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Monday, NOVEMBER 25TH, 2002

At Jack's Place, Tess cries that Livvie burned her baby. And, as Jack demands answers, Livvie admits that - she DID throw Tess's doll into the fireplace.

At the Hospital, as Alison told Rafe about her renewed relationship with her mother, Rafe becomes suddenly angry when Alison told Rafe how kind and considerate Stephen was during their plane crash ordeal. But Alison insists that she KNOWS that Stephen is NOT Caleb. When Rafe persists in reminding Alison that Caleb's Talisman - Michael - was ALSO kind and considerate - but he was ALWAYS Caleb underneath the friendly persona - Rafe emphatically declares that he does NOT want Alison anywhere near Stephen Clay.

Meanwhile, in Elizabeth's hotel room, Caleb sinks his fangs into Alison's mother. When Elizabeth passes out, Caleb deposits her on the bed and then puts in an emergency call to Joshua, announcing that there has been a sudden change of plans.

Back at Jack's Place, Livvie explains to Tess that Livvie burned her doll because Livvie was afraid of Tess and was afraid Tess would hurt Livvie -and that Livvie wanted to hurt Tess BEFORE Tess could hurt Livvie. Livvie told Tess that, IF Tess had known Livvie BEFORE Caleb destroyed Livvie's life, Tess would probably have liked Livvie. But, when Jack informs Livvie that he is NOT going to let her get away with pinning her bad behavior on to some dead vampire, Livvie reminds Jack that Caleb IS back. Livvie is shocked when Jack declares that they can NOT be sure that Stephen Clay IS Caleb. But, as Jack demands the WHOLE truth from Livvie, Tess surprises both Jack AND Livvie when Tess declares: "She saved me. Livvie saved me!'

Back at the Hospital, Rafe apologizes to Alison for reacting so strongly to Alison's defense of Stephen. But Alison reminds Rafe that he HAS done an extensive background check on Stephen and everything checked out. As Rafe contends that it is STILL possible for Caleb to have 'created' Stephen's past, Alison reaffirms HER belief that Stephen is just an ordinary nice guy who is hiding behind his rock and roll image!

RAFE: "Just because he is being nice, does NOT mean he is NOT a blood-sucking killer!'

ALISON: 'Rafe - what are you doing? It is almost like you WANT Stephen to be Caleb! That IS it, isn't it? You really WANT this fight, whether it is real or not!'

At the same time, Joshua arrives at Elizabeth's Hotel room, carrying a black bag under his arm and is angry to see Elizabeth's state.

JOSHUA: "What the hell happened here?'

CALEB: "She wanted to leave me. I could NOT allow that!'

JOSHUA: "Did you HAVE to turn her?'

CALEB: "Instinct --'

JOSHUA: "I thought we had a plan!'

CALEB: 'Everything is still under control.'

JOSHUA: "Right! Only - NOW - we have a new recruit. And they always need SO much attention!'

CALEB: "Elizabeth will NEVER know what she has become. And - thanks to our little concoction here, no one will EVER sense what she is!'

Caleb opens Joshua's black bag and brought out a blue bottle and drinks from it.

JOSHUA: "Aren't you putting a little too much faith in this wonder juice?'

CALEB: "It has worked like a charm so far.'

JOSHUA: "So far!'

CALEB: "This has helped me. And it will help Elizabeth too!'

JOSHUA: "Any more new recruits I should know about?'

CALEB: 'You are disappointed in me!'

JOSHUA: "It is a little more complex than that, Stephen!'

CALEB: 'I SAID I get your point! You just don't understand. I NEEDED a companion!'

JOSHUA: "A companion who happens to be the future mother-in-law of a Vampire Slayer? I'd call that risky!'

CALEB: "Maybe. Right now, Alison thinks I am a rock star with a heart of gold. And, as long as Rafe is babbling on and on about Caleb The Vampire - well, the crazier and crazier he sounds!'

JOSHUA: "Why can't you deal with your enemies in the old fashioned way? Kill them?!'

Meanwhile, back at Jack's Place, Livvie fibs to Jack that Livvie came across Tess while Livvie was walking On the Docks and, at first, Livvie DID consider just leaving Tess wandering all alone down by the Docks, dazed and confused - but, then, Livvie decided that Tess NEEDED her - so Livvie bundled Tess up in her coat and brought Tess home with her. Livvie insists to Jack that, for once, Livvie DID do the right thing. When Jack asks Tess if Livvie DID save her, Tess affirms that Livvie DID save her. When Jack leaves to get Tess a sandwich, Livvie asks Tess WHY Tess kept mum about Livvie locking Tess in the trunk and Tess replies: "Because I think you ARE sorry. And I do NOT want to hurt you!'

Tess admits that she CAN feel all the hurt Livvie has felt about Caleb. Livvie shows Tess a newspaper photo of Stephen and told Tess: "THIS is Caleb!'

TESS: "No. No. That is Stephen! He gave me my baby, so I wouldn't be lonely.'

LIVVIE: "But I thought you said you just met him!'

TESS: "My baby!'

LIVVIE: "Oh, my God! Tess! When this Stephen talks to you, does it feel like you could follow him anywhere?'

As Tess nods, Jack returns with food for Tess. As Jack walks Livvie to the door, Livvie asks Jack how long Tess has had that doll and Jack replies that he believes that Tess has had the doll 'pretty much forever!'

Outside, Livvie asks herself: "How could Stephen have given Tess a doll that she has had forever if they just met?'

Meanwhile, back at the Hospital, Rafe asks Alison: "Why would you think I WANT Stephen to be Caleb?'

ALISON: "Because - you feel so ALIVE when you are hunting evil! And it IS what you were born to do!'

RAFE: "No! I was BORN to love you! This whole crushing evil thing is just a job.'

ALISON: 'Well, it IS starting to consume you!'

Alison reminds Rafe that SHE believes that they BOTH wanted the whole 'normal life' together and Rafe assures Alison that HE wants that too. Alison asks: "Then - WHY are you trying to stir up trouble? WHY can't you just enjoy life and stop fighting battles that are NOT even there?'

RAFE: "Is that what you think I am doing?'

ALISON: "A little.'

Alison implores Rafe to just focus on them and their upcoming wedding. And Alison reminds Rafe that all Alison wants to do is find her missing sister, so Alison will have a family member to stand up with her when she marries Rafe. Rafe assures Alison that she IS going to have it ALL! Alison finally asks Rafe if he could JUST keep an open mind where Stephen is concerned.

Meanwhile, in Elizabeth's hotel room, Joshua asks Caleb: "WHY is it so important to you to win these people over?'

CALEB: "Because I am tired of living in the shadows all the time. I WANT to live in THEIR world. And I WANT to be loved!'

JOSHUA: "Beginning with Olivia?'

CALEB: "Beginning with her!'

JOSHUA: 'She HAS betrayed you before. I am afraid she will betray you again!'

CALEB: "I'll NEVER let a woman get to me like that again!'

JOSHUA: "It's too risky! Let me get rid of Olivia for you!'

CALEB: "You do NOT touch her! She is MINE!'

Caleb then orders Joshua to leave. As Joshua goes, Joshua observes: "It looks like you ALREADY have your hands full!'

Caleb covers Elizabeth up and, when Elizabeth begins to wake up, Caleb told her that she fainted and offers her liquid from the blue bottle, as he assures her that it will make her feel better. When Elizabeth went back to sleep, Caleb heads out to visit Alison in the Hospital.

Back at Jack's Place, Jack tries to find out what happened between Tess and Livvie that they are NOT telling him, but Tess only says that Livvie was sad and Tess forgives Livvie. When Jack asks what Tess wants, Tess told Jack that she would like another baby. When Jack brightly agrees that they will go to the store tomorrow and buy another baby for Tess, Tess shocks Jack when she informs him that what SHE wants is a REAL baby.'

At the same time, Livvie arrives at Caleb's studio and demands to see Caleb. Livvie is shocked when Joshua suddenly appears behind her.

At the hospital, Rafe agrees to keep an open mind about Stephen IF Alison will agree to do the same. As they begin to kiss and make up, Stephen suddenly appears, bringing gifts for Alison and informing Alison that Elizabeth was exhausted and Stephen insisted that Alison's mother stay at the Hotel and get some rest. As Alison insists on giving Stephen a hug for all of his help, Elizabeth suddenly shows up and begins kissing Stephen, announcing that she just could NOT stay away!

Tuesday, NOVEMBER 26TH, 2002

At Jack's Place, Jack is shocked when Tess informs him that she wants a REAL baby to replace the doll that Livvie burned in the fireplace. Jack tries to gently explain to Tess that there is a LOT of work involved in REAL babies, but Tess insists that, since they LOVE each other, a REAL baby would be the right thing to have.

Meanwhile, at Stephen's studio, Joshua discovers Livvie, who announces that she is looking for Stephen. When Joshua informs Livvie that dozens of young girls show up every day, looking for Stephen, Livvie insists that she is not just a groupie but that she actually KNOWS Stephen. Joshua agrees that he knows EXACTLY who Livvie is and Joshua promises to deliver a message from her to Stephen. But Livvie persists in her determination to speak personally with Stephen. Joshua flashes back to his discussion with Caleb about Olivia and Joshua invites Livvie to stay - as Joshua contemplates the possibilities of getting rid of Livvie - permanently - in order to protect Caleb.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Alison and Rafe are shocked as Elizabeth arrives at Alison's Hospital room and begins hanging all over Stephen. Rafe notices that Elizabeth looks a little pale, and suggest that Elizabeth needs a check-up. Stephen tries to dissuade Rafe from being overly interested in Elizabeth's health, but Ian arrives and both Rafe AND Alison try to persuade Elizabeth to let Ian check her out.

Back at Stephen's studio, Livvie reminds Joshua that she danced with Joshua at the Halloween party. Livvie told Joshua that she likes vampires and was once very close to a vampire who looked exactly like Stephen. Then Livvie mentions that LIVVIE has a look-alike named Tess - who showed up in town at about the same time that Stephen arrived. As Joshua quizzes Livvie about Livvie's investigation into Tess's origins, Joshua takes off his tie and begins to test the tie as a possible noose! However, just as Joshua is about ready to twist his tie around Livvie's neck, Ricky arrives for a scheduled practice session and forces Joshua to postpone his plan for getting rid of Livvie permanently.

Back at the Hospital, when Ian and Rafe leave Alison's room for a moment to speak privately, Caleb gives Elizaberth some of the liquid from his blue bottle, and then suggests that it MIGHT be a good idea for Ian to check Elizabeth out after all. At the same time, in the adjoining room, Ian asks WHAT Rafe is suspecting, and Rafe confides that Rafe believes that Caleb has ALREADY bitten Elizabeth and turned her into a vampire. Rafe explains that vampires will do almost anything to avoid having a blood test, and Rafe suggests that, during Ian's examination of Elizabeth, Ian should draw a sample of Elizabeth's blood. If Elizabeth resists the effort, it would prove that Caleb is back. And that Alison's mother is ALREADY Caleb's disciple!

Back at Jack's Place, Jack tenderly helps Tess bundle up her burned doll in a warm blanket. But, as Jack tries to explain that real babies are very special and need to have an entire family to take care of them, Tess interprets that to mean that Tess and Jack should get married.

Meanwhile, at Stephen's studio, Joshua angrily told Ricky that their practice session was scheduled for TOMORROW evening. When Ricky sees Livvie, Ricky tries to coax Livvie in to getting a bite to eat with him - but Livvie turns Ricky down on his offer. Then Joshua angrily hurries Ricky OUT of the studio. After Ricky leaves, Livvie thanks Joshua for getting rid of Ricky. When Joshua invites Livvie to share dinner with him, Livvie accepts.

At the same time, in Alison's Hospital Room, after Ian examines Elizabeth, Alison reaffirms to Ian that Alison's belief is that Stephen is just a really nice guy and innocent bystander who just happens to LOOK like the Horror of Port Charles! Elizabeth is shocked, however, when Ian mentions that they still need to get a blood sample to run some blood tests for Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, Rafe and Caleb wait near the Nurses' Station.

RAFE: 'You know what? You can keep up this whole Stephen Clay thing for as long as you like! The thing is - I KNOW you are Caleb. And it is going to come out soon. You ARE going to make a mistake!'

CALEB: "Tell you what, Rafe. Let's pretend you ARE right!'


CALEB: "Let's say I AM Caleb the Vampire. AND this crazy girl destroyed me with a stake.'

RAFE: "Right. OK. Well - then - I would say we were NOT pretending!'

CALEB: "So - if I AM dead - how DID I get back here? Back on earth?"

RAFE: "I don't know!'

CALEB: "Better yet. IF a stake through the heart did NOT kill me - what makes you think ANYTHING can?'

Meanwhile, back at Jack's Place, Jack tries to explain to Tess that people need to get to know each other BEFORE they get married - go out on dates and stuff like that. But Tess does NOT know what a date is! As Jack convinces Tess that they SHOULD get to know each other better BEFORE getting married and having a baby, Tess falls asleep on Jack's lap and Jack flashes back to Ian reporting to Jack that Tess has NO DNA!

JACK: "You seem so real to me, Tess. You FEEL so real. I want so bad for you to be real!'

After Livvie agrees to have dinner with Joshua and leaves the Studio, Livvie told herself: "You WILL tell me EVERYTHING I need to know about Caleb, Joshua! Even if I have to sleep with you to get to him. God knows - I have done a LOT worse!'

But, inside the Studio, Joshua told himself: "You WERE wrong, Caleb! Livvie IS a threat - to ALL of us. The ONLY way is to kill her!'

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Rafe told Caleb: "I have spent my entire existence, making sure that creatures of the night like you are destroyed. But - here is the thing - there is ALWAYS a flaw! So - my friend - you HAVE to have a weakness!'

CALEB: "Well, since I am NOT a vampire, you have got NOTHING to worry about, do you?'

Colleen interrupts to inform Rafe that Ian has finished checking Elizabeth out. When Rafe returns to Alison's Hospital room, Rafe is shocked when Ian quietly reports that Ian had NO trouble drawing Elizabeth's blood. Rafe appears disappointed when Caleb thanks Rafe for suggesting that Elizabeth be checked out. When Caleb offers to shake Rafe's hand, Rafe ignores it. After Caleb and Elizabeth leave, however, Alison told Rafe in no uncertain terms that she believes that her future husband was very rude when he refused to shake hands with Alison's mother's boyfriend!

But, in the hall outside Alison's room, Caleb warns Elizabeth that it was NOT a good idea for Elizabeth to follow Caleb to the Hospital. But Elizabeth confesses that she wanted Stephen too badly to ignore the impulse to follow him. As Caleb assures Elizabeth that he is NOT angry with Elizabeth - Caleb glowers at Rafe. And Caleb's eyes turn red!

Wednesday, NOVEMBER 27TH, 2002

As Alison signs out of the hospital, Rafe and Alison make plans to attend Thanksgiving dinner at The Light House with Amanda and Elizabeth both in attendance. Alison asks Rafe NOT to talk about vampires on Thanksgiving. Then Alison suggests that the two of them take a minute to count their blessings BEFORE they head out to the Light House.

Meanwhile, at the Light House, as Lucy gets the Tofu Turkey ready, Lucy insists that Ian leave the carving knife at the table to carve the turkey, but Ian suggests that they put the knife away, since Christina, Serena and Danny are all there and it is not a good idea to have dangerous objects like knives readily accessible when children are around. When Lucy argues that KEVIN always had the knife at the table, Ian reminds Lucy that KEVIN is NOT there - but the children ARE there!

When Jamal and Marissa arrive at Jack's Place for Thanksgiving dinner, Jack takes Jamal outside on the porch and explains that Tess has NO DNA. Jack shows Jamal the DNA report that Ian ran. Then Jack explains to Jamal that Tess has been wanting to sleep with Jack. Jamal suggests that Tess COULD have a connection to Caleb's twin - Stephen - arriving in town at the same time.

At the same time, inside, as Marissa and Tess get the dinner ready, Marissa told Tess about Marissa's twin, Casey. However, Marissa gets a rise out of Tess when Marissa mentions the word 'spirit' and, a few minutes later, Marissa mentions Livvie. Tess has a sudden flashblack back to the day that Livvie looked for Caleb at the Wedding House, and Tess begins to hear Caleb's music. As Tess clasps her hands over her ears and begins to cry, Marissa vainly tries to help her.

In the meantime, at the Light House, as Lucy and Ian argue about the placement of the knife, Lucy grows sentimental about the thought of the holidays without Kevin. Then Lucy and Ian begin to talk about Ian's declaration of love - but they are interrupted by Serena, who asks WHY Ian would be talking about loving Lucy. Ian covers by telling Serena that Ian was just reminding Lucy how much they ALL love her - because Lucy was feeling sad because Kevin was NOT at the Light House for the holidays. Serena assures Lucy that Serena ALSO loves Lucy. After Serena leaves, Lucy thanks Ian for covering for Lucy in front of Serena. As Ian and Lucy reach an understanding and are on the verge of kissing, they hear a sudden thump from upstairs, but Serena assures Lucy that it was NOT one of the kids who made the noise!

Back at Jack's Place, Marissa runs out on the porch to get Jack and Jamal and, when they all return, they find that Tess is collapsed on the floor, huddled up in a little ball, humming Stephen's song. As Marissa reports that Tess just suddenly 'freaked out,' Jack reacts angrily at the work 'freak' and asks Jamal and Marissa to leave so that he can be alone with Tess. After Jamal and Marissa leave, Tess asks Jack where she came from - then, Tess told Jack that she IS Livvie! But Jack assures Tess that it does NOT matter WHERE she came from - AND that Tess is NOT Livvie!

Before leaving the hospital, Rafe and Alison go to the Hospital Chapel to count their blessings before heading to the Light House for Thanksgiving Dinner. Alison thanks God for allowing Rafe to be back in her life again and for the chance to get to know her mother. Alison also prays for her father and for her missing sibling. Rafe told God that Rafe is grateful that Alison is safe and healthy and suggests that it WOULD be nice to ease off on those close calls. Rafe concludes: "I am really, really grateful that I get to know what true love really is.' Rafe and Alison kiss, then each of them lights candles, as they say some private prayers.

ALISON: 'I have a tiny favor to ask. I know Rafe has a calling and he has to destroy evil where he finds it. And I know he believes that evil is coming close again. So, please, give him the strength that he will need --'

RAFE: 'To find the truth, whatever it may be and wherever it takes me. I know she hates what I do. But, please help her to understand --'

ALISON: "And give me the patience to always stand by him in his search. Please, please! ALWAYS keep him safe!'

RAFE: "Because this is the only way I know how to keep her safe. And, if I should fail --'

ALISON: "Don't let him fail! Watch over him. Please - protect my Rafe!'

RAFE: "And protect my angel!'

As they hold hands, a bright light suddenly shines around them.

Thursday, NOVEMBER 28TH, 2002

Livvie arrives at Joshua's studio, dressed to seduce.

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Ian suggests that he go check out the noise upstairs. But Lucy assures Ian that it is NOT important. As Lucy and Ian begin to talk about almost kissing, they are saved by the doorbell ringing and go to greet Amanda Barrington. Amanda is closely followed by Rafe and Alison. Lucy takes her cousin aside and urges Rafe to make this a vampire-free Thanksgiving and Rafe reports that he has already promised Alison that he will be on his best behavior where the forces of evil are concerned. However, Elizabeth soon arrives and announces that she has brought a guest - who turns out to be Stephen! Lucy, Rafe, Alison and Ian are stunned as Stephen walks in and hands his hostess a bottle of wine.

Meanwhile, at Joshua's studio, Joshua drugs Livvie's drink, but Livvie pretends to spill her drink and - when Livvie sends Joshua for a napkin to wipe up the spilled liquid, Livvie drugs JOSHUA'S drink!

Back at the Light House, Lucy reluctantly welcomes 'Stephen,' and Ian notices that Elizabeth looks a little pale. But Elizabeth and Stephen put it off as an after-effect of the plane crash. Later, when Lucy has a chance to get Rafe alone, Lucy asks her cousin what Rafe thinks 'Stephen' might be up to.

RAFE: "I think he is just amusing himself. And - you know what? There is NO reason WE can't do the same!'

Serena notices Stephen and runs to alert all of her friends that the REAL Stephen Clay is actually visiting at the Light House. But Lucy soon puts the kibosh on Serena's plan. However, as soon as Lucy begins to hustle everyone toward the dinner table, Elizabeth begins to drape herself all over Stephen . But Stephen angrily cautions Elizabeth to watch her behavior in public if she wants to succeed in making a connection with her daughter. Attorney Kate Reynolds makes a hasty visit to announce that she and Brennan are getting ready to leave for Manhattan and Kate just stopped by to tell everyone good-bye and to thank everyone for all of their help. As they all get ready to eat, Rafe suddenly suggests that Stephen should lead them all in saying grace.

While Stephen at first appears reluctant to say grace, he soon launches into a prayer. When Lucy reminds everyone that the turkey is tofu, Stephen again announces that he is a vegetarian - so he appreciates Lucy's meatless Thanksgiving. Then Stephen hands the carving knife to Rafe and suggests that Rafe do the honors for Lucy's Tofu Turkey!

After dinner, one of Serena's friends shows up - mostly to gawk at Stephen. But Lucy soon sends both girls off to baby-sit Christina and Danny.

Meanwhile, back at Joshua's studio, both Livvie and Joshua are beginning to feel the effects of the drug-laced drinks and they both begin to giggle at almost everything. When Livvie asks Joshua WHY he invited her for dinner, Joshua admits that he planned to coax out of Livvie EVERYTHING that Livvie knew about Stephen - then Joshua planned to kill her! Livvie just giggles, believing that Joshua is joking.

Back at the Light House, Elizabeth thanks Lucy for befriending Alison when her daughter needed a friend. As Lucy quizzes Elizabeth about moving on after the death of Elizabeth's husband, Malcolm Barrington, Elizabeth admits that her husband never REALLY loved her but that Elizabeth stayed with him, hoping against hope, that one day he WOULD love her. Elizabeth also admits that she DID let one particularly good relationship slip away while she waited vainly for Malcolm to come around.

Before Kate leaves, she apologizes to Ian for carrying on about how great it was to spend the holidays with a loved one while Ian is still missing his wife Eve and Lucy is still worried about Kevin, but Ian assures Kate that everyone understood. Kate then told Ian and Lucy that they both have a place to stay if they ever visit Manhattan. Then Kate hugs them both and leaves.

After Elizabeth speaks to Lucy, Elizabeth confesses to Stephen that she just can NOT stand being away from him for even a few minutes! As Elizabeth and Stephen kiss, Elizabeth suddenly surprises Stephen by biting him.

Back at Joshua's studio, as Joshua asks Livvie why SHE accepted a dinner date with him, Livvie admits: "I know, as well as YOU know, that Stephen Clay is really Caleb Morley. And, since you ARE closest to him, I thought that I might persuade you into telling me that I am right!' When Joshua asks Livvie HOW Livvie planned to persuade Joshua to do that, Livvie drapes herself into Joshua's lap and begins to kiss him. Unknown to both of them, Reese spots them together and calls Stephen.

Meanwhile, back at the Light House, Stephen roughly pushes Elizabeth away when she bites him while in the midst of a kiss. Unfortunately for both of them, Rafe spots them in the act and makes sure they both know that he witnessed their little interaction.

After Rafe leaves Elizabeth and Stephen alone, Elizabeth apologizes to Stephen for biting him and Stephen hands Elizabeth the blue bottle and urges her to drink from it. Elizabeth asks what is in the bottle and Stephen again told her that it is just water with vitamins and electrolytes.

ELIZABETH: "But, every time I drink it, I feel good at first. Then - I don't. What IS happening to me?"

Stephen flashes back to biting Elizabeth, but assures her that she is just still suffering the after-effects of the plane crash. Stephen gets a call from Reese and, after assuring Reese that he will take care of the situation right away, Stephen hustles Elizabeth away from the Light House.

In the meantime, Rafe confides to Alison that he is concerned about her mother's strange behavior. But Alison told Rafe that she believes it is just because Elizabeth suddenly has someone paying attention to her after all of these years. As Rafe and Alison talk about Alison's mother, Alison gets a call from the Mystery Woman they were going to Canada to visit when the plane crashed. Alison announces that her father's old girlfriend and her daughter are in Port Charles!

As Livvie and Joshua kiss at Joshua's studio, Livvie suddenly looks up and sees Stephen standing in the doorway. Stephen says: "I was hoping it was NOT true!' and then he bares his fangs and his eyes turn red.

Back at the Light House, Christina asks Lucy to tuck her in, then asks if 'Daddy' will kiss her good-night again tonight. When Lucy explains that Kevin is still away, Christina told Lucy that Kevin kissed her good-night LAST night and will kiss her good-night again tonight. Lucy explains to Christina that she must have had a dream, but Christina insists that she saw the REAL Kevin!


Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, Port Charles did not air today. Programming will resume on Monday, December 2nd where Thursday's show concluded.

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