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Passions Recaps: The week of October 28, 2002 on PS
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Monday, October 28, 2002

Ethan's engagement to Theresa is his fantasy not hers. Theresa enters his room and looks at him in the throes of his daydream engagement to her and asks if he is alright. Theresa says she must talk to him one last time and then she will leave him alone. He says he must talk to her too. Theresa honestly apologizes for hurting him. She reminds him that what they had was good and she did ruin it all. She explains that what she did was all done out of love. Theresa begs his forgiveness and asks if there is any hope at all for them. Ethan listens has he grips the engagement ring tighter in his hand.

Sheridan tells Antonio that she loves only him. Luis overhears and flashes back to the time he got engaged to Sheridan. He sadly turns away realizing that it is finally over. Beth is watching from the shadows. She fully intends to be there to comfort him much to her mother's objections.

Sheridan realizes that Antonio has been having more searing pains in his head. She gets upset with him for not taking his medication and lets it slip that he could die with out it. Antonio thinks he knows the emotional secret Sheridan has been keeping. He feels that she is upset over his medical condition. Antonio asks Sheridan point blank if he is dying.

Gwen hears Theresa plead for another chance. Gwen breaks up the conversation just as Ethan begins to look like he was weakening. Gwen calls Theresa a lying little bitch. She tells Theresa infront of Ethan that she will never have him. Theresa says she knows that she is making a fool out of herself. She explains she had to plead one last time so she would not have another regret. Theresa bids Ethan good luck and to be happy, even if it is not with her. She does not want him to lose the love of his life like she lost hers. Theresa never does get to hear what Ethan wanted to discuss with her.

Theresa walks away.

Luis cries on Beth's shoulder. Beth knows that Luis overheard Sheridan's love confession for his brother.

Liz threatens Eve that she is going to expose her sordid past secret by trashy secret. Eve gets her back bone up and tells Liz she will do anything to protect the life she built. She warns Liz not to start something she will regret finishing. Eve arrives home. TC speculates on who the evil woman is that ruined Liz's life. TC asks Eve if she knows who the person is and if she would protect the woman's now good name.

Gwen fantasizes about Ethan proposing. No one seems to know who he will eventually choose.

At the Lobster Shack, Beth asks where Luis and Sheridan stand now. She wants to know if they are really over this time. Luis says it is for sure this time.

Antonio and Sheridan plan on having a nice dinner out so they can forget about all their problems. The couple end up at the Lobster Shack. Sheridan and Luis eye each other from across the room.

Theresa begs God for help so she will not have to live her life without Ethan.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Whitney finds Theresa on the dock, praying to God that Ethan will come to his senses and ask her to marry him, not Gwen. Gwen takes Ethan home to the mansion where they plan on a quiet dinner. At the mansion, Rebecca jumps to the conclusion that the couple are already engaged. Ethan dodges this as Rebecca maneuvers to get her daughter alone for a minute. Rebecca questions Gwen why Ethan did not pop the question yet. Rebecca is sure that Theresa has something to do with it. Gwen assures her mother that Theresa is no longer a threat. Gwen is sure that Ethan is waiting for a romantic time and place. Rebecca leaves the couple alone on the couch.

Theresa arrives home to the mansion. She absently walks into the living room and turns on the light.

Liz arrives at the Russell home baiting her arch enemy Eve. Liz lets Eve know that she plans on destroying her life. She manages to get Eve to brew her some tea, hinting that she does not drink alcohol. While alone with TC Liz asks to see their wedding photo. She questions TC why there are no pictures of Eve's family, hinting that it is very unusual. TC asks Eve again about her family. Eve sticks to her story that she was raised by two very strict maiden aunts. TC calls his wife as pure as the driven snow. Liz just smiles knowingly.

At the Lobster Shack Antonio tells Sheridan that they must go say hello to Luis and Beth to be polite. Sheridan makes sure Antonio won't ask the couple to join them. Antonio feels that his fiancée just wants to be alone with him. He asks Beth for a dance to prove to Sheridan that he is over thinking she has a thing for Luis. Beth is nervous that the short dance will push Sheridan and Luis back together after all her scheming to keep them apart. Sheridan asks Luis if he and Beth are back together. He replies they are just friends. Sheridan flashes back to seeing the couple "making love."

She angrily lets Luis know that they have two very different opinion of friendship. Then Sheridan abruptly takes her leave with Antonio. Beth hints to Luis that the couple want to go back to the cottage so they can make love. She lets Luis think that Antonio let their plan slip while she was dancing with him. Luis looks heartbroken.

Ivy gets Sam alone on the dock and tries her best to get him to believe that Grace is deeply in love with David. David goes to see Grace. He knows that Ivy will maneuver Sam to the house so he can be spotted with Grace. The plan works. Sam does see the couple. As he goes to confront David, Ivy pulls the battery off of her wheelchair. She gets Sam to take her home instead of talking to Grace about David.

Sheridan looks one last time at Beth and Luis. The couple does appear to look like friends rather than lovers. Sheridan begins to question what she saw earlier, her attitude toward Luis softening just a bit.

One of the waiters comes along and offers Sheridan his sympathies for her break up with Luis. Sheridan asks him how he knew. He tells her that he overheard Luis tell Beth it is really over this time. Sheridan, heartbroken leaves with Antonio for a night of passion.

Wednesday, September 30, 2002

Though Eve entreats her guest not to destroy everything she's worked so hard to build, Liz hisses that she's been waiting for payback for far too long. Ivy deliberately breaks her motorized wheelchair so Sam will have to carry her to his car. Rebecca waylays Theresa to prevent her from interrupting Ethan's marriage proposal to Gwen. David consoles Grace after she spots Sam and Ivy leaving together. Fed up with Liz's taunts, Eve tries to bodily remove her from the house but Whitney's arrival forces her mother to pull in her claws. Theresa sadly faces the fact that she's never going to have Ethan. Later, Theresa frets when her baby begins to run a high fever. Sam gives his son some fatherly advice about choosing a mate. Liz's latest threat reduces Eve to tears.

Thursday, October 31, 2002

Theresa panics when Baby Ethan's condition worsens. Eve does her best to bring the baby's fever down. Theresa notices that something more is wrong. Eve tells her that the fever is so high, the baby is having seizures.

Phyllis bursts into the living room, grabbing the ice bucket. She interrupts Ethan's proposal to Gwen. They ask her what she is doing with the ice and Phyllis explains it is for Baby Ethan. Ethan gets upset when he hears the baby is so sick that Eve Russell was called. He demands to know why Theresa did not send for him. The maid explains that Theresa did not want to disturb him again tonight. Ethan leaves Gwen and rushes to Theresa's side.

Antonio talks Sheridan into going up to the main house since he saw Eve's car pull in. He says that he wants to get the real truth about his condition from Eve. Sheridan agrees that this idea may be for the best. The couple walks in to find Gwen sitting alone. She explains that the baby is sick and that is why Eve was called. Antonio wants to be there to comfort his sister. He goes to Theresa's room, leaving a despondent Sheridan alone with Gwen. Sheridan cries on Gwen's shoulder about how she has lost Luis forever. Gwen does her best to bolster Sheridan's spirit, reminding her that she and Luis shared a great love and love like that does not fade away. She asks Sheridan to try one last time to talk things out with Luis.

At the Book Cafe, Beth is sponsoring a Halloween party for some of the Harmony youth. Luis is there to help her. Beth tries at every turn to bring Luis down memory lane. She gets him to remember the past good times that they shared. Beth then makes a confession. Luis was and still is the man of her dreams. She tells Luis she never married because she was always so in love with him.

Grace has a premonition about Sam that could destroy her marriage. She walks into Ivy's bedroom to see Sam and Ivy in a compromising but innocent position. Ivy sees her and smiles. Grace turns away from the sight and asks David to take her home.

Antonio goes to find his sister. Rebecca makes a lurid suggestion that he can shower in her bathroom anytime. Antonio walks away from Rebecca. As soon as Theresa sees her brother, she throws herself in his arms. Ethan has emergency medical equipment brought to the baby's room.

Cracked Connie scares some Halloween celebraters and gets reprimanded by Tabitha who sits and remembers her lost Timmy. Cracked Connie decides she needs a man in her life. Since Tabby won't help her, she decides to make one for herself.

Friday, November 1, 2002

Ivy's scheme to break up Sam and Grace seems to be working perfectly. Grace runs out of Ivy's bedroom after seeing her with Sam. Sam realizes that Grace was there and tries to stop her from leaving. He catches up with her in the hall. He asks Grace what she is doing there. Grace said she was there to save her marriage but calls herself a fool. She says she will move on and wishes Sam good luck with his new life with Ivy. Ivy whipsers to David that they both got what they wanted. Sam grabs Grace and won't let her go until she hears the truth. David tells Ivy that she will never win.

Sam explains the innocent scene that Grace walked in on. Sam tells Grace that he on the other hand heard Grace confess her love to David. Grace tells him that she will always feel some sort of love for David but she wants to be Sam's wife. They both explain away the misunderstandings. They kiss and leave Ivy alone with David. David asks Ivy why she looks so happy. Ivy replies that the next time they drive a wedge between Sam and Grace will probably be the last because their marriage can only be so strong.

Gwen urges Sheridan to fight Beth for Luis. She keeps telling her friend to fight for him.

Luis feels bad at hearing Beth's confession that he was her one and only love. He tells Beth that he can't think about another relationship since he lost Sheridan not once but three times. Beth reminds Luis that she lost him three times as well. Luis apologizes over and over for "making love" to her. Beth won't hear of it. She says she will wait. Luis tells her that he can't make any promises right now. He can't think of moving on until he can get rid of the tiniest hope that there is a chance he can be with Sheridan again.

Beth plans on keeping them apart until Luis loses all hope of being with Sheridan. Beth tells Luis that he makes her so happy and she will wait as long as it takes to be with him again. She lets him know that she feels they were meant to be together.

Gwen urges Sheridan to talk to Eve about Antonio's condition and to try to talk with Luis. Sheridan tells Gwen that it will do no good talking to Luis. She can't trade Antonio's life to be with Luis. Gwen is sure that Theresa is using the baby to keep Ethan from proposing.

Eve manages to get Baby Ethan's fever down. Eve told Ethan privately that the baby could have died. He marvels at how loving Theresa is with the baby. Whitney points out just how loving Theresa is and how she threw herself down the elevator shaft to save his life. Eve calls the hospital and makes arrangements to admit Baby Ethan. Antonio asks Eve to level with him about his nephew. Before Eve can answer Antonio has another one of his painful "spells."

Cracked Connie plays Dr. Frankenstein in Tabitha's basement. She creates herself a male counterpart that makes her eyes pop out. Tabitha is speechless when she sees Connie's new "friend." His name is Cecil and he informs Tabby that he is in Harmony to party!

Theresa puts the baby down and again panics. She screams for Eve saying something is wrong! The baby does not seem to be breathing and he has no pulse.

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