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Passions Recaps: The week of November 4, 2002 on PS
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Monday, November 4, 2002

Theresa's baby Ethan stops breathing. Eve works frantically to save his life. Theresa promises God that she will give up Ethan forever and never interfere with his relationship with Gwen again if He would only let her son live. The baby starts to breathe again on his own. Eve says that he will be fine but makes Theresa promise to bring the baby in for a complete exam the next day.

Theresa thanks Ethan for all he has done. Ethan calls Luis to tell him about his nephew. Luis wants to run to the mansion to be with his mother and sister. Beth says that she will tag along, telling Luis she wants to help. She really does not want Luis to run into Sheridan. She is about to leave with Luis when Mrs. Wallace hobbles into the Book Cafe. She is covered in toilet paper courtesy of Cracked Connie and her new beau, Cecil. They are running the streets of Harmony playing pranks on everyone they come into contact with.

They are dressed as Richard Nixon and Martha Stewart. Tabitha tries to track them down as she follows their trail of destruction.

Mrs. Wallace starts to cry once she sees her daughter and asks her to help her get cleaned up. Luis leaves without Beth. He runs into the mansion and comes face to face with Sheridan.

Father Lonigan asks Miguel and Charity if they want him to hear their confessions. Miguel confesses that he slept with Kay. The priest urges Miguel to tell Charity the truth. He explains that their marriage will not stand a chance if it is based on lies.

Cracked Connie and Cecil pay an unexpected visit to Charity. They intend to tell Charity about Kay and Miguel before Miguel can.

Ethan and Gwen pick up where they left off.

Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Cracked Connie and her sidekick Cecil tell Charity in a most colorful way that Miguel slept with her cousin Kay. Charity's heart monitor goes haywire and her blood pressure goes sky high. The pair slip out unnoticed as Eve, Father Lonigan and Miguel rush in. Charity tells Miguel what the two trick-or-treaters told her. Kay comes to the hospital room door. Miguel rushes her and takes her out into the hall. He questions Kay if she told Charity the truth. Kay tells him that she just got there and did not even get to see Charity yet. Grace and Sam see the exchange between Kay and Miguel. Grace jumps to the conclusion that Kay caused Charity's distress. Kay is hurt and angry that her mother again is not taking her side. Sam tries to calm his daughter down. Kay tells both her parents that she does not care anymore. Miguel goes back into Charity's room. She asks him if it is true. If he really slept with Kay. Eve silently warns Miguel to lie. He does not confess. He tells Charity that it is silly to worry over something that never happened. He asks Eve if he can stay the night with Charity. Eve tells him he can shower in the on call room. As Miguel takes his shower, Kay slips in. She takes off her clothes and kisses Miguel. he does not pull away.

Antonio tells Pilar that he knows he is going to die but it is alright since he is so happy with Sheridan. He asks Luis privately to take care of Sheridan when he is gone.

Luis and Sheridan are once again left alone. Sheridan confesses that her real fear in life is losing the man she loves with all her heart. She tells Luis that the special man she loves is him. Luis smiles unbelievingly.

Theresa goes to find Ethan and Gwen to congratulate them on their engagement. Theresa notices that Gwen is not wearing a ring yet. Her hopes begin to come alive. A hospital nurse sees Tabitha, Connie and Cecil and calls the mental ward.

Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Theresa and Gwen face off once again over Ethan. Gwen warns Theresa not to try anything to steal Ethan away because it won't work. Theresa just smiles and asks Gwen where her engagement ring is. Theresa tells Gwen that the only reason Ethan did not propose is because he still loves her not Gwen. Gwen laughs off Theresa's assumption but she is trying to hide the fact that she is insecure about Ethan's love for her. Ethan is in the nursery talking to the baby. Phyllis the maid is listening outside the door. She hears Ethan tell the baby that he loves Theresa and can't decide which woman to choose. Phyllis reports this to Teresa who is delighted to find out that she really does have a fighting chance to win Ethan back.

Sheridan and Luis are left alone in the living room of the Crane mansion. Antonio goes with Eve to have some private tests done so he can determine for himself the seriousness of his illness without Pilar or Sheridan knowing. Sheridan wishes Luis well with Beth and tells him that even though her heart is breaking she wants him to be happy. They both discuss the misunderstandings that they were under and manage to clear everything up. When they kiss, their passions ignite. They hastily lock the living room doors and make love.

Kay kisses Miguel in the shower. He finally pulls away, telling Kay that what they are doing is wrong. Kay begs Miguel to make love to her one more time. He tries to leave but then gives in to his passion. He goes back into the shower and begins to make love to Kay of his own free will. Then suddenly Miguel hears Charity calling him. She was searching the hospital for him after having a premonition that he was with Kay. Kay hides and Miguel slips out of the shower with Charity never finding out what almost happened between him and Kay once again.

Kay is left alone crying in the shower. Grace walks in and calls her a tramp. Grace relents and tells Kay she is sorry. Kay tells her to forget it. She makes Grace feel ashamed that she is sitting there in pain and her mother does not care.

Antonio finds that his condition is worsening and he has a very short time left. Eve consults specialists from all over the world but no one can give him any hope. He plans on making the time he has left the best that he can for himself and for his love Sheridan.

Thursday, November 7, 2002

Whitney and Chad close the doors to her bedroom and make love. A scheming Liz stops by T.C.'s bedroom and decides it's time to put her plan into action. T.C.'s impressed by her and the two grow closer much to Liz's delight. Meanwhile, cracked Connie and her equally evil creation Cecil let Eve know that Liz is out to destroy her life and take away everyone she cares about. When Grace lectures her daughter about trying to seduce Miguel, Kay resents it and the two end up in a big argument. Sam can't believe it when Grace lets him know about their daughter's outrageous actions and Grace worries what they can do to get their daughter back on track. Simone confronts Kay and issues a warning. Kay is crushed later when Miguel and Charity happily announce that they intend to tie the knot as soon as possible. Luis and Sheridan decide it's tike to tell Antonio the truth. The two then rejoice in their renewed relationship by making love. Antonio heads to the mansion to update Sheridan on his latest condition, unaware that his brother is making love to Sheridan. Antonio's condition becomes worse. Beth faces off with her mother again.

Friday, November 8, 2002

Grace tries to reason with Kay. She tells her daughter that it is no use going after Miguel because he loves Charity and always will. Kay informs her mother that she too loves Miguel and will stop at nothing to get him. She leaves Grace alone and shaken. Sam finds his wife upset. Grace has no choice but to tell Sam what her daughter is up to. Sam cannot believe that his daughter would try to seduce Miguel in the shower. He goes to have a talk with Kay. Kay tells her father to leave her alone. She says that Grace does not love her and called her a tramp. Kay laughs that it is funny Grace goes around calling her a tramp when it is Grace who is lusting after another man. Kay calls her mother a tramp and a liar. Sam puts a stop to Kay's ranting by informing his daughter that her parent's marriage is their business not Kay's. Kay ignores her father and says she will not be home tonight. She plans on staying at the Russells. Kay then tells her mother not to worry, if the Russells won't have she will just shack up with the first guy who comes along since she is such a tramp. Kay leaves her parents stunned.

Miguel and Charity drop a bomb on the family. They are getting marrried at Christmas time. Charity even asks Kay to be her maid of honor. Kay tries to choke back the tears as everyone congratulates the couple. Kay eyes Miguel, knowing he has not yet told Charity the truth.

Liz plans on making a move on TC. She feels that Eve does not deserve such a good man like TC. She plans on trying to take him away from Eve. Cracked Connie and Cecil decide to have some fun with this. They inform Eve that they know all about Liz and Eve's sordid past. Cecil calls Eve a common street slut and they both warn her that she is going to lose everyone she loves. They tell her Liz is going to destroy her life.

Mrs. Wallace sticks it to her daughter. She tells Beth that if Antonio finds out the truth, she will never get Luis and die an old maid. Mrs. Wallace also says she would like to tell Eve and Luis why she has a walker and why she has made so many trips to the ER over the years. Mrs. Wallace admits Beth abuses her. Luis and Sheridan make love again in front of the fire. They vow never to be apart again. They plan on telling Antonio with the support of their family, friends and Eve. Luis and Sheridan don't realize that Antonio's condition is getting steadily worse. He almost collapses as he goes to leave the Book Cafe. Beth and Eve intercept him. He takes a pill and assures the worried pair that he is alright. Antonio rushes back to the cottage to find Sheridan. When he realizes that she is not there, he goes to the mansion. On the way, he has another "spell" and falls to the ground. He recovers from the pain determined to find his love and be with her.

Chad come to Whitney's room. He has a romantic evening planned for the two of them. They make love by candle light. Simone goes to check on Whitney, unaware she is in bed with Chad.

Sheridan and Luis dance a tango. Antonio comes up to the mansion and hears the music playing. He finds Luis and Sheridan dancing and asks what is going on.

Eve tries to talk herself out of believing the two "kids" who warned her about Liz and TC. Eve listens outside her bedroom door to hear her husband laughing with Liz who is plying him with Jamaican rum.

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