One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 11, 2002 on OLTL

Both Natalie and Al interrupted the wedding, but the ceremony continued until Jen doubled over in pain and was taken to the hospital. Cassie returned to Llanview to tell Viki what she could remember about Mitch. Starr's nanny, Suzanne, was killed by the mob, and Blair appeared to have a mental breakdown. 'Michael' and Natalie left Llanview and got on a plane. Jen had a miscarriage. Lindsay sent a letter to Nora, telling her all about Joanna.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 11, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, November 11, 2002

Todd warns Blair he's going to take Starr and Jack away from her. Viki shows Bo the list of cult members she unearthed in Dr. Balsam's archives. Natalie's entrance brings Jen's nuptials to a crashing halt. Bo reveals how he's asked Cassie to return to Llanview in hopes that she can shed some new light on Mitch's plan for Viki's newborn twins. Afterwards, Viki confides to Bo how much she misses Ben on this, their anniversary. Natalie flees from the wedding with Cristian close behind. Armed with the truth about Jen's unborn child, Al rushes to the country club to stop the wedding. Meanwhile, Jen advises Natalie to give up on a man who doesn't love her. Todd overhears a death threat directed at Blair in the wake of the Sun's expose on a local crime syndicate. After wishing the bride and groom all the best, Natalie departs and the ceremony finally continues. Later, a weeping Natalie turns to "Michael" for comfort. A shadowy figure follows Blair as she heads out to the site of Starr's upcoming party. Todd gives his sister an old pamphlet Peter kept from his days in the cult.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Jessica hesitantly admits to Seth how she told Al about Jen's nuptials. Natalie yanks away from "Michael" and angrily informs him that all his talk about God and fate is nothing but a crock. The gunman realizes too late that he's shot the wrong woman as Blair suddenly emerges from the trees. Al bursts into the country club and shouts for the wedding to stop. Cassie icily warns Todd that he will never gain custody of Starr and Jack. Horrified to see Suzanne lying dead on the ground, Blair flees from the scene before the assassin can fire again. Pleased to find Seth and Jessica arguing again, Seth slyly adds fuel to the fire. With the wedding once again on hold, Antonio advises his brother to use this latest interruption to contemplate what he really wants. Confronted with the entry from Marcie's diary, Jen is forced to confess the truth to Al. "Michael" promises Natalie she will soon have everything she's ever wanted. Cassie relates for Viki and Bo how obsessed Mitch became at the end of his reign of terror with getting revenge on his nemesis. Cornered, Jen threatens to have an abortion if Al dares to expose her. Trying to forget Cris, Natalie plants a lingering kiss on "Michael." A weeping Blair tells the police how the shooter shouted something about a message from O'Brien.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Todd and Cassie get word that Blair is badly shaken up after witnessing a cold-blooded murder. Meanwhile, at the police station, the officer in charge tries to make Blair understand that her own life could be in mortal peril. R.J. tells Liz he's made peace with the fact that their daughter is moving in with her. Following their kiss, "Michael" reminds Natalie that there are better ways to ease her pain than the pleasures of the flesh. Worried about Natalie, Viki heads to the country club. After successfully deterring Al from spilling the beans, Jen resumes the recitation of her wedding vows. Liz admits to R.J. that things would have been different between them if he hadn't gone to prison years ago. "Michael" advises Natalie to cast Cristian from her heart, then watches approvingly as she discards the St. Christopher medal. Cassie and Todd arrive at the precinct house just as a horrified Blair screams to spot the killer's photo in a mug book. Michael convinces Natalie to go away with him. R.J. is puzzled to sense some new tension between his brother and Liz. Al's sudden interest in babies takes Jessica by surprise. Jen collapses in pain before she can complete her vows.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

Aboard the plane, "Michael" instructs Natalie to place herself completely in God's hands as they embark on a wondrous journey. At Llanfair, Al tells a surprised Jessica he hopes Jen get exactly what she deserves because she's no longer the girl he fell in live with long ago. Meanwhile, in the ER, a frightened Jen begs the doctors to save her baby. Natalie describes for "Michael" the emotional and physical abuse she suffered at Roxy's hands during her unhappy childhood. Al comes to the hospital after injuring his hand and is stunned when Carlotta bitterly informs him that Jen has suffered a miscarriage. Roxy intrudes upon Gabrielle's romantic evening with Bo and warns the police commissioner's new main squeeze that she could lose it all if she doesn't nab a wedding ring in the bargain. Shaken by her daughter's loss, Lindsay renews her vow to take revenge on two old enemies. Unaware of "Michael's" true identity, Natalie tells her companion how Mitch's sick and twisted plan nearly destroyed her entire family. Back in Llanview, Jessica has an eerie feeling that her twin is in danger.

Friday, November 15, 2002

A worried Sam, Chad and Cassie stay close to Blair, who seems completely out of touch with reality. Lindsay accuses Troy of setting in motion the events which led to her daughter's miscarriage. Gloating about getting her revenge, Lindsay informs Troy she's already sent Nora all the gory details about Joanna. Asa works to befriend an inebriated Roxy as part of his scheme to rid himself of an unwanted spouse. Blair's psychiatrist cautions an appalled Cassie and Sam that his patient has little chance of recovery. Troy hurries to Nora's house, then has to think fast when Matthew catches him swiping Lindsay's letter. Asa assures an angry Jessica that he can't stomach Roxy and is only setting her up to take a fall. Todd announces to an enraged Sam how he intends to take full custody of his children now that Blair is little more than a vegetable. Lindsay trumps Troy's play by having a second letter hand delivered to Nora at the Palace. Asa prods a dismayed Max to make his move on Rae.

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