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Monday, November 18, 2002

When Elizabeth arrives at Rafe and Alison's Place, Alison shuts the door in her mother's face. But Elizabeth persists with her message and finally informs Alison that Elizabeth believes she may have found Alison's sister. Alison reluctantly allows her mother to come inside.

Meanwhile, Jamal spirits Marissa out into the woods, where Jamal tries to convince Marissa that Stephen Clay is the 'big bat' that Marissa had come to Port Charles to track down in the first place. But Marissa insists that it is just a case of mistaken identity - reminding Jamal of the way that Jamal believed that Marissa was really Casey when Jamal first met Marissa. Marissa points out that Stephen Clay loves sunlight and garlic and asserts her belief that Jamal is just plain crazy. As Marissa and Jamal argue, Jamal insists that Marissa is out of the band - and then Jamal blurts out that he loves Marissa. After Jamal shocks Marissa - AND himself - by declaring his love for her, Marissa agrees to leave the band if that is what Jamal wants. They begin to kiss and Marissa admits to Jamal that she loves him too!

At Jack's Place, Tess told Livvie that Livvie is bad and that Livvie keeps hurting Jack. Livvie surprises Tess by appearing to agree with Tess.

At the same time, following Stephen's press conference at Seleni's, Jack attacks Stephen with a wooden stake. But Rafe suddenly shoots the stake out of Jack's hand with a single shot from Lucy's Vampire Slaying gun with silver bullets.

Back at Rafe and Alison's Place, Elizabeth told Alison that a woman in Canada had a child - a girl - following an affair with Malcolm and that the woman also has letters and pictures as proof of her affair with Malcolm. As Elizabeth makes a pitch for Alison's 'understanding' about her mother's affair with Stephen, Elizabeth notices Alison's engagement ring. Elizabeth told Alison about seeing the ring the first night Elizabeth met Rafe outside the Recovery Room. Elizabeth begins to wistfully talk about the early years of her marriage to Alison's father - then Elizabeth abruptly assures Alison that Elizabeth believes that Rafe and Alison WILL live happily ever after.

Meanwhile, at Seleni's, Stephen's guards quickly grab BOTH Jack and Rafe and, when Jack rages at Rafe because Rafe DELIBERATELY missed shooting Caleb, Rafe shows Jack the picture of Stephen Clay and informs Jack that Rafe believes it COULD be a case of mistaken identity and they need to PROVE that Stephen Clay IS Caleb BEFORE taking action. Rafe points out that, if Rafe had NOT prevented Jack from driving a stake into Stephen's heart, Jack would have just ended up in prison for murdering Stephen Clay and Caleb would have just found another way to be reborn. The guards take Jack and Rafe before Stephen and Stephen told them he believes they are BOTH crazy and their 'joke' is no longer funny!

Back at Jack's Place, Livvie tries to convince Tess that Tess is just jealous, but Tess insists that she is Tess! Then Tess told Livvie that Jack will MAKE Livvie go away. Livvie finally told Tess that Livvie believes that Jack COULD be happy with Tess.

As Alison and Elizabeth talk about Rafe, Alison receives a call from Malcolm's old girlfriend in Canada and Alison makes arrangements to fly to Canada to meet the other woman and her daughter. Alison agrees to allow Elizabeth to accompany her and they make plans to take the private Barrington jet to Canada. Alison tries to call Rafe to tell him about the meeting in Canada, but Alison only gets Rafe's voice mail - but she does leave a message.

Meanwhile, at Seleni's, Stephen accuses Rafe of attempting to murder him, but Rafe informs Stephen that IF Rafe HAD been trying to kill him, Stephen would be dead by now. Rafe tries to convince Stephen that, since no one was hurt, Stephen could let them both go. But Stephen promises that Jack and Rafe will now have to pay for trying to kill him. So Jack and Rafe land in jail.

Back at Jack's Place, Livvie told Tess that Jack told Livvie that Jack loves Tess as well, and Tess faintly smiles, admitting that she KNOWS about Jack's love for her. Then Livvie shows Tess an antique trunk and told Tess that Jack left a gift for Tess inside the trunk. As Livvie entices Tess to go look inside the trunk to see Jack's gift, Livvie waits until Tess is right next to the trunk, then Livvie pushes Tess in to the trunk and locks the lid!

In jail, Rafe continues to try to convince Jack that they are dealing with a whole different Caleb this time around and, whatever Caleb's game is, they will have to play a BETTER game! As Rafe philosophically observes that Jack and Rafe are going to have a LOT of free time to contemplate Caleb's game plan while they cool their heels in jail, Jack suddenly asks: "I mean, what if Caleb's out there, closing in on someone we know, we care about - while we are sitting here - in jail?'

As Elizabeth and Alison board the Barrington jet, bound for Canada, Alison worries that Rafe has NOT arrived yet. The pilot suddenly announces that a storm is moving in and they will need to leave right away if they are going to beat the storm to Canada. As the plane's engines rev up, Stephen suddenly enters the lounge, and Alison vainly tries to get the plane to stop so she can get off. But it is too late! Stephen announces to the frightened Alison that Rafe will NOT be able to make this trip!

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Lucy and Ian arrive at Jack's Place at the same time and are surprised when they find the door unlocked but no one at home. Ian admits that he came to check on Tess - to be sure she was OK - since the last time Ian saw Tess was at Ian's Loft, just before Ian confessed his love for Lucy.

Meanwhile, Livvie is busy, dragging the antique trunk with Tess locked inside outside to the storage shed. Livvie went off and leaves Tess locked in the trunk inside the shed. As Livvie leaves, Tess weakly pleads for someone to help her.

At the same time, in jail, Officer Doree told Jack and Rafe that they can have one phone call each. Jack decides he should call Chris to bail them out, but they both decide it might be more important for Rafe to make the first call and try to get hold of Alison. In the meantime, Alison freaks out when she realizes that Elizabeth has invited Stephen to fly to Canada with them to meet Alison's long-lost sister. Elizabeth and Alison go up front to speak to the pilot about landing the plane. So, when Rafe calls Alison's cell phone, Stephen hears it ringing in Alison's purse - and answers it! As Rafe recognizes Caleb's voice, Rafe threatens to kill Caleb if Caleb touches one hair on Alison's head. But Stephen pretends that he can NOT hear Rafe - and breaks off the communication.

As Lucy and Ian discover that neither Tess nor Jack appears to be at home, they both decide to wait for Tess and Jack to return. Lucy and Ian have an uncomfortable conversation about where their friendship is headed now that their mutual attraction to each other has been acknowledged. But they both conclude that Lucy is truly committed to Kevin and that Ian intends to respect Lucy's feelings about her troubled husband.

When Elizabeth and Alison return from the Barrington Jet's cockpit to report that the pilot will land at the next available airport, Alison notices that there is a missed call on her cell phone. As Alison angrily questions Stephen, Stephen admits that he picked the phone up and he thought that the call might have been from Rafe. When Alison points out that Rafe will probably tear Stephen limb from limb because Stephen intercepted Rafe's call to Alison, Stephen triumphantly informs Alison that it will probably be difficult for Rafe to tear anyone limb from limb, because Rafe and Jack have been arrested for attempting to murder Stephen. When Alison flips out and Elizabeth tries to mediate between her boyfriend and her daughter, Stephen told Alison that he will do whatever it takes to prove to Alison that Stephen is NOT this Caleb monster that Alison and her friends keep babbling about. Alison suggests that a good place to start would be by dropping the charges against Rafe and Jack. Caleb asks for Alison's word to keep Rafe away from Stephen. When Alison appears reluctant to give her word, Elizabeth agrees FOR Alison and Stephen puts a call through to the Port Charles Police Department and told the police officers that Stephen is dropping the charges against Rafe and Jack.

As Lucy and Ian agree that they will deal with their situation one day at a time, Livvie suddenly rushes through the living room and is frightened when she sees Lucy and Ian standing there.

At the same time, in jail, as Rafe and Jack wait for Chris to bail them out, they are stunned when Doree announces that Stephen Clay has dropped the charges against them and they are free to go. As their personal possessions are returned, Rafe grabs his cell phone and checks the messages. Rafe discovers that Alison left a message that she was flying to Canada on the Barrington Jet to meet her long-lost sister. Rafe and Jack realize that, if Stephen answered Alison's cell phone, that must mean that Stephen is also en route to Canada on the same plane with Alison and Elizabeth.

At the same time, the Barrington Jet begins to run into some serious turbulence and the pilot advises the passengers to fasten their seat belts.

Back at Jack's Place, Lucy and Ian grill Livvie to try to discover what she has been up to that has left Livvie sweaty and dirty. Livvie claims that she tripped and fell as she was on her way to see Jack because Livvie is positive that Caleb is back. Livvie claims she came to Jack's Place to make peace with Tess but could not find anyone around when she arrived. As Livvie 'innocently' wonders where Tess could be, Tess keeps pounding on the trunk in the shed, pleading for help.

At the jail, Rafe is busy with his cell phone, attempting to learn what destination the Barrington Jet's Flight Plan shows as their destination. Rafe is devastated when he is told that the Barrington Jet just dropped off the radar. In the meantime, Stephen is carrying Elizabeth and Alison away from the wreckage of the burning Barrington Jet.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Marissa arrives at the studio to tell them she is quitting. Ricky comes out and is surprised to see Jamal. He told Marissa that she knows the rules. No outsiders allowed. Jamal tries to apologize to Ricky for his behavior, but Ricky won't accept the apology. Marissa told Ricky she's quitting the band. Ricky can't believe Marissa is buying into the vampire stories. He told her that by leaving the band, she is giving up the chance of a lifetime. Marissa assures Ricky that leaving the group is her decision. Josh walks into the studio talking on his cell phone. He then announces to the band that Stephen was a passenger on the Barrington jet when it crashed. Jamal asks who else was on the plane, but Josh has no idea. Jamal quickly places a call to Rafe and hears the bad news. Joshua is ready to cancel all the band's appearances and practices, but Ricky says no way. He thinks the band should record as much as they can in anticipation of Stephen's return. Josh doesn't like being challenged, but he is forced to go along when the rest of the band agrees with Ricky.

Ian and Lucy have a hard time believing that Livvie wants to mend fences with Tess. Before they can ask more questions, Jack and Rafe rush in. Rafe told them about the plane crash while at the same time trying to find out information on the plane's whereabouts. Livvie pipes up and told Jack that she thinks that if Caleb has Alison, maybe he took Tess as well. Jack doesn't believe there is a connection between Caleb and Tess and ignores Livvie's idea. Then, Jack turns to Ian and reminds him he was supposed to be keeping an eye on Tess. Jack demands to know what was more important to Ian than Tess's well-being.

Rafe asks Lucy if she can get access to a helicopter so they can go look for the jet. Lucy places a phone call, but is told that because of the weather, none of the pilots are willing to fly. Ian hears this and volunteers his services. He learned to fly helicopters during his time in Africa. Lucy wants to argue, but a look from Ian told her not to waste her breath.

At the crash site, Stephen revives Elizabeth who immediately calls out for Alison. Stephen takes her to Alison and Elizabeth begins to cry thinking she's lost her daughter. Finally Alison opens her eyes and Elizabeth promises everything will be fine. She cradles Alison in her arms asking what kind of woman she could have been to leave her baby. Elizabeth told Alison that she is the only good thing to ever come from her. Alison has grown into the woman Elizabeth always wanted to be. She told Alison, "You are my heart."

Stephen comes over to tell Elizabeth the pilot didn't make it. Stephen is going to try to get the radio working. Elizabeth is worried about Alison who has fallen asleep in her arms. Alison is so cold. Stephen offers his coat while Elizabeth went in search of something warmer. Alison awakes to see Stephen standing over her. "Looks like it's just you and me." Stephen says with a smile.

Thursday, November 21, 2002

Left alone at Jack's Place, Livvie gleefully contemplates being able to comfort Jack when Jack returns from his unsuccessful search for Tess. Livvie starts a fire in the fireplace and fixes herself a sandwich. Meanwhile, out in the shed, Tess weakly calls for Livvie and knocks on the trunk. Livvie is disturbed when she realizes that she can hear Tess's voice, calling for Livvie.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, as Rafe, Jack, Lucy, and Ian wait for their helicopter to be prepared for take-off, Lucy informs her friends that officials will not allow them to take off in the storm.

At the same time, at the crash site, Stephen tries to convince a wary Alison that he is NOT Caleb and that he just wants to be friends - but Alison is NOT buying his story.

As Livvie prepares to eat her sandwich, she continues to be haunted by Tess's voice, calling for her. Livvie tries to convince herself that Tess is NOT really real and that Tess is just a figment of her imagination, created by Caleb to torture Livvie. Livvie suddenly notices Tess's doll, lying on the floor and Livvie grabs the doll and tosses it into the fireplace. Livvie is angered when the doll does not appear to begin to burn right away.

Back at the Hospital, Jack is trying to discover if anyone has seen Tess in any of her favorite haunts around the woods, but draws a blank. Jack continues to hope that he will discover that Tess IS on board the downed Barrington jet. When Ian tries to apologize to Jack for letting Tess slip out of his sight, Jack snaps that if anything HAS happened to Tess, Ian will have to live with it! As Rafe worries that they will NOT be able to get to Alison before Caleb hurts her, Lucy urges her cousin to try focusing his energy on his love for Alison. Ian suggests that they take off in the storm, even without permission, but Lucy persuades Ian to wait a little while to see if the storm will clear enough.

In the meantime, Rafe makes a heartfelt prayer for guidance in finding Alison: "Hey! Remember me? Well, I really need your help now. I know you sent me back here to be with the woman I love and I promise you - I thank you every day for that. But I also know you would NOT send me back here just to have us separated again. I know that all the powers that I have come from you - and I really need them right now. I really need you to help me find her and I trust - I have faith - with all my heart - that you WILL!"

Rafe suddenly has a vision of Alison and announces that he knows WHERE Alison is - and they will be able to DRIVE to the crash site. So Rafe, Jack, Lucy and Ian take off for the car.

In the meantime, at the crash site, Alison is afraid of Stephen when he mentions that the blood seeping from her arm is because her arm is broken. As Stephen tries to assure Alison that he has been known to faint at the sight of blood, Alison begs Stephen to just leave her alone. But Stephen persists in binding up Alison's arm. When Elizabeth returns and reports that she has had NO luck finding the luggage OR the warm coats, Stephen begins telling them humorous stories about his early days as a struggling artist, attempting to start a band.

Meanwhile, back at Jack's Place, Livvie realizes that she can NOT get warm even with the heat on, the fire blazing and wrapped up in a heavy blanket. Livvie also notices that she is thirsty and hungry. As Livvie begins to realize that she also can NOT breathe, Livvie opens the door and steps out on the porch to get some air. Then Livvie collapses on the porch, calling for Jack and beating on the floor. At the same time, inside the trunk in the shed, Tess ALSO beats on the walls of the trunk and frantically calls for Jack.

Back at the crash site, as Stephen entertains Alison and Elizabeth with funny stories about his early days as a musician, Alison told Stephen that, although he LOOKS like Caleb, Alison is now convinced that Stephen is NOT Caleb.

Rafe, Jack, Lucy and Ian suddenly arrive and Lucy wraps Elizabeth in a warm blanket while Ian tends to Alison. But, when Jack asks where Tess is, Alison and Elizabeth inform Jack that no one but the three of them were passengers on the plane. When Ian leaves to get more bandages for Alison, Alison's blanket slips off of her shoulder and Stephen moves to put the blanket back around Alison - but Rafe suddenly pulls out his vampire-slaying gun with silver bullets and points it at Stephen, warning Stephen to stay away from Alison. But Rafe is surprised when Alison begs Rafe NOT to hurt Stephen!

Friday, November 22, 2002

At the crash site, when Rafe threatens to blow Stephen away unless the 'rock star' stays away from Alison, the Vampire Slayer is truly shocked when his lady-love implores Rafe NOT to hurt Stephen. As Stephen moves out of Rafe's line of fire, Alison further stuns Rafe by telling her intended that she is CONVINCED that Stephen is NOT Caleb! Stephen insists that he is only interested in making sure that Elizabeth and Alison are OK. Alison testifies to Rafe and Ian that Stephen took care of Elizabeth and Alison as they struggled to survive the plane crash. As Stephen walks away from Alison, he runs into Jack, and Jack demands to know WHERE Tess is - but Stephen pleads ignorance.

Meanwhile, back at Jack's Place, as Tess continues to beat on the trunk in the shed and call for help, Livvie begins to revive on the porch and realizes that she can not breathe because TESS can not breathe! So Livvie concludes that Livvie and her look-alike are BOTH dying. Livvie struggles out to the shed and painfully releases Tess from the trunk.

As Ian assures Alison that her arm is just sprained, Rafe begins to quiz Alison about Caleb - but Alison continues to insist that he is 'just' Stephen. Alison explains that Elizabeth invited Stephen along - and that is how Stephen came to be aboard the downed plane. Rafe insists that Caleb deliberately had Rafe arrested so that Caleb could get Elizabeth and Alison alone, but Alison points out that Stephen ALSO had Rafe released - AND that Stephen made NO attempts to hurt either Elizabeth OR Alison while they were all alone and it would have been easy! Alison went on to assert that Alison believes that Stephen merely looks like Caleb, the same way that Tess looks like Livvie.

However, when Jack continues to demand what Caleb has done with Tess, Caleb grabs Jack and warns Jack to leave Stephen alone. Ian separates the two, while Elizabeth confides to Lucy how marvelous Stephen was during the crash and how devastating it was to Elizabeth when Elizabeth was afraid of losing her daughter before the two of them had a chance to even get to know each other. When the Emergency crew arrives, Stephen and Elizabeth leave. After Stephen and Elizabeth are gone, Jack confides to Lucy his growing concern for Tess's safety.

Meanwhile, back at Jack's Place, when Livvie releases Tess from the trunk, Tess told Livvie that what Livvie did was very bad. As Livvie asks if Tess is her sister or her twin, Tess admits that she does NOT know. Livvie told Tess that Livvie KNOWS now that - IF Tess does NOT eat or drink, Livvie will feel hungry or thirsty. When Livvie told Tess that Livvie is sorry and will protect Tess and take care of her - Tess asks WHY Livvie tried to hurt her. Livvie admits that it was because Livvie believed that Tess had been sent to hurt Livvie. When Livvie vows to protect Tess, Tess asks: "Protect your soul?"

Just as Tess and Livvie are making peace, Jack returns home and rescues Tess's smoking doll from the fireplace.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Alison reports to Rafe, Ian and Lucy that Stephen took Elizabeth back to her hotel room to get cleaned up, and Stephen will be bringing Elizabeth back to the Hospital later. Rafe takes Lucy aside and reports that Alison is NOW convinced that Stephen IS Stephen and NOT Caleb. Lucy and Rafe decide to continue their investigation into Stephen's past. When Lucy asks Rafe HOW Rafe knew WHERE to look for Alison - Rafe confesses to his cousin that he had a sudden, unexplained flash of insight that led him to Alison - but Rafe does NOT know if that means that his powers are returning. After Ian and Lucy leave Alison's Hospital room, Rafe cuddles up on the bed with her and Alison confides in Rafe how thrilled she was when her mother suddenly acted like a REAL mother during their struggle to survive the crash. Alison told Rafe that she is looking forward to having a REAL mother-daughter relationship now with Elizabeth.

When Stephen arrives at Elizabeth's Hotel Room to pick her up to take her to the Hospital to see Alison, Elizabeth told Stephen that he was wonderful and that she is immeasurably grateful to Stephen for all of his help in surviving the crash - but Elizabeth has decided to break off the relationship so that Elizabeth can devote ALL of her spare time to making up for lost time in her relationship with Alison.

Meanwhile, back at Jack's Place, Jack is suspicious when Livvie and Tess enter the house together. When Jack demands answers from Livvie about Tess's disappearance, Livvie fibs to Jack that Livvie went for a walk and ran into Tess. Livvie told Jack that Livvie now agrees with Jack that Tess is an amazing person! However, when Tess sees the charred remains of her doll, she bursts into tears. Jack promises to get Tess a new doll, but Tess says: "You can't! It's my baby!" Then Tess turns around and looks at Livvie and told Jack that it was Livvie who burned her baby!

Meanwhile, back at the Hospital, Lucy finds Ian at the Nurses' Station and, when Ian expresses his weariness, Lucy tenderly takes Ian's hand.

At the same time, back in Elizabeth's Hotel Room, Stephen told Elizabeth that, while he IS disappointed by Elizabeth's decision to break off their relationship, he is also able to understand WHY Elizabeth wants to devote more time to being with her daughter. Admitting that the loss of Elizabeth in his life WILL be VERY hard for Stephen to take, Stephen asks Elizabeth for a good-bye kiss. And, as Stephen kisses Elizabeth, Caleb suddenly bares his fangs and bites her neck - and Elizabeth went into shock!

At the same time, Alison dreamily told Rafe how thrilled she is now that it is beginning to look like Alison and her mother can really have a TRUE relationship with each other.

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