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Monday, October 28, 2002

Marissa doesn't believe she has encountered the real Stephen Clay, but he convinces her otherwise after seductively reciting the lyrics to her newest song, "The Gift." Stephen pulls Marissa into a kiss. Marissa agrees to write for Stephen with the condition he takes Ricky back in the band. Stephen agrees, confident he has Marissa right where he wants her. Livvie is spooked after encountering Tess, who runs away from her. After speaking with Jack, Lucy realizes she found Tess, not Livvie, by the side of the road. Jack is desperate to find Tess. Jack brought Ian, Livvie and Lucy up to speed about Tess, who once again visits Brennan while humming a Stephen Clay song. Tess leaves before Ian, Lucy, Jack or Livvie find her with Brennan, who suddenly wakes from his coma. Stephan finds Tess by the roadside. Elizabeth crumbles when her husband's will states that she inherits only one dollar per year. Alison desperately wants to find the sibling she never knew she had. Alison learns her father's will stipulates that she won't receive her inheritance until she finds her sibling. Alison is sickened by Elizabeth's greed but offers to give Elizabeth her inheritance in exchange for Elizabeth's help in locating her missing brother or sister.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

In Brennan's Hospital room, Livvie screams when the comatose Brennan suddenly grabs her arm, and Livvie runs out of the room. Ian checks Brennan out, while Lucy follows Livvie out into the hall. Lucy is intrigued when Livvie told Lucy that Livvie believes Tess was sent to punish Livvie because she lost her baby.

Ian is stunned when Brennan suddenly demands to know where he is and what he is doing in Port Charles.

Meanwhile, by the side of the road, as Tess hums 'Naked Eyes,' Stephen Clay tries to entice Tess into entering his limousine - but Tess hears Jack calling her name. Tess asks Stephen if he knows her, but Stephen does NOT answer Tess's questions.

Back at the Hospital, Ian told Kate the happy news that Brennan has come out of his coma and is recovering. Later, as Kate thanks Ian for saving Brennan's life, Kate told Ian that she hopes he will one day know happiness that compares to the happiness she feels at that moment!

At the same time, Lucy helps Livvie return to her room and tries to quiz her step-daughter about her remark that 'someone' wants to punish Livvie because she lost her baby. But Livvie accuses Lucy of not really caring about Livvie OR her baby. As Lucy suggests that maybe Tess is Livvie's sister, Livvie reacts angrily and insists that an exact duplicate of Livvie was sent by someone sinister to 'punish' Livvie!

Meanwhile, Stephen told Tess that he can protect her if she gets into his car - but , when Tess hears Jack calling, Tess says: "I love Jack" , and runs to meet Jack. Stephen's car pulls away as Tess runs into Jack's arms. When Jack asks Tess who was in the limousine. Tess answers: 'A nice man.'

Back at the Hospital, as Ian and Colleen watch Kate and Brennan's reunion, Ian orders a complete lab work-up on Brennan. When Kate asks Ian how he brought Brennan out of the coma, Ian admits that it was a true miracle.

Meanwhile, in Livvie's room, Lucy tries to convince Livvie that Tess is a real person and NOT just one more of Port Charles' frequent freakish visitors, but Livvie insists that there is something 'not right' about Tess. Lucy suggests that maybe Rachel hid Livvie's twin sister in the woods while Rachel was doing her medical experiments to save Estelles's life, but Livvie insists that Tess is NOT her sister - and refuses to participate in any DNA tests Lucy might arrange - because Livvie believes there is something dangerous about Tess! Livvie throws a fit and demands that Lucy leave, so Lucy leaves.

Meanwhile, back at the Roadside, Jack tries to get Tess to go home with him, but Tess told Jack that she wants to return to her home in the woods. Tess admits that she is afraid of Livvie. Jack finally persuades Tess to agree to go home with Jack.

When Stephen returns to his Studio, he drinks a liquid from a blue bottle and remembers Marissa's demands that Ricky return to the band if Stephen truly wants to keep Marissa happy. Stephen calls Mick in to the studio and announces to a stunned Mick that he is out of the band. A trembling Mick reminds Stephen that Mick has ALWAYS been loyal to Stephen, but, when Mick resists Stephen's decision that Mick will leave the band, Stephen suddenly grabs Mick and begins to choke him until Mick runs away in terror.

Back at the Hospital, Ian shows Brennan's test results to Lucy and told her that the test results show that Brennan NEVER had injuries so serious that he had been in a coma. Lucy reports that Livvie believes Tess has been sent to punish her because she lost her baby. Lucy told Ian that her feeling is that something strange is showing up in Port Charles, all over again.

Ian asks Colleen to get Jack's x-rays for him after Colleen told Ian that Jack believed his leg had been broken but, when Chris took X-rays of Jack's leg, the x-rays showed that Jack's leg had NEVER been broken!

Alone in her room, Livvie decides that seeing Tess is somehow like looking into a mirror - and fears the worst.

Meanwhile, Jack arrives at his house with Tess - but Tess is afraid to go inside. Jack reassures Tess that he will ALWAYS be there with her, and they kiss.

Meanwhile, Stephen practices his guitar and declares: "Time to give the good people of Port Charles a taste of the Stephen Clay Experience. Time to spread our wings. I AM the gift that keeps on giving. But no real gift is free!'

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Ricky barges in to see Stephen Clay. He told Stephen he's tired of being jerked around and calls Stephen a stupid fool for not seeing his talent and giving him a chance. Ricky lets his anger roll. He told Stephen he must be a fraud and a hoax and that if he had any real talent, he wouldn't have to hide. Stephen listens without much expression, then picks up a bucket of water and dumps it on Ricky's head. Stephen calmly told Ricky that he must have had to much to drink to speak to him that way. He told Ricky he needs to cool off because he's in the band. Ricky's attitude does a 180 as he realizes what Stephen has just said. Ricky is thrilled and apologizes profusely for his previous outburst. Stephen told him to forget it. After Ricky leaves, Stephen turns to Joshua and says HE won't forget this. He doesn't forget anything.

At the Recovery Room, Marissa calls Jamal and is happy to tell him that the drummer for the Stephen Clay Experience got a better offer and Ricky is in.

Alison and Rafe have lunch at the Recovery Room, but Alison can't even enjoy her French fries. She is disturbed at the news that she has a brother or sister out there somewhere. Alison leaves to talk to Marissa who is sitting at another table. Alison confides in Marissa how she feels about having a sibling out there somewhere. She thinks Marissa will understand having been in the same situation. Marissa offers to give Alison some websites for finding missing family members. Marissa then told Alison her happy news. She and Ricky are now part of the Stephen Clay Experience. Alison is impressed. She asks Marissa what Stephen Clay is really like. Marissa answers that he is intense, tall, dark, and has incredible eyes. What she likes most about him is that he appreciates her lyrics.

Meanwhile, Lucy joins Rafe at another table. She is concerned about the weird vibes she's been having and wonders if Rafe has been having them too. Rafe hasn't he's been too busy with Alison. Lucy lists off all the things that have been happening in the town and believes it all must be connected somehow. She believes it somehow has to do with family: Kevin and Ryan, Livvie and Tess, and Alison and her missing sibling. Alison joins them and told them about Ricky and Marissa joining the Stephen Clay Experience.

As she does so, the lights in the Recovery Room dim and a weird, talking skeleton appears. It invites them all to a party at a warehouse hosted by Stephen Clay. The lights come up, the skeleton disappears and flyers advertising the party rain down from the ceiling. Surprisingly enough, no one seems to think this is strange. Lucy picks up a flyer and decides this is an event she is definitely going to attend.

Chris finishes the paperwork needed to discharge Livvie from the hospital. As he does so, he takes the opportunity to throw some pot shots at Livvie about how Jack left her for a look-alike. He claims Jack must have turned her in for a better model...the warm-blooded version. As Livvie leaves in a huff, Chris grins and says there won't be an extra charge for the torment.

At Jack's house, Tess marvels at all the new things she sees. She is fascinated with everything from the television to the light fixtures. She is startled when she experiences something else new, the doorbell. Jack opens the door and let in Ian. Ian stares at Tess and can't believe her resemblance to Livvie. Jack shuttles Tess off to a bath while he and Ian discuss Tess's healing powers. Ian believes there is something strange in the way Tess healed both Jack and Brennan. Jack feels that Tess doesn't understand the power she has. He thinks she needs time to adjust to her new surroundings before they start investigating her.

Ian leaves and Tess comes out of the bathroom. With her face washed, and her hair combed, Tess looks even more like Livvie. Tess takes some time to look around Jack's house again. She finally proclaims it to be "nice." The doorbell rings again and Jack thinks Ian is returning. Instead, Livvie is at the door. When she sees Tess clad in her robe, Livvie exclaims, " You're letting that freak wear my things?!"

Thursday, October 31, 2002

Outside the Recovery Room, Ian is surprised when Lucy orders him to dress for a party and meet her in an hour at the Light House.

Inside the Recovery Room, Rafe told Alison that he is NOT enthused about attending a Stephen Clay Halloween party. Rafe also reluctantly informs Alison that there are now TWO Livvies! As Alison laughs about the kind of Halloween joke having TWO Livvies would be, she is interrupted when Elizabeth arrives with legal documents to confirm her agreement with Alison - Elizabeth's help in locating Alison's missing sibling, in exchange for Alison's share of Malcolm's estate!

At Jack's Place, Livvie rages at Jack for allowing Tess to wear Livvie's robe. Jack sends Tess to the next room and then tries to reason with Livvie. But, as soon as Tess leaves, Livvie shocks Jack by kissing him!

Meanwhile, at Warehouse 13, Stephen approves the party arrangements that Joshua has made, then Stephen dons a mask himself.

Back at the Recovery Room, Alison and Rafe are BOTH offended that Elizabeth would believe she needed a legal document to make sure that her own daughter was keeping her half of the bargain, but Elizabeth points out that many bitter experiences have taught her that people often say one thing and do the complete opposite.

Meanwhile, back at Jack's Place, Livvie tries to convince Jack that Tess has some kind of mental disorder and needs professional help on a daily basis, but Jack refuses to listen to Livvie's warning and, instead, orders Livvie to leave the house. Protesting that Jack is trading the original for a pale imitation, Livvie reluctantly leaves. After Livvie leaves, Tess timidly peeks around the corner, then, making sure the coast is clear, she runs into Jack's comforting arms.

Chris, Doree, Frank and Karen all arrive at the same time for Stephen's party and are stunned to see that the interior of the warehouse has been decorated to mimic a Roman orgy. Joshua greets the guests and hands out masks to everyone.

JOSHUA: "As you will discover, the masks are a very important part of this evening. The masks will protect you. The masks will free you. They will allow you to find your hidden self - the one you keep buried. The masks will allow you to lose all your inhibitions and all your expectations! Let go. Let go - and be who you really are! That is what the Stephen Clay Experience is all about. Let go. Let go!'

Joshua leads Karen and Frank to a couch, where scantily-clad, masked groupies begin to massage Karen and Frank's necks. However, Stephen takes the place of the groupie massaging Karen and Karen suddenly announces to Frank that she felt a sudden chill. Stephen just as suddenly leaves and melts away into the party crowd and, as soon as Stephen has gone, Karen admits that the chill has passed.

Doree told Chris: "Check out the music. It is awesome!'

JOSHUA: "There is a message to the music! You must open yourself up and connect with it. That is what Stephen's music is all about! It is the experiences we give ourselves and others!'

As Chris playfully gives Doree an oyster on the half-shell and kisses her, Stephen walks past Chris and Chris suddenly asks: "What was that?'

DOREE: "What?'

CHRIS: "I don't know. I just felt something strange!'

DOREE: "Maybe it was the champagne getting to you.'

CHRIS: "Or - maybe - it is YOU getting to me.'

As Chris and Doree continue to kiss, Marissa and Ricky meet up at the 'treats' table and Marissa explains that Jamal is still out of town. Joshua insists that Ricky and Marissa each put on a mask.

As Ian and Lucy enter the party, Joshua insists that they get in the spirit of the party by taking a mask. When Ian tries to turn down the masks, Joshua insists. As Lucy and Ian reluctantly accept the masks, Lucy told Ian that there is something very familiar about Joshua. Lucy told Ian that she has a creepy feeling that they are SUPPOSED to be there on that evening and that the creepy music and Livvie's double are all tied into something strange going on in Port Charles. When Lucy enters the next room, she announces to Ian that she feels a chill, but can see nothing unusual about the room. However, Stephen watches Lucy intently from across the room.

Back at Jack's Place, some children come for 'Trick or Treat,' and Jack shows Tess how to give out candy to the children. However, Jack decides that he does not have enough candy for the youngsters and decides to run to the store for more candy, leaving Tess alone in the house. After Jack leaves, the doorbell rings again and Tess finds a candy bar and went to the door. But it is Livvie at the door and Livvie pushes her way past Tess and into the living room.

Back at the Recovery Room, after Elizabeth leaves, Alison begs Rafe to go to the party after all and Rafe finally gives in and agrees to accompany Alison to the party.

And, at the party, while Ian and Lucy walk through the room of scantily-clad couples making out to the tune of Stephen Clay's music, Ricky is suddenly surprised by Reese giving him an unexpected kiss. When Ricky offers Marissa some of the party goodies, Marissa turns him down and then informs him that she is going to leave early. But, as Marissa leaves, Joshua watches her go and Stephen meets Marissa on the stairs. Marissa thanks Stephen for keeping his half of the bargain about hiring Ricky as the band's drummer. When Marissa told Stephen that she is headed home to work on a new song, Marissa is intrigued when Stephen announces that he has something big coming up soon, and will use the new song then.

After Lucy and Ian dance, they begin to talk about the different things they both do to try to avoid loneliness, and they begin to grow closer. And they begin to dance very closely.

At the party entrance, Joshua observes to Stephen that not all of the guests have arrived yet, but Stephen answers: "Don't worry. They will all be here. Of that, I am certain!'

At that moment, Rafe and Alison arrive for the party. And Rafe immediately senses some bad vibrations.

Meanwhile, back at Jack's Place, Livvie told Tess that the chill they both felt when they first met is gone now. Livvie demands to know who Tess really is and where she came from. As Tess smiles and nods, Livvie demands to know WHY Tess keeps hugging the rag doll. Livvie is incensed when Tess says that Livvie killed the baby and Livvie reaches out to snatch Tess's doll away from her. When Tess pulls back, Livvie scratches Tess's arm, but both Livvie and Tess begin to bleed in the same place! As Livvie demands more answers, Jack returns.

Outside Warehouse 13, Marissa is elated when Jamal suddenly surprises her and announces that he cut his trip short because he was anxious to be with her again.

Inside, at the party, Ian and Lucy begin to kiss. Elsewhere, Alison tries to urge Rafe to let go of his uneasy feeling and just enjoy the party. But, as Rafe and Alison kiss, Stephen approaches them and asks: "Great party, isn't it?'

Rafe and Alison both glower at Stephen in disbelief.

Friday, November 1, 2002

As Rafe and Alison kiss at Stephen Clay's party, Stephen comes by and suggests to them that it is a great party. Neither Rafe nor Alison recognize him. However, when Rafe tries to learn his name, they are distracted by some other revelers who pass by. When Rafe and Alison look up, Stephen has vanished. Rafe and Alison decide it is kind of weird, the way he disappeared so quickly.

Meanwhile, Stephen passes by Frank and Karen and then Chris and Doree - all of whom are making out - and no one notices the chill they noticed before.

Stephen finds Joshua and Joshua hands Stephen a blue bottle of 'liquid refreshment.'

JOSHUA: "So - what do you think? I trust things are going just as you hoped!'

STEPHEN: "Better than I could have ever hoped for! I even found a few new surprises.'

Stephen pulls back a curtain to reveal Ian and Lucy kissing. Lucy suddenly pulls away and told Ian that she is sorry, but they just can NOT indulge themselves that way while Kevin is still in the hospital.

Meanwhile, at Jack's Place, Jack demands to know what Livvie has done to Tess. But Livvie has some demands of her own! Livvie demands to know what TESS has done to Livvie! Livvie proves to Jack that Tess got cut - but Livvie is bleeding in the exact same place. Jack looks at both wounds and decides that they DO look identical!

Back at the party, Lucy told Ian that she does NOT want to lose his friendship over a kiss. As Ian tries to explain how he feels, Ian receives an emergency call from Jack. Jack explains that Tess was cut but Livvie is bleeding in the same place. Ian promises to meet with Jack to check things out. But, when Ian told Lucy that he is leaving, Ian insists that Lucy should stay and enjoy the party and - promises that they will talk later. However, as Ian leaves, Lucy hastily picks up her bag and follows Ian, declaring that she is 'no good at later.'

However, at Jack's Place, Livvie insists that Tess is NOT a person but a THING - and Livvie does NOT need Ian to tell her that. After calling Tess a freak, Livvie storms out the door. But, once outside, Livvie slows down enough to wonder WHO would have the power to create an exact duplicate of Livvie and send that duplicate to steal Livvie's life. Livvie contemplates the possibility that it COULD be Alison, but Livvie decides that Alison would NOT have the power needed to create a duplicate of Livvie. But Alison's 'angelic' protector - Rafe - MIGHT have that kind of power! So Livvie heads off toward the party to look for Rafe.

Meanwhile, at the party, Alison tries to get Rafe to relax and have a good time. But, as Rafe and Alison kiss, Stephen watches them from across the room.

Back at Jack's Place, Tess told Jack that she does NOT want to see Ian - but Jack convinces Tess that Ian is someone that TESS can trust and that JACK can trust. Tess finally agrees to see Ian.

At the same time, as Ian and Lucy head toward Jack's Place, Lucy tries to convince Ian that they need to talk about their kiss, but Ian asks why 'later' can NOT actually BE 'later' with Lucy! As Lucy and Ian argue, they are approached by two men wearing Halloween masks, who demand treats.

Back at the party, Rafe told Alison that he is seriously TRYING to relax and finally admits that he has been feeling uneasy about a lot of things for a while, including the fact that there ARE two Livvies. When Alison admits that she believed Rafe was joking when he told her that Livvie has a double, Rafe confides in Alison that Jack's 'new' girlfriend is truly an exact double for Livvie! When Alison admits that that is NOT good, Rafe replies: "Yeah. No. I know it isn't good! It is just that something is going on! I do NOT know what it is! But something! And I don't want to scare you - but I am glad you know now. So just keep your guard up, all right?'

ALISON: 'No. You are NOT scaring me at all! I am glad you told me. But do you have any idea what it could be at all?'

RAFE: "No! I don't have a clue. But there IS something. Something is changing in the atmosphere. There is something happening - or about to happen! It is just tonight. Tonight, I feel it like I have NEVER felt it before. Something IS out there!'

At the same time, Livvie enters the party, looking for Rafe and Alison - but runs into Stephen! Stephen insists that Livvie dance with him, but Livvie tries to push past him, insisting that she has to look for someone. Stephen grabs Livvie and begins to dance with her any way. Livvie at first protests, then gives in as the music pounds behind her. As Livvie begins to dance with Stephen, she suddenly remembers the first time she danced with Caleb. While Livvie and Stephen dance, Rafe and Alison decide to leave the party and Rafe sees Stephen and Livvie together. Rafe bounds forward and rips the mask off of Livvie's dance partner - but is surprised to see only Joshua!

At the same time, Stephen suddenly appears beside Alison's mother Elizabeth, who has been drowning her sorrows at the Port Charles Grill. When Stephen suggests that he and Elizabeth become friends, Elizabeth protests that she has all the friends she needs already. But, as Stephen persists, Elizabeth changes her mind, and Stephen suddenly begins to kiss her.

Meanwhile, Ian tries to get Lucy to leave so Ian can deal with the two masked men - but, before Lucy can leave, one of the men pulls out a knife and stabs Ian. As Lucy screams for help - the two men run away.

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