One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 18, 2002 on OLTL

R.J. was suspicious of Antonio and Liz. Blair managed to elude criminals after staging a nervous breakdown. Cristian had no intentions of marrying Jen after her miscarriage. Natalie announced her marriage to Michael, who revealed himself to be Mitch Laurence. .
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 18, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, November 18, 2002

Cassie tries to get through to Blair, without results. In the meantime, Sam asks Hank to issue an arrest warrant for Todd as he has breached the restraining order. Todd trumps Sam's legal maneuvering by producing a stay of the restraining order, giving Todd custody of Starr and Jack.

Jen tells Cristian that she wants to get married right away, but Cristian tap dances around the subject. Cristian later tells Carlotta that he has no intention of marrying Jen now that there isn't a baby involved. Cristian plans on breaking the news to Jen once she's feeling better.

As they return to Llanfair, Natalie thanks "Michael" for helping her get through the night. "Michael" tells Natalie that they carried out God's will. Viki happily welcomes Natalie home, who explains that her friend helped her deal with her heartache over Cristian. Natalie is touched by Viki's concern for her. Cristian arrives at Llanfair looking for Natalie but finds "Michael" instead. "Michael" congratulates Cristian on his marriage to Jen and taunts Cristian with how close he and Natalie have become. Meanwhile, Natalie shocks Viki when she announces that she got married!

Lindsay thinks it would be best for Jen to move on with her life. But Jen has learned nothing from her mother's mistakes and states that she has no intention of letting Cristian go without paying for hurting her. Troy nearly attacks Lindsay, but Emily's arrival ends their fight. After Lindsay leaves, Nora arrives with Lindsay's letter. Troy is relieved when he realizes Lindsay was toying with him and that the letter Nora read was a bogus offer to fund the clinic made by a man who was responsible for his wife's death but escaped punishment. Once alone, Troy begins to tell Emily the truth about Joanna.

Blair's mental state deteriorates. Cassie makes arrangements for Blair to go to a clinic in Europe for treatment. Sam has no choice but to allow Todd to take Starr and Jack to live in the penthouse. Nora is at the Palace comforting Sam about Jen's miscarriage when Todd happens by. After Todd gloats about "how Blair has gone nuts", Sam slugs Todd.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

A huge melee at The Palace breaks out between Sam and Todd after Todd hurls distasteful insults about Blair across the bar. Nora is shocked to learn that Blair has "lost her marbles," and her kids. Two waiters hold Sam back as the men keep arguing in a very public display. Todd blames Sam for not objecting to Blair's investigative reporting on organized crime and not protecting her. Todd maintains that if Blair were with him, "none of this would ever have happened." As Todd leaves, Nora chastises Sam, reminding him that he still has a daughter in the hospital. Sam loudly expresses blatant disregard for the court's decision to give Blair's kids to their father. Nora tries to calm him down. But Sam leaves in a huff.

Todd arrives at The Penthouse with his children. Starr is whining and protesting her mother's absence. As the nanny takes Jack upstairs, Todd sits his daughter down on the couch to explain their new digs. He cautions his daughter to listen "very carefully, because it's hard for anybody to understand."

At his loft, Troy and Emily discuss his marriage to Joanna at length. They both describe the union as intense: so intense that it created an atmosphere of antagonism and spurred terrible jealousy in Troy. The couple had thrashed against each other for control of the relationship for some time. "Jealousy was Colin's thing," Troy says. He angrily and tearfully regrets being Colin's twin and blames Colin indirectly for her death. Their brotherly relationship had been strained for years, but when they were young children, they'd switch identities "for kicks." He recalls the day the tribal chief gave him the amulet, a sign of acceptance. At that point, Joanna wanted to leave Africa. But Troy was sure her love for him would keep her there. In response to Troy's refusal to leave, Joanna had become an incessant flirt with other men. The couple was fighting all the time. It was then that Troy received a letter from Colin asking to visit them in Africa. Joanna was opposed to the visit. But unbeknownst to her, Colin changed his mind and did not visit. At the pinnacle of their tempestuous power struggle, Troy walked in on Joanna with a man in their bedroom. But he was sure she had not cheated--it was simply a stunt to taunt him. So Troy set out one night to impersonate Colin in retort. He got into bed with his wife, not wearing his signature amulet, and told her after making love that he was Colin. Joanna ran from the bedroom overcome with guilt. Troy tried to catch up with her, but she had raced off the cliffs near their home and died.

Emily offers her brother understanding and still maintains Joanna's death was an accident. But Troy can't help holding himself responsible. He clarifies that Joanna didn't drown; the cliffs were high and she died from the fall. He confesses that his desire to do good with Colin's considerable estate was also an effort towards his own redemption. He is amazed that he has grown to love Nora equally without the game playing of his marriage. Nora appears at the door. Emily covers for the remnants of their conversation and discreetly leaves.

Troy tells Nora that he has received a wonderful job offer in Boston and bulldozes her with the automatic presumption that they'll move there. Nora calls a halt because of her son. She suggests maybe they could have a long-distance relationship, but Troy subsequently buries the idea. Nora is happy that he cares so much that he couldn't leave her and her son. Nora then warns Troy that Sam will be needing her attention over the next couple of weeks because of two big and sudden crises in his life: Jen's miscarriage and Blair's psychiatric breakdown. But Nora clarifies that her support of Sam will be "as a friend." They have fallen into bed and, while basking in the afterglow, Nora points out that Troy's consideration of the Boston job reveals that he must feel that he no longer has to "make up for [his] brother's sins anymore."

In the sunroom at Llanfair, Natalie tells Viki she got married. Viki, in shock, keeps asking who she married. Viki is alarmed to discover that her daughter could marry Michael, someone she'd only just met. They both concur that she got married "on the rebound." Natalie admits that she is still hurting about Cristian, but since she can't have him, she's moving on with Michael. Viki persists, "Do you love him like you love Cristian?" Natalie admits she does not. They continue to argue about it. Viki is completely opposed to the marriage. She damns Mitch Laurence for distracting her from her daughter's needs and holds a photo of him. Natalie asks to see it. But they dismiss the photo to continue arguing about Natalie's sudden marriage. Viki asks if she has a prenuptial agreement. Natalie finally says that Michael is in the house and it's time for Viki to meet him so her fears will be abated. Natalie conveys Michael's request to meet Viki one-on-one first. He's waiting in the library. Viki goes to meet him there alone.

Meanwhile, Michael is arguing with Cristian. He tells Cristian he is meeting Natalie's mother in a few minutes and he is "about to change her life." He and Natalie are married. Cristian doesn't believe him. He questions his motives for marriage to her, including the fact that he may be interested in Natalie's money. Mitch keeps pointing out that Cristian, as a married soon-to-be father, has no right to object. Cristian doesn't correct him. Michael threatens with a preacher's zeal, "You will not be with Natalie, ever!" He quotes scripture to Cristian, who in turn threatens to get Michael out of Natalie's life. Cristian leaves the library to find Natalie.

Natalie is leaving Llanfair to get rid of Cristian's medal, again. Cristian is on her heels calling her name. He catches up to her at the quarry and asks her if she really married Michael.

Viki enters the library repeatedly calling out, "Mr. Lazarus?" Michael walks through the terrace doors. The daylight behind him blurs Viki's vision. She squints in disbelief. Michael greets her. "Hello, Viki. Long time no see." In horror, Viki whispers, "Mitch." He stares at her, smiling and nodding.

At the end of their conversation, Starr tells Todd she understands and goes to check on Jack. Todd answers the door to a disgruntled Sam. Sam storms in and demands, "Where is she?" Blair walks down the stairs nicely clothed in full make-up and says with a smile, "I'm here. And I'm fine, thank you."

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Todd looks on as Sam and Blair reconcile, happy that they've foiled the mobsters and have made them think she's been shipped off to Switzerland and a mental ward. They replay the chain of events; how Police Sgt. Wagner convinced Blair to pretend to be crazy and how she quickly went into action when Todd and Cassie first arrived at the police station. They believed her act but when Sam burst in to see her, he learned the truth. They were obligated to tell Todd and Cassie flew to Switzerland with a look-alike decoy, only learning the truth later. Blair is upset about Suzanne but Todd snidely remarks that he gave the family lots of money. He blames Sam for allowing Blair to publish the article. It's a terrible situation but Sam assures Blair that he couldn't think of anywhere else for her to go. Everyone knows she and Todd hate each other and would never look for her at the penthouse. Todd goes upstairs to get Starr and she's ecstatic to see her mother. She knows it's a secret and one she'll keep since her parents are together again. Blair corrects the little girl-they're not a couple. A concerned Sam wants to check on Jen so Blair asks Todd for some privacy. He will find a way to see Blair, he says. They will miss each other, they agree as they kiss. Todd looks on from the next room.

Jen attempts to reach Cris on the telephone, telling him how much she loves and needs him, as Al arrives to see how she is doing. She is not happy to see him but he tells her how worried he's been, feeling empty inside. She wants to know why, as Cris was going to be the father, not him. In fact, he's probably happy about this, she sneers. Marcie arrives, still wearing her bridesmaid dress and offers to call security. She's been at the hospital all night and was actually hoping for another ceremony. When Dr. Conklin shows up to check her patient, the visitors leave but not before Jen suggests that Marcie change her clothes. The doctor explains a miscarriage and assures Jen that it's not her fault. It also could not have come from stress. She agrees not to disclose any information to anyone and also to have Al return. When he does, Jen accuses him of causing her to miscarry. He's confused but Jen convinces him that it happened from storming into her wedding. He's taken everything from her and because of him, she has nothing. Al is apologetic and wishes he could take everything back. He wishes there was a way that he could make it all up to her, he grovels. Jen thinks there could be.

Playing hooky from their jobs, Gabrielle and Bo snuggle up on the sofa. Unfortunately, a frantic Jess and Seth who have been trying to locate Natalie interrupt them. Jess is sure she's not been home because Viki would have notified her immediately. She disappeared after hearing about the plans of Jen and Cris, and even going to the wedding. Bo and Gabby are reassuring while Bo states that he's unable to file a missing persons report since it hasn't even been 24 hours. He offers to call the police station though and have everyone ask around. Gabby feels guilty and decides she'd better go to work for a little while. Bo hands Jess a gift that he's received from Clint to give her and Jess relates how hard it was for her father when she first learned she wasn't his daughter. She's happy now that her parents are really hers. She gushes on about her family. Bo mentions that Clint is over-protective because he loves her. The gift is a framed portrait of a baby Jess with Clint and he's written a touching sentiment on it.

At the quarry, Cris is able to find Natalie who confirms that she's married Michael. He gulps and asks her about the wedding night but she eases his mind when she admits that they didn't exactly have one, returning to Llanview quickly to give everyone the news. She needs Michael right now and she's resigned to not having Cris, she tells him. He tries repeatedly to tell her about his own un-wedding day and finally manages to tell Nat his own news, that he and Jen were never married and that Jen has had a miscarriage. He admits that the baby was the only thing that kept him going but when the time is right he plans to tell Jen that he won't marry her because he's in love with Nat. He's never stopped loving her and wants to know if it's too late.

A stunned and disbelieving Viki runs into someone looking like Mitch Laurence as she prepares to meet her new son-in-law. He admits to being Mitch much to her dismay. No, Dorian didn't kill him but only fell into his plans to allow him to disappear, he says smugly. This, even though they saw his body. The police were on his payroll. He's returned now that the statute of limitations has run out for all of his crimes but he's clean presently. She'll have him picked up for trespassing, she warns him. He doesn't think she'll do that, since he's Nat's new husband, he taunts. Viki is floored as he goes on about how women have never been able to resist him, including Tina and Cassie. He agrees that she may have partially turned them against him but he doubts she'll tell Natalie his real identity. He'll stay hidden from others as well since he has no plans for Nat to learn anything yet. Viki is adamant that Nat will leave him quickly once she learns the truth and then he'll be able to return to hell. He can't stop her or hurt her family anymore, she asserts. He threatens to destroy Jess if she opens her mouth. A skeptical Viki wonders what he means. It has everything to do with Jess, he mocks and it's great, especially since Viki doesn't have a clue. He will tell Jess the truth. He is Jess' father!!

Thursday, November 21, 2002

Viki is incredulous over Mitch's claim that he is Jessica's father. Mitch convinces a horrified Viki that he is telling the truth as Viki starts to remember the night Jessica was conceived. Viki is sickened to realize she made love with Mitch. Mitch admits that Natalie is Clint's daughter and that he only fathered Jessica.

Jen tells Al that the only way she will forgive him for causing her miscarriage is for him to promise never to tell anyone that she was carrying his baby. Jen is determined to get Cristian to marry her.

Natalie admits to Cristian that she still loves him and they kiss. Natalie doesn't want to hurt Michael but realizes she must end her marriage. Natalie and Cristian are involved in a car accident as they head back home.

Antonio helps Keri move in with Liz. Keri is taken aback by Liz's adamant refusal to move to Llanview permanently.

Asa and Max continue their plan to rid themselves of Rae and Roxy. Roxy prepares to go to Asa's lodge for an evening of gambling. Al denies to Max that he was the father of Jen's baby.

Friday, November 22, 2002

Liz tells Keri that she doesn't want to buy the house. Keri tells her that she knows it's Steve's and Liz's baby and that she won't come between them. She also tells Liz that she talks to the baby and tells him about Steve and how much his mother loves him. Keri tries to convince Liz to move to Llanview for good.

Viki asks Mitch why he would do something so horrible to drug her and father a child with her. Jessica walks in and Mitch says "Jessica". Jessica asks if she knows him. Viki tells Jessica to go away and Mitch apologizes to Jessica for staring at her. He says that he just hasn't seen her in such a long time. Jessica again asks if they have met before. Mitch tells her that he saw her last when she was a little baby. Jessica smiles and Viki makes her leave.

Viki tells Mitch that he drugged and raped her, not created a child with her. Mitch keeps taunting Viki about what Niki knew and didn't want to say. Viki clearly responds and says she doesn't remember what happened nor does she want to know. Mitch helps Viki go back in time and now Viki remembers Mitch being in the hospital room when the second baby was born. Viki calls Mitch a monster. Mitch says he doesn't blame Viki for not remembering because he wouldn't want to remember either if he did what Viki did. Viki questions him about what she did. Mitch tells her that she let him take away her second baby and did not stop him.

Hank asks Antonio why he is helping Liz and tells him that he has done enough already. Antonio is confused, but tells him that Liz asked him to help. Hank begins to lecture Antonio about responsibility and how he acts before he thinks. R.J. walks in and wonders what Antonio did that was so wrong.

At the hospital, Nora gives Troy a Scrabble game and kisses him while Lindsay looks on. Troy goes to help a patient and Lindsay walks up to Nora, blaming her for Jen's miscarriage. Nora can't believe that Lindsay still blames her problems on her and walks away. Lindsay rearranges the letters on the game to spell out "wife-killer" for Troy. Troy tells Lindsay that she is in control of his life and he will just wait for her to tell Nora. Troy also tells Lindsay that although she can ruin his relationship, she can't ruin his love for Nora.

Cristian is very happy that Natalie is okay after their car accident. They both agree that they love each other and that nothing is going to keep them apart. Natalie tries to call home, but her cell phone doesn't work. Cristian and Natalie both say that they have to break up with their partners. Natalie thinks that maybe fate caused them to crash without getting hurt, and Natalie asks Cristian if he believes in fate. Cris says now he does believe in fate. They start kissing and can't wait to be "really" together.

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