All My Children Recaps: The week of November 18, 2002 on AMC

Jake proposed to Mia. A drunken Jamie blurted out that Brooke and Adam were having an affair. Mia was rushed to the hospital after Liza pushed her out of an attic window. Aidan told Kendall that he would help her find Ryan. Erica was forced to decide if she could live with Trey escaping prosecution.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of November 18, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, November 18, 2002

At the Hospital, as Jake and Mia wait for her pregnancy test results, Mia tells Jake that she does NOT want to end up trapping him into a relationship that he is not prepared to deal with, just because she is pregnant. But Jake assures Mia that he is eager to become a family man. However, Mia's tests turn out to be negative and it looks like it is a false alarm. Mia then decides that she still needs to inform Frank about William, and Mia heads over to Myrtle's Boarding House.

Elsewhere in the Hospital, Frank and Simone have a heart-to-heart talk about Simone's brother. But Frank tells Simone that he does not really have time to talk just then, so Simone and Frank make a date to curl up with a good movie and a pizza and talk later at Myrtle's, after Frank has finished his shift. However, Simone rushes home and fixes up a romantic dinner instead. However, the first to arrive is Mia, asking to speak to Frank. But, when Mia realizes that Frank and Simone were planning a romantic dinner, Mia makes up a lame excuse about suggesting that they double date some time. Frank arrives and agrees to the plan to double date. But, after Mia leaves, Frank tells Simone that her dinner looks really great, but he is too bushed to eat and Frank heads off for bed.

At David's hearing, Maria tells the Judge that she remembers that David injected her with the experimental drug and then Maria lost her memory. As the Judge continues to maintain that there is STILL no hard evidence that would hold up in court if the D.A. brought David to trial, Brooke rushes in with the news that Edmund has collapsed in the lobby. David rushes out to assist Edmund, but Edmund refuses David's help. Maria decides to get Edmund back to the hospital and the two of them leave the Court House, together. After Edmund is checked back in to the Hospital, Maureen confesses to Edmund that she plans to lie in court in order to make sure that David finally pays for his crimes. But, going into the chapel, Edmund tells Maureen that MARIA would NEVER lie, even to get Dr. David Hayward some well-deserved prison time! Edmund suggests that, if Maureen stoops to David's level, then the personality of Maria would be gone forever and that would mean that David would win in the end. Maria finally agrees with Edmund that, together, they will both be able to find a way to make David pay for his crimes WITHOUT compromising their own integrity.

Back at the Court House, the Judge dismisses the case against David. When Jack assures Tad that Jack is going to get David, Tad angrily scoffs at the possibility. But Jack tells Tad that Jack has hope that Anna will eventually become too appalled by David's long list of crimes to continue to stand by him, and then Anna will eventually rat David out to Jack.

After everyone leaves the court room, David confesses to Anna that he DID suspect that his experimental drug would wipe out Maria's memory, but David believed then - and still believes - that it was a choice between Maureen living without her memory and dying - and David believed that living - however impaired - was better. David also tells Anna that the only thing David wanted at the time was to keep his research secret until it was proven successful enough to win the Nobel Prize. But, since David has fallen in love with Anna, even the Nobel Prize pales into insignificance. David admits: 'I love you more than the Nobel Prize!' David, Maggie and Anna leave the court room together.

Meanwhile, as J.R. and Jamie discuss their dates at Brooke's Place, Adam arrives and gets a frosty reception from both boys. As Jamie and J.R. get ready to leave, Brooke arrives and Adam makes an excuse about needing to discuss the Charity Ball with Brooke. After J.R. and Jamie leave for the mall, Adam criticizes Brooke for telling Tad all about their affair. But Brooke assures Adam that Tad will NOT tell Liza. As Brooke and Adam argue about Tad's knowledge of their affair - Tad suddenly shows up. Tad tells Adam that, if Adam wants Tad's silence, Adam MUST begin acting like the ideal husband around Liza. When Tad learns about the proposed costume ball, Tad worries about the prospect of so many co-dependent people running around in masks!

Later, at the Boat House, as Jamie and J.R. wait for Laurie and Joanie, Jamie asks J.R. if J.R. has any marijuana he could give to Jamie and J.R. explodes, telling Jamie to tough it out at home - and J.R. threatens Jamie with serious bodily harm if Jamie ever does actually do any drugs!

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Adam was shouting orders as Winifred and the caterers were setting up for the ball at Chandler Mansion. Liza and Marian walked in, and Marian immediately complemented them on the decorations. She noticed that Adam was in a great mood, and was even wearing new aftershave. After he stepped out, she congratulated Liza on reconciling with Adam. Liza corrected her, and said that they haven't had time to reconcile, because he's been busy "reconciling with my sister." Marian refused to believe that Mia would sleep with Adam, but Liza spelled out all the "proof" she had. Adam walked back in for a few moments, and then walked back out again. When he had gone, Liza warned Marian about telling him, because she has a plan. "After the ball, he won't know what hit him," she said. She told her mother that she plans to take Colby to London and file for divorce. Marian was saddened by the news, but Liza wouldn't relent. She said that Adam brought this upon himself, as she walked out of the room.

Mia and Jake walked into the chapel, as she told him that she went to see Frank. When he asked out it went, she told him that they may wind up double-dating with him and Simone sometime. Jake was surprised as she told the story of her visit. He commented that Frank and Simone seem to be growing closer, and she wondered what her little secret will do to that relationship. She then realized that the secret will affect a number of lives. Jake changed the subject and said that he likes the idea of double dating, anything to go out with her. They hugged as he told her that he looked forward to creating a family with her. She had to leave to help Liza with the costume ball, and Jake asked her how he would recognize her. She simply said that she'll surprise him. After she left, Jake said that she'll be the one who's surprised.

Frank was on the phone trying to get some more information about Simone's brother. He told the guy to keep searching and he hung up. After Frank left the room, Simone ran downstairs, looking for a receipt. The phone rang, and she quickly answered it. It was a man with information about a patient for Frank. She called him once, and then started to take a message. Frank ran into the room before she got very far and grabbed the phone from her hand. He told Simone that she wasn't allowed to get privileged information about a patient. Offended, Simone said that she'll be in the kitchen so he can have his "ethical" conversation. When Frank grabbed the phone, the man told him that no Anthony McMillan was admitted to St. Vincent's that whole year. Frank was ecstatic that Anthony wasn't the man he filmed ODing. After hanging up, he called for Simone. When she entered the room, he smiled at her and told her he was sorry. They began kissing. Simone soon broke away and warned Frank that she didn't want to be some psyche project, and she doesn't do "head games". He told her he was just freaking out about a patient, but he found out that everything's going to be fine. She told him to be honest and share with her in the future, and he agreed. They both decided to start again, and the kissing resumed. Frank picked her up and carried her upstairs where they continued in the bedroom.

Kendall was excited about her designs as she walked into Greenlee's office. She was surprised to see that Greenlee had returned to claim her job. Kendall tried to tell her that it wasn't that easy. Greenlee told her that she going to kick her back into the gutter where she belongs. Kendall told her that she had an important meeting to go to over this new campaign, but Greenlee reminded her that it was her campaign first, and it was time for Kendall to leave. When Kendall started arguing with her, Greenlee told her again to hit the road. Kendall told her that they'll both be out of a job if she misses this meeting, and she left to get Casey.

Marian continued telling Liza that divorcing Adam would be a mistake, and she couldn't believe how Mia could be so kind to their faces while sleeping with Adam. When Liza reminded Marian how they had both been two-faced at one point in their lives, Marian finally believe Liza's story. She hugged her and apologized for the betrayal. Mia walked in and asked if they needed any help. Marian said that Adam has it all under control, and she left to check on him. At first Mia thought she did something wrong, because Marian left so suddenly, but Liza told her that it was odd of her to think that. Mia told Liza that she's grateful for all she's done for her, including buying her a dress for the ball. Liza suddenly became angry and said to Mia, "My God. How long can you go on like this?" She calmed down and told Mia that she doesn't need to continue to be gracious, because it's embarrassing. Mia said that she only hopes she can repay her someday. She told Liza that she's had a lot on her mind lately. When Liza asked if she could help, Mia told her that she can't go into it right now. Adam entered the room, and asked Mia for a "woman's opinion". With Liza's blessing, Mia followed Adam out of the room. Marian returned and asked Liza how she could stand it. Liza admitted that she feels like strangling Mia.

Kendall and Casey returned to Greenlee's office to find the plan Kendall had designed was destroyed by Greenlee. Casey was livid as Greenlee explained that Kendall stole her design, and that's why she didn't want it used. Kendall said that she gave her full credit for it. Casey ordered them both to leave as she tried to fix it. Greenlee told her that she didn't mean it when she quit, and that she still wants to work for them. Kendall tried to defend Greenlee as well, saying that she was still in mourning. Casey decided to clarify things and told Greenlee that she quit, and Kendall was fired. Kendall was upset that she was fired, due to Greenlee's temporary insanity. Casey said that those plans were her responsibility, and she left them in the hands of an unstable ex-employee. Casey ordered them both to leave the property within the hour, and she left Greenlee's office.

Simone and Frank both wished they could stay in bed together forever. But they decided they still had to eat and work. Simone reminded him about the costume ball, and that she was supposed to pick up her costume. Frank volunteered to call and see how late they were open. He got out of bed and left Simone lying back with a smile on her face.

Downstairs, Frank began looking for the receipt when he was interrupted by the doorbell. It was Dr. McMillan looking for Simone. He found her as she came down the stairs asking Frank to come back to bed. She began to stumble out an apology to her father, but he told her he was interested in hearing it. He said he thought they might want to spend the night together. Simone told him that she completely forgot. He was upset as he told her that she probably had more pressing things on her mind. He turned around and left. Simone was feeling guilty as she told Frank that today was Anthony's birthday. Frank told her that she could go after her, but she said it would no good. She told Frank that she's let her father down more then Anthony ever did. She went on to tell him that her father even covered up his overdose. Frank was surprised as Simone continued telling him that Zeke used his connections to have Anthony's files removed from the hospital. Frank asked her if she had a picture of him, and she happily obliged him. Looking at the picture, Frank saw the same man that he video taped. He muttered, "Oh my God," as Simone commented, "I know. Wasn't it a tragedy?"

Mia and Adam were talking about her son, and he promised her that the father would never be able to challenge custody with his lawyers on the case. She thanked him for his help, and offered to help him with Liza. He sadly told her that it would do no good, as his marriage is dying and can't be revived. After Mia left, Adam got on the phone to Barry. He told him he was worried about Liza trying something when she finds out about his affair. He said they have to be ready to strike back fast.

Jake was talking to Joe on the phone and telling him about the costume ball. He said that there might be some surprises happening. After hanging up, he ran into Stuart. Stuart noticed he was carrying a ring box in his hand. When Jake opened it for him, Stuart said that that ring will make some girl real happy. Jake responded, "That's the whole idea." Jake confirmed that he was going to ask Mia to marry him. Stuart was ecstatic and began planning the wedding, until Jake told him to keep it a secret. He said that he planned to ask Mia tonight at the party, and then Stuart can start celebrating.

Greenlee and Kendall were packing their boxes side by side, as they prepared to leave Giovanni. In the midst of their arguing, Greenlee told Kendall that Trey talked her into living life again. Kendall was surprised and reminded herself to kill Trey later. Greenlee finished packing by shoving a vase of flowers into her box, as Kendall followed her out of the office.

As Mia and Adam were talking about the ball, Liza walked into the room with Colby. Adam took off, as Mia and Colby began talking about her costume. Mia told her that she had the ribbon she liked in her purse, and she told her to get it. Colby returned, however, with the pregnancy test that Mia bought, asking her, "What is this?" Mia took it from Colby as Liza thought about all the times she's seen Mia and Adam together. Mia and Liza locked stares.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Kendall was at The Pit talking on the phone with Aidan. She told him she couldn't meet him at the Valley Inn like they had planned because Greenlee might be there and she didn't want to run into her. She explained that Greenlee got them both fired today and now she was once again stuck playing nursemaid to Petey.

Outside The Pit Greenlee answered her phone. It was Trey asking her to meet him at the Valley Inn. She declined because Kendall lived at the Valley Inn and she said she couldn't be held responsible for what she might to do her if she saw her. Greenlee told him Kendall got them both fired. He told her he'd meet her at The Pit. Greenlee went in and walked up to the bar. She started to order a drink just as Kendall ordered the same thing. They looked at each other in disgust. They started arguing about who's fault it was that they both were out of jobs and began the name calling. Greenlee started to attack Kendall and a swaggering bar patron walked over and told them to save it for the mud pit out back. He got close to Kendall and told her he was the "love doctor" and that he had the answers to her prayers. Kendall told him to back off but he moved in closer so Greenlee threw a drink on him. He got angry and turned to Greenlee. Kendall grabbed a bottle and whacked him on the head. He went back after Kendall and Greenlee jumped on his back and put him in a headlock. Trey walked in and watched from behind the crowd. Aidan arrived and asked Trey what was happening. Trey said he didn't know and they pulled the girls off the man as a bartender appeared. He told the man to leave and the crowd applauded. Greenlee and Kendall joined hands and lifted them above their heads, accepting the praise. Then they looked at each other and quickly split up. Kendall and Aidan went to the bar as Trey and Greenlee found a table. Aidan told Kendall he was surprised to see her defending Greenlee again. She said Greenlee sure didn't see it that way. Trey told Greenlee he never thought he'd see her sticking up for Kendall. Greenlee began to bad mouth Kendall as Aidan walked over. Aidan told her he witnessed Kendall trying to save Greenlee's job for her and Trey said she had stuck up for him too with the DA. Greenlee said even if she did try to save her job she screwed it up and now both of them were jobless. Trey suggested that Greenlee and Kendall start a business together and Aidan thought it might work. Kendall joined them and Aidan told her what they were discussing. At the same time the women said "I'd rather die!." Kendall stomped back to the bar and Greenlee grabbed her things and rushed out.

Simone met Frank at the hospital and asked when he was picking her up for the costume ball. He told her he got called in to work that evening. Simone didn't believe him and said it was because he was embarrassed that her father caught them half dressed. Frank denied this and said it wasn't about her father. Simone said she didn't understand why he ran hot and cold with her. Frank said it was just that he had to work and that she should go to the ball without him and have fun. Simone said maybe and left. Frank sat down and thought about a conversation he'd had with Simone when he almost told her he had filmed her brother over-dosing. He picked up the phone and called his mother for some advice. Afterwards he tried to call Simone at the boarding house but she wasn't there. He got in the elevator.

JR, Jamie and Laurie sat at BJ's talking about the ball. Jamie said he didn't want to go watch Adam and his mother make nice while Liza didn't have a clue. He tried to talk the others into not going but Laurie said she and Joni had spent a lot of money on their dresses and wanted to go. Adam walked over to the table and told Jamie his mother would want him to be there. Jamie got angry and said Adam didn't know what his mother would want and stormed out. Adam said "He certainly inherited his father's charm" and then told JR he'd like him home helping Liza. JR wasn't thrilled with the idea and Adam left. Laurie told him that she and Joni would meet the guys at the party and JR left. She started out and was stopped by Cassie, the caterer for the party and her boss. Cassie told her she needed her tonight at the party as a waitress. Laurie tried to explain that she had been invited to go with JR but Cassie threatened to fire her if she didn't work. She threw the uniform at Laurie and left. Laurie went home to change.

Brooke was at home ready to go to the ball. She was beautiful in a red and purple venetian gown. As she walked into her living room she remembered dancing with Adam there. A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts and Tad came in. She told him she changed her mind and wasn't going. Tad looked down at his costume and quipped "60 bucks an hour for nothing!." Brooke said she felt too guilty to go to the party after having slept with Adam. Tad told her she couldn't bail on all the people coming to support her charity and that Jamie needed to see his mom standing strong after all she'd been through. Brooke wasn't convinced but Tad told her it was an opportunity for her to show Pine Valley what she's made of. He said if anyone gave her trouble he'd "go medieval on them, or at least venetian!" She laughed but had tears in her eyes. She agreed to go but went upstairs to fix her face. Jamie came in and told his dad he wasn't going, that if he saw Adam he'd strangle him. He said he hates Adam and he couldn't go to "that jerk's" house after what he did to his mother. Tad told him it was over and done with and none of their business. Jamie said he couldn't pretend that nothing happened and said he just couldn't go. Tad said he was sure Brooke would understand. Jamie changed his mind and said he'd go change, he didn't want to add to Brooke's rough times. Tad said he was proud of his son. Jamie said he hoped he didn't see "that creep" tonight as Brooke came downstairs. She asked who he was talking about but he said no one as he ran upstairs to put on his costume. Brooke questioned Tad and he said it was nothing Jamie couldn't handle. She wondered if someone was harassing Jamie because of what she'd done. Tad told her that Jamie had to fight his own battles.

Before guests began to arrive, Liza was alone in the living room. She saw Mia's purse and decided to look through it. She pulled out the pregnancy test as Mia came down the stairs. Mia asked what she was doing and Liza claimed that she was putting Mia's purse in a safe place since guests would be arriving soon. Mia started to apologize for Colby's having found the pregnancy test but Liza cut her short saying she had no time for a heart to heart right now. Mia was a little stung by Liza's icy behavior and went to get ready. Liza walked to the patio doors and envisioned a scene where Adam came home to a very pregnant Mia and a Colby who told Mia she was the best mom ever. Liza said to herself "No one is taking my daughter from me" and went upstairs. Later Marian found her in the attic getting Colby's suitcase. Liza told her that Mia might be pregnant and they both assumed it was Adam's. Marian said it was hard to believe and then apologized for bringing "the little tramp" into their lives. Liza told her mother to take Colby's favorite things down to the gatehouse so Adam wouldn't suspect that she was taking her away.

Downstairs Adam began welcoming the guests. JR arrived in costume and his father complimented him but JR said he felt like an idiot. Winnifred walked by and Adam asked if she knew where Liza was. Winnifred said Marian went to find her and went to answer the door. She let Laurie in, who was dressed in the waitress outfit. Winnifred told her JR was looking for her but Laurie was too embarrassed to find him. Cassie came by and shoved a tray with drinks in her hands and told her to go serve. Laurie walked in and tried to be inconspicuous but a guest bumped into her and the tray crashed to the floor. JR came to help her and Cassie showed up. She was very nasty with Laurie and told her to take 10 minutes to get herself together. JR took her upstairs to the attic. She told him Cassie threatened to take her job away if she didn't work tonight. She said she had to go back to work and JR said "Maybe not." He suggested that he pay her double what she would've made tonight. She was appalled and refused the money. JR tried to insist but Laurie was very offended and left.

Adam went looking for Liza and found her with Marian and the suitcase near Colby's room. He asked where Liza was going with Colby's suitcase. She quickly made up a story that Colby was going to spend the night at the gatehouse. Marian piped up and said they thought it would be a good idea since the party would go on so late it might disturb Colby. Adam agreed but said Colby had to come to some of the party because she was so excited about the dress Mia picked out for her. Mia and Colby arrived and Adam said they were both beautiful and they "looked like a mother-daughter portrait." Liza silently steamed. Adam took them into the ball and Liza told Marian that Mia would never be Colby's mother, not as long as she has breath in her body. She went to get dressed.

A little while later downstairs Adam told Mia that he spoke with his attorneys and they have some strategies to help her son. Mia hugged him gratefully as Liza came down the stairs in time to see it.

At the front door Simone arrived. She was thrilled with the decorations and Mia came up to her. She asked Simone if Frank was there and Simone told her he was at work. Mia greeted another guest as Simone walked into the ball. Tad, Brooke and Jamie walked in. Jamie looked around for Joni and went into the ball to find her. Brooke was very nervous but Tad talked her into going into the party. They walked in in time to see Adam chatting it up with some pretty woman. A few minutes later a photographer grabbed Adam, Colby and Mia and asked to take a family photo. Liza watched and was furious.

Thursday, November 21, 2002

Kendall can't get the bartender's attention and remarks that Ryan would never have treated a customer like that when he worked at SOS. Immediately, she apologizes to Aidan for bringing up Ryan's name again. Aidan understands that she loved Ryan and doesn't think it's strange that she mentions him. Aidan makes a comment that she isn't the only one that misses Ryan. Chris has been trying to get in touch with him. This reminds Kendall that Aidan works for Chris and Erica. She asks Aidan to give her a private tour of the penthouse. "You're out of your bloody mind!" Aidan retorts.

Erica shows off her new penthouse to a reporter and his crew. She strikes poses in front of her home's different features as the photographer snaps pictures. When they leave, Erica tells Chris that all of it is possible because of him. He showed her that the fire wasn't an ending, it as a beginning. Chris wants to celebrate by taking Erica out for dinner. While Erica gets ready, Chris places a call to Aidan and asks him to stop by while they're gone and hook up the kitchen stove so Chris can make a flambé dessert for Erica when they get back. As Chris and Erica make their way to the car, Erica stumbles and twists her ankle. Instead of dinner, they will have to stay home with an ice pack and take out.

Meanwhile, Kendall overhears Aidan's call and begs him to take her along to the penthouse. Aidan reluctantly gives in. When they arrive, Kendall immediately begins to snoop. Aidan won't leave her out of his sight. Before Aidan can fix the stove, Chris comes in carrying Erica in his arms. Kendall cries out, "Oh my God, you've eloped!" Once Chris and Erica get over their shock of seeing Kendall, they are furious at her presence. Chris explodes at Aidan asking is this how he repays Erica for giving him a job? Kendall tries to explain that the situation is harmless, but Erica won't buy it. She threatens to get a restraining order against Kendall. Kendall replies that no restraining order in the world can change the fact that she will always be Erica's daughter whether she likes it or not.

At the Venetian Ball, Liza watches jealously as a photographer takes a picture of Adam, Mia, and Colby. Liza asks Marion if Colby's bags are packed. Marion says yes, but she still doesn't think it's a good idea for Liza to take Colby away.

Opal and Petey arrive decked out in futuristic costumes. When Palmer asks what they're supposed to be, Opal replies they are Venutians from the Planet of Love Venus. Palmer laughingly explains that the costumes for the ball are supposed to be from 18th century Venice, not Venus. Opal is mortified. Tad sees his mother and manages to get plenty of mileage out of her get up. "You're out of this world!" He chuckles. Petey comments that the party is even more fun than pool sharking with Kendall. When Palmer offers to take Petey home, Opal asks if he'll take her as well. Palmer tells her to "Call NASA!"

Jamie has a taste of Champagne and is soon drinking as much as he can get his hands on. When Brooke pulls Adam aside to congratulate him for raising so much money for her shelter, Jamie sees them and yells, "Get your hands off my mother, you bastard!!"

Jake arrives at the party and leads Mia to outside where he gets down on one knee. Mia immediately knows what is about to happen. Jake pulls out a ring and asks Mia to become his wife. A tearful Mia says this is the happiest night of her life. Before they can celebrate, Jake is paged by the hospital. Mia is anxious to share the good news with her family, but she and Jake agree they will tell everyone the next day when they can do it together.

Later, Liza sees Mia run upstairs and follows her. She finds Mia in the attic speaking to someone on her cell phone. Liza, thinking that Mia is making a clandestine call to Adam, listens and overhears the conversation. Mia tells Jake that she just had to speak to him. She is no good at keeping secrets and had to get away from everyone before she blurted out the truth. She happily tells him that she can't wait for tomorrow night when everyone will finally know the truth. She can't wait to see the look on Liza's face. Then she asks Jake if he wants a boy or girl. Liza is stricken with grief. She reaches out to Mia and Mia falls backwards through the attic window.

Friday, November 22, 2002

At Erica's penthouse, Kendall confessed she stole Ryan's letter to his father, Chris. She wanted to know how Ryan was and if he missed her. Aidan scolded Kendall from lying to him why she wanted to see Erica's penthouse. He realized she wanted to search for something from Ryan so she could hook up with him again. Chris angrily told Kendall, Ryan had a home in Pine Valley but thanks to her he has left his family and home. Aidan and Kendall left.

Chris talked to Erica about Ryan's letter and that he never asked about Kendall. He sat with her on the sofa and asked how her ankle was. She assured him it was feeling better. She asked Chris to bring her Mona's picture from a nearby table. She fondly gazed at it and told Chris that it was the only thing other than Bianca's baby shoes that was salvaged from the fire. Chris told Erica that Jackson didn't have enough evidence to charge Trey with arson for burning down her home. The case could not be tried. He wanted to know if she could live with knowing that Trey was free. Erica pretended it wouldn't bother her and Chris left to go to the kitchen to get some bubbly. While he was gone, Erica placed a call on her cell phone.

Kendall and Aidan went to the Pit for a drink. Aidan was peeved Kendall used him as an excuse to get into Erica's penthouse to look for anything she could find about Ryan. He promised her he would help find Ryan if it would make her happy. He admonished her for not being up front with the real reason why she wanted into the penthouse and for just stroking his ego. Kendall wanted to know why Aidan was hanging around her then. Aidan replied he liked her and wanted to help her. He figured once she got Ryan out of her system, she would be his. He put his arm around her and told her he wanted them to be friends for now but he would want more later. He assured her she was worth waiting for once she put all the stuff with Ryan behind her and her relationship with Erica. One day when you grow up and you realize what you have been searching for from Erica, I'll be there waiting for you. He then got up to get a drink from the bar. Kendall's cell phone rang. It was Erica. She had a proposition for Kendall and asked her to come to Erica's penthouse in the morning. Erica didn't wait for a reply and disconnected the call. Chris returned with sparkling cider.

At the Masquerade Ball at Chandler Mansion, an inebriated Jamie shoved Adam telling him to leave his mother alone. Tad tried to stop Jamie from mouthing off telling him this was not the time nor place, but was unable to. Jamie pulled away from him and shouted at Brooke. He blurted out why was she sleeping with Adam. The guests had gathered around the altercation and gasped at Jamie's revelation.

Liza meanwhile rushed down the stairs from the upper floor, her face very pale. Marion was puzzled at Liza's demeanor. As the guests watched the verbal fight among Brooke, Adam and Jamie they suddenly heard a loud crash on the patio. They rushed to see what happened. Mia lay crumpled on the cement. Frank rushed over to her and shooed everyone away telling them not to move her as Mia was in arrest. He told someone to call an ambulance. He searched for a pulse and began CPR. Liza raced to the phone and asked where the ambulance was. Adam saw Brooke nearby and tried to calm her. Neither one realized Liza was nearby. Brooke told Adam she knew something bad was going to happen that night. Adam questioned what did she mean. How could she know Mia was going to fall? Brooke replied she meant Jamie finding out that she was sleeping with Adam. Liza whirled around to face Brooke and Adam her as her mouth dropped open in disbelief. She stared blankly at them both and left the room. She sat forlornly on the stairs. Jamie crouched a few steps above her. Tad came over to Liza to comfort her about Mia. Marian walked by Brooke and gave her an icy stare.

Mia, unconscious, was wheeled in the ER at Pine Valley Hospital. Frank rushed in with her. Jake saw the commotion and didn't realize at first it was Mia. When he discovered who it was he quickly had her taken to one of the cubicles. Frank gave him all the pertinent information, the vital sign readings, etc. Jake implored Mia to open her eyes. She slowly opened them and weakly smiled at Jake.

Outside the cubicle, Liza, stunned, waited for word on Mia's condition. Adam approached Liza and told her Mia was conscious. He apologized for his affair with Brooke and told Liza it was over. Liza walked away, expressionless. Marion saw Liza sitting alone, staring into space. She told Liza she saw her going upstairs after Mia. She asked what happened upstairs. Liza didn't answer as Jake came out of the cubicle and told them Mia wanted to see Liza. Jake asked Liza what happened as Mia hadn't told him anything. He explained she was so excited about getting engaged to him and they were talking on the phone about having a baby. Liza now realized Mia was talking to Jake and not Adam when she overheard Mia's phone call in the attic.

Back at Chandler Mansion, Jamie picked up his confrontation with his mother, Brooke. He blurted out at her what's wrong with you. Why can't you be happy? Don't bring any more losers into our house. He pleaded for a normal life, a normal home. He wanted Brooke to be a member of the PTA as part of the package. Tad tried to tell Jamie that the world is not perfect, but Brooke interrupted him to not defend her. She agreed with Jamie she was messing up her life and apologized for creating the mess for Jamie to deal with. She decided it would be best for Jamie to live with Tad while she tried to get her life back in order. Jamie's anger hadn't subsided and he told both of them to go to Hell. He angrily walked away. Tad followed him out to the patio. Tad told Jamie he loved him and really cared about him. He told Jamie that if they were going to work things out, they would have to work together. He reminded him of what Dixie had said, "Sometimes you have to go on faith." They returned to the living room where Brooke asked Tad if Jamie is ok. "No", replied Tad, "But I made him a promise I intend to keep."

Frank talked to Mia in the ER. He explained she would be taken to surgery soon to stop the bleeding. Liza entered the room. She and Mia gazed at one another, neither saying a word.



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