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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 28, 2002 on GL
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Monday, October 28, 2002

Gus tells Eden that he and Harley are officially over. She sees this as an opportunity and invites him to join her in her vendetta against the Santos family. Gus refuses and tries to warn her off that path. Meanwhile, Carmen is irked by the fact that the amount of cash she is missing coincides with how much debt Cassie has managed to pay off and intends to launch an investigation. Danny calls Tony to come home. Tony shows up with Eden, making Danny suspicious, but he reluctantly agrees to let her stay at the house. Carmen asks Eden to spy on Danny for her. Later, Gus goes to the beach and writes Harley a love letter. At the Beacon, Marina and Ben steal some time alone. Lillian tries to get Beth to see how bad Bill is for her. Alexandra taunts Alan about Olivia and Phillip being trapped alone in the elevator. In the elevator, Phillip and Olivia get into a heated disagreement, which turns into a passionate kiss. Phillip breaks the kiss and tells Olivia that she can't marry Alan because she will be forced to lead a miserable life. Olivia is beside herself that Phillip can't admit that he wants her and she insists on going through with the ceremony. Alexandra sees Olivia and Phillip kissing on a video surveillance tape and obtains a copy. Later, Alan arranges for Alexandra to be kidnapped.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Michelle and Bill are in the hospital and she is trying to talk him into becoming her "patient" so she can prepare herself for her mid term. He finally gives in, only after she agrees to make him home cooked meals for a week. He asks what he has to do, she answers, "For starters, clothes off."

At the Beacon, Lizzie hands Olivia her bouquet and asks if she is nervous, Olivia responds no, just excited. Alan tells the judge they are ready to proceed, Phillip asks where Alexandra is, and Alan blows him off. Edmund comes up telling him that his sister is missing. Alan says she is just not "here" and that is a blessing. He walks away leaving Edmund standing there with his mouth open in disbelief.

Alexandra is being driven somewhere in a limo. She asks what is going on, she is supposed to be finding something out about her brother. She demands to know where she is going and the driver comments that she will find out when she gets there.

Edmund berates Alan for not looking for Alexandra. Phillip tells Edmund that it is time that he leaves. As he walks out, Edmund informs them that he will find Alexandra himself and if he doesn't he will be back with the police! Alan asks Phillip to tell Olivia that the wedding is ready to begin.

Michelle tells Bill to take of his shirt, then starts unbuttoning it herself. She takes out her stethoscope out and puts it on his chest, and he whines that it is too cold. She tells him to stop and sit still while she takes his blood pressure. He starts messing with the stethoscope and tells her "you listened to mine, I want to listen to yours." She tells him that he is worse than Robbie. He begins teasing her and tells her that she shouldn't forget that he knows all of her ticklish spots. He starts tickling her and Ed walks in asking what they are doing there "this time of night?"

Phillip tells Olivia that they are ready to begin after some cordial conversation and goes back with Alan. Lizzie asks her is she and Phillip had gotten into a fight because things seem really tense between them. Olivia says no and drops the subject. Lillian finds one of Lizzie's earrings on the floor and takes it to her. Lizzie hugs her Grandmother after telling her that she wishes her mother wouldn't have come. Lillian agrees with her, before realizing that Beth is standing right there!

Bill and Michelle explain to Ed that he is helping her with her midterm. Ed lets them know that he was meeting someone for funding on the clinic. Bill gets a phone call from Beth sitting in the martini bar, asking to meet with him. After hearing in her voice that she is upset, he tells Michelle he has to go, and tells her he will meet her at the carriage house.

Alexandra is taken to the Alan and Olivia's cabin on Mystic Island. She orders the driver to tell her when she is going to find out the information on her brother. The driver replies "Soon, only, not from me."

The wedding begins, they say there "I do's", and get ready to exchange rings. Lizzie hands Olivia Alan's ring and she puts it on him. Phillip goes to hand Alan Olivia's ring and drops it. Both Phillip and Olivia bend down to pick the ring up. Phillip does and hands it to Alan. They are pronounced husband and wife. Champagne is immediately passed around to everyone and Phillip makes his toast. He does the traditional thing and compliments them both, then he goes into how Alan and Olivia are very similar and together "they will be a force to be reckoned with."

Bill is already at the Halloween decorated carriage house, when Beth arrives. They kiss, then Beth questions him on why he was being a patient. He explains to her that he was "playing doctor" with Michelle. Bill leaves the room and Beth seems to be worried about his relationship with her.

Ed offers to be Michelle's patient, but she turns him down. She is going to go home, put Robbie to bed, and try to get a good night's sleep. He comments on her lack of sleep and asks if it has been like that since Danny left.

Alan brings Olivia back into the room where they exchanged their vows, and kisses her again. He apologizes to her, but he has to leave her for a moment to take care of something. She accuses him of doing business, but then something clicks in her head and she asks if his business has anything to do with "their" missing sister. He promises to fill her in all about it later, then leaves. Olivia walks over to the champagne and looks at the two they toasted with earlier. She finishes one, leaving the full one and walks into the party. Phillip arrives and finishes the other glass.

At the party, Ben reads a note from Marina saying to meet her in his car in the parking lot. Ben signals yes to her, and Buzz sees this. He and Frank go over to Ben and ask if he has gotten any romantic ideas because of the wedding. Ben assures them that he doesn't have any ideas! After they walk away he signals Marina again, this time telling her no.

Olivia is walking around thanking everyone for coming. She runs into Sam, and he wants to know why Alan ran off to do business. Olivia assures her brother that he left with her blessing. She chastises him for not telling her that he is happy for her. Sam asks if she is happy and she replies "look at all that I have. He berates her for not answering her question. She hushes him and tells him that she will be back, she is going to the beach to collect her thoughts.

Rick comes up to Phillip and comments on his toast, then the elevator incident. Phillip denies having any involvement with the elevator! Rick and Phillip start their usual banter/arguing, and Phillip says he is going to get some air, and walks out. Rick comments "enjoy your air break."

Back at Mystic Island, the video phone rings and surprise, surprise, it's Alan. He tells her that the wedding went off without a hitch and she comments " Good, now someone will have to visit you when you are in jail for kidnapping me!" He tells her "When you cross Alan Spaulding, there are consequences."

Olivia is getting ready to leave the beach when Phillip walks up. They nervously talk to each other and Olivia gets ready to leave. As she is walking away, she turns and they both say each other's names. Ever the gentleman, he tells her to go first. She tells him that she wanted to say she was sorry. He responds that, that what exactly what he was going to say to her.

Bull gives Beth a beer, telling her about the Halloween party, asking her what she is going to dress up as. She plays along, but changes the "costume" to a cocktail dress and asks him to come to the Beacon with her for a breast cancer research benefit, that her mother arranged. After some persuasion and a tiny bit of a guilt trip, Bill agrees to go after he gets him party going. He asks if something happened tonight to make her self-conscious about their relationship? She answers yes. He then asks if everything is better now, she again answers yes.

Phillip apologizes for his behavior in the elevator and tries to explain himself, because of the mixed signals he had been sending her. Olivia says that he gave her a clear signal with his toast. She then admits that he isn't the only one to blame, because she manipulated him. They tell each other that they like each other. She gives him back his handkerchief, and goes back inside.

Alan informs Alexandra that she is stranded on Mystic Island until spring. Unless, he tells her, she signs papers (that are strategically placed around the cabin) relinquishing all control of Spaulding Enterprises back to him. She rips up one of the contracts (he tells her about the others, knowing that she will sign when she calms down). He lets her know that she has all the supplies she needs and that he will be in touch. He disconnects and she remembers the tape in her coat. She plays it, watching again, Phillip and Olivia kissing on the elevator and says " Don' t ever underestimate me brother dearest."

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

At the Beacon Hotel

Harley enters. She told Blake how her love life was going. She told Blake that they should send Cassie to a spa. But Blake said that Cassie was in St. Cristobel. Blake said she had another idea. She had an audition to be a host on a show. Blake wanted her to help her with an audition tape of Harley's love life. Blake began to interview Harley and asked that she recently broke up with her boyfriend. Harley gave a lame story, and Blake said she needed to give the true story. But Harley said that no advice would help her love story. So Harley finally agreed to tell all. After going through her story, she decided to leave.

Marah enters. She told Josh to go see Reva without her. She wanted to stay and find out about Cassie. Josh exits. She asked to speak to the manager of the Hotel. Ross enters. He wanted to know why she wasn't visiting her mother. He said that Reva needed to see all of her family. Sarcastically, Marah said they always needed to do what Reva wants. Marah exits.

At the Beach

Gus began to read the letter he wanted to give to Harley. He crumpled it up in his hand, put into an empty bottle and threw on the beach.

Tony asked Eden if she thought that her dad would be disappointed with her. She wanted to know what his dad would think of him. He said he was the person that his dad would want him to be. Tony began to tell Eden about his dad and how people were afraid of him. When she said she was cold, he tried to put his arms around her.

Harley enters. Eden called Harley a witch. She told them they were made for each other. Harley found the bottle with Gus' letter.

At the Santos house

Eden enters and asked Tony what was for breakfast. She told him that Carmen loaned her some clothes. He told her that she looked beautiful. She kissed Tony passionately and Danny walked in. He turned and walked away. Danny called Gus and told him they had a problem. He asked him to meet him at the Santos house. Danny told Tony that he is getting too close to Eden. Eden enters and said that she needed to get some rest. Danny told her that she needed to get some rest somewhere else. Gus enters. Danny told him that Eden was living there. Gus wanted to now how she managed to stay there. She said she wanted to get the Santos family. He told her he was handling it. He mentioned that their dad wouldn't be proud of her and she needed to get out of the Santos house. She exits. Tony exits. Gus told Danny that he didn't think that Eden was walking out. Gus and Danny couldn't figure out why Carmen asked Eden to stay. Gus said it was getting messy. Gus said he would try to get her out of there and warned Danny to watch his back. Gus exits.

At the Jail

Ross told Reva that she didn't have to be in a good mood all the time. But she said she wasn't putting on an act. Reva said the prisoners looked at her like a murderer. Ross said he needed to get the appeal going. Ross exits.

Josh told Reva that Marah and Shayne would be there later to see her. Josh talked about the kids and what a slob Shayne was. The guard told Reva that Marah wasn't on the list because she called and cancelled. Reva mentioned to Josh that Tony told the guards that she was to be taken care of. Reva tried to convince him that Tony does have a good side. Josh said he would bring Marah with him the next time. Josh exits.

Marah enters. Reva thanked her for coming. Marah said she took Shayne's slot. She said that Shayne would have to miss a class or a game and it was now all about Reva. She told Reva that she didn't think about the family, but gave the world another Reva story. But Reva wanted to hear about Marah's day. Marah said she didn't make it to her classes after doing the work in the house and answering calls and emails regarding Reva. She said she saw the look on Shayne's face when he looked in the stands expecting to see Reva. Then it hit him that she isn't there, and Marah said she screamed and shouted for him to make him feel good. She slammed the phone down and exits.

Thursday, October 31, 2002

At Bill's house

The house had been decorated for Halloween. Remy and Ben enter. Ben was dressed as Tarzan. Bill said he was going to a fundraiser at the Beacon with Beth. Marah enters. They all make fun of her costume considering she didn't have one on. She said she had been visiting her mother and it didn't go as expected. The doorbell rang and Ben welcomed Marina. Marah told Ben that Reva was hanging in there. Michelle enters with Robbie. She was dressed as a bunny. She told Rick that Bill was a little late. Beth told him to go talk with Dr. Grant. Beth called Bill to find out where he was. He told her they didn't set a time and would swing by when the kids stop coming. She wanted him to meet her now, but he said the whole idea was to meet the neighbors. He suggested that she swing by there. But she decided to wait for him at the Beacon. He apologized for mix-up and hung up.

Bill told Michelle that he had time to take Robbie through the haunted house. Marina told Bill that she told her dad she was babysitting. When the doorbell rang, Frank was there with some trick-or-treaters so Marina quickly hid. Ben put a pumpkin on Marina's head. Frank said he saw the sign about the haunted house. He asked the pumpkin if they were coming. Marina took the pumpkin off and said she didn't care how risky it was. Michelle, Bill, and Robbie enter. Robbie was scared and crying. After Robbie took a nap, Michelle thought it best to leave. But Ben wanted her to bob for apples. When Beth walked in, she saw Michelle and Ben enjoying the fun.

Ben and Marina exit to visit the haunted graveyard. Michelle said that looking at Robbie and she wished Danny could be there to share it with them. Marina wanted to know what Ben was afraid of. He explained when he was an undergraduate some of friends talked about having a good career, but what scared him now was trying to make it on his own without his trust fund. But she said that money isn't everything and they have a lot in common. They heard something and ran behind a headstone. As they peered over the headstone, they decided to run. Edmund enters. He spoke to Richard and said that making a Living Will wasn't a princely behavior. He said it wasn't done for his benefit. When he answered his phone, he told someone that he would be at the meeting.

At the Beacon Hotel

Rick and Mel enter. Mel was nervous because Charles Grant was expected to be at the Beacon. Rick tried to convince her that Charles would understand. He suggested they have a cocktail with Beth at the bar. Beth said she was waiting on her date and she wanted to make a public appearance with her guy. She told them it was Bill Lewis. Rick said he was happy for both of them. Beth commented that everyone is focusing on the age difference. Mel said that something happened to them when she and Rick started dating. Rick wanted Beth to make sure that she thought this relationship through. He wanted to know where Bill and said he was probably trick or treating.

Cassie enters with the kids. Cassie made a phone call to Billy and left a message that she had big news. Tammy said she would take R.J. treat or treating and Cassie could get some rest. Danny enters. He wanted to know what her message was about. She said everything was fine. She told him she didn't know how the money appeared. Danny agreed that he was relieved. She told him she had been working like crazy to get Reva out of jail, and she needed one more thing. She needed his help again. She said that Dax gave her the name of a secretary that packed Richard's things and thought she remembered seeing a Living Will. She explained how Edmund dropped by the day the box arrived and that papers were missing. Danny suggested she make Edmund think that she had another copy of the Living Will.

Edmund joined Carmen and wanted to let her know that he had moved on. But she laughed when she thought he was breaking up with her. But Carmen told him she was never his in the first place and told him good riddance. Edmund exits. Danny enters. He told her he cancelled the investigation over the missing transfer. He told her to deal with it. He let her know that Cassie's debt was paid off. Carmen exits. Danny called Gus and left a message for him to hurry up with the deal.

Cassie asked Edmund if he had a minute. She told him she found out that Richard had a Living Will and that Reva was telling the truth. But she made the statement that Edmund already knew that. But Edmund didn't want to help Reva. Cassie reminded him that the machine shouldn't have been turned on. Cassie accused him of taking the document. But he insisted that he only took a document from his mother. She said he wanted that document to keep Revs in jail. He continued to say he didn't have the paper. Cassie said she would get the other copy in the St. Cristobel in the archive files. She said she would get her sister out or prison and put him in for withholding evidence. She wished him a happy Halloween. Cassie exits.

Mel asked Charles if she could speak with him. She mentioned that she treated Eden for a gunshot wound. She asked if she had a future. Rick begged Charles to give Mel her job back. Mel interrupted to let him that Dr. Grant lifted her suspension. Rick and Mel hugged.

At the Santos house

Carmen found out that someone removed the pages from the ledger. She spoke Danny's name.

Friday, November 1, 2002

Beth shows up at the Halloween party just in time to see Bill and Michelle share an innocent kiss. She runs off and has an awkward encounter with Phillip. Meanwhile, Bill and Michelle pull out of their kiss and joke around about it. Bill realizes that he is late to meet Beth and calls her up. Not betraying what she knows, Beth agrees to meet him at the house. She asks him about his night. When he doesn't tell her anything about his kiss with Michelle, she slips up that she left Phillip to be with him. Later, Rick asks Michelle if she is developing feelings for Bill, but she denies any attraction. Alan wants to spend his wedding night with Olivia, but she insists that they not get intimate until he has fully recovered from his heart attack. Dr. Kirby claims that Alan's heart is still weak and they should hold off on making love. Privately, Alan gets the doctor to admit that Alexandra is blackmailing him. Alan is furious and yells at Dr. Kirby. Lizzie overhears their conversation and confronts Alan, who is forced to admit that he faked his heart attack. Alan pleads with Lizzie to keep his secret as Phillip and Olivia approach Alan's door. Edmund travels to the island to rescue Alexandra, but she is wary of his presence. She eventually agrees to leave the following morning with him. Edmund calls Alan to let him know that his plan is working.

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