One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 28, 2002 on OLTL

Michael Lazarus convinced Natalie to stay in Llanview. Blair had Todd arrested. Roxy revealed that her husband had been one of Mitch Laurence's cult members. Liz admitted to Hank that her child was Antonio's.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 28, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, October 28, 2002

Max explains to Roxy that he bailed her out of jail because she told him about Luna's tape. She offers to make love to him as a way of showing her thanks. Blair is touched to overhear Todd apologizing to Jack. He later asks her why she almost forgave him in Hawaii. She lets him know that she's sure he'll be able to spend time with Jack and Starr. However, he's outraged when Blair has him arrested for violating the restraining order. Wondering what Allison meant by the reference to Mitch, Viki explains to Bo her theory that Mitch would have wanted to get even with her for turning his "disciples" against him. She guesses that Mitch was somehow involved with the mystery behind Jessica and Natalie's births. "Michael" leaves a message for Natalie claiming he found her wallet in hopes that he'll lure her back to him. He then heads to the computer to research the kidnaping of Viki's baby. He flashes back to the days when he lead his cult of disciples. Allison catches Bo off guard when she asks if Mitch is really dead. Jen forces Natalie to admit that she's in love with Cristian but claims that it was unrequited. Pretending to be hurt, Jen asks her to leave town. Natalie refuses so Jen claims that Cristian's going to have to move away with her. Natalie later tells Cristian that she's leaving Llanview. Al gets confirmation that Cristian's in love with Natalie.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Bo fills Asa in on the surprising development in the twisted tale of two twins. At St. Jude's, "Michael" hides his face in his hands to avoid being recognized by Viki. Roxy's sexual come-on sends Max running for cover. Troy is rattled to receive a copy of the African amulet along with a note which reads "Never forget." Later, Troy confides to Emily his fear that Lindsay has stumbled across information about Joanna. Roxy refuses to take no for an answer, even after Max flees from the house in desperation. Troy's obvious distress puzzles Nora, who questions Emily about her brother's strange behavior. Reminiscing about Jessica's birth, Asa tells Bo how Dr. Balsam spent a long time alone in the room with Viki. Explaining why she only told Jen half the truth, Natalie tearfully informs Cris she's leaving Llanview for good. Meanwhile, Jen rewards Marcie by inviting her new "pal" to become her maid of honor. Asa and Max commiserate about being trapped in loveless unions with women they can't stand. An unhappy Natalie turns to "Michael" for comfort.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Viki and Bo question Roxy about her husband's connection to Mitch. Meanwhile, Natalie confides to "Michael" how her love life has gone from bad to worse. Nora presses Emily to explain the cryptic note which upset Troy so much. Roxy tells her guests how unnerved she was by Mitch's frequent visits with Dr. Balsam. Lindsay gleefully informs Troy she knows all about his dead wife. "Michael" assures Natalie that God has a plan for her. A snarling Rae accuses Hank of blaming her for his own pathetic weaknesses. Viki decides not to press charges against Roxy in exchange for all of Dr. Balsam's papers. Shrugging off Troy's warnings, Lindsay insists that the truth must come out. "Michael" croons to a puzzled Natalie that he's known her since the very day she was born.

Thursday, October 31, 2002

Though Carlotta apologizes for blurting out the truth about Natalie, Jen assures her future mother-in-law she did nothing wrong. Natalie hopes to introduce her mother to her helpful new friend but "Michael" slips away from Llanfair before Viki can spot him. Liz nervously denies Antonio's allegations that she lied about her baby's paternity. Lindsay continues to needle Troy about his wife's untimely demise. Viki comforts her daughter after Natalie explains why she was set to leave town. Hank offers Rae an olive branch. Keri hesitantly informs R.J. that she's moving in with her mother. Lindsay tells an alarmed Troy about her fact-finding trip to Africa. Grateful for her mother's love and devotion, Natalie tells Viki how happy she is that they've been reunited. Troy warns Emily that Lindsay knows all about Joanna. Panicked to learn that Natalie is staying put, Jen tells Cris and Father Diaz the wedding must take place right away. Liz confesses to a stunned Hank how Antonio impregnated her during a one-night stand.

Friday, November 1, 2002

"Michael" meets Natalie at the quarry and tells the unhappy girl he's glad she decided not to leave town after all. Meanwhile, Jen's sudden desire to rush to the altar puzzles Cristian. Though Emily reminds her brother that Joanna's death was a tragic accident, a guilt-stricken Troy feels certain Nora would never forgive him if she knew the truth. Hank is sorely tempted to spill Liz's secret to Keri. "Michael" suggests to Natalie that God has brought them together for some special purpose. Jen privately explains to Carlotta why she and Cris must be wed immediately now that Natalie has changed her mind about relocating. With Nora looking on, Lindsay taunts Troy about the woman whose blood is on his hands. Hank elects to keep mum after an excited Keri feels the baby moving inside her for the very first time. Later, however, Hank cautions Liz that the awful truth is bound to come out once her child is born. Jen presses a reluctant Cris to agree to a quickie wedding.

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