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Passions Recaps: The week of November 25, 2002 on PS
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Monday, November 25, 2002

Antonio gives Sheridan a chance to walk away from their relationship. He tells her he thinks it is for the best because he does not want to see her hurt any more. He does not want her around when the end comes.

Antonio tells Sheridan to take some time to think his offer through.

Sheridan goes outside to think and Luis comes up to her, excited. He is so happy that Antonio let Sheridan go. He says all she has to do is walk away. She can tell him without any guilt that she can be his friend but not his fiancée anymore. Sheridan turns on Luis. She asks him how he can be so cruel. She says she can't just walk away from a dying man. Luis can't understand Sheridan's reluctance.

Sam and Grace have it out over their past "loves." Grace tells Sam that she is sick of his double standard. She is livid that Sam can have a relationship with Ivy over Ethan but she isn't allowed to have a relationship with David over John. Grace goes to walk away. Sam says she has to stay to discuss this. Grace tells Sam all they ever do is talk about "it." She tells him she is done talking. Grace leaves with David. Ivy, knowing what is going on, shows up to comfort Sam.

Eve tries to apologize to Liz for the past. Liz slaps Eve face and tells her it is too late. She accuses Eve of condemning her to a life of living hell.

Ethan proposes to Gwen and breaks Theresa's heart. He tells Gwen that he loves her and wants to be with both her and the baby. Rebecca listens outside the door. She gets furious with her daughter when Gwen turns Ethan down. She rushes in and tries to make excuses for Gwen's answer, hoping he will not change his mind.

Rebecca then goes to work on Gwen. Gwen says she can't accept Ethan's proposal when she knows how hopelessly in love he is with Theresa. Rebecca keeps working on Gwen telling her that she needs to think of herself and the baby. Gwen tells her mother that she won't accept Ethan's proposal just to spite Theresa.

Theresa in the mean time keeps working on Ethan trying to get him to change his mind. She keeps reminding him of how much in love they are. She tells him that Gwen and the baby will want for nothing.

Ethan only replies that the child will want its father.

Ethan explains to both Gwen and Theresa that he talked all of this over with Sam. He tells the pair that Sam would have married Ivy if he knew she was pregnant. Gwen asks if that it the only reason Ethan wants to marry her. Ethan swears he loves her or she would not be standing there pregnant. Theresa begs Ethan to remember his horrible vision of a wasted love. He says he remembers but must do the right thing. He asks Gwen to be his wife again.

Grace, John and David do some bonding. Ivy works on Sam and reminds him that they are going to be grandparents together.

Mrs. Wallace keeps taunting Beth until she sees an evil glint in her daughter's eye. Beth swears she won't let Sheridan have Luis no matter what she has to do. She vows that she will make a deal with the devil if she has to. Mrs. Wallace gets chilled to the bone just looking into Beth's eyes.

Gwen accepts Ethan's proposal. Theresa is heartbroken.

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

At the recording studio, Chad and Whitney spend a romantic evening together and dream of when their love can be out in the open. Meanwhile, Kay and Simone plot to keep the couple apart. However, Simone is reluctant to sabotage her sister's tennis career. When TC calls home to check on his daughters, Kay pushes Simone to get Whitney in trouble by revealing she's still out. Simone is torn.

Eve tries to make peace with Liz. Liz lets her know nothing will repair the damage she's caused.

Beth informs her mother she has a plan to make sure she gets Luis no matter what happens. Sheridan's decision shocks everyone, but leaves Antonio overjoyed.

Gwen and Ethan celebrate their engagement. Theresa begs and pleads with Ethan to get him to change his mind. Ethan tries to comfort a devastated Theresa, but stands by his decision.

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Luis can't believe that Sheridan chose his brother over him. He is angry and heartbroken as he accompanies Antonio and Sheridan back to the cottage. Antonio thanks Luis for everything. He says he is dead tired and all he wants is to get into bed and have Sheridan in his arms. Sheridan throws Luis a guilty look as she follows Antonio in the bedroom and closes the door. Luis plops down on the sofa. He pounds his fist on the coffee table and swears, "Damn!"

Theresa sees her whole world crash down around her when she realizes that she can't change Ethan's mind about marrying Gwen. Theresa says she is going to get even, starting with Rebecca and Ivy.

Rebecca, Ivy and Julian are having small celebration in the library. The are celebrating the upcoming marriage of Ethan and Gwen. They also are all relieved that Theresa signed the divorce papers leaving her penniless. Theresa walks in on the celebration. She snatches up the only copy of the agreement she signed and eats it. Theresa smugly reminds Rebecca and Ivy they wanted her to "eat her own words," so now she has. The two women look to Julian praying that he has another copy filed or stashed somewhere. He stutters that he does not. Theresa says that since there is no other copy, no one can prove she signed anything. Theresa then slaps Rebecca across the face and then takes her best shot at Julian. She calls them all pigs. Then with as much dignity as she can muster, leaves the trio angry and speechless.

Eve has nightmares of what Liz's announcement of her past may do. She wakes from a fitful sleep to find Liz smiling down at her.

Simone realizes that Chad spent hours in Whitney's room making love. She finally gives in to Kay's idea of drugging Whitney so she will lose the tennis match.

Pilar begs Theresa not to waste anymore tears on Ethan and Gwen. Theresa says she has no more tears left. All she can think of now is revenge.

Thursday, November 28, 2002

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Passions did not air today. Programming will resume tomorrow where Wednesday's show concluded.

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Friday, November 29, 2002

Whitney arrives for her important tennis match tired from staying out late with Chad and from the drug that Simone slipped her. TC can tell that she looks tired but Whitney assures her father that she is fine. Liz shows up for the match to sit near Eve and menace her.

Kay is annoyed when Reese shows up for the match. She doesn't want to be forced to spend any time with him. Much to Kay's surprise, she sees lipstick on Reese's collar. Jessica looks guilty as she tries not to look Kay in the eye.

Pilar gets a phone call from her old friend Maria Celeste Arraras who is now a reporter. She wants to do an expose' on the Cranes. Pilar arranges for her old friend to come to Theresa's Thanksgiving celebration at the mansion.

Ivy, Rebecca and Julian plot to try to get rid of Theresa and her claim to the Crane fortune. Rebecca has a plan. She suspects something that could blow Theresa out of the water. She tells the others to be patient. Julian is appalled to see how the mansion looks for Thanksgiving. Theresa gave the place a Spanish theme for the holiday. Ivy and Rebecca are equally angry. They try to vent their anger on Theresa. She does her best to ignore them. Julian has other interests on his mind. Pilar's reporter friend catches his eye. He puts the moves on her. She plays along hoping for a scoop.

Pilar goes to the cottage to try to console Luis who spent the night on the couch. He just peeked into the bedroom and saw Sheridan in Antonio's arms. Luis tells his mother that it is all over now. He says that he and Sheridan can never be together.

Gwen tells Ethan that she can't wait to move. Ethan reminds his fiancée that he is in the mansion to protect his mother's interests and isn't willing right now to move. Gwen and Ethan drop a bombshell on Theresa. They are getting married in a few days. Theresa says under her breath that there is just not enough time.

Kay puts the idea in TC's head the Whitney has a secret boyfriend and that may be why she played so lousy today. Whitney denies it and watches her plan to be with Chad go up in smoke. TC goes off telling Whitney she can't have any thoughts of boyfriends. Liz manages to calm him down. She flirts with TC getting him to promise to help her with her with her tennis game.

Sheridan goes from Antonio's bed to Luis. She sneaks up behind him and puts her arms around him. She declares that he is the only one she truly loves. As they kiss, Antonio walks in the room and says, "Betrayed by my own brother."

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