warning.

Alison hands Elizabeth the signed agreement and orders Elizabeth to list every single woman that Malcolm Barrington ever slept with or had an affair with. Elizabeth warns Alison that, when she finds her missing sibling, Alison might be VERY disappointed!

Back in the sauna, Stephen told Rafe about his amazing night with his new girlfriend, but Rafe just told Stephen to quit bothering him. Stephen's chatter annoys Rafe and Rafe told Stephen to leave him alone. Stephen asks if he could turn on some music and Rafe agrees. But the song that plays turns out to be Naked Eyes. As Rafe throws the towel off of his head, he sees Stephen drape a towel over his head.

Meanwhile, as Jamal and Marissa make romantic plans in the woods, Jamal suddenly receives a call from someone who wants to buy two of his bikes for cash, but needs them delivered out of town right away. Jamal told Marissa that he can pass up the offer, but Marissa insists that Jamal take advantage of this new opportunity.

As Jamal and Marissa leave the woods, Joshua watches them go and says: "Happy trails, Mr. Woods!'

Back at Elizabeth's Hotel Room, Alison begins to be astounded by Elizabeth's growing list of Malcolm's 'brief encounters,' as Elizabeth promises to get down to the actual affairs later. Alison asks her mother if she plans to see her new acquaintance again and Elizabeth says she is NOT sure - but is convinced that her new acquaintance is 'one of the good ones.'

In the sauna, as Rafe mentions that he hates that song, Stephen told Rafe that he likes the music. Rafe admits to Stephen that Rafe had hoped to meet Stephen Clay at the party, but did NOT get to see him.

STEPHEN: "Why did you go?'

RAFE: 'Well, I just wanted to meet the guy, up close and personal.'

STEPHEN: "What happened?'

RAFE: "Didn't meet him. Didn't even see him.'

STEPHEN: "Oh - I wouldn't say that. You just did it.'

But, as Rafe grabs through the mist for Stephen, Stephen disappears, leaving behind only the towel that was draped over his head.

Wednesday, October 6, 2002

In Ian's Hospital room, as Lucy and Ian discuss the events of the previous evening, Chris arrives and voices a little bit of suspicion about the amount of blood at the attack scene compared to Ian's superficial wound. Lucy and Ian shoo Chris out of the room and Ian told Lucy that he is confident that Tess is some kind of healer, because, as a doctor, Ian KNEW how far in the knife had gone and which organs it had nicked and Ian was positive he was checking out for good this time. But, when Tess put her hands on the wound, the pain went away and the bleeding stopped. As Lucy and Ian discuss Tess's healing abilities, Chris listens in from a hidden spot.

Meanwhile, at Jack's Place, Jack tries to find out from Tess HOW Tess healed Ian, but Tess is reluctant to speak about it, saying only that, when she sees some people who are ill, she gets a warm feeling in her heart and when she touches them, there is a warm feeling in her hands ~ and then they get better!

Kevin is happy to see Livvie when she arrives to visit him at the Canadian Clinic. Kevin complains that there are a lot of crazy people there and the food is lousy. Livvie immediately launches into a description of her concerns about Tess and asks if Kevin would know if Livvie had a twin sister. Kevin admits that Rachel, Estelle and Grace kept so many things from him that Kevin would have no way to know whether or not Grace had given birth to a second child that Rachel never told anyone about. Kevin lets Livvie know that he is disappointed that Livvie came so far just to talk about herself and Kevin shows Livvie the cards and letters he has received from Serena and Christina over the past several weeks. Kevin told Livvie that he remembers that she injected him with something, but Livvie explains that she has lost her baby, besides Jack and Rafe, and Kevin told her that he is truly sorry to hear that. Kevin told Livvie that her magic shot DID help Kevin learn who he really is. Kevin surprises Livvie when Kevin asks Livvie to report to him what Lucy and Ian have been up to.

Chris continues to listen as Lucy confesses to Ian that she has believes that something or someone has been following her ever since they left Kevin at the Canadian Clinic - and Lucy can NOT figure out WHY Livvie would bleed when Tess was cut. But, Lucy expresses the suspicion that it is all somehow connected together. When Ian decides he has spent enough time in bed and is ready to leave, Lucy threatens to pin Ian to his bed until he gets better. At that point, Chris leaves his listening post.

While Lucy and Ian discuss their feelings for one another in Port Charles, Kevin is in Canada, urging Livvie to let him know the facts about Lucy and Ian's relationship. Livvie told Kevin that there is no way Livvie would believe that Lucy and Ian spend all of those late nights together just playing cards and Livvie suggests that Kevin just 'dust' Lucy. But Kevin told his daughter that he just wants to know EVERYTHING Lucy and Ian are doing - and Livvie agrees to keep Kevin informed.

When Kevin asks Livvie if she believes that Tess had anything to do with the loss of Livvie's baby, Livvie admits that Livvie was the one who did something dumb and dangerous and that was how she lost her baby.

Back at Jack's Place, Jack shows Tess some pictures of Jack with Chris and explains to Tess that Chris is Jack's brother. Then Jack asks if Tess could be Livvie's sister and Tess admits that she does NOT know. When Jack asks if Tess wants to find out, Tess nods that she does. So Jack leaves Tess at home alone while Jack visits Ian in the Hospital.

At the Hospital, Jack asks Ian to run DNA tests between Livvie and Tess. When Lucy asks about the condition of his heart, Jack admits that he believes he is falling in love with Tess.

Back at the Canadian Clinic, Kevin told Livvie that he believes that Tess might be Livvie's 'other.' Kevin explains that everyone has an 'other', who embodies all the qualities that one individual might lack. Kevin suggests that Livvie make some kind of peace with Tess - because only by getting close to Tess will Livvie be able to find out what it will really take to get rid of Tess. When Kevin mentions the differences between Michael and Caleb, Livvie reminds Kevin that she killed Caleb and everyone saw Caleb die. But Kevin warns Livvie that she only killed Caleb in the physical sense, but a man's energy never really leaves.

KEVIN: "Only when we bring our 'other' into alignment with ourselves can we really be whole! Really feel our true power. I am feeling it now by accepting Ryan's energy. And you need to do that with Tess!'

As Livvie thanks Kevin for his advice, Kevin suggests that Livvie listen to the song that Dr. Fox introduced Kevin to - 'Crooked Avenue', and Kevin turns on the tape for Livvie to listen to:

'Clear white lines

draw the straightest path

to the main street of life

that awaits you -

that awaits you -

On Crooked Avenue.

If you wanna walk, Babe,

I will walk with you

To the freak show we created

If you really wanna

do with me the one-on-one!'

As Livvie listens to the song, she remembers dancing with Caleb and then suddenly kisses Kevin good-bye and rushes out the door, telling Kevin that she has to get home right away. Kevin agrees that Livvie DOES need to hurry home. As Livvie leaves, Kevin observes: "Back to Crooked Avenue - where we all end up!'

Meanwhile, as Tess looks through Jack's photo album, Chris suddenly arrives at Jack's Place. Chris convinces Tess that Jack sent Chris to pick Tess up and that Jack is going to meet up with them later. Chris told Tess that he has a little surprise for her.

Thursday, November 7, 2002

Jack arrives home to find Tess missing. Jack calls Lucy at the Hospital and reports that Tess is missing and Lucy rushes out to Jack's Place.

Meanwhile, Chris and Tess arrive at Chris's apartment. Chris tries to get Tess to talk about her ability to heal people, but Tess is only interested in knowing WHEN Jack will arrive. When Chris told Tess that she is special, Tess told Charis that she does NOT want to be special. Chris tries to learn if Tess feels a surge of energy or a warmth when she heals someone or if she feels tired afterward.

At the same time, Lucy and Jack try to figure out where Tess would be. Lucy explains that Livvie is visiting Kevin in Canada - so it would not be likely that Livvie has snatched Tess. Jack remembers that he had Chris x-ray his leg and both Lucy and Jack conclude that Tess must be with Chris.

Back at Chris's Place, Tess gets tired of waiting for Jack and decides to go, but Chris tries to convince her to wait for Jack:

CHRIS: 'No. Wait! Wait! Just be patient. Be patient! I just want to try this out. I want to find out if this gift of yours is for real.'

As Chris produces a scalpel, Tess cries: "No!'

CHRIS: "It's OK. It's just going to be a simple scientific experiment - that's all.'

TESS: "What are you doing?'

CHRIS: "Well, I'm going to make a very small cut in my arm. And I want to see if you can heal it. OK? Just an experiment. No big deal. Here we go!'

But, Tess hides behind her doll and begins to cry.

CHRIS: "Hey! Don't cry! It's OK! Doesn't even hurt - I promise.'

TESS: "Why?'

CHRIS: 'Why? Well, I just want to see if you can heal it. Tess, can you heal it?'

TESS: "I can fix you, but this is VERY bad! To hurt yourself is bad. You hurt yourself all the time. Why do you do that?'

CHRIS: "What?'

TESS: "You feel bad all the time. In here.' {She puts her hand on Chris's heart.}

CHRIS: "How did you know that?'

TESS: "Don't feel sad any more.'

CHRIS: "Will you help me?'

TESS: "Don't. Jack's brother. Jack's brother. Love. Not hurt. Please don't feel sad any more.' Tess puts her hand on the cut and it heals.

CHRIS: "Please help me.'

TESS: "I can fix your cut, but I can't fix you. Better now? Jack's brother better?'

Tess takes her doll and leaves. As Chris breaks down, Jack and Lucy arrive, demanding to know where Tess is. Chris told them: "She's gone. I'm sorry. I didn't hurt her. I - you have got to find her, man. She is a miracle!'

Jack and Lucy run out to try to catch up with Tess.

Meanwhile, in Elizabeth's Hotel room, Rafe and Alison are astounded as Elizabeth rattles off a list of her husband's brief sexual companions. But Elizabeth mentions that there WAS one woman in Malcolm's life whose name she does NOT know - and that is the woman that Malcolm was in love with BEFORE he met Elizabeth. Elizabeth suggests that if THAT woman was the mother of Alison's sibling, Elizabeth would NOT be much help in tracking her down.

When Elizabeth went to check to see if she has a phone message from Stephen, Alison confides in Rafe that she is beginning to understand her mother a bit - although Alison admits she has not actually progressed to a point where she could actually 'like' her mother.

While Rafe fills Alison in on his 'almost' encounter with Stephen Clay in the sauna at the gym the previous evening, Stephen meets in the woods with Marissa to discuss the music for the upcoming concert. Stephen and Marissa are interrupted by Ricky and Reese and Ricky announces that he does NOT need any charity-gig-hand-outs from Marissa and is quitting the band!

But, as Marissa tries to talk Ricky into changing his mind, Ricky unexpectedly raises his hand and accidentally knocks Marissa down. Stephen grabs Ricky's arm and threatens to break Ricky's arm. Marissa stops Stephen from hurting Ricky and Marissa apologizes to Ricky for pulling strings to get him his job.

Stephen apologizes to Ricky in front of Marissa. But, then, Stephen takes Ricky aside and says: "If you ever challenge me like that in front of my crew again, I will not only break your hand - I'll rip your whole arm off! So you can decide - Do you want to make history with me? Or do you want to try to find a job as a one-armed drummer?'

After Stephen assures Marissa that everything is cool, Marissa and Ricky head off through the woods to find Joshua and get set up for the big, history-making Port Charles concert of the Stephen Clay Experience.

However, Stephen told Reese that he has guessed that it was Reese who let the word slip to Ricky about Stephen's deal with Marissa. As a nervous Reese tries to offer an explanation, Stephen warns Reese: "Don't EVER let your libido get in the way of your judgment - you understand? You're cute - but you are NOT irreplaceable! Now - run along and make sure everything went exactly as planned!'

REESE: "Right!'

As Reese leaves, Stephen calls Elizabeth.

While Ricky and Marissa walk back through the woods, Marissa tries again to apologize to Ricky. But Ricky told Marissa that he is NOT staying in the band because Marissa begged him OR because Stephen threatened him. Ricky informs Marissa that Ricky plans to play in that concert tonight to prove to the whole world that Ricky is GOOD on the drums!

After Elizabeth gets her call from Stephen, Elizabeth announces that she has another date with her mystery man - who sings in a band called the Stephen Clay Experience and is named Stephen Clay. Elizabeth went on to inform Rafe and Alison that Stephen has invited all three of them to attend the concert as his guests.

Meanwhile, on a park bench, Stephen says: "It's almost time. Almost time, Port Charles. Here I come!'

Friday, November 8, 2002

At the Hospital, as Ian bugs Colleen for the DNA test results on Tess, Lucy and Jack arrive to inform Ian that Tess is missing and that she HAD been with Chris. Meanwhile, Tess wanders through the Park, hoping Jack will find her soon. At the same time, Livvie arrives at Rachel's Old Place to find a flyer inviting her to the free concern by the Stephen Clay Experience in the Park. Livvie decides she WILL attend the concert.

Meanwhile, at Elizabeth's Hotel room, Rafe tries to convince Elizabeth that there is something fishy about Stephen Clay's interest in Elizabeth and his special invitations to the concert for Rafe and Alison. However, Elizabeth ignores Rafe's warnings and gets ready to attend the concert. Alison convinces Rafe that THEY should also attend the concert to find out what Stephen Clay is really up to!

At the same time, Stephen makes sure Reese, Marissa, Ricky, Cass and Joshua are all ready for the concert.

Lucy stays behind with Ian to wait for Tess at the hospital, while Jack went back out to look for Tess. Lucy told Ian about the strange effect Tess had on Chris. Then Lucy is puzzled to learn that someone left a flyer for her, inviting her to attend the Stephen Clay Experience concert.

When Elizabeth, Alison and Rafe arrive at the concert, Rafe tires to go backstage by claiming to be part of the band, but is stopped by the guards. Even when Marissa told the guard that it is OK, the guard still refuses to let Rafe pass. Rafe tries to convince Marissa that there is something fishy going on with Stephen Clay, but Marissa writes it off. Rafe tries to get Marissa to describe Stephen Clay to Rafe, but Marissa reminds Rafe that she is NOT 'into' Stephen Clay and has NOT paid attention. At the same time, Alison also tries to get Elizabeth to describe Stephen and Elizabeth will only say that Stephen appears to be 'ageless!' However, Elizabeth appears to Alison to be acting like a giddy teenager at the very thought that her new 'boyfriend' is a real-live rock star!

Jack finally finds Tess wandering in the Park. As Jack holds Tess, Tess suddenly hears the music and surprises Jack when she begins to walk quickly toward the concert.

As Ian continues to wait for Tess's DNA results, Ian runs into Chris and is shocked when Chris claims that Tess healed him 'from the inside and made the hurt go away!' When the DNA test results arrive, Chris cautions Ian against continuing to dig into the secret source behind Tess's healing powers. Chris urges Ian to 'just let it go.' Ian is genuinely puzzled by the change in Chris's attitude and begins to wonder if Chris COULD be right!

In the Park, Jack is mystified when Tess seems drawn to Stephen Clay's music and even more amazed when Tess suddenly spots Livvie at the concert.

Frank and Karen arrive for the concert and begin looking for Ricky. At the same time, Lucy also arrives, finds Rafe and told Rafe and Alison that Livvie's look-alike, Tess, is missing. Lucy shows Rafe the flyer that Lucy received personally at the Hospital and they both wonder WHY a select few seem to have received personal invitations from Stephen Clay to attend the concert.

When the band arrives on stage, amidst cheers from the crowd, Frank and Karen finally spot Ricky. At the same time, Rafe and Alison notice Marissa sitting next to Joshua in front row seats. On stage, Reese invites Ricky to kiss and make-up after the show and Ricky agrees, saying 'Why not? Life is short!'

As the band begins to play, Elizabeth admits that she has NOT seen Stephen yet. Meanwhile, Jack tries to convince Tess to leave, but is stunned when Tess told him: "No - I HAVE to stay!' Jack begins to suspect that something is going on, but is not quite sure what it is.

Back at the Hospital, Ian wrestles with the decision to open Tess's DNA results but finally decides that both Tess and Jack seems to sincerely want to know if Tess is related to Livvie - and Ian is shocked at what he reads. Ian exclaims: 'No! Please! That would mean that you are....' Ian suddenly looks up from the test results and notices that the local TV station is broadcasting Stephen Clay's concert and the Hospital monitor is picking it up.

Back at the concert, Lucy begins to be disturbed by Stephen's voice and urges Rafe to focus with her on that voice. But, Elizabeth suddenly announces that she can see Stephen. As Stephen makes a dramatic entrance onto the stage and turns around, Frank, Karen, Jack, Lucy, Rafe and Alison all recognize Stephen as a dead ringer for Caleb.

As Stephen says: 'Hello! Port Charles!' the crowd went wild. And Rafe confides in Lucy that Rafe is positive that the man on the stage IS Caleb Morley!

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